The Choices we make

Chapter nine: Brooms

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As Harry and Hermione approached the great hall for dinner they unlinked their hands from one another, As they entered they were greeted with the site of Neville waving them over, walking over to him they took their places with Hermione sitting next to Harry.

Harry turned to Neville and gave a questioning brow before asking:

"Did overcome the problem Neville?" asked Harry, Hermione who was listening in on the question gave Harry a funny look as he put more strain on the word problem.

"Yeah Harry, all good I found a good way around the problem." responded Neville.

"What problem was it, Neville you could of asked me for help" said Hermione, slightly hurt that Neville hadn't asked for her help.

"I know Hermione, I went to the library and but I couldn't find you so, so I went back to Professor Flitwick because it was something about charms".

Accepting his answer, Hermione began to load her plate as soon as the food had appeared. Meanwhile Neville was whispering something to Harry.

"Sorry Harry but I couldn't risk moving all of our goblets, but I did find a way around the problem"

Harry rose an eyebrow and gave him a look that made him continue, he proceeded to load his plate while he listened to Neville.

"Since you told me Snape might spike you I moved five goblets from our table to someone else's, I know it's a risky plan but I couldn't take the risk of me and Hermione being spiked to."

Harry nodded his thanks and began to eat while talking to Hermione and Neville about the classes they had for tomorrow it, seemed like Harry would need to find an easier to avoid Snape's spiking of drinks perhaps he could look into a charm that would let him detect such things, for now he would keep his head down and wait.

Meanwhile at the head table, Dumbledore was smirking he had heard that Severus had spiked all of the Gryffindor's drinks, good that would make it an easier task to control Potter, it wasn't like Potter was intelligent.

Little did he know he plans were nearly all but destroyed, for when Halloween comes nothing will be the same.


The following weeks were quiet, a little to quiet it seemed like Dumbledore was waiting for something, over the last week, Weasley was acting strange, he kept on trying to talk to Harry like he was a friend, this wasn't normal no Weasley had made it quiet clear the day he was about to hit Hermione.

Today was a day he had been looking forward to for today he was going to have his first flying class, as he got ready for the day, he couldn't help but feel like he was going to enjoy it. He was getting the feeling again, the feeling of how something might happen, could he be getting more hints, shaking himself from the thoughts he proceeded out of the dorm ad he walked down to breakfast in the hall.

As entered the hall, he couldn't help but as his friends sat there talking about lessons, he saw Hermione give him a big smile and pat the bench indicating to him that this was his seat.

Making his way to the two, he quickly sat down and joined the conversation, it seemed like the mail had arrived and Neville was looking at a small ball, giving Hermione hand a squeeze under the table, who squeezed back he then let go of her hand and looked at Neville and asked:

"Neville what do you have their?" asked Harry in a curious voice. he was curious about the object for he had not seen it before.

"Oh this well.." Neville had a slight of redness on his face, indicating that he was a bit embarrassed about it, take a deep breath he continued. "It's a Remembrall it's a device that reminds you that you forgot something, it turn red if that's the case"

Harry couldn't help but smile it seemed like a cool device to have, their chat was quickly interrupted as Draco Malfoy, had walked into the hall and seen the Remembrall he proceeded to walk over to them and took the object from Neville.

"Well it seems that the squib has a remembrall, then again you are a squib" snarled Malfoy, he then proceeded to toss it in the air.

Neville was starting to go red in the face as was Harry, Hermione looked like she was going to say something but before she could Harry had jumped in.

"Give it here Malfoy, otherwise you won't be ea..." Harry was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming from the direction of the head table. It was their head of house professor McGonagall and she looked like she was on a mission.

"Is there a problem here Mr Potter?" spoke the professor in a Scottish accent. Her firm voice, told the group that there better not be any funny business going on.

"No professor, Mr Malfoy was about to let Neville have has his remembrall back after he rudely took it from him" forcing back a snarl.

The professor seemed to catch a hint of anger in Harry's voice, though truth be told she could understand for both Slytherin and Gryffindor had a famous rivalry that had been going on for many years.

"Well then perhaps Mr Malfoy should get back to his table" spoke McGonagall, she proceeded to glare at the mention child and he started to feel on edge.

