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"Naruto Uzumaki? Naruto Uzumaki? It is 10 AM Naruto Uzumaki. It is time for you to wake up Naruto Uzumaki. You must wake up and repo-"


Naruto ran the energy orb straight through the VI alarm clock at his bedside table destroying it. Fuck he hated that thing. But they were a standard thing in all Alliance style homes. He pushed his body up, moving his blond hair out of his face. He hadn't had a haircut in months, so about right now he looked just like his father Minato. He looked to the left and on the floor next to him, was a naked Konohamaru. He was asleep holding a bottle of Krogan Ryncol in his hand. Currently Naruto was on the Human homeworld Earth under house arrest. A day before he was to turn the Normandy into the Alliance per his deal with Admiral Hackett and Councilor Anderson, Admiral Hackett sent him a video message requesting that he help someone named Dr. Amanda Kenson. A lot happened on that mission and in the end, a Mass Relay was destroyed taking an entire Batarian system with it. He told Hackett what truly happened and how Dr. Kenson betrayed him. Hackett believed him about everything, but still had to place Naruto under arrest. Because he went quietly and surrendered without a fight, Naruto was just placed under Alliance house arrest. Alliance house arrest was being condemned to Earth, in a large 1 bedroom apartment, with a Jacuzzi style bath. Made him feel as though he should've been arrested years ago.

Despite being under house arrest, Naruto was free to explore any part of the planet that he wanted so long as an armed guard went with him to escort him back. He thought this was an extreme waste of time because at any point he probably could've killed them all and escaped with barely a nose bleed. He was however allowed off world for a week to assist the people of Rimgar's move to the Citadel. It was nearly a painless transition except for the many tears spilled by people forced off the only home they had never knew. But Naruto knew that deep down it was better this way. When the Reapers attacked, he didn't want the people of his homeworld to be in jeopardy. Naruto was brought back down to Earth (go figure) when he heard his drunk friend snoring on the ground. Despite the Defense Committee wanting to limit his visitors, Admiral Hackett always overruled them. He got out of bed and walked over to Konohamaru and slapped his foot onto his face.

"You're an asshole Naruto," he groaned. "Fuck, is it morning already?"

"Yes it is," replied Naruto wiggling his toes.

"Get your feet off my face! Just let me sleep for two more minutes."

"Get your ass up, put some underwear on at least, and help me cut my hair."

"Come on bro, the sun's barely out, and I'll cut your hair later."

"It's ten, the sun is in the middle of the sky and I need it cut now because it's way too long!"

"C'mon dude, I lost all my creds last-"

"Night playing with prostitutes, I know James told me. Real mature by the way." Naruto walked over to Konohamaru's bag and thankfully found a pair of jeans and threw them at him. "Put those damn jeans on I'm tired of seeing your ass, and then get up!"

Konohamaru exhaled but slowly got up and put the jeans on. He clapped and the lights turned on forcing him to shield his eyes for a second. Naruto couldn't believe that the grandson of the 3rd Hokage and the former Jonin sensei to the Ino-Asu-Cho team was as lecherous as Jiraiya. It was probably one of the main reasons Naruto put up with him. While he came home at about 12:30 this morning, Konohamaru stumbled in at 4. Naruto sat on the bed and Konohamaru took out a pair of scissors, a kunai knife, and charged them with his chakra. The guy was an excellent Shinobi, and a decent barber despite his faults. In less than 5 minutes, the long bushy blond hair was returned to its regular spiky state. They walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen and the younger man immediately grabbed the coffee.

"I forgot to tell you," he said sipping. "Circe and Sasuke have declared war on you because baby Hiruzen refuses to go to sleep without that 9 tails fox stuffed animal you bought him for his birthday."

"What can I say I'm cuddly," joked Kurama.

"Like I give a shit what they think," said Naruto waving his hand. "So tell me, how were the Chunin Games this year?"

The Chunin Games (formerly known as the Chunin Exams) were a twice a year thing that everyone on the Citadel came to watch. Because they no longer had the Forest of Death, it was decided all that all Genin ready for Chunin level would just participate in one big 4 day tournament. The alien species loved the event because they got to see Humans do things they believed impossible for their species. The Chunin Games had definitely gotten Humanity a bit more respect throughout the galaxy.

"Memorable as always, this latest new batch of Genin were surprisingly talented."

"What about Shino's daughter Iona? Did she pass?"

"Poor girl made it all the way to the finals and lost. And for a 10 year old, she took out some pretty big bastards with those bugs of hers. While Shino's bugs just drain his opponents chakra, Iona's drain chakra and return it to her. She beat this one 12 year old from the Cloud in 5 minutes flat. But her final opponent was none other than her teammate, Itachi Uchiha."

"Sasuke's 8 year old?"

"Yeah, Ten-Ten had to watch in tears as her star pupils fought one another. That little boy is going to be Jonin level by 13 at this rate. It was a fair fight for the longest time and Iona eventually gained the upper hand after she busted his nose by slamming his face into a tree."

"Then they were fighting on the forest stage?"

