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The Problems of Love

Chapter 7: An Ending Battle.

Shinjuku Ward – Matsuki Bakery

"Takato! Get up! Rika and Yumichi are here to see you!" The sound of his mother's voice shook Takato awake from his desk; he had fallen asleep whilst drawing the previous night and hadn't been bothered to move to his bed.

Guilmon was giving him an inquisitive look as the teen went to walk out of his room and downstairs to the bakery. "What?" He asked.

"You're still in your pyjamas, Takato." Guilmon chuckled, Takato's face heated. He had just about to walk downstairs in his white singlet and light blue boxers.

"Oh..." He chuckled nervously, "thanks, boy." He quickly got dressed in the usual shirt, jumper, pants, socks, trainers and ever present goggles and after he had decided nothing was on backwards, he was followed downstairs by Guilmon.

"You sure took your sweet time," Rika said to him as he walked into the front of the bakery. The two girls stood side by side, Rika looking a little more impatient than Yumichi, who was holding Puttimon in her arms peacefully, "do you need to get anything else?"

Takato was about to say something but Guilmon felt the need to interrupt, "Takato, can I take some bread, I'm so hungry." And, as if on cue, his stomach rumbled loudly, proving his point even more.

"Of course you can," Takato smiled and gestured towards the day-old bread, "and no, I don't need anything else, all set." He mumbled. He slid his hands into his pockets and felt that he had his D-Arc inside, nodding in satisfaction.

"Let's go then," Yumichi smiled and walked outside, followed by Rika, Takato and Guilmon, who had a mouthful of bread. Upon walking outside, Takato met eyes with Renamon who had been leaning up against the bakery walls. As he heard the bell on the door jingle as it shut, he could've sworn he saw an almost imperceptible smile on Renamon's face, but she phased away before he could be sure.

"Where exactly are we going anyways?" Takato wondered aloud after a few minutes but was promptly hushed by Rika.

"You'll find out soon enough." Yumichi stated.

'This is so weird,' Takato thought, 'a while ago it seemed like they hated each other, now it's like they're inseparable.' He now noticed that they were headed into a spot in Shinjuku Park, but not anywhere near Guilmon's old hideout. The goggled teen didn't realise that the two redheaded beauties had stopped on an old, overgrown path that obviously hadn't been used in a long time; he was only saved from bumping into them from Guilmon.

"Something on your mind, goggles?" Rika inquired placing her hands on her hips.

"Well," he began uneasily, "it's just that I thought you two…you know…didn't like each other. B-But now I realise I must've just been mistaken!" He finished quickly, waving his left hand defensively in front of him and chuckling nervously.

"You weren't wrong." Rika said with a carefree shrug. Takato was puzzled for a moment while she continued. "I was jealous of Yumichi to begin with." She explained.

"But," Yumichi added, "We've become good friends thanks to our mutual interest." Her words didn't sink in with Takato for the most part. When they did, eventually, he was dumbfounded.

'If Rika was jealous of Yumichi, but then became good friends with her because of a mutual interest… What does…? WHAT!?' He took a half-step back in shock as he came to terms with what was happening.

Rika looked at Yumichi and rolled her eyes to the heavens, "Over-dramatizes everything." She sighed sarcastically. "Takato," she said more firmly, looking straight into his brown eyes, "for the past week we've been 'gathering' information."

"Yeah," Yumichi giggled, "next time you go to tell Henry about your secret loves, do it where Terriermon can't hear. You know the dog-bunny has a big mouth to match the ears." Takato's face felt like it was on fire and Puttimon started making noises that in any other situation, Yumichi would've squealed, but this time they were only acknowledged by a gentle pat.

"So you… What do we… What happens now?" Takato spluttered, words coming out of his mouth without him thinking about them. Guilmon stood easily, wondering why Takato was so nervous, he made a mental note to ask him later, after some more bread, that is.

"Relax, gogglehead." Rika placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him from blubbering everywhere awkwardly. "Now, is it true that you like Yumichi." She asked calmly, Takato nodded reluctantly.

