This story takes place after the Come What May saga. These events will lead up to another battle. And an epic battle foreseen. In the following stories, I'm going to reintroduce some characters. Some of it will be based off of the comics. On the contrary, Most of it will be my idea. As usual, I don't own any of the characters, but the idea is least I can be proud of that much. ~giggle~ Tip: I've mentioned this before, but in case some of you don't know, Pietro is the only one that calls Kitty Katherine. Well, on with the story.

The Maximoff's

It's been a fortnight since Pietro returned home to his parents in New York. All the while he was there, he had recurring nightmares about his sister's abduction. He blamed himself constantly for allowing that to happen to her.

Every time the nightmare occur, he jumps from his sleep in cold sweat with his heart beating faster than usual. Through it all, he developed a mild case of Insomnia. It was utterly annoying to him. So he figured if he got his sister back, then he would be able to rid himself of his insomnia.

On this night, once his dream ended, he cleared his forehead of the sweat that was streaming down between his eyes. He slid out of bed and paced sluggishly downstairs. He grabbed a glass cup from the cabinet and filled it with water.

His father, hearkening the commotion, came downstairs to inspect the noises. As he meandered the corner to the kitchen, he saw Pietro standing near the sink. "Oh, Pietro. It's just you." He said as if he was relieved that it wasn't a thief in the house. Pietro turned to face him, "Yeah it's me. I just couldn't get any sleep that's all. So I just came down to grab a cup of water and so on and so forth." he said calmly and swift.

Django walked further into the kitchen and stood next to Pietro. "You know, your mom and I are kind of worried about your sleeping problems. Looks like you haven't been getting any lately. But I guess it's because of Wanda Right?" "Yeah, how did you know?" Pietro inquired with perplexity. "Come now Pietro, I raised you remember?

You had the same problems when Wanda was sent to that asylum. It's only natural that you feel this way so I'm not even going to bother to tell you to not worry. After all, Marya and I are worried about the both of you." Django explained.

One thing Pietro admired about Django was that he never once tried to get in his way. Django always gave Pietro room to figure things out for himself. "You know what pops, you're great when it comes to me being in a disarray. No one else knows how to talk to me like you do and I have to say that I'm actually surprised that you can put up with my reluctant attitude for so long." Pietro admitted earnestly.

They embraced, consoling each other of their own worries. "Alright son, try to get some sleep. But if you can't, then just look at some T.V and have some late night snack foods. But don't tell your mom I let you do so, she'll never let me ff the hook." Django ended dastardly.

Pietro smiled, "Sure thing pops. Your secret's safe with me. Besides, why would I tell mom anyway? All she'll do is go down the long list of things that I know I better not do." The pair chuckled over Marya's motherly protection. "Okay. It's been nice seeing you. I'm going to go ahead and go back upstairs before your mom starts to wonder where I am. Good night Pietro.

Just know that Wanda will be okay. Especially since she has the most caring brother in the world that will ensure her safety." He ended with a smile of assurance. Pietro smiled back, holding his father's words close to his heart.

Once Django retired upstairs, Pietro sauntered over to the T.V and began scanning the channels for something good to watch. It didn't take much time for him to scan every single channel. "Man! There's nothing good on. What's the use of broadcasting stuff on this thing if nothing's useful is going to play?" He said disgustedly. "People are totally abusing the power of the satellite by not showing what people want to watch." he ended with sheer boredom and loss of patience.

Just when he ended the conversation with himself, he was struck with inspiration. "Hmm, power of the satellite huh?" He reiterated to himself in a more pensive tone. "That's it! Maybe there's hope after all! But It looks like I'm going to have to make a quick trip to the X mansion as soon as possible. I guess tomorrow would be good." He said to himself out loud.

