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Case Eight: Ghost Hunt

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Only the Beginning:

Naru POV

There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love

Only Love, can overcome anything. I learned that, after all these years. My love for Mai will never die, will never perish.

She taught me, that we shouldn't hate. It's not worth it. She taught me to forgive. She taught me, that love has its strong points as well as their weak points.

But understanding it is the best way to overcome the weakness. She taught me even though she loved Gene, she loves me as well. That love can be shared.

She taught me that I shouldn't let my ego get the best of me. I should not blame myself for the things that happen in this world.

She taught me how to forgive myself, she may not know it, nor did she try, but she thought it to me. By her actions, and words, without realizing it myself, I was learning. I grew a little more with her.

What she went through wasn't my fault, but things that happen in this world. What happen to Gene, wasn't my fault as well.

I have no idea what the hell I did, but I couldn't ask for a better person to be my partner. It just took me a long time to figure out how much Mai means to me.

"This is my husband Oliver Davis aka Noll, or Kazuya Shibuya, I call him Naru," Mai introduced, as we stood in front of her parents' grave.

Noticing that I have a very long name, I need to fix that.

I bowed down a little, as she placed the bouquet of flowers on top of the gravestones, watching her slump her shoulders.

"Mom, dad," her voice softens, as she touches the ground, I bend my knees, grasping Mai shoulder, as she glances up at me, with sad eyes.

"I miss them so much Naru." I helped her up, staring down at the grave.

"I know you do. It took three years just to get me here," I mumbled, as she takes a hold of my hand.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to be dragged down towards hell Naru. And I just got accepted to a college a few months ago, after finishing high school." she mumbles, as she stares back at the grave.

Letting go of her hand, I bowed my head, doing a little prayer, causing Mai to do the same.

"Please let Naru live as long as I live, and let him stay by my side. And protect us." she said a little too loud, causing me to open my eyes, glancing down at her. Watching the cold breeze move her long hair towards her left. My heart skipped a beat..

Three long painful years without her. I learned to truly learn that without her, I'm nothing. I bury myself in work, just work, and more work. At nights, I lay down on my bed, just either thinking of her, or be consumed by grief itself.

"Lets go, I have a doctor appointment in half an hour," Mai interrupted my thoughts, as we bowed down once again, and headed out.

"You sure, that is alright to live in your house?" she asked, taking a hold of my hand. I shrugged.

"Yes. I don't mind Mai. In a few days, we have a case, so I want everything to get settled before we head back to work. Two months without work, is already enough for me," I stated, as she giggled.

"Right, because Three years without brake was nothing, and we were in our honeymoon Naru. Three years without each other, doesn't compare to Two months. I think Its still too short." she spat, as I clicked the alarm system of my car, causing it to blink.

"Are you sure you alright? You have been sick these last few days," I told her, as I open the door for her. She hopped in, as I close it, and turn to the driver seat.

"Yes. Naru. I'm alright. Maybe I ate something that didn't go right in my stomach a few days ago, and that's why I'm feeling like throwing up." She stated, as she takes a hold of my hand.

Pulling out, I leaned back, tighten my hold on her hand.

"But it shouldn't last this long Mai. It can be food poisoning." I tell her.

Mai frowns, tilting her head.

"Let's see what the doctors say. Hey, Gene visited me last night," she smiled, as I made a right turn.

"Oh?" I asked, as she nods, moving towards my side, giving me a brief kiss on my cheek, as a blush appears on her cheek.

Even though she came back to me a few months ago, it feels as though she never left me. I felt more alive than ever. When I first saw her at the table, sitting next to me. My eyes landed on her eyes, noticing how different she became.

Not because of her physical, no. I didn't care about that, even before she changes her feature a bit, I still desired her in the past. And still do. No matter how many times we keep making love. I keep craving her. I love everything about her. And for God sake, I'm actually turning into a pervert, every time I see her, I want her naked under me. After really tasting her, I want her.

I still feel her touch on my body, something that will never leave me. I will always feel her, even if we are apart for a short while.

Her innocence is still there. She still blushes, and has her old attitude. She's not used to being a grown up. I let her be her old self, she missed three years, so there's no reason to deny her. To tell the truth, I don't mind, I hope she never changes. My life is never dull, and that's the Mai I fell in love with.

"Hey, I remembered something that Gene told me," she spoke, as I got onto the highway, heading for the hospital.

"What?" I asked, keeping my eye on the road.

"Ah, that is something I will try later on today," I saw an evil smirk apply to her lips, as I glanced at her.

Finally reaching the hospital, Mai got out, as I did the same, heading in.