"And it's also true you like Rika?" Yumichi added, again, Takato nodded, this time with a little suspicion.

"Oh goodie!" A voice cackled from the shadows. "That makes what we're about to do even better now that all is out in the open!" Before anyone had any time to react, two Digimon flew in from the tree line, one grabbed Yumichi, the other grabbing Rika. Puttimon was still in Yumichi's grasp and he growled at the Digimon threatening her safety. Renamon phased in and attacked Rika's captor but was swatted away and sprawled out across the ground.

"It's you two again!" Takato growled, recognising the figures instantly.

"It's us, it's you, and it's them! What's it matter?" Piedmon cackled shrilly. Guilmon's eyes dilated and his viral side took over.

"Yes, yes. It's us, and we want what we were denied last time. I want the Digimon Queen as my Tamer!" IceDevimon purred, this time around it looked like it would take more than just two rookies to beat him, nothing a mega couldn't handle though.

"And I would like to continue our little fight, it ended rather abruptly last time." Piedmon took off into the sky, Yumichi calling out from his arms.

"I suppose I take my leave too!' IceDevimon laughed as he flew off in another direction to Piedmon, taking a seething Rika with him.

"Damn him," Renamon cursed as she got to her feet again, "If you don't go for Yumichi, Piedmon will kill her." Renamon looked at Takato and saw the frustration and confusion in his eyes. He had no clue who was in more immediate danger, Rika or Yumichi. IceDevimon was only a Champion level, but he would try and manipulate Rika, Piedmon would toy with Yumichi for a while before getting bored and 'disposing' of her.

"Look, IceDevimon won't get the better of Rika." Renamon said, asserting herself. "She isn't cold-hearted anymore, despite what she lets on. Trust me on this, I can hold that fool off while you rescue Yumichi." Takato nodded in understanding as the elegant kitsune ran off to where IceDevimon had taken her Tamer.

"All right," Takato breathed, "Biomerge, activate!" He pulled his golden trimmed D-Arc from his pocket and held it to his chest. His body fell back onto Guilmon's and their bodies broke up into data that merged together.

"Guilmon, biomerge to…


The exalted knight turned his right arm into his lance and his shield, Aegis, appeared in his left hand as he took off in a dash to where he could sense Piedmon, he was still around the park, just not in it.

After a few moments searching for the clown, it seemed that Piedmon found him. "Trump Swords!" Two swords flew towards him, and it was Guilmon that sensed the attack and forced them to raise 'Aegis', just in time too. The swords noisily clattered against the shield, sending a jolt all the way to Gallantmon's elbow. "Tag, you're it." The clown chuckled as he floated down to the ground, Yumichi still in his grasp and Puttimon still in hers, although the little baby Digimon was trying it's hardest to break free of her deadlocked grip.

"I don't have time for your stupid games, Piedmon." Gallantmon growled. "Just let her go and you and I can settle our score." The knight took up a fighting stance, shield raised slightly and lance poised and ready.

"I could do that. Or I could kill her and the worthless little baby Digimon, then fight you." He chuckled a little and threw Yumichi to the ground. He slid a sword out of the puzzle box on his back and held it in two hands, point facing towards her head, all in one swift motion.

Yumichi raised her hands above her head in a feeble attempt to shield herself, letting go of Puttimon in the process.

If she had been paying proper attention to her surroundings, Yumichi's mother would've heard the beeping of a D-Arc from her daughters' room accompanied by a flash of light.

"Puttimon, Digivolve to…

Puttimon glowed in a cocoon of gold data and his body was peeled back to its base frame which changed into a small quadruped. The frame was covered by a light, creamy fur with a golden brace around the neck, encrypted with Digicode.


Piedmon glanced sideways at the growling rookie and scoffed, "As if it could stand up to me!" He began to thrust the sword down, a malicious smile on his seemingly masked face. Gallantmon acted quickly, throwing his shield at the sword that was nearly about to strike the immobile redhead. The shield struck Piedmon's sword, knocking it clear from his reach, saving Yumichi and jarring the clown's arm.