His laden conscious mind was relieved a bit when he got a clue of how he could prevent Magneto from proceeding in his plans. He yawned and turned the television off then headed back to his room. He laid his head down on his pillow and slowly drifted asleep. Before he dozed off completely, he had a few thoughts that ran through his head. I just hope Wanda is okay for now. Hopefully she can hold off a little longer for me to disassemble those satellites. That way Magneto would end right back at square one.

Soon after, Pietro was finally able to get the kind of sleep he needed. Marya creaked open the door to check on Pietro. When she saw that he was asleep, she walked over to the side of his bed and stroke his hair softly. Se whispered a good night to him before leaving the room.

The next day

The sun's rays poured through the Maximoff's flat. Marya and Django were already up eating breakfast. Django was watching the television while drinking a cup of coffee with a doughnut. Marya began sipping her tea once she finished her hotcakes sided with bacon.

Pietro zoomed downstairs like a lightning bolt. "Good morning Pietro. Why the rush?" asked his mother. "I have to be somewhere as soon as possible. It has something to do with Wanda so this is an urgency." He said while pouring orange juice in a cup as fast as possible. "Well, don't you want to sit down and eat first? I know this may be important, but you can't do anything on an empty stomach. At least have a piece of toast." She pleaded to him.

Pietro blew a huge exhale breath with a tinge of exasperation. "I have an idea!" Django called from the living room. " Pietro, just take my waffles that's on the table. I was waiting for them to cool down some, but I suppose you need them more than I do." He suggested. "Cool!" Pietro shouted excitedly.

Pietro pretty much threw the waffles in his mouth. "Pietro stop eating so fast. You'll get the hiccups." Marya pointed out. "Don't worry mom, I never even had the hiccups." He boastd with his mouth some-what full. Afterward, he downed his orange juice in a swoop. "Alright I'm off." He spoke quickly before taking off.

His mother couldn't even stop him to bid him later. "Oh that boy. He never saves enough time for me to ever see him off." She spoke with a little frustration. "Oh come now Marya, Pietro has a mind of his own. A mind that we could only dream to catch up with. But still, if a man has somewhere to be, then it's best that you bid him later in your heart. He has the message already. Believe me." Django said trying to calm her down; which worked eventually. "Okay. I suppose you're right. I just hope he gets back home in time for dinner." "He'll be fine. Somehow, he always finds his way back to us. So there's no need to over think things." He consoled her in his arms.

At the X-men

Scott was in a really good mood. He was about to graduate High school really soon. "Finally, the last days of High school is upon me! Hopefully graduation isn't going to be as bad as the last time." He said reminiscing the time the brotherhood showed up and ruined everything.

"Well I don't think you have anything to worry about Scott." Jean assured him. "if you think about it this way, the brotherhood...if you can still call them that anymore, was completely pulverized by us. If anything, I'd say they'd keep their distance. Especially after Pietro left." She explained.

"Hey Jean, I don't know if you know the irony of this, but Pietro was the only member of the brotherhood that we didn't try to recruit and the only one we got a bad start with. Yet after all this time, who knew he was going to be the one to make a major heel turn?"

"We didn't try to recruit Avalanche. And we got off on a bad start with him." Jean reminisced. "Actually," Scott differed, "if you think about it this way, Avalanche came on his own accords and then returned to the brotherhood. I don't think his reasons for coming in the first place was strong enough for him to make a complete heel turn." Scott said as he keenly observed the circumstances.

"So how do you know that Pietro isn't going to do the same? I mean, has he made a full heel turn? Who's to say that after he saves Wanda that he won't return to the brotherhood?" Jean questioned rationally. "I don't know. But the way his disproved of his father was real enough to me. But still, I guess you're right.

Maybe he's out there somewhere trying to find Wanda on his own. But one thing's for sure, he's so stubborn and arrogant that he'd never come here asking for help. Even if he did make a complete heel turn." Scott said stern.

Jean and Scott were brought out of their conversation when a gust of wind blew by them. "Hey shades, do you know where I can find prof. X? I checked in the office already but he isn't there." Pietro asked abruptly, coming out of nowhere. Jean and Scott were taken by surprise and their mouths were left ajar.