"Yeah; you should've Itachi destroy this Mist kid on the water stage."

"So how did Iona lose?"

"Itachi's Sharingan upgraded during the fight and he got the 3rd tomoe. That damn boy put Iona and nearly the entire audience in a genjutsu that affects your hearing. He sent her flying with a kick to the chest and because she was under the genjutsu, she didn't stand up. The proctor had no choice but to name Itachi the winner."

"Those damn Uchihas."

"Itachi won the tournament, and the winner and 6 others are named Chunin by the judges. Iona was still made a Chunin along with 1 Mist teen, a team of Stone boys, and a Sand girl."

"Well at least something good came out of all that. Any fights break out in the audience like normal?"

"Of course. Some rumor on the Extranet got out that Godric was going to win the whole tournament this year. People bet a bunch of creds on him, and when his twin, Itachi, knocked him out of the 2nd round that was huge. C-Sec had to get down there to stop 20 Volus' from killing a Krogan who refused to pay them."

"Who would've thought that something as small as our Chunin Exams could turn into one of the galaxy's most famous events: the Chunin Games."

"The Council funded the stadium, and the contestants are placed on the Extranet with a list of their skills and abilities. It's just one big legal fight match." There was a knock at the front door.

"IT'S OPEN," bellowed Naruto.

The front door swung open and Naruto heard footsteps headed towards the kitchen. A second later an extremely buff marine with a small Mohawk walked in. He was wearing an Alliance grey shirt, with black pants and combat boots. At his side was a standard pistol.

"Hey Naruto," he said.

"James Vega," he replied with a smile. "It's a little early for you to be here isn't it?"

"And how are you walking after all the shit we did last night," asked Konohamaru.

"I'm not the one who started dancing on a table after my 5th shot of Ryncol."

"You don't know how to party then."

James laughed and said," anyways, Naruto, the Defense Committee wants to see you about something ASAP."

"Sounds important," the blond asked. "Did they specify why?"

"I don't question my superiors man. They just told me they needed you now."

Naruto got up from the kitchen and walked into his room. He grabbed a white shirt, and black pants, and sandals. He tossed Konohamaru the house keys. "Lock up if you leave," he ordered.

"I'm coming with," he answered back. He grabbed a black undershirt off the table chair, put on some boots and followed. Because they were on an Alliance base there were soldiers every where. Normally they were standing guard, but today the hallway was filled with people. Soldiers, officers, scientists, and advisors were all moving fast.

"Naruto!" He turned and saw Admiral David Anderson walking towards him fast for a man of nearly 65. He had returned to the Alliance Navy and abdicated the position of Humanity's Councilor to Donnel Udina.

"Admiral," said James saluting.

"Lieutenant," he said with a nod. "You look good Naruto, a bit rough around the edges though."

"Anderson apart from basically just calling me fat, I take it you're off to see the committee too?"


"Why am I needed though? I'm not Alliance."

"Admiral Hackett is mobilizing the fleets. I'm guessing word's made it to Alliance Command. All of our scans are indicating that something big is headed our way"

Naruto suddenly got very serious. "The Reapers?"

"We don't know, not for certain."

"What the hell else could it be?"

"If I knew that I would handle it Naruto."

"We're wasting our time with this Anderson. It's the Reapers and despite the hundreds of warnings I've given you guys during my 'year long stay', we still aren't prepared."

"Just tell it the Committee."

"The Committee is an enormous waste of time."

"They're just scared."

"They're just pathetic and since the beginning have been trying to sweep everything Shepard and I uncovered under the rug. Just a bunch of useless assholes."

"Shepard spoke to a Reaper and blew the damn thing up. You worked with Cerberus and stopped the Collectors. You both saw how they harvest and what they plan to do to us. You know more about this enemy than anyone."

"So if I know more than anyone Anderson, give me back the Normandy and let me try to stop all this stuff. I can't help you guys locked up. I like to take action, not talk things out. I'm not a damn politician!"

"And I don't need you to be one! Not to mention you brought this one on yourself by blowing up that Mass Relay and killing all those Batarians."

"You think I wanted to do that? It was the Batarians or we would've faced the entire Reaper fleet unprepared and we all woulda died. I did what I had to!"

Anderson took a deep breath and calmed down. "I know that Naruto, and so does the committee. I just need you to do whatever the hell it takes to help us stop the Reapers."

Naruto grumbled but followed the old man with James and Konohamaru close behind. When they entered the hallway to the committee chamber a woman led them down to a door.

"This is as far as me and Konohamaru can go," said James. "Good luck in there Naruto."

Naruto shook James' hand and patted Konohamaru's shoulder. As he turned he around he could see a woman in blue speaking with Anderson. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, with some tucked behind her ear, and her uniformed was unzipped just enough so that it wasn't showing cleavage.

"Williams," he asked. "Ashley Williams?"

She turned and Naruto saw the small amount of lip gloss on her lips. "Your name is Naruto right," she asked. "We met on Horizon."

"Now I remember you, Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams."

"Actually, it's Lieutenant-Commander now."

"Congratulations, but what are you doing here?"

