Hey guys so here is my new story! This takes place in high school with most of the characters from the movie!

So in this only special students, who are chosen attend the training program that's outside of school, that's how they can use weapons.

Also everybody has extremely rich parents and all of the girls, are girly girls.

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High school is meant to be remembered. And with love, breakups, party's, friendships, smoking, drinking and getting dirty how could it not be.

Clove awoke to her cell phone ringing. She rolled over and looked at the clock that read three-thirty am. Clove groaned as she rolled over and pressed answer.

"Really" she started with not liking to be woken up.

"Don't you really me" She heard Jackie say on the other end. "Were outside your house get dressed and come outside"

Clove ended the call and dragged her butt out of bed. She slipped on a pair of black shorts, over her ping thong and red sweater over her black bra. She slowly slipped down the stairs stopping when there was a squeak from the stairs, being careful not to wake her parents.

Clove finally made it downstairs. She slipped on her flip flopes and grabbed her dad's lighter out of his coat pocket, before slipping outside. The cool autumn breeze hit her as she ran down her driveway meeting up with her friends.

"Took you long enough" Jackie said as they headed down the street. All of them in shorts with big sweaters.

"Sorry I had to make sure my parents weren't going to wake up. Remember the last time they caught me sneaking out"

"So whats the plan for tomorrow?" Kat said as she pulled her hood over her head.

"Not really sure. What are the guys doing?"

"Well Marvel's, got to work" Glimmer said.

"So does Peeta" Kat chimed in.

"Wanna just go train tomorrow?" Glimmer said. "We haven't gone in a week, and my dad's been on my ass about it"

"Sounds good to me. I've been looking for something to stab" Clove said as they reached park benches and all lay-ed themselves on them"

"Hey any of you have a lighter?" Jackie said as she pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

"Here" Clove said as she threw it at Jackie.

"Well the hell did you get that?" asked Glimmer as Jackie lit the cigarette and tossed the lighter back to Clove.

"Took it from my dad, but don't worry I'll put it back. Hey can I have a puff?" Clove said as Jackie handed her the cigarette and she took a long inhale slowly letting out the smoke in the cool air.

"You do know that's bad for you right?"

"Hey you've done it before" Jackie instated as she took a puff.

"Ya, but I don't do it on a regular basis" Kat scoffed.

"But your a drinker, that kills your liver"

"Smoking kills your lungs" she said smiling.

"Fine then, were even"

Clove and Glimmer laughed at Katniss and Jackie. The girls sat on the park benches taking in the cool air, with the dark sky.

"I'm so not feeling school tomorrow" Glimmer whined as she did a cartwheel down the path.

"I know right? Science is going to be hell tomorrow" Clove said as she threw her arm over her eyes.

"At least I hear there's a new guy in our class tomorrow" Kat said smirking. "I hope he's cute"

"How do you know that?" Jackie said sitting up from the bench her red hair flowing down her back in waves.

"I over heard our teachers talking about it"

"Well as long as he's cute I won't have a problem" Clove said smiling. She pulled out her phone and read the time. "Shit it's already four I should get back we have school in four hours"

The girls all hugged and said goodbye, as they each took off in their own directions. Clove ran home. She loved the feeling of the cold wind blowing though her hair and she made it home in minutes.

She quietly slipped back into her house and locked the door. She slid her dad's lighter back into his coat and tiptoed upstairs. She then stripped off the sweater and shorts and crawled back into bed.

The next thing that woke Clove up was her alarm clock. She rolled over and turned it off before stumbling into the bathroom. She brushed her long black hair as it fell in curls down her back. She then washed her face and did her makeup. After she brushed her teeth, she headed to her room to get dressed.

Fall had just arrived and it was starting to get cool, so Clove pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans, a hot pink top, black leather jacket and black high heeled ankle boots. She grabbed her bag and headed downstairs. She grabbed her keys and headed for the door when her mom called her.

"Clove Anderson, you better not think you are leaving this house without eating something first!"

Clove dropped her bag in the front hall and groaned as she made her way to the kitchen.

She dropped herself on a stool as her mother sat a plate of pancakes in front of her.

"Carbs for breakfast, no thanks" she said as she pushed away the plate.

"You have to eat something" her mother said crossing her arms over her chest.

Clove grabbed an apple of of the basket that was sitting on the table, smiled at her mother just as a car honk sounded from outside.