"Oh! Hi Pietro." Jean stammered out. "What brings you here?" she concluded. "I'm here on serious business and I need to talk to Xavier. Pronto!" He spoke immensely fast as he stood tall with his arms folded across his chest.

Jean used her telekinetic abilities to locate the professor. "You can find the professor in the study." She informed Pietro once she located him. "Excellent!" He shouted before taking off again.

Scott looked at Jean, then she looked at Scott. "What does Pietro want with the professor?" Jean asked. "I don't know, but I'm about to find out." Scott spoke while making a run for the study. Jean figured that she'd go along as well just to be sure.

In the Study

The professor was having a discussion with Logan. "Everything is going as it should. Though I must hand it to you Logan that you've done an excellent job of overseeing the repairs of the mansion as well as the danger room. All in a fortnight, though I dare say that I though it would take longer." Charles said, pleased at the timing.

"Maybe things would have gone a bit slower if they didn't choose repairing the house over target practice for three straight hours." Logan explained. Kitty, who was sitting over yonder, paused from reading her book. "Well you could let the training slide since we like, totally fixed everything up. We deserve a break you know." Kitty suggested, hoping that they wouldn't be practicing for so long.

Bobby added his own input, "You know Logan, you could go a little easy on us. And you have to admit that we did good in our battle against the bad guys. That should provide some kind of credit right?" He ended innocently.

Logan grimaced of look of displeasure. "Alright fine. No practice for at least a week." He said said reluctantly. "But that doesn't mean that you're off the hook with Scott and Jean. You'll still be under their tutelage for the time being." "Aw come on!" Bobby complained. "do you have any idea how boring their teaching is?

At least with you Logan, we get to do some kind of damage. But we have to sit and get our brains fried by how we should strategically and mathematically use our powers. AND we have to do a physics exam?! I don't know if anyone has figured it out yet, but I despise physics." He spoke with many complaints.

"Yeah well it least it beats three hours of training. Do you know what I could like, be doing in those extra hours?" Kitty rebutted. Kitty's response agitated Bobby, "You don't have anything to complain about Kitty because you're good in physics." He pouted. "Stop being such a baby Bobby." Kitty admonished.

"Calm down the both of you." Charles mediated. "I'm pretty sure you will all do well no matter what decision you choose. Not everyone is good at everything. But it's still good to give things a try and give it your utmost performance. You can do anything as long as you don't get in your own way. Is that understood?" Kitty and Bobby nodded their heads in agreement.

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Chuck." Agreed Logan in his own way. As soon as he said that, there was a rapid knock on the door. "Door's open." Logan answered the knocking request. The door opened and Pietro stepped through. "Gee, how many rooms do you have in this place?" He asked once he was in.

Everyone's attention went to him, shocked that he had come back. "Pietro?! What are you doing here?" Bobby asked with surprise. "Cool it ice boy, I'm here on business. And speaking of, I need to speak to the professor." He spoke swiftly.

"Um, Pietro? I think Bobby is just like, shocked to see you here. And I have to admit that I am too." Kitty eased the tension. "Whatever, can I get down to the point already?" He said getting impatient. All in all, Kitty's face glow with the excitement of seeing him, once again not as an enemy.

"Yes Pietro, how can I help you?" Xavier spoke upon hearing an address for himself. "Listen, I have a matter of urgency." He started off.

Kitty, Logan and Bobby hearkened in on the not-so-private conversation with keen intensity. Pietro continued, "I couldn't sleep last night and my mind went wondering for a few seconds until I came up with an idea.

The night when Katherine and I infiltrated Magneto's lair, I heard as he gave his goons orders to deliver satellites in certain areas of the world. The thing is, he already delivered four of those things. So I figured, why just let the satellites wait there for Magneto to finish what he started.

