"Legion, what the hell is going on?"

Naruto had let Legion take him to a server filled with Geth interfaces and memory banks and learned of the AI's creation and time of subjugation under their Quarian creators. Naruto always only had heard of what the Quarians had said and that was just that the Geth went rogue and stole their homeworld Rannoch from them. But after seeing the Geth version, he learned that this wasn't true. By creating the Geth, the Quarians gave life to fully thinking AI, and like any AI it eventually adapted to it's situation until one Geth finally asked the question: "Does this unit have a soul?" That was too much for some Quarians and slowly but surely they began de-activating and destroying their Geth. But the Geth didn't wish to be destroyed and they fought back in what is known to Geth as the Morning War. After years of fighting, peace, and fighting again, the Quarians were eventually driven off of Rannoch by the Geth. But what Naruto found puzzling was that the Geth didn't give chase to the Quarians. When they had the chance to eradicate their creators, they didn't and showed them Mercy. If the shoe were on the other foot, the Quarians would destroy the Geth without chance. But now that he was out of the server there was a big problem. He was surrounded by a squadron of Geth Primes. He had a pistol in one hand, and a Wind Styled Rasengan in the other hand and was ready for battle.

"Uzumaki Naruto," said Legion. "These Geth wish to join us."

"What," said Naruto in disbelief. "How? I thought they served the Reapers."

"That is correct, but we assumed that we could persuade them to leave the Old Machines and join the true Geth once again. We were correct, they wish to become us."

"But why didn't you tell me about them? I came on this mission alone because you said there would be no danger and you lied! I don't care about everything else Legion, but the lying is what I can't get behind." Naruto turned around and made to walk out of the area, but there was a Prime standing in his path. It moved out of his way and he exited the cavern with Legion behind him. They both got on the shuttle that was awaiting them and flew away back to the Normandy that was awaiting in orbit. "What's going to happen to the Primes?"

"I will coordinate with EDI, who will coordinate with Alliance Admiral Hackett, who shall determine the most effective positioning for these Prime units. Are you upset with us over our deception Uzumaki Naruto?"

Naruto looked at Legion and said," I'm not upset, but I want to help the Geth and I'm on your side. But I can't be left in the dark about your plans Legion so if you want my help, you have to be honest with me from here on out...fair?"

"We will no longer resort to deception."

"Then let us speak of this matter no longer."

They rode in silence for the remainder of the way back to the Normandy shuttle bay. When they got off the shuttle Legion left immediately to the QEC saying it was going to contact Hackett and send the Primes to him. Konohamaru came up to him holding a sandwich and a beer.

"I never was big on the Geth," he said taking a bite. "I can never get a decent reading on them."

"The only Geth you've ever dealt with have been Heretics," replied Naruto. "Besides you don't seem to have a problem with EDI."

"EDI isn't a Geth and she makes her own decisions without consulting with a consensus."

"Well you are right about that."

Naruto walked towards the elevator but not before leaving his armor breastplate for Cortez and James to repair. He took the elevator up to Deck 3 and when the doors opened Kiba was waiting for the elevator. Naruto and the dog man currently hadn't spoken in over a week after he walked in on him and Tali in the Lounge. He looked at his watch and it was about ten minutes before lights out on the ship; however he remembered that Liara had been asking to speak to him for a while now but he kept putting her off. He walked over to the XO's quarters and knocked on her door. It opened and as usual Liara had all her screens activated with several hundreds things happening on each individual screen. Sakura was asleep in the bed under the covers while Liara was at her desk in slippers and wearing a long blue pajama gown with a mug of Galatic Black next to her. Naruto shuddered at the sight of that bullshit coffee. He had made the mistake of drinking Galatic Black only a year before the Reaper War started. But no one told him that it was tailored to only Krogan and Asari. It had something to do with the enzymes in their body that gave them their long life span but he drank that and it was not okay. Naruto ended up having to be sedated to go to sleep because eight days passed and he was still awake with no inkling that the caffeine was going to wear off.

