Will and Hannibal walked out of the hotel hand in hand. Will was not as embarrassed to show his affection publically in his hometown. Mostly because he knew he was not going to be there for much longer. Hannibal explained the students he got that semester were not making his job any more interesting. Will listened to the older man's rant without uttering a word. They were inside of the car rental, which Will made sure to open Hannibal's door this time—just like he did back in the older town.

"Why don't you go back to psychiatric work?" Will asked as he stepped in the driver's side of the car.

"I have given it some thought, but I am afraid that would reawaken trauma from my last encounter with a patient."

"True, but you would be a lot happier in the field." Will answered as they drove out of the hotel's parking structure, "Teaching is not something you enjoy completely… I just feel that psychiatric work would be a lot more to your liking"

Will did not know the truth behind Hannibal not returning to psychiatric work. Hannibal did not want to cause attention to himself by returning. He didn't want lurking eyes in his own work. He had gone into a lot of effort to hide his lifestyle. However, Will was slowly wearing down that mountain.

"I will consider it, Will." Will turned to his professor, "Maybe I will return to the field… and maybe you should be my secretary."

They arrived to the café promptly. Inside there was a bustling atmosphere, so they opted for a table on the outside. Hannibal and Will sat across each other, Hannibal's foot brushed slightly against Will's leg. Will only laughed lightly at the touch since the waitress soon came over to take their order.

"I wish this was every day." Will sighed as he leaned closer into the table.

"As do I, Will."

"I'm almost done… with school, I mean." Hannibal chuckled at the reassurance Will made towards school.

"I know. I'm rather curious on what you plan on afterwards." Hannibal asked.

"I want to go back with you… maybe find a job as a professor as well." The waitress left Will's cup of coffee and Hannibal's cup of cappuccino. She left to fetch their plates of food, "I'm used to you… and it's getting hard to go about my days without hearing your voice, at least."

"That's very sweet of you to say, Will." Hannibal smiled. There was slight evidence of blush on his cheeks, but Will did not point it out to the man, "Will… I was considering the option of… perhaps not worrying about a career after your degree. I am well off financially to pay for both of our expenses."

"You mean living with you and not work?" Hannibal nodded as he sipped the hot liquid, "I don't… I don't think that's necessary, maybe at the beginning, but I'd find a job sooner or later."

"Of course… it was only a thought."

"I'm not opposed, but I'm not in favor of it either, Hannibal." Will answered. His thoughts slowly imagined the possibilities of Hannibal and him living together; both happy to be with one another and no threat to their relationship.

"Will?" Will turned towards the street where his psychology professor stood—Matthew Brown—Will's stomach dropped, "Who would have thought I'd find you here?" Brown smiled, slyly at him. Will's expression turned into something dreadful, but he tried to hide it, "Dr. Lecter! You're here too?"

"I'm sorry, you know me, but I don't recall ever meeting you." Hannibal apologized.

"Oh, I'm Matthew Brown; we met at a medical conference in Philadelphia." The younger professor extended his hand towards Hannibal. Lecter glanced at his hand and back at the boy's face. He really did not want to shake his hand. There was something off and his Will did not look comfortable at all.

"I met a lot of doctors in Philadelphia, so please forgive me if I am unfamiliar with you."

"No problem, I only remember you because of this whole affair you had with Will." Matthew pulled a chair from another table and sat in between Hannibal and Will, "Big news in the psychology department… and scholastic one as well."

Will felt his palms become sweaty as Matthew kept talking about Hannibal and his relationship. It made him feel filthy and embarrassed. However, Hannibal quickly interrupted. He asked Matthew to leave them and so the young professor did.

"Yeah, no problem." Matthew got up and pushed the chair into the table, "I would love to have you as a guest lecturer, Dr. Lecter and I'm sure Will would like it as well. He would probably be more intrigued with your teachings than my own." He patted Will's shoulder, "See you later, Will."

He left without looking back at the couple. Will sighed heavily; he felt as though he was finally let to breathe after holding his breath for so long. Hannibal brushed his hand on Will's, which made the other jump up.

"Is this the professor that tried to make a pass at you?"


"It seems he did more than just make a pass… Will, what did he say or do to you, perhaps I can help." The waitress came and set their breakfasts on their table and left.

"It's wasn't anything…"

"Will, I know when you're lying." Hannibal let go of Will's hand. Will pulled his plate and starred at his food. His heart thumped in his chest because of fear. He was afraid Hannibal would push him away after knowing that Brown had insisted on him doing such things.