If we can get rid of the satellites, then he wouldn't have anything to go on. All we need to do is find out where the satellites were placed." He explained.

The professor listened with interest. "You're absolutely right. We must rid of the satellites before further damage could be ensued. Have you any idea how to find the specific locations?" Xavier questioned. "That's the only problem. I only know that he said to take those things to certain parts of the seven continents. I don't know where specifically, but we have to find them fast. We're already late by two weeks." He explained. "Who knows what Magneto could have been doing in the last few days."

"I think I have an idea how to find them." Kitty spoke up. "Like, two days after the fight, Rogue told me how she and Remy escaped. They said: when they rescued Forge, they took the blueprints of how the plan was supposed to work. I think they still have it because they never said anything about throwing it away."

"Excellent suggestion Kitty." The professor complemented just as Scott and Jean walked in the room. "Scott, Jean it's very nice to have you here as well. Pietro just insinuated a bright idea. I want you Jean, to find Rogue and have her give you the blueprints that she and Gambit extracted from Magneto." The professor explained and gave his ultimatum. "On it professor." Jean immediately went to complete her task.

"So what was this bright idea?" Scott asked. "Listen shades, I really don't want to go over this whole thing again, but there's some serious work that needs to be done." Pietro said stern. "And what exactly is so important that needs to be done?" He asked again. "Just to make this sound as simple as possible, we have to take out Magneto's satellites on the double." "And how are you going to do that?"

"You see, we're working on that now Scott." Kitty answered. "So what have you come up with?" Scott asked once more.

This time the professor answered, "Well I was coming to the part where I was going to allow Logan to escort Pietro in the black bird. But I just realized that taking out four satellites in four parts of the world is going to be a difficult task. There's no telling what kind of dangers await should Magneto suspect anyone trying to disengage the devices and may very well have them protected.

So I'm going to assign you Scott, Kitty and Bobby to go along." "Wait! Why so many?" Pietro cut in, feeling as though the professor was trying to employ babysitters. "I understand that you would rather do this yourself Pietro, but you have to consider the possibilities that your father may not let you get too close to him again.

It's wiser to take this choice because one against many is a great odd Pietro. If anything, you would risk the safety of your sister should you go alone and fail, ignorant to the many risks that may be out there." The professor admonished. It didn't take long for the explanation to register in his head. "Alright fine. We'll do it your way." He spoke with a bit of scorn. "Very well." the professor ended.

Jean entered the room, returning from her earlier errand with Rogue and Remy. "Alright professor, I have what you need." "Wonderful." Exclaimed the professor.

"So is red coming along or what?" Logan asked. "Since Storm is out visiting her sister in New York, Gambit is still undergoing the evaluation of the X men, and you Logan acting as an escort, I have to have someone assist me with the rest of the X men. I could use a firm voice here, and you all can use a firm voice as well, which is why I'm sending Scott with you." "So why Iceman?" Logan asked "Because it looks like he's been a bit cooped up in physics." Answered the professor, winking at Bobby.

"Alright Professor you rock!" Bobby shouted with glee. Pietro and Kitty both rolled their eyes. The professor continued, "Jean, you will be in charge of the danger room sessions as well as survival training." "Great! I've always wanted to know what it was like to instruct survival class. And boy do I have some ideas for it." She said with a smile.

"Thank goodness I'm not going to be here to find out." Scott said stiffly. " you said it." Bobby agreed. The professor handed the map over to Pietro.

"Now you all best be on your way." Xavier bade them farewell. "No problem Chuck. Let's go everyone. Chop-chop." Bobby, Kitty, Pietro, and Scott all followed behind Logan. Before Pietro walked out the door, He sent a message to the professor telepathically, By the way, I already have a father and Magneto is not him. He shut the door behind himself afterward.

Xavier came to an understanding that Pietro had fully disowned Magneto for good. "Alright Jean, it's best that you round up the rest of the X men before they discover the absence of the others." said Xavier. "Okay professor." She got right on it.