"I'm glad you came," yawned Liara softly.

"If you want this can wait until tomorrow Liara," he said. "You look exhausted."

"I am, but I've been coordinating with so many agents, and Hackett, and the Council, and just the Galaxy in general. I can't afford to sleep during this war."

"Yes well we're no good if our Shadow Broker is a zombie."

"My lack of sleep isn't why I asked you to come here Naruto. There's a problem that I figured you would want to know about. As I'm sure you know your list of Asari allies isn't in the best standing currently."

"You would be correct. For some reason they're acting like this is an enemy that's just going to go away."

"That's how Asari treat most things Naruto. With our long lifespans we figure, within one hundred years or so we wont have to worry about a problem that we consider a headache. But in the case of the Reapers we can't do that and some in Asari High Command are beginning to understand this. That being said we still have our own internal issues that we need take care of."

"Such as what?" Liara lifted her coffee mug and passed him a red folder stamped CONFIDENTAL. Naruto opened it and did a quick skim of the paperwork inside. There were Asari, a monastery on Lesuss, vacations to Thessia, but the word that kept standing out was one that he had become familiar with: Ardat-Yakshi. "Hold on a minute, you want us to go and save Ardat-Yakshi? But I thought that they were brutal killers."

"Not all of them," said Liara. "Most of them when they discover the genetic are condition are willing to be placed at Monasteries under supervision. It's the ones who are unwilling to go who have to be neutralized. High Command sent a team of Commandos to the Monastery to check in on the Ardat-Yakshi since no one has since the beginning of the war. The Commandos were to give an update if things were okay, or purge the monastery if things had gone bad. There's been no word since the Commandos arrived at the temple. "

"So you want us to do the Asari's dirty work for them?"

"Be logical Naruto. You need all the support you can get, and you also can't afford to have 30 sex crazed Asari running around on the loose seeking to meld minds with someone and destroy their nervous system. But the choice is ultimately yours whether you choose to go to the monastery or not."

"What exactly was the job though?"

"Go to the monastery and see how things were going, If you think things are okay then just message High Command that, but if not you have High Commands permission to destroy the monastery."

Seeing Liara finish that last sentence with a yawn made Naruto decide to silently end the conversation. He exited and on his way out purposely turned her lights off as an indicator that she should get some rest while she had the chance. There was no time in space obviously but the Normandy just followed the Earth twenty four hour time rotation. So they did sixteen hours lights on, and eight hours lights off. In those eight hours when the lights were off, any crew member who decided to go to sleep, EDI ran their stations. Naruto had made it back to the elevator and pressed the button when Sasuke came out of the bathroom completely naked. Seeing as how this was the second time in a week Naruto had seen a naked man, he felt he had to say something.

"Oi," he growled. "Where are your fucking pants?!"

"In the room," yawned Sasuke.

"Right they're not on you! When you exit that mothefucker from now on... pants or at least underwear. Only warning your getting."

"And if I do it again?"

"You're gonna be moving to the goddamn med bay with Chakwas."

"Jeez what's got you all shouting Naruto?" Garrus was coming out the crew quarters wiping his face down with a towel. He took a look at Sasuke and laughed. "Just what exactly is it about Human Males wanting to be naked all the time?"

"Eh it's fine," said Sasuke lazily. "Naruto is just having a tude at the moment."

Naruto ignored him, got in the elevator and pressed one for his own cabin. As it was rising up in the air he heard Garrus mutter," yeah we should look into getting him laid."

Lesuss Monastery

"My scanners indicate this vehicle is still warm," said EDI after they landed at the monastery.

Naruto, Konohamaru, EDI, Javik, and Sasuke had decided to investigate the Monastery. Leseus seemed like a peaceful planet deep within Asari space, it just seemed hard to believe that something as dangerous as an Ardat Yakshi monastery could be here. But the location was good there were miles of forest between the monastery and the nearest city according to EDI.

"I don't see a ship for the Commandos," said Konohamaru.

