Snowbreeze looked down and shook her head.

I knew this would happen! I knew it after I saw that Brokenclan warrior murder that apprentice of Emberclan! Snowbreeze thought. Icestar had it planned all along.

She looked around at all the horrified Emberclan cats.

"You all belong, to me now!" Icestar announced. "Any questions?"

"Who gave you the right to do that to him?!" Skykit asked, she was crying and whimpering and was obviously full of anger.

Her mother put a paw to Skykit's mouth.

"Shh-shh-sh-shush..." She tried to tell her kit but the tears held her words up.

Icestar leaped from the high rock and in front of Skykit.

"Excuse me for a second, my clan." Icestar said and unexpectadly grabbed the kit quickly in her mouth and ran into her den.

They stayed in there for a while and then a loud yowl, but not loud enough to be a grown cat, was heard from the den. The mother of the kit, Amberlake, dropped to the ground and yowled in agony.

"Please, Starclan, no!" Amberlake cried. The cats that knew her gathered around her to comfort her.

Icestar emerged from the den. Her tail flicked with each step.

"Anymore questions?" She asked.

"I'll kill you!" Amberlake cried and leaped onto Icestar.

Icestar flipped her around onto her back. One of her paws kept the struggling queen down and the other traced across Amberlake's soft belly.

"Keep the thought to yourself." Icestar told her. "Dismiss and go back to your duties!" Icestar crawled off the queen.

All the cats were walking away leaving the queen laying with her belly exposed to the air and crying. But, Snowbreeze trotted up to the queen and nealed down.

"I am so, so sorry." Snowbreeze whispered and went away.

Snowbreeze woke up the next morning surrounded by all the clan cats. The warrior den was too crowded. The thought of Icestar killing a kit was too much to bare, she imagined it worse than losing her leader, her mate, her clan. Snowbreeze stood up and walked out of the den.

"Snowbreeze." Thundercloud approached her. "Icestar told me to go hunting with you."

"What?" Snowbreeze was shocked. Out of all the clan cats, she would have rather gone with Blackhawk! At least he didn't talk.

"It's orders." Thundercloud told her and walked behind her to the exit of the camp.

When they were out of camp, Thundercloud walked very close to Snowbreeze.

"Hey, back up." Snowbreeze told him.

"I'm sorry," He apoligized. "I just wanted to apoligize for bothering you yesterday. I really am sorry."

"Oh, well it's okay." Snowbreeze replied. What was with him?

"You know you're a really pretty cat..."

"Let me stop you right there," Snowbreeze told him. "My mate died in battle. I'm not over that yet. But, this approach was better than your last one."

"Oh, i'm sorry." Thundercloud told her.

"Shh, I smell a mouse." Snowbreeze told him. "The bush."

Snowbreeze dropped down and leaped into the bush, it rustled, then she exited with a plump mouse in her jaws. Thundercloud dropped down and crawled away, only coming back with a vole. He set it down in front of Snowbreeze, and his tail flicked nervously. Suddenly he licked Snowbreeze's head, picked up the vole and ran back to the camp.

Oh no. Snowbreeze thought.

Snowbreeze walked back toward camp, thoughts and possibilities were rushing through her brain. What if Icestar finds out? What if... if I start liking him? Snowbreeze thought of Icestar finding out about Thundercloud liking her and ripping them both apart for disloyalty. Even if I don't have any loyalty now.

Just then Blackhawk leaped in front of her. The black tom bright blue eyes gleamed in the moonlight.

"What did you catch?" Blackhawk asked.

"A mouse." Snowbreeze said, wiggling the mouse in her mouth. "Why do you only talk to me?"

"I don't know..." He said. "You seem different then the others she-cats around here."

"Why, do you only talk to she-cats?" Snowbreeze set down the mouse to talk.

"Well, actually yes, you and Icestar." Blackhawk explained.

"Oh, you're okay, I guess." Snowbreeze said, then the memories of her mate sinking to the bottom of that river... "No! You're not okay! You- you killed him!"

"Yes- yes I know! I'm sorry! I was taking orders!" Blackhawk told her.

"Orders?" Snowbreeze said. "To specifically kill Darkwhisker?!"

"Yes." He said. "She knows. She knew then too."

"You mean, you know too?"

"She didn't want disloyalty in her clan. She doesn't want you to ever have another mate. She told me, I'm second in command."

"Oh my gosh..." Snowbreeze picked up her mouse and darted past Blackhawk.

"No, wait!" Blackhawk called.

Snowbreeze's eyes were shut and she ran into the camp clearing. She threw the mouse onto the pile of fresh-kill and ran into the warrior den.

"You all have to help me."