"You think Ayako will be alright. After all, she is due any time," She asked, as we headed in, taking the right, going in front of the elevators.

"She has Hosho," I admit, as the elevator doors open, we stepped in, causing Mai to take a hold of my arm,

"Damn, I'm getting dizzy, and my stomach is jumping a lot," she muffled, taking a hold of her stomach. I frowned, not liking this.

"It will be weird if I was pregnant, but I doubt it, since I can't have them," she laugh, as we stop on our floor, heading towards the receptionist.

"Mrs. Shibuya," I spoke at the young nurse, causing her to blush, and nod.

"Take a seat the doctor will be here shortly," she signed, nodding, we headed towards the sofas, sitting down. Mai groaned, covering her stomach once again.

"That girl was about to melt Naru. You really have to either change of image or something." she snaps, as I arched a brow.

"Why?" I asked.

"She was ready to jump you." she stated, I just shrugged.

"You should be used to it by now," I mumbled, as she gave me a death glare.

"I'm not Naru. Sometimes I feel as though you will fall for one of them, and leave me." she whispered, causing my heart to jump.

Didn't I make it clear that I will never leave her. Hell, I even use my life energy to bring her back. She doesn't know, but I was almost dragged into hell myself, when I had to return her. That's why Gene had to help me. That Soul Seeker was a powerful woman.

"You think to much Mai," I told her, tilting my head up.

"I do? You barely talk Naru. So I have to express myself, you jerk," She spat, as I glance down at her.

"I do talk," I told her.

"Tea, and let's do it, isn't a sentence Naru you just upgraded your demands. You are such a Tea pervert addicted jerk," She growled, as I smirked.

"Yet you never decline it Mai." I teased, causing her to blush even more.

"Because..." she stopped biting her lower lip, causing me to do the same. Which I think it became permanent.

"Because?" I continued on.

"Because I like it when you make love to me," she whispered, as Mai lower face, causing me to smirk.

"Stupid Jerk," she huffed out, as I lower myself, and came face to face with her.

"See, you like it, I like it, I don't see the complication on that Mai. I love tea, and doing it to you I love it more. So it's a perfect combination," I played, as her eyes narrow.

"You need a new hobby," she spat, as I chuckled.

"I'm perfectly fine with that hobby, it was worth the wait.." I leaned back, as Mai doctor came into view. He was a tall lean doctor, with dark curls, and glances, reminded me of Yasu for a second there.

"Mrs. Shibuya, Mr. Shibuya, Good afternoon, come in please," he gesture us toward the first door down the hallway.

Going inside of his small office, we sat on the black chairs, facing the doctor. He sat down, and stare at his charts.

"I"ve been monitoring your wife statues, for five years now. Since the accident," he mentions, as Mai went a bit rigid.

"Three years ago, I gave her the bad news that she can't bare any children," he continues, as I nodded, Mai seems in deep concentration, but I saw is hurt in her eyes.

"But I have to say, I'm sorry," he caught us by surprise, at his words.

"Sorry about what ," Mai voice turns into a whispered.

"Well, I had two identical names, so when I was reading your status, I was actually reading someone else. I never checked the last names, since the other patient had your name" he started. as I took a grip on my knee.

"I'm confused," Mai admits.

"I'm saying, that I read the wrong analysis to you Mai. You can have children. I just recently discover the documents, after you called a few days ago. And the systems you are receiving is not due to food poisoning, but pregnancy. It's common for a first timer to have those system."

My whole body froze, as Mai seems paralyzed..

"I will run some test, but I'm perfectly sure that you are pregnant Mai. Congratulations, Mr. Shibuya, you are going to be a father."

I still didn't move, as Mai...

A long pause.

"I'm pregnant?" she gasped out, as I gulped down.

"Yes. I'm very sorry for the error," Dr. Yuu bows down, as I turn my gaze towards Mai. She was in pure shock...

"Mai, are you alright?" I asked getting worried as her eyes seem wider, then she made a gagging noise, causing her to cover her mouth.

"Bathroom," she spat, as Dr. Yuu points behind him, she stood running towards the bathroom, as I follow suit.

She threw up, as I held her hair, patting her back, I just glance up.

After she finished she flushed the toilet, glancing up, with teary eyes, actually she was crying hard.

"I'm having a bad dream Naru," she spat, surprising me with her words...

"Bad dream?" I repeated, as she nods, as I wrap my arms around her, picking her up, lowering the top, I sat her down. She ran her hand through her hair, noticing that she was shaking hard.

"Yes a bad dream Naru...I can't be pregnant," she was in denial. In shock.