Naruto entered his Sage Mode and searched for lifeforms within the monastery. There were so many dead, or struggling to hold on to life that he knew he'd never get to in time. With his chakra arms he pulled off the elevator doors that were already busted. There would be no way down for the average individuals but thankfully none of them were average. Using his chakra he walked down the walls of the elevator until he came to the nearest cracked elevator doors. He kicked them open and walked onto the current floor. Sasuke with EDI on his back was behind him, next Konohamaru, and finally Javik biotically floating down. The current floor that they were on was radiating nothing but death. The floor was painted purple in Asari blood, with several Asari who gave up the blood nearby. Tables were overturned, there was damage from grenades, plants had been spilled out of their pots, and it was pitch black in the room.

"The Commandos did not do this," said Javik darkly.

Everybody silently agreed with the Prothean. As Naruto was walking towards and opening he found a dead Asari on the ground with a datapad in her hands. EDI picked it up and scanned it. "The Commandos came here to purge the monastery if the Reapers had gotten here first," she explained. "Judging from what has happened, it's safe to say that there are no Ardat-Yakshi left here." As she was speaking Naruto heard a far away high pitched shriek and then it was gone. "The Commandos were to place a bomb in the middle of the temple, in a room called the Great Hall and detonate it if things were determined as a lost cause."

"This place is definitely a lost cause," sighed Konohamaru.

"Agreed," said Naruto looking around as he heard the shriek again. "Let detonate the bomb and get out of of this graveyard."

Naruto and the others moved ahead and into the next area where there were a few Reaper corpses. What he couldn't understand was what the shrieking was? It sounded as though it was all over the monastery, but no where to be found. He opened the door to an a large atrium and heard a few gunshots. Everyone grabbed their weapons and peered over the balcony. Holstering a weapon was an older Asari female wearing a red outfit outlined with gold. When she turned to face them there was a small sigh of relief followed by a very small smile. She had battle worn features and ice blue eyes that had nothing but cold behind them. Standing before them was the Asari Justicar Samara.

"It has been a long time Naruto Uzumaki," she said with a slight bow. "You are a most welcome sight. The corruption here runs deep."

"Why're you here," asked Sasuke sheathing his sword."

"My daughters have lived here for Centuries, Sasuke Uchiha. I've come for them. Unfortunately by the time I arrived the Reapers had already infested this place and killed the majority of the inhabitants."

"You met us trying to find your other Ardat-Yakshi daughter," Naruto reminded her. "What makes you think your other ones aren't just as bad?"

"Falere and Rila have lived here for nearly 300 years and have never once caused trouble. But they are my responsibility and it's one that cannot be abandoned even as our Galaxy crumbles." Everyone stopped talking as the mysterious shrieking was let out again but this time it was closer than it had ever been. Samara flared up her biotics. "Our time for talking is done for the moment. I shall distract these foul creatures from you."

Samara left through a door in the atrium below the atrium and sealed it behind her. Naruto and the others descended from the balcony and exited outside the monastery. The outside view gave a beautiful view of the snowy mountains and there were thousands of stars illuminating the night sky with their light.

"This place was isolated," said Javik walking down the ramp. "The Ardat-Yakshi must have believed that they were safe from the war."

"I doubt they even knew of the war," replied Konohamaru.

"They learned."

Before Naruto could respond Javik's comment was unnecessary, the shrieking happened again. And this time he saw where it was coming from. It was like something out of a nightmare come to real life. He now knew what happened to Asari who became indoctrinated and turned by the Reapers. The former Asari was now a hideous monster around 7 feet tall completely nude and greyish yellow color. The teeth were all broke and mishapen, there were wires coming out of the upper back portion of the body, and a few of the hair tendrils stuck up like spikes. The hands and toes were long protruding claws and surrounding the creatures was a biotic aura that was causing the very rocks around the Asari to rise into the air. Levitating from its vantage point it came at the party while screaming and drooling all over the place. This creature no longer embodied the beauty of the Asari that everyone loved, this creature was Reaper evil that needed to die."