"I just finished speaking with the Committee."

"Do you know what they wanted," asked Anderson.

"Who can tell with them? Right now I'm just waiting for orders."

"Well anyways, we'd better go inside Naruto."

Naruto nodded saying one last goodbye to everyone before following Anderson into the Committee room. The Committee room was full of people but seated at a long table were five people who made defensive decisions about Humanity. Admiral Hackett was the Head of the Committee but he was currently mobilizing all the Fleets.

"Anderson, Naruto," the man to the far right said.

"Cut the crap," Naruto said instantly. "What's going on?"

"We were hoping you could tell us. The reports coming in are unlike anything we've ever seen. Whole colonies have gone dark. We've lost contact with everything beyond the Sol Relay. Whatever it is, it's incomprehensibly powerful."

Naruto took a datapad from someone, read it, and snapped it in half on his knee. "You guys have brought me here to tell you what you already should know: the Reaper are here."

Side conversations broke out throughout the hall almost immediately.

-"What are we going to do?"

-"If the Reapers killed the Protheans what chance do we have?"

-"We're screwed!"

"Silence," said the only female member banging her gavel. "Naruto… how do we stop them?"

"Stop them? This isn't something we can manage with strategy or tactics. This is about survival. The Reapers are more advanced than we are, more powerful than we are, they don't fear us, and will never take mercy on us."

"There must be some way," growled the Hispanic Councilman.

"Admirals," cried a woman with a headset on. "We just lost contact with Luna Base."

"The moon," Anderson repeated in shock. "They couldn't be here that fast."

"How did they get past our defenses," asked the female Councilwoman.

"UK headquarters has a visual," said a man pulling a screen up. At first the only thing visible was smoke but then a man's face was briefly show before an explosion happened. The signal cut out for a minute before the room techs got it back up. The Reapers were landing all over the planet. Sovereign class Reapers were landing and blasted red lasers everywhere. The big Reaper ships were much bigger than he was size in a fully transformed 9 tailed state.

"Why haven't we heard from Admiral Hackett," Anderson said.

"You see that shit," yelled Naruto pointing at the screen. "That's what Humanity, and Turian Hierarchy, and the Salarian Union and the rest of the galaxy are up against. There's only one thing we can do: we fight or we die!"

Everyone in the room looked at the window because large amounts of dust began to fly against it. A Reaper floated down face it them and the center of it began to prime up for an attack.

"Oh my god," someone whispered.

"MOOOOOOVE," roared Naruto. He activated his 9 tailed cloak and shielded Anderson as the laser fired. The blast shattered the window sending everybody flying. The Committee's long table flew over his head blocking the room's exit and knocking down nearly 7 people. Naruto and Anderson both flew into a wall and smashed down to the ground. Naruto slowly rolled up and could feel the blood dripping down his forehead. His ears were ringing and his shirt was torn and when he looked around, everbody in his line of sight was either dead or critically injured. The shattered window was partially on fire as was much of the room.

"Naruto get up," ordered Anderson. He was beaten down as well. The Alliance Admiral "A" on his suit had torn off as had a portion of his jacket. Anderson passed him the spare predator pistol on he kept. Anderson touched his comm. and spoke. "Lieutenant-Commander Williams, is that you? What's your status? I can't raise the Normandy so you need to get to them. Anderson out; Naruto let's move it we need to get to the Normandy."

Naruto looked over the Vancouver sky scrappers that were slowly being destroyed. He could see 5 Reapers just in his immediate vision. There was no telling how many had actually landed on the planet. He jumped down with Anderson and then ran along the sky scrappers. Everyone once in a while they had to take cover when a Reaper would blast in their direction.

"Lieutenant-Commander," said Anderson as they were running. "I'm patching Naruto in. Give us an update on your position."

"We've almost got to the Normandy," said Ashley. "I've got Lieutenant Vega and that friend of Naruto's with me."

"Is Konohamaru alright," asked Naruto.

"He's just fine, he just saved Vega and me from these weird things that look like mutated Batarians."

"Our ETA is about 5 minutes Williams, Anderson out." They pushed forward when some Husks got in the way. Naruto and Anderson dropped them but ran out of thermal clips. As they dropped to the lower level, a Reaper fired a laser at them again. They ducked but the windows in the area shattered. Rushing in before another attacked happened, Naruto killed a husk by crushing its face in his palm. He forced open a door for Anderson when he heard a whimper. Naruto walked to where the noise was coming from and found a small boy in a wall rafter crying.

"Hey kid," whispered Naruto gently.

"Everyone's dying," he said with tears pouring from his face.

Naruto extended his arm but the little boy just back up further. "Come on we have to get you out of here."

"You can't help me."

Naruto was about to use his 9 tailed chakra to pull the boy to him, but Anderson called his name. He turned his neck for one second and as soon as he looked back, the little boy was gone.

"Shit," he muttered. Naruto rushed to where Anderson was moving debris.

"This is a goddamned mess," the old man barked. "Every minute these machines are here thousands of innocent people will die. All because nobody listened to you and Shepard. When the blame starts getting thrown, I sure as hell won't be held responsible."