"We can confirm it later Mai," I whispered, as she captures my cheeks, giving me a sad look.

"I came to a conclusion that I can't have children. I closed that chapter out of my life. I accepted it. I was ready to move on. You showed me that even if I can't, someone can love me. And now, I get this news, that I can. Why does this keep happening to me," she grasps out, watching hurt cross her eyes.

"I thought you wanted to have children?" Now very confused.

"I do, but every time I let my guard down, I keep getting surprises from nowhere." she concludes, as she leans her forehead against mines.

"If I am pregnant, then let it be. It's a miracle Naru. I don't care what the doctor said, but I think of it as a miracle from God. From you, from Gene. This is why I see you and Gene as my Guardian Angels. One time you told me that you are no Angel. But you are. You waited for me for three long years. You wait for me. You gave me the happiest moments of my life. And will continue to Fill the gap that I missed. You help me get through high school, we took some small cases, and you help me through it. You help me grow into a person Naru. Now, if we are pregnant, its from our love. Our love will continue on with this baby, or how much I can get." she stands, making me stand with her.

"You help me so much Naru. I don't know how to repay you. I don't think even giving me myself was enough. I will live the rest of my life trying to repay you." she kissed my lips gently, as I blinked at her.

"Trust me is enough Mai," I mumbled, as she nodded.

"Just don't ever let go of me, and that will be enough as a repay," I told her, as she kissed my cheek once again.

"Let's go," I just told her, as she grasps my hand, tighten in.

"Naru, dinner is ready," Mai voice rang strong in the kitchen, next to the dinning room.

"I am right next to you Mai, no need to scream," I rubbed my ear, as I place some papers down on the table. Mai blushed, as she sets two plates in front of me.

"So, its confirm, I am pregnant," she stated, as I picked up my chopsticks.

"I see," was all I said, starting to eat my rice.

"You want some egg with that?" she asked, as I glance up from my food, and saw her lift a plate with eggs. I nodded, as she pours it on my plate.

"Does it affect our job?" she asked, noticing a bit of worry in her tone.

"No, if you don't go and get yourself in trouble, you still a magnet," I stated bluntly, as she huffed out.

"I can take care of myself." She mumbles, taking a bite out of own rice with egg.

"Five," I whispered in my lips.

"Do you want me to call up the gang to meet up at our new case?" she asked.

"Four," I whispered again, as I shrug.

"Yes," I told her.

"Not Ayako though, she due any moment," she stated,

"Three," I mumbled again.

"I agree," I told her, noticing her place down her chopsticks.

"Two," I placed my chopsticks as well.

"Then, its settled," she whispered, noticing a glint in her eyes.

"One," I smirked, as she stood up, and her eyes sparkled.

"Ahhhhh, I'm going to be a mother, I'm going to be a mother," she yells really loudly, as she jumps, fisting her hands, going in circles.

"I'm going to be a mother.. Thank you God," she smiled as happy tears run down her eyes.

"It took long enough Mai," I cross my arms, arching a brow.

She placed her hands on the side of her waist.

"Sorry for having a delay reaction. But... Ah, I'm going to be a mother," she screamed once again, as she ran up to me, sitting on my lap, kissing my lips a bunch of times.

"Thank you, thank you," she mumbled, as I wrap my arms around her.

"I'm going to be a father," I whispered, as she nods.

"Yes, a father, and I'm a mama now. We are going to love this child. Then later we adopt, after our second child. I still want to adopt." I felt my body go rigid.

"Mai, a step at a time." I frowned, as she giggled.

"I know, I know. Let's focus on this one, want to touch," she smiled, as she takes my hand, and place it on her stomach.

"This is our love." she smiled, as I nodded.

"Naru, actually, I'm not hungry any more," she mumbles, as she lowers her face.

"I talked to the doctor about some things, and told me about my diet, as well for the cravings and such," she stated, as I nodded softly.

"I'm only four weeks pregnant, so the cravings are going to start kicking in. You have to bare with me."

"I know Mai." I told her.

"But right now, I want something from you," she started, as I felt myself go a little nervous.


"I want some tea Naru, lots and lots of Tea," she captures my lips, feeling her hands rung inside of my black shirt, touching my bare chest causing me to shiver.

"I'm dying for tea," she kissed my cheek, hearing her purr, as my eyes widen.

"You're pregnant Mai," I started, as she started to laugh.

"I just want some tea Naru. You are a pervert," she laughed even more, as she glance back at me.

"And the doctor said is perfectly fine that we can continue to do it. It won't harm the baby, if you are gentle." she whispered, as a blush appears on her cheeks.