"Katon: Gokakkyu no Jutsu!"

Naruto and both fired the same Jutsu off simultaneously. Sasuke's fireball was normal colored, Naruto's was blue, creating a large purplish flame. It engulfed the screaming Asari and for a minute they thought it was over until Sasuke was biotically lifted off the ground and thrown into EDI. Konohamaru took aim with his new Geth Assault Rifle modded with Cryo ammo and fired at the Asari. She slowed down just a bit but not by the amount he was going for and she flung a biotic warp at him. Not only did the attack knock the young ninja off his feet but it detonated also slamming him into a wall. Naruto charged his four kunai with wind chakra and tossed them up in the air to allow Javik to biotically throw them at the Asari. Each kunai that passed through her caused a small biotic explosion but but she kept coming at them.

"What're these things made of," asked Konohamaru who was bleeding from forehead. "EDI are there any weaknesses?"

"Asari use biotic barriers which are notorious for being vulnerable to tech overload," explained EDI. "Other forms of electricity should also stop this creature."

"All I needed to hear," cried Sasuke. "EDI you'll know when to attack."

Sasuke formed a chidori in his left hand while EDI charged a tech overload, the Asari had stopped moving however. Naruto could see a biotic aura around her that was not fading away but gradually growing stronger. Finally she screamed and a biotic nova exploded from her body, Naruto formed a chakra shield around himself, Sasuke and EDI were out of range, Javik deflected it with his own biotics and Konohamaru took the brunt of the attack blasting into another wall. As the Asari picked him up, EDI deployed her overload shocking the Asari's nervous system as well as her barrier. Javik took that time to pull Konohamaru away from her as Sasuke ran at her and thrust his left arm right at her chest.


The lightning attack did the trick and shattered the Asari's barrier. Sasuke removed his hand from her chest and she collapsed to her knees crying out in pain. She was vanishing before his very eyes.

"Her genetic make up is coming undone," said EDI.

After about a minute the Asari vanished into the wind.

"Even in my cycle we never faced anything so monstrous," admitted Javik. "If the Reapers did that to all the Asari in this place Naruto, then they aren't worth saving and this place must be purged."

"For once this guy is right," said Sasuke who was slightly out of breath. "Those things took a lot of damage. There has been been many things that could stand up to a double fireball from you and me but it just kept moving like that was the thing to do. The Reapers bred those Banshees for once good reason and that's destruction."

Banshees was what they were called remembered Naruto. He had heard Tsunade mention one a while back ago when she contacted them. He knew it was too much to hope that the Banshee they had just killed would be the last one they'd fight today. Javik opened the door the next area and the saw an Asari screaming flinging biotic attacks behind her as she was being chased by a Cannibal. Before the squad could get to her Samara came through a door and sent the Cannibal flying with a powerful shockwave.

"Are you two unharmed," asked EDI.

"We are," said Samara flatly. "Naruto this is Falere my youngest. She and her sister Rila are Ardat-Yakshi."

Naruto looked at Falere and would've never guessed that she was Samara's daughter. Morinth, Samara's fugitive daughter, had looked exactly as her mother did from facial features to skin tone. Falere was darker and green eyes, and a ton of facial markings over here.

"Mother," whimpered Falere in a raspy pained tone. "They have Rila I saw them dragging her into the Great Hall. I've been trying to get there."

"Why have the Reapers come here," asked Konohamaru.

Falere pointed to the ground and everyone saw a dead Banshee on the ground soaked in blackish liquid with a bullet hole in its head. "They're harvesting us," sobbed Falere. "And turning us into those damn things! Please you can't let what's been happening to my friends happen to my sister."

"High Command though the Ardat-Yakshi were responsible for everything here," said Sasuke leaning against a pillar.

Falere rounded on him and suddenly got angry. "This is our home! Most of us are grateful that such a monastery exists to help us deal with our defect. Most us have come to the terms we'll live centuries and never be able to love, or have children because we'll kill our partners. The monastery is a place that all Ardat-Yakshi find and achieve peace."