"Worst part about war is that people die," said Naruto. "And an even worse part is that you can't save them all." He activated his cloak and wrapped 2 tails around Anderson and hopped across a chasm. "There's some clips come on."

"Ashley," Anderson said when they were running on the rooftops again. "We're in sight of the spaceport ETA 3 minutes."

"We've made it to the Normandy," she shouted. "Oh god, they're going to take out that dreadnought. EVASIVE MANEUVERS!"

"Ashley," yelled Naruto into his comm. "Goddammit nothing! They've got to be in trouble."

Naruto and Anderson rushed forward before the dreadnought Ashley spoke of exploded. The shockwaves were so powerful they slammed him against the wall and destroyed the platform. He and Anderson both slid down. Naruto got off the ground seeing much of that much of the skin on his arm had been taken off. Thanks to Kurama, it had already begun to heal.

"Lookout," said Anderson tacking him to the ground. Red energy bullets began to blast past them. He could see where they were coming from. Ashley had spoken the truth about the Batarians. They were fused into some kind monsters with a huge brown sack on their backs. He pulled a knife from his pocket and flung it catching it in the eye. It collapsed dead, and immediately the ones surrounding it pounced and started to consume the dead ones flesh.

"They're cannibals," gasped Naruto. He jumped in front of the cannibals tiger sign already formed. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" A blue fireball flew from his mouth engulfing the three cannibals. While blowing the fireball out he saw Anderson attempting to signal the Normandy form a nearly destroyed console. Naruto created a shadow clone that rushed by Anderson and grabbed the Avenger near him. The clone began to give him cover fire while he dealt with the large number of cannibals that continuously dropped from the sky. He grabbed a shuriken out of his pocket and blew wind. Flinging it, the wind shuriken took out 7 cannibals at once.

"Behind you," his clone shouted.

Naruto turned quickly his palm opened and yelled," Futon: Rasengan!" The wind attack cut right through the cannibals face. Naruto ran to the clone, and Anderson's aid firing from the Predator pistol. He was firing his shots into the cannibals' sacks and blowing them open. When he reached Anderson, the pistol he was holding, and the rifle the clone was holding both ran out of shots. A cannibal threw aimed and threw a grenade at Anderson. Naruto's clone quickly picked it up, and jumped over to the enemy side as the grenade exploded destroying itself in the process. Naruto formed a horse seal, preparing for a huge fire attack when two missiles fired down on the enemy side.

"Cavalry's here gentlemen!"

The Normandy soared into view with a completely new look. Gone from it was the Cerberus colors of yellow and black along with the symbol. The ship was painted flying Alliance colors with the logo in blue. Naruto ran towards it as the lower part opened up. Naruto jumped onto it and was met by Konohamaru holding a rifle.

"What took you so long," he asked.

"I was too busy getting my ass shot at," Naruto replied.

"Naruto," Anderson yelled coming forward.

"Get on the ship old man!"

"I'm not going. You see what's happening here. The people are going to need a leader. I'm staying here."

"Bullshit! We're in this fight together Anderson."

Anderson shook his head no. "At the moment, no we aren't. This is a fight we can't win. Not without help. We need every species and all their ships to even have a small chance at defeating the Reapers."

"So what am I supposed to do?!"

"Go talk to the Council and convince them to help us."

"And when they refuse to help us? Then what do I do?"

"Then make them listen! NOW GO THAT'S AN ORDER!"

"I'm not apart of the Alliance, so you don't have any authority over me."

Anderson opened his jacket and pulled out a set of dog tags. He looked at them and then tossed them to Naruto who caught them with one hand. "Welcome to the Alliance, Commander," he said. "You know what you have to do."

"I don't like this Anderson."

"Neither, do I... but it's the only way."

"I won't forget about you guys. I'll bring help, every fleet that I can… good luck old man."

"You too."

Anderson turned and rushed back the way he came as Alliance. Naruto could see Alliance Kodiak shuttles picking people up all over the place, cannibals pouncing all over unsuspecting civilians. That was when Naruto saw him, the little boy he tried saving earlier. He got onto a shuttle that got about halfway into the sky, and one minute later minute later it was incinerated by a Reaper's laser. Naruto took a deep breath as the Normandy spun around. He walked into the ship so the bottom could close but he could still see outside the windows. The Reaper ships were crashing down onto Earth in large comets. The war had officially begun.

Naruto walked past James, Konohamaru, and Ashley into the Normandy's shuttle bay. When this was a Cerberus ship, it was used to store cargo. Apparently the Alliance used this portion of the ship to house their armory. There were guns all over the place.

"What the hell's going on," asked James angrily. "Where's Anderson and where are we going?" Naruto ignored him and continued walking. "Hey I'm talking to you, answer me!"

"We're leaving," said Naruto calmly.


"What's going on," asked Ashley.

"Anderson wants us to go to the Citadel to get help for the fight."

"Bullshit," snarled James. "He wouldn't just order us to leave!"

"Hey calm down guys," said Konohamaru stepping between them.