"Argh… You'll pay for that!" Piedmon rushed forwards to Gallantmon and let loose a flurry of overhands and side cuts, he was fuelled by anger and so his attacks were quick, sloppy, and easily blocked with Aegis. But the jesters speed didn't give the knight a chance to counterattack until Piedmon faltered slightly. It was as simple as his foot sliding out of place and Gallantmon took the chance to bash him back with the shield, stunning him temporarily.

"Lightening Joust!"

The follow attack came swiftly after and struck Piedmon in the right shoulder, but the clown just cringed, the attack hadn't done much to him. He shook his arms to loosen them up and flew off faster than Gallantmon could run.

"He's getting away." Yumichi sighed as she shakily stood to her feet, looking around for the newly evolved Salamon. "Where did he get to?" She asked sadly.

"We'll all get together after we rescue Rika and find him," Gallantmon said in Guilmon's playful voice, "promise."

"Thank you, guys." Yumichi bowed. "Now let's go get Rika!" Gallantmon picked her up in his arms, after his shield and lance disappeared, and took off at a run. He tried to keep his pace even so as not to make it an uncomfortable ride for her, and Takato was largely relying on Guilmon to sense where IceDevimon was.

"H-How is it possible…" IceDevimon asked, the anger in his body rising. "How could you have beaten me this time? You were weaker before."

"That was because I thought Digimon were just tools for fighting. I've learnt since then and even have friends that I like, and some I barely stand, now." Rika replied, her voice calm but threatening.

"You are a fool to show yourself again, IceDevimon." Renamon taunted, the taunt had obviously worked as the Fallen Angel tried to rise to his feet, the attempt being in vain. He just winced and crashed down again.

"I see we both failed, IceDevimon." Piedmon's voice echoed on the rooftop that the Fallen Angel had decided to fight Rika and Renamon on. "Time for plan B then?"

"Yes," IceDevimon coughed, "indeed."

Renamon watched the two Digimon carefully, just waiting for one of them to pull a cheap trick of some kind. Piedmon pulled his last sword out of the puzzle box on his back, brandishing the sword high above one of IceDevimon's arms. Rika grimaced slightly when the clown cut the Fallen Angel's right arm off and continued on with the stroke to ram the sword into his side.

Gallantmon launched himself high up into the air, landing none too gracefully but still firmly. He set Yumichi down on her feet and then noticed the two Digimon, data pouring from their wounds they had both obtained. "What the hell is going on?" he asked.

"This is plan B," Rika explained, "Piedmon swooped in and cut IceDevimon's arm off and then jammed the sword in his own side." Rika sounded disgusted at the two Digimon, but then again, Takato and everyone else were too.

Piedmon and IceDevimon chuckled as each of the other's data flowed into their bodies. Guilmon was going to point it out but decided against it once the two evil Digimon flashed and soared up into the sky.



"DNA Digivolve to…


Witslumon made sure everyone got a good look at him as he slowly descended to the rooftop. He looked like Piedmon did except his pants were a light and dark blue striped pattern instead of green. His shoes were a really faint green that curled at the end while his shirt was a constant light blue. His pale, icy arms reached down to his knees and had leather belts tied around the left forearm, a black band covering the right forearm. His mask looked like Piedmon's had, except instead of a black and white scheme, the white seemed to have blue highlights that helped the deep red eyes to stand out. He still had his swords sheathed inside the puzzle box on his back. As he got closer to the roof, large, icy blue torn wings sprouted from his back, completing the terrifying form.

"That's Witslumon. He's a Mega Level, virus type Digimon. His attacks are Frozen Rain, Hypothermic Slash, Trump Trick and Jesters Box." Rika read the newly evolved Digimon's data from her D-Arc and frowned, he might cause them a spot of trouble.

"I think that maybe we should Digivolve, Rika." Renamon suggested, her Tamer looked at her and nodded. She unclipped her blue trimmed D-Arc from her belt and moved it to her chest. Within a matter of seconds, the elegant priestess, Sakuyamon, stood. Her staff appeared in her hand and the rings at the top jingled lightly.

