AN: This was written for Fabulousanima, aka Twin-Lupus, as the prompt "office or summer" and I combined the two. There will be more office shenanigans, I promise.

ARG so after some consideration, because this series is going to be a lot longer than I had realized it's going to get it's own story. I'm sorry for the confusion.

The air conditioning was broken. Full on broken. Like might never work again unless they demolished the building and rebuilt it with working AC. The office felt like a swamp crossed with a linebacker's armpit, the elevator was being used as a sauna, and the bathrooms? No. One did not speak of the bathrooms right now.

And because their boss was an OCD prick and found the "symmetry of business suits acceptable," the dress code was still in place. Meaning no shorts. Or tshirts. And ties were still required for men. Soul had never been more jealous of his business partner's gender in his life. He was dying in his pants, had rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, and his god forsaken tie. Maka on the other hand was in her smart little summer pencil skirt (that did wonderful things to her ass, hot damn) and a light weight blouse that did not appear to be drenched in sweat unlike his undershirt. And button up shirt. And his general self.

"I hate heat." He groaned.

"This is rather unpleasant." Maka commented, Soul scowled at her from where his head was resting on the lukewarm surface of his desk.

"You're at least in a skirt. I might melt 'cause of these damn pants."

"Didn't know you were considering cross-dressing, Soul. Liz can take you shopping."

He groaned and moved his cheek to another part of his desk, "It's too hot to think."

"Just because you're brain was already mush before this heatwave melted it doesn't mean—"

"Do you have a witty comeback for everything I say?"

"It isn't hard, Soul." She flipped the page in the report she was reading and didn't even spare him a glance.

The day only got hotter as it wore entire office was sluggish and by noon even Maka was showing signs that the heat was getting to her.

"Here, bought you a cold water while I was on lunch break. Closest vendor that still had cold bottles was three blocks down the street." Soul tossed the bottle to her and smirked when her face lit up. The water bubbler had been empty since sometime yesterday and none of the drinks in the staff room were cold. He'd been tempted to drink it himself, but was really glad that he didn't cause Maka was kinda really cute when she was happy.

Soul was pleased with himself, right up until she moaned and gulped down over half the bottle without taking a breath. Who the fuck was that excited about water!? Yeah it was cold! But seriously? He shifted in his seat, great, now he was hot and bothered and hot. For his partner. Not that it was new. They'd been dancing around their mutual attraction since they'd met two years ago. Least he'd been dancing, Soul was never quite sure with Maka. Sometimes she was he thought, she was flirty and at the last company party they'd come dangerously close to making out. And then other times she was her prudish self and bashing him over the head with one of her law books any time he stepped out of line. Which was frequently. But still, the books hurt. A lot.

"Ok, fine, yes. This heat is nearly unbearable." Maka slouched back in her chair and then regretted it immediately when her blouse stuck to her back.

Soul glanced up from where he was trying to not drip on his keyboard, "Only nearly?"

"Fine: completely."

"God, I've got AC back at my place and cold beer in the fridge. Couple hours from now, I'll be sitting there in my living room, in my boxers, catching up on Game of Thrones, and livin' the fuckin' life."

Maka glanced at him, even with sweat trickling down his temples and his shirt all rumpled, Soul managed to be far too attractive for his own good. Maybe the heat really was getting to her, because she did not, under any circumstance, mean to mumble aloud, "That sounds fantastic."

Talking with Soul was always a game, if she said something the wrong way, he'd turn it into something flirty or perverted, "You're welcome to join me." He even waggled his eyebrows. Maka snorted despite herself, he looked ridiculous.

"Careful, I might take you up on that offer, all I've got is some cheese that I think was milk last week and some oranges."

He stared at her, aghast. "Yeah. Fuck no. If we make it through the day without melting, you're coming over. You've seen Game of Thrones, right?"

"I- well, no?"

Soul blinked. Once, then again, and again. "Get your coat, we're leaving early. It's too hot to work, we're ahead of schedule, cause someone has been staying later than she should, and we have like a solid 48 hours of Game of Thrones to watch." He stood, stacked his papers and pointed at her, "Argue with me on this and I will carry you out of here kicking and screaming over my shoulder."

She nodded, tidied her work area as well and didn't say anything. Maka was well aware that Soul was not actually kidding, he was more than capable of carrying her, however he wished, as he had had to do when a former client had insulted not only her, but him as well. That had been a bad day for the most part, at least Soul counted it as a success, Maka hadn't punched anyone and the merger had gone beautifully.

"Wait, does this include you in your boxers?" She asked belatedly as they walked down the hall together.

Soul had the audacity to waggle his eyebrows at her again, "It can if you want it to."