"We don't have a fucking choice," Naruto yelled moving his friend out the way. "Without help, this war is going to be over before it begins!"

"Fuck that! Drop me back off at Earth because I'm not lea-"

"ENOUGH," Naruto ordered lifting James by his throat. "Don't you think I'd rather stay and fight as well?" He flung James to the ground. "We're going to the Citadel. If you want a ride back to Earth, you can catch one there." James didn't respond, he just coughed and massaged his throat.

"Naruto," said a familiar voice.

"Joker is that you?"

"Alive and kicking, I got an emergency transmission from Admiral Hackett for you."

Naruto walked over to a computer screen and activated it. A minute later, Steven Hackett's face appeared on a computer screen that was distorted.

"Naruto," he growled. "Sustained heavy losses.. force was overwhelming… there's no way we can defeat them conventionally."

"Anderson already wants me to go talk to the Council and see if they can help us."

Hackett shook his head no. His transmission was getting extremely hard to understand. "iance outpost on Mars first… ore we lose control of the system. Been researching the Prothean Archives… with Doctor T'Soni… found a way to stop Reapers… maybe only way… contact soon. Hackett out." The signal disconnected.

"We need to get to Mars pronto Joker," said Naruto.

"Aye aye."

"Just what does Hackett think we'll find there," asked Ashley.

"I don't know," responded Naruto. "Just grab your gear."


The foursome was fully armored in the shuttle on the way down to Mars. Naruto told Konohamaru that he could've sat out, but he waved that off. He proclaimed that he needed the action in his life. While James drove, Naruto spoke with Joker.

"I've been trying to reach Mars on secure channels," the pilot explained. "No one is answering."

"Is there nearby Reaper activity," asked Naruto.



"The Base appears to be offline. It is possible the inhabitants were evacuated."

"Well we'll know soon enough, but Joker be ready to get us the hell out of here if everything goes to shit."

"Roger that, Normandy out."

The shuttle landed and everyone stepped off wearing helmets. Naruto looked to the right and could see a giant storm headed their way. Whatever they were here to do on Mars, it needed to get done fast. Once that storm was in radio communication was going to be really difficult. They spotted several dead Alliance soldiers along the road to the outpost.

"There's the facility," Konohamaru said pointing.

"And Cerberus soldiers," finished Naruto.

On the ground were several trucks, and standing outside them were about 7 Cerberus soldiers. There was only one Alliance soldier with his hands on his head as someone pointed a gun in his face. A second later they blasted his head open

"Holy shit they're executing them," whispered James.

Ashley pulled the Viper off her back and with a quick concussive shot blasted a Cerberus soldiers head off. The Cerberus minions froze momentarily and it would cost them their lives. Naruto and Konohamaru rushed down the rocky slope with Rasengans in their hands.

"RASENRENGAN," they roared together. Both men smashed a set of soldiers a piece into the convoy trucks. James rushed down shotgun in tow and managed to blast right through the Cerberus Centurions armor. Konohamaru flung 3 shuriken at his chest and he crashed down with a gasp.

"Those guys were Cerberus right bro," asked Konohamaru.

"Yes," replied Naruto.

"Why is Cerberus here on Mars," said Ashley angrily.

"Good question."

"Stop pretending like you don't know."

"I don't know why they were here Williams, so you can stop implying that."

"It's a bit convenient."

Naruto didn't give Ashley the satisfaction of a response they just continued towards the Alliance outpost. There was one last Cerberus guard on the door. Naruto snuck up behind him holding a knife and pierced it right into his neck. Everyone entered the outpost and the doors closed.

"Alright Naruto," growled Ashley. "Be straight up with me, why is Cerberus here?"

"What in the hell makes you think I know that?"

"You worked for them, so why would I believe you cut all ties?"

"I only worked with Cerberus and the Illusive Man because the Collectors needed to be stopped. If you recall, I tried to get you to help me but you said no."

"They brought you back to life, gave you a ship, resources-"

"I haven't had any Cerberus contact since I destroyed the Collector Base. I have no idea why they're here now or what they want with the outpost."

"Naruto Uzumaki's been under constant surveillance since his house arrest on Earth began," explained James. "There's no way he had any contact with Cerberus."

After the room was pressurized, Naruto took his helmet off and glared at Ashley and snarled," you happy now, or do you have more stupid questions? I don't work for Cerberus, simple as that." Ashley sighed and placed a hand on her head as James activated the elevator. The platform the four were standing on rose up into an area filled with cargo. "I've explained the truth to a million people, a million damn times. I'm through talking about it, got it?"

"Sorry Naruto, I ju-"

"What was that," said Konohamaru drawing an SMG. They all looked up at the rafters because that's where the noise was coming from. The vent to one was kicked off and everybody aimed. Sakura Haruno tuck and rolled and dove out. Liara T'Soni came out not one second later panting. The Asari turned and flung a singularity attack at the vent. Two Cerberus soldiers were drawn into the biotic attack. Liara drew a pistol and fired twice and the men crashed onto the ground. Sakura walked up to them and lifting them by the armor bashed both soldiers heads together breaking their necks. James rushed out of cover with his shotgun but Naruto stepped in front of him.