"Fine, what ever its just a stupid remembrall, I'll see you later Potter." snarled the Slytherin. He shoved the ball into Neville hand and walked to his house table and to where Weasley was shoving his face as well trying to get Harry attention.

Before Harry could turn back, to his breakfast, his head of house spoke in a soft but firm voice:

"Do try and restrain yourself Mr Potter, wouldn't want you barred from quidditch next year as I would like to win it" spoke the professor.

Nodding Harry went back to his meal and continued his talk with his friends, all the while thinking what had happened to Weasley and why was he now acting so polite to him. he had a funny feeling Snape and Dumbledore were behind it. with Halloween coming he didn't want to take to many risks.

Speaking of said headmaster, where was he as he would presume that he'd want to keep an eye on him, things did seem to be right. shaking himself from the thoughts he continued to talk to his friends.


Meanwhile the headmaster in question, had once again the vial in his hand and was trying to see when he could get Potter to take it, the potions that Snape had spiked Potter with had not worked, it seemed Potter was stronger then he looked. He needed the boy to be his pawn and the vial he had could help him.

Now I know I haven't touched the subject of what it is but you will eventually find out for, the headmaster planned to use it when the youngest Weasley arrived at Hogwarts . He needed to get close to Potter without the squib or mudblood around, perhaps when the boy goes after the stone, no that was to far then maybe the cloak yes the cloak would be returned with of course tracking charms and if he was out late he would then speak with him and try and befriend him.

Placing the vial back in the draw he left his office to join the rest of the school in the hall.


As breakfast drew to a closure, the First years went off to their first lesson, as the Gryffindors and the Slytherins headed outside to lawn the puffs and the claws would go to charms.

As the two first year houses walked over to the lawn, Harry could see a two rows of brooms with the flying professor checking the brooms, Harry had a good feeling that his day was about to get a whole lot better.

"Welcome first years, I am Madam Hooch and you will be learning to fly today"

Harry gave a big grin as did many others, a few people had grim faces including Hermione and Neville. As the lesson went on things seemed to go smoothly until.

"Mr Longbottom where do you think you are going!" shouted the professor. everyone turned to see Neville screaming while he broom carried him off, it seemed like the broom wanted a joy ride but it was cut short when Neville fell from twenty metres in the air, luckily a lantern cage caught Neville cloak and he long fell five metres, but alas he landed on his wrist.

The professor, ran over and tutted. "oh dear it's a broken wrist, come Longbottom lets get you to the hospital wing, as for the rest of you if anyone of you goes into the air you'll out of here quicker then you could say quidditch".

Neville had dropped the remembrall and Weasley picked it up, from which Malfoy snatched it from him and laughed.

"If the fat lump gave this a squeeze he would of remembered to fall on his fat arse"

The snakes all laughed at the comment, only to shut up when Harry said.

"Give it here Malfoy"

Malfoy smirked, he had him now it was time for a little fun, he grabbed his broom and said " No how about I leave somewhere for him to find maybe on the roof"

He then took off, Harry smirked, he'd hoped he would do this perhaps a good chase was in order, grabbing his broom he was stopped by Hermione.

"No Harry, you heard what she said, you're going to get exsp..." but her concerns were in vain as Harry took off she sighed and muttered. "what an idiot"

As Harry caught up with Malfoy, he couldn't help but smirk and shout.

"Give it here Malfoy"

"Not a chance Potter if you want it go and catch it"

He then threw it toward the Gryffindor Tower and sped to the ground, Harry gave chase to the object and the feeling was back it was like he had done this before and boy did he love the feeling.

As he caught up to the falling object, his head of house saw him from her office and was worried that he was going to crash into the tower, only to see him catch a small object while doing a small flip, he then sped to his class mates.

She then rushed out of her office trying to get down to the lawn quickly. Back with Harry he was being congratulated by his house mates for a job well done all but hermione who shook her head but couldn't help but smile.

It was short lived as McGonagall came and shouted: "HARRY POTTER, come with me" Harry instantly followed. At the back Malfoy couldn't help but smirk it seemed Potter was on an early exit.


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