"Okay, just finish your food, I'll prepare you some," I stated, as she stands, glancing down on me, she smirks.

"One," she spoke, as my eyes widen in pure shock.

"I'm going to be a father?" I felt myself robotic, as she bends down, and captures my cheek.

"Now, I was wondering when it was your turn." she laughed, as I stare blankly at her.

"I need some time to wrap my head over this," I mumbled as she nodded.

"I know, so take all the time you want. I won't be going anywhere." I frowned.

"But Naru," she whispered my name, glancing up, she gave me a devilish look.

"Tonight, can we go and see the shooting stars on the rooftop," she pleads.

"No," I stated, while Mai frowns.

"Oh, come on, tonight its the shooting stars, and I wanted to see them," she groans, crossing my hands.

"No," I said again, as she huffed out.

"Fine, then I have no choice," her eyes glint with pure evil, as she leans again, and goes behind me.

"Mai what are you doing?" I asked suspiciously,

"Trying out something that Gene told me three years ago, hopefully it will work," My eyes widen,

"He didn't," I growled out, as Mai giggle.

"Yes he did, now, let us see the stars and moon, or I will do it," she warns.

"No, it won't work," I spat, as I felt her finger under my shirt, and press my spine, causing me to spit out laughing.

"Aha, I knew it, you're ticklish there, wow, actually your hyper sensitive there, never seen you laugh so much," she smiled gently, as I kept on laughing.

"Damn it Gene, why the hell did he told you," I snapped, finally regaining my composure.

"I'm your wife, I have every right Naru. But, it's fun tickling someone," she smiled, as I gave her a death glare.

"You will keep using it aren't you," I asked, as she nods slowly and quite creepy.

"By no chance in hell, I will miss the opportunity to watch you laugh. So you better watch your back, Mr. Tea addicted pervert," she kissed my lips, as she returns to her seat. I groaned, running my hands through my hair.

"I'm going to kill Gene," I snapped, as we eat quietly, but notice Mai is giggling every five seconds.

"Thank you Gene. And tonight we will see those stars and the moon." she spoke...

After we finished our food, we washed up, and headed towards our bedroom, to take a shower.

"This is weird. I just can't believe it." she tells me.

I sat on the edge of the bed, taking her hand, making her sit in my lap once again, hearing her yelp.

"What?" she asked, as I bury my face in her chest, as she wraps her arms around me.

"Let just take it slow Mai. Alright." I whispered, causing her to shiver. She kisses the top of my head, causing me to shiver as well.

"I know Naru. Even though I'm now pregnant, Ayako is about to have a baby of her own. Masako is getting married in a few months. I don't think it will affect our job." she mumbles.

I nodded.

"You change so much Naru. More than before. From the day I met you till now. I'm so grateful for having time to actually get to know you Naru, and to live this experience with you. Gene has been still helping me with the cases as always."

I glanced up, capturing her cheek.

"It all started due to a Ghost Hunt. This isn't the end Mai. This is just the beginning. This is just our beginning towards a bright Ghostly future." I mumbled, as I notice wetness behind her eyes.

"No Naru. It all started one afternoon, when I knocked over your expensive equipment and my hurt Lin. That's where we started our long journey Naru. I wouldn't change it for the world. Your obsession to find Gene, turned out to be a Ghost Hunt, that made me grow which made you grow as well."

I frowned, tilting my head.

"Hear me once Mai," I told her, as she nods.

"You said, that I'm your guardian Angel," she nods once again, as I place a kiss in her palm.

"But you're wrong Mai. Because all this time, you have been my Guardian Angel." Mai eyes grew, as I capture her lips against mines, slowly kissing her, letting go, she smiled even more.

"I love you," she mumbles, as I nod,

"Then, let's go take a shower, we have lots to do tomorrow, and get ready for the next case, which actually Gene has been showing me odd puzzle in my dreams, something about the ghost, which I can't understand." she stated, as I stood, watching her head towards the bathroom.

"Yeah, what type of puzzle?" I asked, as I went to work mode, following her.

"Don't know, but... Hey Naru, stop getting into work mode, and just listen, cause the craving for Tea came to me ten folds." She blushed, as I smirked slightly.

'She's definitely my Guardian Angel...' I thought, as I closed the bathroom door behind me.

The End.

Sadly this is the End. Not a very good Ending.. But somehow, it felt right. Don't know, let me know... And in the End, I thought I would be good to end it with Naru, since in the first chapter, I started with Mai... I hope I did, and somewhat stay true to the original plot... And the characters kept in place...

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