"Relax James," he said happily. "These two are with us."

Liara smiled and walked towards him. "Naruto, thank the Goddess you're alive."

"Liara T'Soni, it's been far too long."

"Don't be so happy to see me all at once Naruto," said Sakura with her hands on her hips.

"Sorry Sakura, it really is good to see you as well. Do you know what's been going on with Earth?"

"Yes we heard, the reports we were getting sounded awful."

"It was difficult to leave," admitted Ashley.

"Oh Ashley I'm so sorry," said Liara. "Not to sound rude, but why are you all here?"

"Admiral Hackett asked us to," explained Konohamaru. "He said that you would know what was going on."

"Well… I do."

"Hallelujah," said James putting his gun up. "Finally some answers."

"Maybe. I've discovered plans for a Prothean device. A weapon that could possibly wipe out the Reapers."
"They have something that powerful on Mars," asked Naruto.

"Yes, we just have to get to the Prothean Archives."

"Okay slightly confused," said Ashley. "We've known about the Archives for years. How come we're just acting now?"

"Because now we don't have a choice," explained Sakura. "Process of elimination, mixed with a little bit of desperation. When Naruto destroyed the Alpha Relay, he bought us all a little bit of time. While he was on Earth, Liara and I got to work. Hackett contacted Liara asking her to use some resources that she has as the Shadow Broker. He wanted something, anything that could help us stop the Reapers."

"Our search led us here," continued Liara. "Hackett gave us the access and kept us updated on your status on Earth. Despite wanting to visit you Naruto, our work paid off. The Archives are full of data."

"I'll believe it when I see it," snorted Naruto.

"Where's the weapon at," asked Ashley.

"It isn't a weapon yet, only plans for a device. A blue print. We have to get to the Archives on that tramway across the way."

"Cerberus wants it too yes?"

"Of course. The Protheans came close to defeating the Reapers. They had plans to destroy them, but ran out of time."

"Anything powerful enough to stop the Reapers," started Naruto.

"Is something Cerberus would want," finished Konohamaru. "It all makes sense."

Everyone looked a door on the balcony as it began to be pried open.

"Bring it on," growled James reaching for his gun.

"Not this time James," ordered Naruto. "You either Konohamaru. I want you both back at the shuttle. If Cerberus manages to beat us to the Archives, I need the exits covered."


"Now Lieutenant."

James and Konohamaru both took the elevator down as the doors on the upper balcony split open. Liara fired another singularity lifting all the soldiers in its range of their feet. While Ashley fired from her sniper and Naruto his pistol, Sakura jumped up to the upper balcony and went to work. She lifted one man by the throat and impaled him on a wall spike. She kicked a man so hard his leg broke, and finally she head butted the last man's through a wall.

"Not bad," said Naruto activating his chakra cloak. He grabbed both Liara and Ashley with a claw each and walked up a wall to the balcony. "I see you haven't lost any skills girl."

As soon as they entered the next room they saw an elderly man running away only to get shot in the back and Naruto quickly activated his Sage Mode. He could only sense one other life form in the room. They all crouched down and Naruto moved up first. There was only a Cerberus soldier relaxing against a rail. Naruto silently crept up, pulled him over the metal bars, and slammed a Rasengan into his chest.

"All clear," he called out. He entered the next room ahead of everyone and found computers every where. Liara and Sakura each sat at one and began to type. Naruto was scanning the vid screens to look for any hint of help to get to the Archives. After checking four screens, he finally saw an unfamiliar woman on the fifth. "Liara, Sakura, who's that woman?"

Sakura looked where he pointed and rolled her eyes. "That bitch."

"That bitch have a name?"

"Dr. Eva Core," said Liara. "She arrived her about a week ago and is…very hands on with her work."

Naruto looked at Sakura as she glared at the screen. The pink haired woman was obviously jealous of her. "Damn, the pedways are all locked out. We have to find a way around."

"What about the roof," asked Ashley.

"With that storm coming in, I wanted to avoid going outside, but it seems as though we don't have a choice. Let's move."

Liara placed a breather on, and all the humans placed helmets on. They opened the door to the outside and a huge gust of wind blew into the room. The storm had arrived.

"Naruto," Sakura shouted over the wind. "Up ahead!"

He climbed down a ladder and turned around. Cerberus and Alliance soldiers were on two different pedways shooting at one another. The Alliance soldiers were outnumbered but they weren't going down without a fight.

"Bro… can you hear me," asked Konohamaru.

"Just barely, the storm is interfering with our radios."

"Te… it. I ca… the Nor… Where…"

"Konohamaru, I didn't get any of that just now. Repeat."

"I sai-"

Naruto received nothing but a bunch of static, he cut the communications. "Damn it," he barked climbing up another ladder. "We're on our own out here."