"That's Kat." she yelled as she jumped off the stool and grabbed her bag and keys from the front hall. "I'll be home late I'm at the training centre. Bye Mom!" she said as she ran out the door.

She ran down the drive way and jumped into Kat's car sliding on her black sunglasses.

"Sorry Mom was yelling at me to eat" she said as they drove down the road.

"I know what you mean. Me and my parents have the same fight every morning"

"So what do you have today?" Kat said as they pulled onto a main road the sun reflecting off her black sunglasses as well.

"Math, Science, History than English" she said groaning. "I hate my life"

"Ouch" Katniss said wincing. "I have History, Chemistry, Cooking and Applied Design.

"Lucky" Clove said as Kat pulled into the school. She pulled into the exact same parking spot right besides Glimmers Car. The two girls got out of Kat's black car and greeted Glimmer and Jackie who were just getting out of Glimmers little blue car.

Glimmer had on a little peach dress with a black lace coat and little white heels. Jackie had on a black mini skirt, with a dark blue halter top and black flats. And Kat had on blue skinny jeans, with a sparkly white top and black cardigan over, with grey heeled boots.

"Hey girls" Glimmer said as she leaned against her car crossing her arms over her chest. "What's going on?"

"Nothing much. You know the usual, fighting with Mom over food and bitching about the classes I have today" Clove said smiling as she stood beside Kat leaning on her car. Peeta came running up behind the girls and grabbed onto Kat's waist kissing her neck before pulling back and wrapping his arm around her waist smiling at the other girls.

"Hello ladies" he said smirking at them, as Kat elbowed him in the gut.

"Hey Peeta" they all said in sync.

"Change of plans today, I don't have to work so I can come and train today" he said smiling before kissing Katniss.

"Great" Jackie said. "And what about Marvel?" she said turning to look at Glimmer.

"Heck if I know" she said throwing her arms up in defence. "he barley returns my calls"

"Aw are you and your boy toy fighting" Kat said giving her a pouty face.

"Hell, were always fighting these days"

"Has anybody talked to Thresh lately? I want him to come training tonight, so he can show me some boxing" Jackie said.

"Oh you and Thresh, getting close" Glimmer said as she nudged Jackie with her shoulder.

"No, I just need him for training" she said.

"Hey Foxface!" yelled a voice from the parking lot just a couple of cars over from where they were all standing.

Jackie looked over at Thresh who had called her. "Be right back guys" she said as she ran over to where he was standing with a whole bunch of guys.

"So what time are we all going to go?" Kat said her arm slung around Peeta.

"I was thinking right after school. Say we all meet up there around three?" Clove said as she scrolled though her phone.

"Sounds good to me" she said.

"Whats good?" Jackie said running back up to them.

"Training today. We said we would meet up there around three"

"Okay good. Thresh is going tonight around four so we can stay late"

"Okay" Peeta said before the bell went off.

The gang entered the school, with everybody else saying hi to them as they went.

Marvel came up and kissed Glimmer on the check, her not reacting before he turned to the group.

"Whats happening tonight?" he said.

"Training tonight, were all meeting up at three after school"

"Okay, well I gotta work till eight tonight, will you all still be there?"

"No probably not" Peeta said.

"Okay I'll just come next time"

The sound of the last bell caused students who were still in the hallways to scatter to their classes.

"See you guys in History" Clove said as everybody waved and headed off to their own classes. Clove scurried down the hallways to Science and made in just in time before the teacher shut the door. And once she shut the door there was no chance of you getting in.

Science was a blur. She barley paid attention but at the end of class when the teacher handed out the homework she knew exactly what she had to do. Clove was a smart girl.

When the bell rang Clove hurried out of class, her heels clicking on the floor as she went. She headed up to the second floor and down the hall to math when she heard as if someone was calling her. She spun around her black hair flipping around her. She looked around but know body had called her. Instead she caught the eyes of a tall, blonde muscular guy with blue eyes who stared at her from his group of friends.

Clove quickly turned around and headed down to math. She had never seen that guy before, maybe that was the guy Kat had been talking about, who was new.

Clove sat down in math and text-ed on her phone until the bell rang for class. Just as the teacher was about to close the door the blonde guy ran in.

"Everybody" said Mrs. Cluster. "This is Cato he is new to our class"

Everybody mumbled around them, the girls probably talking about how cute he was.

"Cato just take any seat available" said Mrs. Cluster as she began to write the lessons on the board.

