Three Steps Trilogy

A/N: I wrote this a more than a year ago and posted it on tumblr, then I linked to it from LJ, so I thought it was about time to post it here. I've edited a few mistakes and added like... one paragraph towards the very end of the whole story.

Three Steps to Discovery

They had come to an understanding eventually. Blaine and Kurt would show up to The Lima Bean and sit down. Sebastian would show up a few minutes later, come on to Blaine, who'd politely refuse, then the three would actually talk and hang out. Really they were friends when you thought about it. Strange friends, but friends none the less.

Therefore, Kurt wasn't that surprised when he noticed the subtle changes in Sebastian. It started off slowly, the change actually happening with Blaine more than Sebastian, but Kurt knew that Blaine hadn't changed.

One day, after winter break, Blaine was a bit harsher in his refusal of Sebastian's come-ons. Not exactly rude or mean, but definitely much more sure and firm. It didn't seem to faze Sebastian at all. Which, again, not that surprising. However, it was the first of three things Kurt would notice.

The second thing was more directly related to Sebastian. Kurt nearly got whiplash when he realized it. Or rather, when he heard it. Sebastian's last come on had an almost desperate twinge to it. It was strange, hearing that tone, no matter how slight, coming from the Warbler. And it really threw off Kurt until well after their usual friendly conversation had started.

He would have mentioned something if the come-ons hadn't slowed down a week later. They still happened, and Blaine was still firm, and really, Kurt should have seen this as a third sign, but he didn't. He only saw it as a signal that Sebastian either had another man in his life (finally) or he was getting bored of the constant refusals.

No, the third sign that Kurt acknowledged was a collection of things actually. Physical things. The first was Sebastian's teeth. For a boy who thought so highly of himself, they had become a bit yellow. Not terribly so, not even more than a person who brushed two or three times a day, but for Sebastian it was noticeable. Kurt wondered if he had stopped using whitening tooth paste or something.

Then there were the scratched fingers. Again, not too out of place on anybody else except that Sebastian wasn't the kind of boy that liked to get his hands dirty, let alone scratched and scabby. But it was so minor that Kurt doubted anyone else had noticed, or would even worry about it, so he let that slide.

Lastly, he noticed that the boy's face wasn't quite as narrow as it had been before. In fact, his cheeks were almost adorably puffy. This made Kurt sit up in attention. They were at a movie night at Sebastian's house. Only a few of the Warblers, some lacrosse players, Blaine and himself were there. So luckily glee club was strictly off limits. But Kurt had just called Sebastian cute, even if only in his head. If Blaine knew, he'd have called Kurt crazy, because everyone knew, even Kurt, that Sebastian was no less than down right sexy.

So Kurt watched that night. And what he saw scared him. Every time Sebastian would leave to get a fresh bowl of popcorn for them to share, he'd come back with a full bowl and a bag. A bag which he didn't seem to empty into the bowl or pass around. Kurt wouldn't have thought poorly of this if the bowl hadn't been refilled at least three times.

Towards the end of the movie he excused himself to the bathroom, but only went as far as the hallway. There he pulled out his phone and did an internet search on the physical changes he had noticed. He was about to read the results when Sebastian rushed by him, not noticing his presence and quickly went upstairs. Biting his lip, Kurt followed.

Slowly he approached the only closed door on the floor and was about to knock when he heard a harsh retching sound. He bent in half, nearly vomiting himself from the pain that such a realization shot through him. Carefully he sat next to the door. He looked at his phone, wanting, no needing to confirm his suspicions. Then hating himself for knowing.

He was on the verge of tears by the time Sebastian left the bathroom and nearly tripped over Kurt. Kurt quickly grabbed hold of his leg, stopping him from rejoining the other boys.

"What?" Sebastian asked, voice a little raspy and it tore another slice of pain through Kurt.

"Please stop," Kurt whispered. "Please don't do this to yourself anymore."

Slowly Sebastian removed Kurt's hand from his leg, shaking his head. "I've tried Kurt. But apparently this is how I'm meant to be, because nothing I try actually works." Then he was gone, heading back down the stairs.