They walked into the nearest room to get out of the storm, but the airlocks were open. The staff was all over the floor dead. Someone had vented air out of the room while they were still in so all of the workers slowly suffocated. Most of them had blood coming out their mouths. Cerberus soldiers were all lined up behind a glass window. Ashley took an inferno grenade out and flung it threw the window. The soldiers all burst into flames, and Liara used a biotic warp on them. Naruto watched as at least three fire explosions happened killing the men.

"Felt nostalgic huh," asked Liara.

"Shepard did always love that combo," agreed Liara. She walked into the room where the dead Cerberus lay, and pressed a blue button. All the vents closed and the room pressurized. Liara took off her mask and said," we have access to the labs now. They'll take us straight to the tram station."

"There's a recording," said Ashley touching the red playback button. It was an officer who was just beginning to notice how the station on Mars was showing up. Not a second later he was shot and collapsed against the screen. Dr. Eva Core walked into the cameras view holding a gun that was smoking from the tip. Eva pressed a few buttons and the cameras angle showed the room being de-pressurized of air and the staff all suffocating.

"I guess we know how Cerberus got in," Naruto said to Ashley.

"Bitch," Sakura repeated. "I knew there was something about her I didn't trust!"

"We can't worry about it now," said Liara. "We have to get to the Archives."

Naruto grabbed a hand full of nearby thermal clips and passed everybody a few as they continued throughout the station. The view everywhere was relatively the same. Dead Alliance soldiers every where, with the occasional Trooper or Centurion. As they were exiting another computer area, Ashley opened a door and a turret suspended in the air started firing. One by one, they had to safely dive in and out of cover to avoid being ripped to shreds. This whole facility was turning out to be one death trap. Thankfully, the next room was free of Cerberus soldiers and Liara sat at a computer, and after a few strokes, and a minute of watching a video where Eva Core shot a camera, she pressed her knuckles to her forehead.

"Cerberus is at the Archives," she explained. "We're completely locked out."

"Naruto and I can get across and send one back," suggested Sakura.

"But you don't know how many soldiers are over there," countered Ashley.

"What does that mean to us?"

"It means you shouldn't get cocky. If we can find one of their nearby transmitters helmet-to-helmet we might have a chance to get them to send a pedways over."

"How," asked Naruto.

"We fool Cerberus into thinking we're one of them and all the Alliance is dead." Ashley quickly jogged into the next room looking for a receiver. Naruto looked back at the Asari and the pink haired woman who were both smiling.

"What," he asked.

"The Lieutenant-Commander has become very capable," said Liara. "She didn't take charge like this back when we were traveling with Shepard."

Hearing Ashley call him, Naruto walked into the next room. She had found a Cerberus soldier with a transmitter. Naruto pressed a button on his helmet, and the face protector popped off. The soldier was a man whose face was beginning to form into a husk.

"Oh god," whispered Ashley. "I can't believe they would do this to their own man. They claim to stand for Humanity, and they do things like this to their own people. That could've been you Naruto! For all I know, Cerberus has done something like that to you."

Through wasting his time with Ashley, Naruto picked up the transmitter and started talking. "Hello," he said. "This is Delta Team. Anybody there?"

"Where the hell have you been," a Soldier replied. "Never mind, just give us your status."

"The tram station, all hostiles terminated."

"Roger that, Echo Team is on the way for extraction."

Naruto took the dead soldiers Mattock as Sakura and Liara entered the area. They all rushed down and moved into cover. The soldiers stepped off the tram onto the platform and realized the trap too late. Liara froze a Centurion with a stasis bubble that froze two more soldiers that walked into it. Naruto took a deep breath and blew those who weren't secure off the station. Ashley took the Avenger off her back gunned down the man trapped in the stasis bubble. Naruto thought all the enemies were gone when he saw a laser on Ashley's chest. He tackled Ashley down as the bullet fired and went through the wall. Sakura rushed to the tram and grabbed the woman nearly responsible for the LC's murder and flung her to the floor and grabbed her throat.

"Wait," ordered Naruto. "How many more soldiers do you guys have over there?"

"Fuck you," the sniper spat.

"How bout fuck you," growled Sakura. With a small motion, she ripped off the sniper's head splattering clothes and Naruto's boots with blood. "Shall we get on?"

Ashley looked like she was in shock, but to Naruto and Liara seeing Sakura kill someone wasn't a surprise. Liara was obviously the level-headed one in the relationship. Everyone put their helmets and breathers back on as the tram took them across. At the Archive station, there was only four soldiers guarding the entrance. As soon as Sakura stepped off the platform one picked up a shield. It didn't matter because she punched right through it and him. Ashley and Liara gunned their enemies down, and Naruto strangled his with a chakra tail. Liara opened the door to the Archives and the first thing Naruto saw were several Prothean obelisks secured behind a glass. Each was a rectangular shape with a glowing blue line in the middle. In the center was a hologram of the Archives. While Ashley kept guard, Sakura and Liara started downloading the data. He was staring at the hologram when it shifted. Standing in it's place was a man in a fine suit, with his hair slicked back gel. In his right hand was one of the many cigarettes he smoked a day. But what always caught Naruto's attention was his eyes. Two iris' that looked more like blue orbs. The Illusive Man, had made his appearance. He took a puff of his cigarette, and began to speak.


