A Loney Neko

A/N: Hello folks, it's me, Akira Namikaze with a new idea with our favorite strawberry as a cute neko who was abandoned by his creator when he gets himself someone who loves him, who he will come to see as his mate later on in the story and it is also rated as M for a very good reason. I will be using my BLEACH oc in this and it will be in the normal pov and first pov.

Now on with the chapter!

Chapter 1- An abandoned kitten

*Normal PoV*

It was a snowy evening in Karakura Town as a teenage girl trudged home through the thick blanket of crunchy, white powder. Her coat hung loosely around her lithe waist as she wrapped her gloved hands further into the warmth of the fluffy scarf that hung around her neck, her shoulder length crimson hair blowing in the chilly wind while she had a warm wooly hat on her head to keep her freezing cold ears warm.

As she passed an alleyway, she heard a soft meow coming from behind a dumpster. She walked round the dumpster only to find a small yet shivering orange kitten with large chocolate brown eyes. She knelt down to the shaking kitten and before picking it up gently and she wrapped it up with her coat. She smiled when she heard purring as the warmth engulfed the kitten, making it fall asleep and continued the journey home.

By the time, the girl got there, she quietly unlocked the door and entered the apartment with the sleeping kitten in tow before re-locking the door again before she gently placed the sleeping kitten onto the soft couch, still covered by her coat.

*End of normal PoV*

*Cat's PoV*

I woke up to find myself feeling warm as my eyes took in in the sight of the building I am currently residing in. I have also found myself taking in the appearance of the one who found me after my old master decided to leave me to die in that alley in the snow before I noticed that she was warming up some milk, mostly likely for me.


My previous master was a scientist under the name of Mayuri Kurostuchi who ran the Seireitei's Research and Development center. The madman had orders from the Seireitei's council, Central 46 to create a batch of very powerful nekos.

Kurostuchi loved to experiment, even dissecting innocent animals and when he was done he let his cronies clean up his messes but he treats them as if they are slaves not comrades. This guy was a complete nutcase and I have no idea how the rest of the Gotei 13 put up with him. But I knew that all things must come to an end and that was what happened to me when one of the men dumped me behind a metal trash can before turning his back to me as he vanished into the darkness.

The snow had began to cover me in a wet white blanket that soaked my fur through which caused me to shiver that was until I saw crimson haired woman walking. I meowed loudly in hope to catch her attention and I watched as she knelt down beside me in order to pick me up. I soon found myself wrapped up in her coat as the warmth from her body started to spread into my body so I released a content purr as the heat lulled me to sleep.

End of Flashback

*End of Cat's PoV*

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