Three Steps to a Lover - Part Three

It was easy, getting back to normal once they returned to New York. In fact, things were easier than before. Kurt found himself relaxing more, not having to worry about a call from Blaine, or making sure he couldn't be over heard when talking to him. And he found himself hanging with Sebastian a bit more. That he really liked.

Things changed when Sebastian got drunk one night at a frat party. He'd walked in, stumbling around and desperately calling for Kurt. Kurt had run in, only in his pajama bottoms from being in the middle of changing, worried that Sebastian had managed to meet Blaine by accident.

Luckily it was nothing so drastic. Sebastian was only scared of what would happen to him if he ended up puking because of the alcohol. And he really didn't want that to happen at all. So Kurt helped him to the bathroom, getting him to sit on the floor close to the toilet.

"Breathe deeply," he said, voice calm, "Slowly. Just stay calm and relax. I'm going to get you some water." As he stood to leave he felt a hand on his leg.

"Please don't leave me," Sebastian whispered.

Smiling, Kurt knelt back down. "I'm just going to the kitchen. I'll be right back."

"Don't ever leave me," Sebastian repeated as if he hadn't heard Kurt. "I don't think I'd survive without you."

That worried Kurt a little, but he nodded slowly. "Just let me get you some water from the sink here." He stayed on his knees, hoping it helped his friend stay calm. It seemed to work and he returned with the boy's cup he kept by the sink for rinsing his mouth. "Drink up, Sebby," he mumbled, holding the cup to the boy's lips.

Sebastian did as told and Kurt refilled the water to give him more.

"I'm in love with you, Kurt," were the sleepy words out of the boy's mouth. "I know that now. If you ever dated anyone else, I don't think I would last that long without you."

Struck speechless by the genuine words, Kurt just sat next to Sebastian. About an hour later, Kurt figured the boy was safe from puking and carefully dragged him to the master bed.

The next morning Sebastian looked incredibly nervous when Kurt woke up, arm draped over the hung-over boy's chest. "Good morning," Kurt grinned.

"Did we…?" Sebastian waved a hand between them. Then he seemed to first take in his own completely dressed state and Kurt's half-dressed state. "Oh my god! Did I fall asleep when we were about to…?"

Kurt chuckled, snuggling a little closer. "You're more worried about falling asleep during sex, than the fact that we slept together?"

"So we did?"

Kurt nodded, closing his eyes to try and catch a little extra doze. "You came home drunk, told me you love me, then I dragged you into my bed so we could fall asleep on a mattress and not a bathroom floor."

"Kurt, I was drunk," Sebastian tried to talk himself out of it, but Kurt wouldn't have it.

"And you were completely honest with me. Besides, I've been thinking. If we use your closet as storage, we should be able to fit your stuff in my closet too. Same with the dressers."

By the end of the day Sebastian was officially moved in to Kurt's bedroom. Well, now they called it the master bedroom. Sebastian's old room was deemed the guest room.

However, other than the living arrangements, nothing changed much. They hung out a bit more, but still had their own time by themselves or with friends. While they slept together, that was all they did, sleep. But they did cuddle more, or at least, more openly. And they kissed more, that was a big change, but it never went further, neither of them really feeling the need to. They were both comfortable in the fact that they had a lot of time together, and that things would definitely be happening in the future, but there was no need to rush it.

That changed when Kurt was out with a study group two months into the semester, and Sebastian was looking for an old grammar booklet. He knew it was in a box that had been in his closet before the move and he'd already searched that old one, so it must have been relocated. He pulled down the first shoebox and dropped it almost immediately after opening it, the contents scattering on the floor.

He went to the kitchen then, calling his boyfriend. Kurt showed up fifteen minutes later to see the kitchen in disrepair, almost all of the food sitting out on the counters.

"I want to eat," Sebastian said, "But I know I can't. I know what will happen when I'm finished."

"What triggered this?" Kurt asked, going up to him and touching his cheek.

"I accidentally found your pictures. In the box… on the floor in the bedroom."

Kurt kissed Sebastian softly before going to their room and finding his old pictures of Blaine scattered around. He quickly picked them up, shoving them back into the box, finding some tape and taping it shut. He and Blaine had ended on good terms, so he couldn't bring himself to just trash them. He thought he'd keep them as a nostalgic item, like a high school yearbook. Now he'd have to rethink that plan.

Returning to the kitchen he was surprised to find it halfway clean. Silently he helped, proud that Sebastian had fought his urges. When they were finished, he walked up to his boyfriend and kissed him. "You've done so well, Seb."

"When I saw his pictures I just thought about how perfect he had been. How happy you were with him. And a part of me still thinks I can't live up to that."

Kurt shook his head, smiling. He'd had a few reservations when they first started dating, remembering what Seb had said in the bathroom that one night, but now he realized the truth. He'd loved Sebastian since high school. If he hadn't then he wouldn't have noticed the changes in the boy. Nor would he have been able to be the sole support for the boy as he worked through his illness.

"You can't live up to that, Sebastian, because you've already lived past it. We may not be perfect for each other, but we are perfect with each other." He kissed Sebastian then, tugging impatiently on his shirt. "I love you, Sebastian Smythe, and I won't ever want anyone else."

And just like that, Sebastian felt that pressure from his fight lift up. He might have a few aftershocks, but something inside told him that he'd finally beat it. Completely. So now he could give himself to Kurt… completely. And he did. And Kurt had never seen a more beautiful or perfect man.