Phil sighed in defeat when he learned that the man they had locked up wasn't actually Steve Rogers but a clone which begged the question where was the real Steven Rogers. Fury had ordered him to stay with Tony while the rest of the team figured this out and for once Phil didn't argue to being left out because his injured lover was more important. Tony was supposed to have woken up by now but for some reason he hasn't. The doctors told him not to worry because this just might be Tony's way of healing and that sometimes it happens. Looking at the genius now with his head wrapped in bandages and hair shaved off he looked years younger than he actually was. Phil had just closed his eyes when he felt the hand in his move and opened his eyes to see Tony slowly waking up.

"Hey you're alright," Phil said soothingly placing his free hand to Tony's cheek and rubbing his thumb in circles.

"Hurts," Tony whimpered squeezing Phil's hand.

"I know but it'll get better. What's the last thing you remember?" Phil asked.

"Steve he threw me against the wall after he found out," Tony whimpered.

"Just rest Tony and when you get better I will explain things okay," Phil whispered kissing the genius's hand.

Tony fell into a light sleep whimpering from the pain and sighed squeezing the hand in comfort. He was relieved that Tony went to sleep instead of asking more questions because he still didn't know how he was going to tell the man that the person he thought was his friend and teammate actually wasn't. It was a complicated situation that Phil didn't have all the answers to yet.

~Strange Reactions~

Loki growled in annoyance at his plans being ruined by his brother and his friends. Taking Steve Rogers had been easy enough especially with his magic and so was finding a mercenary willing enough to be under his control and have his features changed. Thor believed that he was still in Asgard under lock and key but he was a fool who was deeply mistaken. His magic was strong and he had friends in high places that owed him favors who helped him get out. Targeting Steve Rogers was easy and when he learned of that agent's relationship with Iron Man he took great pleasure in hurting the genius but now he had been found and it was time for him to disappear until another day.

~Strange Reactions~

Thor could not believe the depths his brother would go to torture him like this. He knew his brother was a trickster and loved to tell lies but he never thought that Loki would go to these extremes. His brother's plans had potentially broken not only the Son of Coul but Iron Man and the Captain as well. He silently swore to do whatever he could to help the team and whoever else was hurt by his brother recover because that was his duty.

~Strange Reactions~

Steve felt nothing for months except the torture of reliving the death of the one person who affected him the most. Bucky had cared and loved for him even before the serum and afterwards well nothing had changed except his looks. Bucky dyeing had changed him the worst ways because instead of being a peaceful person who wanted to see the good in everyone and give them a second change he instead wanted to kill the people that took his friend and lover from him. Steve didn't know who took him the week following the battle but he had a feeling it was someone with a grudge against Thor. He didn't know how long he had been down here in this prison of torture but when he saw the team minus Tony rescue him he thought it was an allusion until he was taken away on a gurney by medical that is. Finally he was rescued but what happened while he was gone and why did it take them so long to realize he was missing. Steve knew for some reason that he would like the answers he received and that things would change because of this. How was the question?