Man Booker Prize announced – Aria Stillinski wins for A Eulogy

The first posthumous author to win the award since it started in 1968


California – It was a bitter sweet day for John Stilinski today as his son, Stiles accepted the Man Booker Prize- one of the most prestigious awards in Literature- for an unfinished book his late wife Aria Stilinski wrote. Stilinski passed away due to cancer more than a decade ago. In a curious turn of events, she had handed her unfinished book to future son-in-law Derek Hale. Hale himself has been a published author for five years and was nominated for the Franz Kafka Prize last year.

Both families were present at the ceremony as Stilinski's son accepted the award on her behalf while everyone cheered through tears. Aria Stilinski published at least seventeen short stories in her lifetime but several others were published under a pen name that the family decided not to disclose. Hale continued the story where Stilinski had left it and finished writing it over a span of Nine years but according to father-in-law John, he refuses to take any credit for it. It was also announced that the award money, a hefty £50,000 will be donated to Cancer Research. Last year the family made a statement that half the sales profits will be forwarded to the American Association for Cancer Research.

'This was all Aria's imagination. She had started writing this as a young girl before she even knew her husband let alone any of us.'- Derek Hale

The book 'A Eulogy: To a life well lived' received world-wide praise after being published over a year ago. Critics went so far as to describe it as 'The best work of fiction the world has seen in the last few decades.'-NY Times. It is the story of a close-knit family and the intricate relationships between three young boys and their parents as they navigate through life. The book has been speculated to be an autobiography on more than one occasion but Hale insists 'it's a mere coincidence about the similarities with our families. This was all Aria's imagination. She had started writing this as a young girl before she even knew her husband let alone any of us.'

The book has been re-printed several times and sold over 10 million copies world-wide. It's not too early to say we may see a motion picture based on the work sometime in the next few years.

It was an emotional day for the readers especially after a Moonlit Memory Walk was organized two months ago by fans on the anniversary of Stilinski's death. The family issued an official thank you to the fans for their support and said there has been an overwhelming response from readers many of who donated to the AACR in her memory. It seems that Aria Stilinski is a beacon of hope for this world even when she is no longer with us.