Liara turned around with her gun and growled," Illusive Man."

"Fascinating race the Protheans," he said ignoring Liara. "They left all this for us to discover, and yet we squandered it. The Alliance has known about the Archives for more than 30 years, and what've they done with it?"

"What the hell do you want," asked Naruto.

The older man looked at the Prothean obelisks and smiled. "What I've always wanted. The data in these artifacts hold the key to solving the Reaper threat."

"I've seen your solution, and your people are turned into monsters."

"They're being improved. That's what separates us Naruto, where you see a means to destroy, I see a means to dominate and control. We need to harness the Reapers power. Imagine how strong Humanity would be if we controlled them."

"Earth is under siege and you're hatching some stupid ass scheme to control the Reapers?"

"As usual like when you destroyed the Collector Base, you're being shortsighted, and hasty."

"That Base was an abomination that would've killed your own people had I not saved them. Hundreds of thousands of Humans died there and I still have no regrets about destroying that place."

"What makes you think you can defeat the Reapers even with the Prothean data? You're vastly outnumbered."

"Then have Cerberus work together with the Alliance and together we could stop them."

"You would do better than most against the Reapers, but the odds still aren't in your favor. And more importantly, I don't want the Reapers destroyed. We can dominate them Naruto. Use their power and harness their very essence to bring Humanity to the apex of power."

"You aren't even listening to how ridiculous you sound. The Reapers are going to kill us all if we keep fighting one another."

"I don't expect you to understand Naruto, and I could careless about your approval."

"Then we're through talking," said Naruto turning around. "Liara."

"Don't interfere with my plans Naruto… I won't warn you again."

"Blow me."

"SON OF A BITCH," yelled Sakura.

"What is it now," asked Naruto frantically.

"The data it's not here," replied Liara. "Someone's erasing it with some kind of virus."

Everyone turned as Ashley cried out in pain. A minute later, the lights shut off on the obelisks. Eva Core came running out with Ashley behind shooting at her. The fleeing woman was very fast, and highly acrobatic jumping from rails and the walls to avoid Ashley's bullets.

"Naruto she has the data," yelled Ashley.

Seeing Eva exit the room Naruto sped after her. As he was about to catch her, she activated something on her omni-tool and a set of bars got in his way. He ducked hearing Sakura's yell and a second later the pink haired woman kicked the bars off with a large spinning heel kick. Going through the bars Eva climbed a large ladder that took her outside to the roof. The woman was obviously some android engineered by Cerberus because she didn't need a helmet for oxygen.


He dove to the side as Eva fired an incinerate at his head. Eva ducked as Liara fired a singularity at her. Sakura flung a kunai at her back but it bounced right off her body. Eva climbed one more ladder with Naruto right behind her, but she picked up speed and dove onto a Cerberus shuttle. Naruto roared and activated Version 2 of his 9 tails cloak. He sank his claws into the shuttle and climbed to the top of it. He put a fist through the roof and pulled portion of it back. Eva gritted her teeth and started firing at him but he dodged. Naruto stood on the roof of the shuttle and snarled at her when he heard James speak into the radio.

"I got this one!"

Turning to the left, Naruto saw an Alliance Kodiak speeding down out of the sky towards the Cerberus shuttle. The Kodiak crashed into the Cerberus shuttle and it spun out of control and headed towards the three women. Naruto was thrown off the shuttle when it exploded and he crashed hard shoulder first into a pole and was knocked out of his Version 2. Ashley, Liara, and Sakura had managed to avoid the explosion, but they were just a little shaken up. The Kodiak landed hard on the platform and James and Konohamaru both stepped out.

"Normandy's on route bro," said the ninja. "Should be here soon."

"We need the data," grunted Liara as she threw her arm around Ashley's neck.

The Cerberus shuttle door was kicked off and the Android stepped out with a blue visor like light over her eyes. Ashley pushed Liara out of harms way as the flaming Eva charged at her. The LC fired bullet after bullet but eventually the android disarmed her and lifted her by the helmet with powerful Sakura like strength.

"Ashley," Naruto shouted jumping over the Kodiak. "Let her go!"

"Orders," Eva asked.

Naruto could guess what the Illusive Man told her because Eva turned and taking Ashley's head smashed it against the shuttle 2 times extremely hard. Eva turned and ran in his direction and Naruto emptied his entire 12 shot pistol clip into her despite her falling after the third face shot.

"James grab that damn robot," he ordered rushing to Ashley.

"Naruto we got Reaper signatures in orbit," said Joker.

Naruto could give a damn about the Reapers at the moment. His only concern was Ashley. He did all he could to revive Ashley and thankfully he could see that she was still breathing even though she was knocked out. Naruto lifted Ashley up into his arms as the Normandy appeared. Everyone boarded as the Reapers began to land all over Mars. He took one final look at Mars, and the unconscious Ashley in his arms as the hatch closed. If day 1 of the Reaper invasion had gone this bad 5 hours into it, then this was going to be a long war. Turning around he rushed inside to get Ashley to the Med Bay.

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