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Their office was covered in poinsettias. Like, covered.

At first Maka had thought it was sweet. She put the first one on her desk, the second on the floor between their desks so that people would see it when they walked in, the third in the window, but by the fourth even she was dismayed. And they kept coming.

Every account and business they had worked with seemed to have decided that they were only going to send Soul and Maka poinsettias as thank yous for their hard work throughout the year and to wish them happy holidays. The three flower delivery places knew them after a week and they were on a first name basis with the delivery people.

And they were still bringing multiple plants a day.

They were drowning in a sea of red dotted with the occasional white. They could no longer hold meetings in their office and they were pretty sure they were going to have to abandon ship and give up their office to the damn things. Even the narrow pathways they'd been trying to conserve were slowly being filled in. Maka hadn't been able to get to her shelving unit with her tea and books in two weeks and all Soul could do was stare longingly at his whiteboard.

"They must have been on sale…" Maka muttered while she tried to find any amount of unused horizontal surface for one of the new ones.

"Soul? Why is that one…pink?" He'd been staring, horrified, at the pink poinsettia taking up his chair.

"It's from 'my dearest friend, we should get drinks soon….lots of love…..Gloria'… Oh my god I'm going to be sick, I think that's a lipstick mark."

"Oh hush, we only have today and then we're on vacation."

Soul took a second to groan and then frantically tried to get the offending pink plant off of his chair so he could finally sit down. "I swear to god, it's gonna like eat me or something. Where the fuck am I gonna put this!?"

"I think there's some room over….never mind. I think…oh, nope, not there either."

"I'm going to go give this to Patti, she'll like it."

"She's out."


"Nope, gone as well, remember? That trip to the Bahamas with Kid that no one is supposed to know about?" Maka made her way over to the small area of clear space that her chair lived in and what was left of her desk while Soul held the monstrosity at arms length and sat heavily in his chair.

"Fuck. Forgot about that. Patti kind of sucked at keeping that secret. Why are we even here? No one else is!" He glared at her, but the effect was mostly lost as she could only see half his face over the poinsettia.
Maka smiled and looked down at her hand and caught the glint of her ring. "Because we took a few too many days off earlier."

Soul didn't even fight the grin that broke across his face; she looked beautiful among all the red leaves. "Okay, worth it."

It took her a second to compose herself and she shuffled papers trying to avoid becoming too giddy. "When did you have the time to buy it anyway? I'm impressed that you remembered that I liked this one."

"I got it while we were there," he replied without really thinking about it.
"But we haven't been to that store since, god, since I bought that chain for my necklace?"

"Yeah. I got it after you tried it on and it fit. You'd left me alone with that salesman to go pay or something." Soul was still staring intently at the gift from his dear friend trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Meanwhile Maka stared at her ring. "Soul, you…we weren't even dating then?!" Her face felt as red as the poinsettias.


It wasn't as if he was trying to hide that from her (they kind of knew just about everything about each other) but the fact that he had impulsively bought a ring for her before they had even discussed dating was a little weird. "I just. You liked it! I wasn't or I hadn't been thinking..well I had, but aww fuck me…it had felt right. I dunno." He was tempted to try and bury his face in the poinsettia he was holding, but he was kind of wary that it might try to make out with him.

"You…you're too much." Maka was staring at him so openly in love that he was glad hardly anyone else in the office was around to see her. This was special; no one else really got to see her let go and be herself.
"Maka? Are…are you crying?!" Soul dropped the pink poinsettia and picked his way over to her side of the desk as quickly as he could without stepping on one of the damn plants. "Hey, look, I'm sorry, it was impulsive but I just thought-"

Her mouth was soft over his, but insistent, and her fingers were gentle on his face. The angle wasn't great and it was hard to keep himself from trembling as he held himself up.

She was usually so eloquent, so well spoken, poetic even! But Maka couldn't find a single word to tell her fiance just how much she loved him. Soul was also at a loss for words but that was mostly because he was busy working his tongue against hers.

He broke the kiss to kneel down in front of her, her knees lightly pressing against his chest, and her hands buried in his hair. There was still the occasional tear that slipped from her eyes, but Soul did his best to wipe them away with his thumbs.

Her shaky hiccup made them both jump and laugh at themselves. "God you're tiny, Maka. I'm kneeling and I'm still almost as tall as you." She ruffled his hair playful and smiled at him.

"Thank you, Soul."

It was only three words, but he knew. It was why he had bought the ring for her.

"You're welcome, Maka."