America continued to cry. He felt so torn so sad. He kept sobbing on the side of the bed shaking his head. He felt so worthless. He wasn't half a thousand years old and his citizens where already terrified of the economy collapsing, the possibility of war with China, and unemployment. The end of America.

How long was it? How long did he fake the healthiness and happiness. He owed China trillions. America felt pity for himself.

America managed to hold it in and smile but now he couldn't take it. He couldn't help his people or himself. What a hero. America wiped his tears and looked up. He saw a knife glistening on his desk.

He left that knife there yesterday. He was peeling off a orange and apparently forgot it there.

The drapes where closed the room was dark. America looked around tge room. empty and dark. He grabbed the knife and sighed.

He could just end his pain and misery. End it all. End the suffering and pain his people and him go through. End the worries. America slightly chuckled. What would the president say? What would England say?

America let the tears drop and land on the blade. He put the knife down and kept thinking. What was better? Dying by suicide or economic collapse? By Chinese war? America paced around the room and kept thinking. Some people thought he wouldn't survive Obama's final term.

America sighed and looked at the world map England gave him last year. America, as a joke, had grabbed a thumbtack and pinned it on the exact place where Big Ben was and another on the heart of Florida. Now it wasn't even funny to the American. He looked at the map and let his eyes wander until he saw Rome. He suddenly remembered Rome was a vast empire. Right? And then Rome fell. America was bigger than Rome but Rome was more powerful, dividing and conquering.

And then he disappeared off the face of the Earth. America remembered Italy saying something about the scars on Rome's back. America had one scar and that was on his heart. Rome probably had a lot more.

America decided he would end his own life. He played some music.

Then he grabbed the knife and sighed.

"My economy was failing anyways."

England knocked for the tenth time on the git's door. He was furious until he heard music blasting out of the windows. England growled and started to look for a way up the window. Luckily he found a ladder and started to climb.

He smirked when he realized the american's window was opened. He went in and landed on all fours. He dusted himself off and fixed his jacket.

He then noticed he was in America's room and the music was super loud. England sniffed the air and realized it smelled sort of like...blood.

His eyes widen and he started walking around the room. He looked at the bed and saw it wet with salty tears. He turned to the desk and saw blood dripping off a chair. His paced hurried and he saw America's body on the floor with a medium sized pool of blood.

"AMERICA!" He shouted.

He ran to America and kneeled to pick him up.

"J-Just l-let me...die." America sputtered small drops of blood flying out of his mouth. England laid America on the bed, ran the the kitchen, grabbed some towels, and started to aid America.

"Let me die... It's no use... I'm gonna die soon anyways." America whispered.

England finished calling 911 and looked at America in his eyes.

"I will not let you die. Do not die on me you bloody git."

America coughed and asked why.

"B-Because I love you." England whispered.

And with that America fell unconscious.

I'll continue this. This was based on my grief. Sorry if you don't like it but things will get better. If you hate it go ahead. There's the review box. Review and peace out.