Chapter 6

Edward and Roy were escorted by Mr. Filch back into Hogwarts. They were met with some mean glares from other students, but they didn't care. They walked into Dumbledore's office where the Weasley twins were talking to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore shook hands with them. "It seems getting kicked out of school didn't affect you two either. I was just talking to the Weasleys and they started a joke shop."

"Yep and we are doing pretty good, right George?"

"Yes Fred."

Dumbledore smiled at the couple. "Are you two married?" He asked seeing their rings.

"For two months now." Roy smiled.

"And what of your muggle lives?"

"Edward goes to college, since the ministry has said that all 'half-breeds' are not allowed to work in the magic world. We hope that if Edward gets a muggle education, he can get a good job." Roy said.

"And what about you?" Dumbledore asked Roy.

"Roy works at a restaurant as a waiter. He helps me pay for college, since my little job in the library only does enough to pay for our food. We have a small apartment and have a broken down car, but we manage."

Dumbledore smiled. "I am proud to teach each and every one of you." He said. "You all have worked hard for what you want and eventually you will get what you deserve. Just never give up. Tomorrow you four will graduate from Hogwarts, be proud."

Edward smiled up at Roy and he kissed Edward's forehead.

"Alright. Let me show you to your rooms." Dumbledore led the way. "Since you are no longer students, you will be in the guest quarters." Dumbledore led them to a portrait. "Friends, no Foes." The portrait opened and doors lined the corridor before them. "Pick whichever you like, you are free to do whatever you wish for the rest of the day. Good day." Dumbledore left.

Edward opened a room and there was a master bedroom inside. "Wow."

Roy smiled. "This is so much better than those twin beds we put together at home."

Edward nodded.

"Want to try it out?" Roy whispered in Edward's ear.

Edward smirked and pulled his husband inside. "Sorry Fred and George, we will catch up later, okay?"

"Alright." They said in unison.

Edward draped Roy's Slytherin tie over the doorknob and closed the door.

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