'Please don't sit beside me, please don't sit beside me' Clove mumbled under her breath as Cato headed for the desks. It wasn't that Cato was unattractive, but she knew just by his looks that he was a cocky jock and she didn't want any part in that.

Cato glanced around one more time before taking the seat right next to Clove.

'Perfect' she thought rolling her eyes.

"You're hot" she heard Cato whisper in her ear. She turned around to face him. With his dazzling eyes and a smirk on his face.

"Thanks" she mumbled back trying to focus on the lesson.

"I'm Cato, by the way"

"I know" she said trying not to sound annoyed.

"And you?" he said throwing her a devilish smile.

"Clove" she mumbled.

"Even your name is hot" he said as he turned his head to look at what the teacher was writing, then turned back to her.

"So have any plans after school?" he said.

"Yes" she almost hissed under her breath.

"Feel like changing them?"

"For you, I don't think so" she said being tempted not to slap him in front of the entire class for his cockiness.

"Aw common. Everybody here talks about your group. Your little hot friends. Glimmer, Kat, Jackie and you"

Clove couldn't believe how much he already knew and he had only been here for two periods.

"So no changing plans" he said as he placed his hand on Cloves thigh. Very high up.

"What are you doing?!" Clove hissed as she slapped his hand away.

"Chill crazy" he said as he turned back to the lesson, and suddenly Clove couldn't focus on math anymore.

Math felt like a year to finish as she could feel Cato's eyes on her though her hair that covered her face. And once the bell rang Clove jumped up and flew right out of the class and down the stairs to history.

Clove was panting by the time she got to history, she flew into her desk and waited until the other girls showed up. When they walked into the room Clove jumped up and ran beside them.

"Guys" she said as they all sat at there desks together. "I met the new kid"

"Oh my God! Is he cute? What did he say?" they all squealed.

"Lets just say he made a lasting impression" she said rolling her eyes as she pulled out her notebooks.

Right then Cato walked into the room, he took a look around and found the eyes of Clove. He gave her a devilish look and a wink as he went and sat on the other side of the class.

"OH MY GOD! HE JUST WINKED AT YOU!" Glimmer said trying not to scream with laughing.

"So" Clove said rolling her eyes as she pulled out her phone scrolling though it.

"So? He's like on of the hottest guys in school, he's brand new and he just winked at you!" Kat said.

"Guys he's a complete player" she said going back to her phone.

Jackie turned around and glanced at him before turning back. "I'd play with that" she said smirking.

"Ah, I think we all would" Glimmer said before the girls broke out in laughter. The class turning to look at them. Clove looked up from laughing and caught Cato staring at her bright green eyes.

"Alright class settle down" said Mr. O'Connor as he started the lesson of the day.

The rest of the day went okay. Clove barley eating anything at lunch, as usual. The girls gossiping and the guys hitting on all of them, pretty normal day.

Clove leaned on the hood of Kat's car her black sunglasses on and her black hair spread out around her, as students filled cars and walked home, as the school day ended.

"Finally" Clove said as she spotted Kat with Glimmer and Jackie.

"Sorry, I had to speak with my bio teacher. You ready to go?"

"Yep" she said as she climbed in. "See you guys at the academy"

As Kat got into her car with Clove, and Glimmer with Jackie. The girls pulled away from the parking lot, down the road and onto the highway. The academy was about twenty from the school, hidden inside of old property.

The girls drove down the highway, music blasting, windows down, wind blowing though their hair. Once they got off the highway they pulled onto a dirt road and up to a gate. Kat pulled out a black card from her wallet and scanned it over to scanner. The gates opened up allowing for the girls to drive though. The academy was surround by a forest on the outside. So unless you knew of the academy you would have no idea it even existed.

Kat drove up the path and parked the car. Just as the girls were getting out Glimmer pulled her car in.

"Where's Peeta?" Glimmer said as her and Jackie pulled out there changing clothes from her trunk.

"He's catching a ride with Thresh. He should be here in a hour or so"

The girls grabbed there gear from the car, and headed into the building having to scan there cards to allow access. The girls entered the lobby said hi to the receptionist Laura at the front desk and headed to the elevator to the basement. Once they got there they all changed into shorts and tank tops and with running shoes then went into the gym.

Some students had already arrived, mostly guys but other than that it was empty.

Clove grabbed some knives from the station and aligned up to start throwing.

"Who's that?" Jackie said as she pointed to a group of guys who had there backs turned. There was a tall guy in the middle.

"Never seen him before. Is he new?"

And at that moment the boy turned around facing the girls.


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