"He… he assaulted me, I guess… but I got away before he could go any farther…"

"He tried to rape you?"

"Y-yes… but since then he has stopped!"

"Why did you not report it?" Hannibal held his fork rather tightly. His blood boiled upon knowing the new information.

"I thought they wouldn't believe me… but it's fine. I can take care of myself." Hannibal smiled and held Will's hand in his.

"Of course, my love."

Will felt like he had hit a nerve within Hannibal. The man looked pleasant, but there was something menacing in Hannibal's aura. It was very similar to how he looked at Tobias. However, Will did not make much of it. The couple continued to eat without further discussion of the problem, but Hannibal was pissed.

"You what?"

"I propose speaking with Matthew and about this issue."

"W-why!? There's no need! Like I said I can take care of myself-!" Will stood up and tried not to yell at his lover.

"Alright, then you can accompany me." Hannibal stood up as well and pulled his coat.

"You don't even know where he lives-!"

"He did give me a personal card." Hannibal pulled the card, "With his address and phone number."

"When was this!?"

"At the café, you did not see this?" Hannibal inquired. Will shook his head. He must have been really scared.

However, Will did not refuse or protest anymore. He followed Hannibal out of the hotel building and to their rental car. This time Hannibal drove. Will's hand shook in his lap as they drove by each street. He was not sure where Brown lived, so any street could be the street he lived in. Hannibal's silence did not make him feel any better.

They arrived to an apartment complex. Hannibal opened the door for Will and they both walked up the staircase, hand-in-hand. Hannibal buzzed Matthew's apartment to be let in. Brown answered.

"Dr. Lecter, I did not think you would come by so soon." Matthew cooed.

"I think you and I have something to talk about, Dr. Brown."

"Oh yeah, hold on let me buzz you in."

There was a buzz by the door and the couple went inside. They rode the elevator to the fifth floor. Will tried to stall a little more by dragging his feet on the red carpet that adorned the complex. However, they arrived at the apartment. Hannibal knocked and Will held his hand a little tighter. Matthew opened the door and greeted both men.

"Well, look at you two, making this public and all." Matthew let them go inside his home.

"There is no need to hide that we're in a relationship." Hannibal answered and he let go of Will's hand. Will wanted it back to hold.

"I was making dinner, I can still make some more, if you would like to stay." Hannibal glanced back at the panic Will had in his eyes. He tried to soothe him with his own.

"Of course." Hannibal answered, "I would prefer to help you with the meal, if you don't mind, it might go by a lot faster." Matthew showed him to the kitchen.

"You can go about the apartment, Will." Matthew said, "Make yourself at home; there's wine there, if you would like some." He pointed at the cabinet close to hallway entrance. Will smiled weakly and followed Hannibal into the kitchen.

Hannibal made note of all the knives Brown had within reach. He began to devise a plan in his own head. He knew that there was no real threat to him yet. Matthew still had not attacked first.

"So, what did you need to talk to me about?"

"Will." Hannibal sighed and watched Matthew lean on the counter.

"Will, you precious little faun?" Matthew laughed, "He's cute, isn't he? Would have loved to gone through with it."

"I'm sure you would have." Hannibal leaned close to him, "But, he's not interested and I would appreciate it if you would back off."

"Is that jealousy, Dr. Lecter?" Hannibal glared at the slightly shorter man, "Let me tell you this… Hannibal… Will has some unlocked potential, you know? The look he has in his eyes… he's perfect…"

"I am aware of his empathy, yes-"

"No, not empathy… he has no regret. I don't know if it was your doings, but he has no regret in anything. He justifies it the moment he goes through with his actions." Matthew explained, "His empathy just makes him a whole package deal."

"A package not for you, Matthew." Hannibal repeated. Matthew chuckled and pulled a glass of wine.

"I know you killed Tobias." Matthew said, "The moment I saw his name on the news, I knew. He had gone through with it and threatened your little Will."

"You knew Tobias?"

"Yeah, I knew him. We spoke at the medical conference." Matthew explained. He moved around Hannibal. His shoes scraped against his tile floor and his hands played with the glass in his hands. Hannibal tried to think of how he would execute his plan, "Quite obsessed with your work and I must say, it's amazing. You're an artist, but… I feel like the student might surpass the teacher."

Will did pour himself a glass of wine; a lot more than what Hannibal would deem appropriate, but he would need it for the evening. He honestly had no idea why Hannibal had to have this kind of pissing contest.

There were lots of curious books on Matthew's shelf. He pulled one and read the title. His hand held onto the wine glass as he read. He opened the book to the title page and read the hand-written message on it, To my friend Matthew, may your hunts be prosperous. T.B.