"Then we must find your sister," concluded Naruto. "The Commandos came and placed bombs in the Great Hall but they must've been overwhelmed by the Reapers."

"You put a bomb in our home," cried Falere more tears spilling from her eyes. "I thought you all came to save us."

"We did," growled Javik. "And now this place is crawling with the Reapers. It must burn to the ground. Tell us where the Great Hall is now Asari."

Falere looked hesitant but in the end she knew she was outvoted. Despite the fact that Samara was her mother, she was a Justicar first and the Code was everything. Naruto felt bad for her but, he couldn't allow the remaining Banshees to escape. Falere put her head down and jumped off the balcony and biotically levitated down, with Samara right behind her. Everyone followed the mother-daughter duo over the balcony. In the next area as they followed Falere they found anither dead Asari Commando laying next to one of the bombs. Her head had been cracked open and she had bled so much that her head wound wasn't bleeding anymore. While Samara and Falere walked on ahead, EDI scanned the Commandos body.

"This type of head wound ensures that she wouldn't have had a quick death," sighed the AI. "This Asari suffered before she died."

"These Commandos have died in vain," snarled Javik. "The Asari were fools to allow such filthy creatures with a genetic defect to breathe. In my cycle, we would never have allowed Protheans with such a disgusting condition to be allowed to live."

"The more we hear about your people, the more disgusted I am by them Javik," replied Konohamaru.

"Say what you will Human, my kind weren't afraid to sacrifice one, to save many."

Naruto couldn't help but believe Javik may be slightly right. But then again if he village had killed him over Kurama it would be the same thing as the Ardat-Yakshi. He walked into the Great Hall and saw that the Commandos had place bombs everywhere. In the center of the Hall, Falere was on the ground trying to revive someone who was most likely Rila, while Samara stood over her shoulder.

"Does anyone know where the detonator is," asked Sasuke.

Everyone looked at the entrance as they heard one shriek after the other. A Banshee walked in closely followed another, and some Husks. Samara erected a biotic bubble around Falere and herself, while everyone else went on the defense. Sasuke threw five electrically charge kunai at one of the Banshees but she began to biotically teleport from spot to spot and all his knives missed. The Banshee jumped until it snuck behind Javik and with one enormous clawed hand it picked him up. The Prothean struggled to get free but he couldn't break her grasp, and as the Banshee went to impale his abdomen Naruto used one of his chakra arms and backhanded the Banshee in the face. Javik was dropped and EDI hurred up assisted him away but not before leaving one of her holographic decoys to distract the Banshee. Konohamaru seeing how dangerous getting grabbed could be was out of physical range and he had summoned Enma who was firing from his Phalanx pistol.

"Suiton: Suijinheki," he roared. A large torrent of water blasted out his mouth keeping the Banshee, while at the same time washing away all the Husks that were surrounding her. The water jutsu kept her from advancing forward and all she could do was scream. Sasuke drew his sword charged it with lightning and flung it right at Naruto's Banshee that had him cornered against a wall. It impaled through her skull and she fell to her knees and began to decompose. Naruto entered into his Sage Mode, began to form chakra in his throat and made a tiger symbol; then running behind the Banshee he gave Javik the thumbs up. Naruto had been developing unique sign language for all his squad and Javik knew that meant 'biotically lift me'. He lifted Naruto above the Banshee so he avoided getting blasted back by the water. And once he was right over her, Naruto finally he released the Toad Oil that he had been storing in his mouth covering the Banshee from head to toe.

Sasuke, EDI, now," he commanded.

"Deploying tech overload."


EDI released a paralyzing overload from her omni-tool immobilizing the Reaper, and the Sasuke went for the kill releasing his black flames. The Banshee tried jumping to get the flames off her but they went from spot to spot with her until she finally grabbed her throat and fell to the ground and began to decompose. Naruto quickly rushed back to Samara and her daughter. Rila was up but she wasn't looking too good. She was no longer the typical Asari shade of blue, her skin had already changed to the color of an Asari Banshees. She was breathing hard and clenching her chest.

