In which Odat suddenly had intense office babies feels on a train and wrote this. Also, Office Shenanigans is no where near over. Just cause they finally got around to getting hitched doesn't mean it's over. Part of the beauty of doing them out of order is that anything can come next!

Pre Airport

There were already a bottle and a half of wine in, watching something awful like Dancing with the Stars while waiting for Maka's crime/romance/quirky cop drama to start when she mentioned that she didn't know how to waltz.

"I mean, I used to dance on my dad's feet, but what kid doesn't do that. But actual dancing?" She stuck her tongue out, blowing a raspberry that made Soul snort. But after watching some poor professional dancer get her toes stepped on by the over enthusiastic spray tan orange reality TV star for another three minutes he shoved the coffee table with their Chinese take out and wine comparison remnants away from the couch, taking care not to spill the wine still left.

"I'll teach you." He got to his feet, wobbled (damn that pinot noir had been good), and finished moving the coffee table out of the way. There was a pretty good amount of space between the couch and the TV, though eeeh…yeah, he pushed the couch back and laughed when Maka squeaked. There. Dancefloor complete.

"What are you doooooooing?" Maka whined and flailed her legs around trying to smack him. For once! She was in leggings and not his boxers but she had still managed to steal one of the ratty sweaters (god where had she even found that one? That was from like college era hipstershit phase) he kept around and a T-shirt.

He snagged one of her feet and tickled the bottom of her foot. She shrieked, laughing manically and desperately wiggling to get away."Teaching you to dance- oof oh my god." Yup, okay, that just missed crotch, note to self: do not tickle Maka. Her heel dug into his thigh, using him as leverage to try and pull her captive foot away from his terribly,awful, who even tickles people?!, fingers. Soul let her foot go and laughed when she curled up into a ball and glared at him from over her knees.


"Brace yourself: tickle fingers are coming."

"Fire cannot kill a dragon!"

"Ha! You don't even like hot coffee, more like lukewarm if that."

Maka pouted; along with an absurd amount of milk, the interns knew to order her cafe au lait at exactly 147 degrees Fahrenheit. She was very peculiar! And when she ordered it herself she always tipped well.

"Didn't you say something about dancing?" Yes subject change. Wait no. Bad subject change. The TV applauded something and Soul smiled at her.

"Yeah, so up off the couch Kahleesi."

"I am never going to live that down am I?" She took Soul's offered hand and let him pull her to her feet. They'd been tired, grabbing a burger after work, and Maka had ordered their food under the name Danny. Which made them both laugh hysterically. He pulled too hard and Maka was a little too warm and fuzzy feeling from all the wine and she tripped right into him, smooshing her nose right into his chest.

He tried to stifle his laughter but lost it when she reached up to rub her stinging nose. Maka glared at him over her hand, "I will step on your toes so hard."

"You're barefoot, even if you try it won't hurt."

"Don't make me get my heels."

"You wouldn't. That blister on the back of your heel is still raw." He was adjusting her in front of him, pulling her hand from her face and putting it on his shoulder while his hand rested lightly on her waist. Maka tried to ignore just how well he read her and how how pleased it made her. She played with a loose thread from his tshirt; the fabric was soft and warm from his skin.

"It'd be worth it." There was no real malice in her voice and it only served to make Soul grin.

"Yeah, uh huh. Okay, so you can count right?" Maka shot him a scathing look, "don't give me The Glare, that isn't cool. Just trying to teach you how to dance. Uh, just follow me?"

They stumbled around the room, stubbing their toes against each other, knocking their hips together, and leaning on each other laughing so hard Maka started to cry at one point. It wasn't the elegant waltz his mother had made him learn as a boy, hell Soul wasn't even sure it could be considered dancing but it was the most fun he'd ever had.

Maka stopped, staggered out of his arms (he wasn't sure why he let her go) and poured them both a very generous amount of wine, insisting she'd be more graceful if she had more booze and maybe couldn't feel her toes. "Floating! I'll float and you glide, and we'll dance!" She looked him in the eye as she clinked her glass against his, and well, it made sense when she put it like that.

They stood watching the people on TV twirl across the screen in a flash of sequins and stage makeup until they had both drained their glasses. Soul smirked and bowed to Maka, huh, well she was probably just red and flushed from all the wine. Her courtesy was more sideways and cute than refined and polite, but her smile was the only thing that mattered to Soul.

His fingers were too warm and he was really holding her closer than strictly necessary (or even appropriate) for a waltz, but if he were following the rules he'd have to move her hand from the back of his neck to his shoulder and untwine their fingers. Things he just really didn't feel like doing.

Maka let her head rest on his chest, lightly at first and then heavily. They swayed around the room, not really dancing or gliding or floating, but moving together lost in their own world. She could fall asleep like this, his head resting on hers, listening to his heartbeat, warm and safe and loved.

…In a purely platonic and professional way of course.

Maka felt an intense hatred for words that began with 'p' in that moment. Fuck 'p' words.

"Bedtime?" Soul asked quietly. He was falling asleep standing up and was pretty sure Maka was too.

"Yes, good words start with B's." She looked up at him. "Or S's. I like S's." Subtle, stubble, shoulders, section, sex, silk, statements, Soul. Maka listed them off in her her head while Soul just watched her stare into space.

"…bedtime." He lead her towards the room, still holding her hand. She nestled in without much prompting and barely seemed to notice when he left to go turn off the TV. There wasn't much clean up to do, Soul put the left over take out in the fridge and oh…they had finished all the wine. No wonder he felt as warm as he did.

He staggered back to the bedroom and was met with a pair of green eyes looking at him. "You left?"

"Back now. Tidied up."

"Missed you." She watched him as he climbed into bed after pulling back the covers.

"I was only gone a moment." He said, reaching out to brush a stray piece of hair out of her eyes. Yeah, wow had he had a little too much to drink.

She leaned into his hand and scooted closer to his side of the bed. "Felt longer."

"Wasn't, promise." Maka had stopped just shy of snuggling into his chest, so he fixed that and pulled her close. "Like dancing with you."

She gave a sleepy smile and murmured a little, "me too," into his chest.

Nights like this were the best, falling asleep together, pretending and ignoring and maybe believing a little.

Mornings were usually great…when they weren't both hung over as fuck.

Soul deeply regretted not closing ever curtain he owned and walked around squinting and wincing each time he had to close another one. Maka was frowning at the coffee maker when it gurgled too loudly. She presented him with a mug, a fist full of pills, nodded, and sat down heavily on the couch nursing her own coffee.

He turned the TV on and they both jumped at the suddenly very loud commercial and very bright screen. Maka groaned an licked coffee from her hand while Soul frantically tried to turn the volume down. Eventually, when it was damn near silent, and they were tired of watching the news (terror here! Sadness there! Oh look a fireman rescued a kitten! Awww.) they settled on a Saturday morning cartoon block with animated characters with weird hair playing a children's card game with far more drama and enthusiasm than strictly necessary.

They took turns getting water for each other and if that wasn't the sweetest thing he didn't know what was.