"Hmph, no matter, I'll still kill you!" Witslumon roared, drawing a sword from the puzzle box. He darted backwards into the air and slashed the sword horizontally, sending out pulsing waves of ice towards the small group.

"Hypothermic Slash!"

Sakuyamon managed to raise a barrier in time to protect them from the constant blasts.

"Crystal Sphere!"

She grunted with the effort of keeping the shield up against the power of the blasts. "Gallantmon," she called out, the knight turned to face her, his expression unreadable due to the fact only his golden eyes could be seen, "I'm going to open a hole in the shield for a split second, surprise him." After she had finished, he instantly got into position, not wanting to waste time.

The shield opened up and Gallantmon launched out and towards the hovering Witslumon who stopped his attack on Sakuyamon, who took the chance to let her shield down fully. As he rose towards Witslumon, Gallantmon pulled his shield up in front of him and cried out, "Shield of the Just!"

"Too slow, Trump Trick!" Before the blast of energy from Gallantmon's shield hit, Witslumon phased away, clear from anyone's view. He reappeared behind the falling Gallantmon and slashed his sword at his undefended back, before reappearing from where he had originally disappeared from.

"Now try this on for size! Frozen Rain!" Witslumon raised his palms up and sent shards of ice flying towards Gallantmon who only just managed to raise his shield in time. They stuck into the surface of his shield and exploded, sending him falling to the roof even faster. He grunted when he hit solid ground but was distracted when he realised that it wasn't the roof he was on, in fact, it was a giant green hand.

"We saved you," Terriermon's voice giggled, "Now you owe Henry and I a can of soda!"

"You know," Henry added smugly, "that isn't a bad idea." MegaGargomon stood beside the building, the building only reached the colossal Digimon's chest, so it would be easy for him to fight without having to fly.

"Justice Kick!"

Justimon soared in from high above Witslumon and delivered a deadly successful kick to the Digimon's back, sending him tumbling through the air a few meters before recovering, Justimon himself landing beside Yumichi, who had been watching the whole fight from behind Sakuyamon.

"I believe this belongs to you." Justimon said, pointing to Salamon who was tucked under his arm, a familiar, bronze trimmed, device clutched in his mouth. Justimon set Salamon down and Yumichi took the D-Arc from the puppy Digimon.

"This is mine?" She asked breathlessly.

"Sure is!" Salamon replied cheerfully, a grin spreading across his face. "Although I'm not strong enough to fight with everyone yet." He added sadly, but Yumichi bent down and picked him up in her arms, patting his head softly.

"That's alright, I don't want you to get hurt anyways." Her words made Salamon smile and he nestled down more comfortably in her hold.

"So, now the cavalry really does arrive!" Witslumon cackled evilly.

"Hypothermic Slash!"

He would slash his sword at a different Mega each time, giving none of them a chance to move forward to attack him, until Sakuyamon found a split second where she could raise a protective barrier once again.

"Crystal Sphere!"

Behind the shield, MegaGargomon raised his fists to point towards Witslumon, his missiles charging with power. Justimon crouched down and energy formed around his leg, filling it with raw power. Gallantmon raised his lance in front of him and lightening cackled at its tip, ready to be unleashed at any moment.

"Fox Drive!"

As the shield lowered, Sakuyamon sent fox spirits flying towards an unsuspecting Witslumon, he had been expecting the shield to stay up, not to be put on the defensive. The spirits burnt his body on contact and he grunted in sheer pain.

"Mega Barrage!"

MegaGargomon let every sliver of ammo in his artillery fire at the Mega Level, most of the shots making contact, others flying away into the sky, harmlessly bursting into little pockets of data. Witslumon began to fall from the sky, but Justimon was there to direct him straight towards Gallantmon with a supercharged,

"Justice Kick!"

Witslumon flew blindingly and uncontrollably towards Gallantmon and became impaled on the very tip of his lance, he looked into the knights' eyes and saw no hint of mercy for himself.