"You must leave Falere," she rasped holding onto her head. "You as well mother, there is no hope for me. Save yourselves."

"Rila please," begged Falere. "It doesn't have to be this way."

Rila made eye contact with Naruto and he saw that she had the detonator for the bombs. Falere made a move to get back to Rila but Naruto grabbed her and dragged her to the elevator because he could hear more Banshees on the way. As they got into the elevator he saw three Banshees swarm Rila before the doors closed. Falere banged on the elevator doors for a good ten seconds and then there was a large bang that shook the who elevator. Falere slid to her knees and only sobbed after that until the elevator returned them to the entrance. Samara tried to help her daughter up but Falere pulled away from her grasp. Outside the elevator the saw just how destructive the bombs had been because a good portion of the monastery was in flames even some of the platform they were standing on.

"I can't believe you all left my sister to die," screamed Falere through tears.

"Your sister was already dead," replied Javik. "She did what she did to save you life Asari, you should be grateful and honor her sacrifice."

"Rila made her choice," said Samara quietly. She walked to the edge of the platform and stared out into the night sky for a minute before drawing her pistol. "Falere, the Code demands an Ardat-Yakshi cannot live outside a monastery that no longer exists."

"This Code is harsh shit," said a shocked Konohamaru. "You're gonna kill you daughter?"

"It is the only way Falere will be safe." Samara raised her gun to her head as Falere screamed but before she could pull the trigger, there were Naruto and Sasuke each holding on of her arms. Sasuke removed her gun and tossed it on the ground. "Naruto, Sasuke, let me go."

"The hell are you doing," Sasuke asked angrily.

"Fulfilling the Code, I wont kill my last daughter."

"You wont have to Mother," said Falere taking her hands. "I could've left this place anytime during the attack but I chose to stay because this is my home. And it is still my home which is why I'm not leaving. And if the Reapers return to this place, they will not take me alive, I promise."

Samara looked as though she was processing information and with a light smile said," then the Code permits you to stay as you are."

Falere gave her mother a hug and Naruto sighed with relief there had been so much death today that this was a small win despite them having to destroy the Monastery. Before they got back on the shuttle Samara said that she would remain on the Monastery with Falere for a day or two before returning to the Citadel to get an assignment to aid with the war.

Normandy Deck 1

Naruto was sending Asari High Command a detailed report on what had happened on Lesuss. Thankfully they were able to find a way around Samara's Justicar Code to keep her alive. She was an invaluable fighter and a damn good biotic to lose in such a horrible way. The door to the cabin opened and in walked Sasuke and Sakura who was a bottle of Elcor Green. A real delicious wine that gave you one of the beautiful buzzes that was followed by a wonderful sleep.

"Oh dear," Naruto said rolling his eyes. "The hell do you two want?"

"Is that anyway to treat old friends," said Sakura with a smile.

"The way you two treated me growing up? I'm suprised we're still friends at all."

"You did try to kill me," teased Sasuke pouring them each a glass."

Naruto took a big gulp. "If memory serves me correctly you deserved it. And as for you woman, I don't know what the hell I saw in you all those damn years."

"The same thing you see in Lieutenant Commander Williams now," replied Sakura with a smile. "A strong beautiful woman who can take care of herself and knows what she wants."

"Take care of these nu-"

"The point we're trying to make Naruto," said Sasuke saving the blond's life. "You know you like her, and we're in the middle of a war. The odds of all of us making it to the end are really slim, so just go for it man."

Naruto sighed and waved them both away dismissing them from his bottle but not before promising that they would play Skyllian 5 Poker again.

"Are you going to go for it," asked Kurama.

"I don't know," sighed Naruto.

"Well... least you always got your left hand."

Groaning at the Fox's comment, Naruto poured himself a lot more wine. He needed a really good drunk induced sleep."