He put the book back on the shelf and pulled another. There were the same initials at the bottom of that book. Will quirked and eyebrow and placed his wine glass on the coffee table. He pulled another book and looked for the initials; another message from "T.B." Will had a feeling at the gut of his stomach on who it was, but decided not to go with it.

Until he saw a photograph of Matthew Brown and Tobias Budge together; the back of the image read, Philadelphia. Will's stomach dropped and he knew that both Hannibal and he were in trouble. He looked for something in the living room. He tried to be quiet as possible, but his nerves made his frantic. He found a letter opener and placed it in his pocket. He was determined to stop Professor Brown once and for all.

He pushed the door to the kitchen open. He peeked inside, only to find Matthew and Hannibal talking. Matthew smiled and looked back at Will.

"Just the man we were talking about." Matthew said. Will stepped over to Hannibal's side quickly, "Why don't you tell him, Dr. Lecter?"

"Tell me what?" Will changed his vision to Hannibal.

"Matthew and Tobias knew each other… and Matthew knows the truth behind Tobias." Hannibal glared at Brown who had a wide grin plastered on his face.

"Yes, Will, I know, you and your boyfriend are murderers. Rather cute, in my opinion." Will no longer felt nervous; he felt rather relieved he did not have to hide what he had done. Something inside of him, something he tried to keep bottled up, began to seep out through the cracks of his mind.

"Then you know, not to meddle in our affairs." Will stated. Matthew chuckled and looked at Will with eyes of lust, "This should be clear, I'm not to be bothered, again."

"Oh, of course." Matthew bowed, "But why not dump him and come with me? I know my way with a knife." Will did not answer but his gaze said it all, "Or I can just get him out of our lives."

Will pulled the knife on the counter and pressed it on Matthew's abdomen. However, Brown used the kitchen rag to wrap Will's hand and pull it away. Will stepped back towards Hannibal and Matthew smirked.

"Don't fight with someone with experience, Will." Matthew smiled, "Why don't we have this dinner and strike up a deal, yes?"

Hannibal bit the inside of his cheek making it bleed. His blood boiled and he gripped his hands into a fist. His nails dug into his palms. Matthew turned his back to them. Hannibal pulled off his coat and placed it on the chair near the counter. He took the knife out of Will's hand and made his way towards Matthew. However, the younger professor turned with enough time to be able to defend himself.

"Oh no, Dr. Lecter, are you letting your emotions get the better of you?" Brown smirked before pushing Hannibal away.

The two men clashed together in a fight. Will wanted to help, but he had never seen Hannibal so mad and ready to kill. The food on the counters no longer mattered. There was glass on the floor because of the broken dishes. Blood began to ooze out of both men's bodies and stain the kitchen tile. Will tightened his grip on the knife and the moment Hannibal turned Matthew to his back, Will stabbed the knife into the middle of his back.

The sharp metal ripping through skin and muscle. Will pulled it back and Hannibal let Matthew fall on the floor. Will watched him. He stepped on Brown's throat and waited for the professor to begin to gasp for air. There was blood on Will's hand. There was a smirk on his face.

Hannibal watched something inside of Will's eyes turn dark. There was a moment he feared what Matthew said. Will had become merciless with watching Matthew gasp for air and suffer. Will changed a lot, but still had enough innocence in him to trick everyone around him. If Hannibal was not careful, there was a possibility of Will tricking him.

"Will…" Will turned to him. Hannibal smirked and touched his cheek. The blood on his hands now tainted Will's cheek. Will soothed himself with Hannibal's touch. Hannibal pulled him in close and kissed his lips, "You were amazing, my dear."

"Is this what you do?" Will asked and looked up at him, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, "You murder people?"

"Does this bother you?" Will kissed Hannibal's lips.

"No. I love you." Will whispered. Will moved his foot from Matthew and let Hannibal hold him, "We need to clean this up."

"Will…" Hannibal pushed him away slightly, "I need to ask you…" Will furrowed his eyebrows and watched Hannibal rustle through his pocket, "I have never met a jewel quite like yourself… I could not imagine living without you, my love…" He pulled out a small red velvet covered box, "William, would you share your life and the rest of eternity with me?"

Will gasped. Matthew dead on the floor, no longer a priority or a distraction. He looked up at Hannibal and down at the ring in the box. A sliver band laid right at the middle of the box. Will nodded and embraced Hannibal. They clashed lips and kissed each other passionately. Almost as if it were there last kiss, they kissed until they were out of breath.

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