"Lightening Joust!" At close range, the attack would've been enough to delete Witslumon after the onslaught of attacks he'd taken on, but at point blank, fired from inside of his body, the Mega exploded, most of his data falling to the ground in ashes after being overloaded so badly.

"Never fear," a robotic voice called out, it was obviously Guardromon's, "the invincible Kazu is here!"

"And me too!" Kenta added in.

"You two are just a tad late," MegaGargomon snorted, "We just beat him."

"Oh…" came the reply from the voices of Kazu and Kenta.

Henry and Terriermon had left almost straight after the battle was over, he was supposed to be at his Tae Kwon Do training and was now running late thanks to Witslumon. Ryo and Cyberdramon and flown off not too long after, Ryo was late for lunch with his dad, the two of them rarely did anything together and he was determined to be there. Kazu, Kenta and their partners had taken off to Guilmon's old hideout to play cards, and left an open invitation if anyone wanted to challenge 'The Great Kazu'.

Rika and Yumichi hadn't forgotten about their plan and had dragged Takato away from accepting Kazu's challenge, right back to where they had started from earlier in the day.

"So," Rika began, "where were we?"

"Takato admitted he likes you both!" Guilmon cheered, impressed that he had remembered the conversation from the morning.

"Thank you, Guilmon." Yumichi pet his head and looked at Takato. "Now, we aren't going to make you choose between us," Yumichi began to explain but Takato cut her off.

"You aren't?" He had been fearing at the back of his mind that they would make him pick between the two of them and was surprised that they hadn't.

"No, gogglehead." Rika sighed. "You're simply going to have to go out with us both." A smile creeped across her face and even Renamon looked inquisitively at her. Rika had told her kitsune-like Digimon about how she and Yumichi had a plan for Takato, but she hadn't expected that.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Takato became increasingly more nervous, not knowing how to respond properly or even fully understanding the concept.

"You're going to have two girlfriends." Yumichi explained slowly. "We are going to be together."

"The three of us." Rika explained, Yumichi nodding her head in agreement. Takato still made no move to say anything, he just stood there with a goofy smile on his face, obviously daydreaming about how things would turn out and being relatively pleased.

"Takato," Rika called out, snapping her fingers in front of him until he came to attention, "What do you say?"

"Yes," he replied, smiling, it was a proper smile. It wasn't goofy and it was the smile that caught both their hearts at many points throughout knowing him, "of course."

Yumichi giggled and planted a soft kiss on his left cheek, she picked up Salamon as Takato's face grew hot and skipped off. "Sorry that I have to go, but I have to be home well before dinner to get a start on that math homework."

It was Rika's turn to take a step forward, she wasn't as sure of herself as Yumichi was but her kiss was longer and firmer, she parted her lips from his other cheek and smiled at him. Without a word she waved him off and was whisked away by an almost invisible Renamon.

"Takato," Guilmon asked slowly, trying to remember exactly how he had practised phrasing the question in his mind, "why are you awkward about liking Rika and Yumichi?" He asked, tilting his head to one side.

"I-I don't know, but I don't feel awkward anymore." He sighed contentedly. 'To think, I have two girlfriends. Man, is Kazu gonna be jealous… Wait…' "THE MATH HOMEWORK!" Takato screamed, bolting out from the overgrown path and running at a dead sprint straight for home. He had forgotten about the math homework and if he didn't start now, he'd never get it done.

End of Chapter

Well, how did you like it, were you expecting that? Some of you may have, others may not have. Yes, Witslumon is my own OC Digimon, I had that encounter planned from the very beginning and was excited when it came for his time to shine, or rather explode.

His name is Witslumon because 'wit' is a synonym for clown. 'Slu' as in slush, which is a synonym for ice. That makes Witslumon the name.

You'll notice that I only wrote 'End of Chapter' instead of 'End of Story' like I usually do. Well that's because it's not the end. They're only teenagers and from here on out there's going to be special moments that need to be written and documented. Such is love ._.

Anyways! Hope you enjoyed the main Arc.