The Price of a Flame

Coloring Her World

Summary; She was just a child and he was beyond his limits of drinking. It was all an accident, but everyone must pay for the price of a flame, especially him and it'll take everything he has to win her over again.

Warnings; Child abuse and extreme neglect, alcoholism, and severe angst. This is M for a reason so proceed with caution.

A/N: So this was inspired by a small blurb of a story I found on the internet and I figured I'd apply it to Hetalia because I'm really loving it right now. And I know I don't need another story to work on, but I'm crazy about this idea. I love every moment of it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it of course because I've never really written anything like this before. So please review for me!

It wasn't a very large flame, at least, not at first. It was just a slow burning flame of a fire place, nothing too dangerous. The embers lay dormant beneath the slow burning wood. Though this wouldn't be the case for very long.

It started with the flick of her many small skirts and a small whoosh, but that's all it took for the flare to take hold and spread. It caught on her skirts, but she easily put that out with a few pats from a towel. She discarded it carelessly behind her not thinking. After all she was only a three year old girl, she didn't have a care in the world for messes or fires or anything that didn't revolve around her favorite doll or tea time.

It was only when the booming voice of Ivan, the man of the house considering his father had bailed on them all when he was a young boy, that she thought of her carelessness and apologized to the older and intimidating man. He was drunk as usual and smelled strongly of vodka and sunflowers, which was an odd combination in the eyes of the small girl, but he was mostly nice to her, at least, if ignoring her was nice, and if you knew the man well enough, honestly it was the nicest thing he could do. Needless to say it wasn't the best option to leave a three year old in the care of a drunkard, but it was the only option they really had with an absent mother, non-existent father, and two older siblings of whom weren't exactly related, but what the hell right?

He demanded she go and pluck the burning towel from the fire place which wasn't the brightest idea and even she knew that. She protested and stamped her foot blabbering about how it wasn't safe to do something like that especially with a fire, but he demanded and she never liked it when he got angry.

She slowly shuffled over to the fire and knelt carefully trying to keep the soot from her skirts. Her small eyes reflected the flames and she steadied herself with one hand. One slowly reached out, cautiously, worrying over the flames and their destructive qualities.

The booming voice pushed her to hurry with her actions just as the flames flared flicking at her face. She hissed, but he continued to yell at her, pushing her further into the flames, as her tears sizzled into the blaze. It was so hot. She began to sweat as her small hand burned as she attempted to reach for the charred and smoky tattered towel.

She jerked away from the fire whimpering which was obviously a bad move as she was knocked back into the fire by a large hand. He demanded she get it and stop being such a little bitch. Her tears ran hotter down her face as she winced trying to grab hold of the denigrating rag.

"I can't! I can't! It's too hot." He pressed his hand onto her back pressing her into the fire.

"You can! Don't be a bitch!" He bellowed.

The tears rolling down her face weren't helping her any with her task, but she couldn't help it. She was so scared. He was never this bad. He never hurt her before. She couldn't believe this was happening the way it was.

The flames were licking at her hands and her face. Burning a path against her skin. The clothing catching fire as well. She was so hot. Not even the chilling hand against the small of her back and the other on her bottom pushing her closer to the fire could cool her off even slightly. She tried to grasp at it so many times, but none of it was working. She whimpered in frustration and yelped when a door slammed open and shouting reached her ears.

"God damn it Ivan what the hell are you doing to Natalya?" Katyusha yelled slapping his hands and pulling him off of the small girl.

He stumbled backwards into the wall crashing through it with all of his weight, but she was far from concerned about him or the wall upon seeing the state of her younger half-sister.

"Oh god… Natalya? Are you okay? Baby girl?" She said panicking as she helped her from the fire gasping at the burns. She pulled her phone out and dialed the emergency number.

She glared over at Ivan's form. She wasn't sorry for making him crash through the wall. Just like he wasn't sorry for hurting her sister. She didn't understand why he felt the need to drink all day to the point of idiocy. He wasn't a stupid man, not in the slightest, but he had a problem, a big one, and it was something he needed to fix if he wanted to continue living here.

She sighed and stoked the girl's hair suddenly completely content with her decision to force the girl to put her hair up in the complicated up-do earlier that morning. She hadn't wanted to, but Katyusha insisted and she was so happy that she had. If she hadn't her hair would have been gone as well. She was happy to have saved even the slightest thing for the little girl. She knew this would color her world, but hopefully she'd be okay.

The ambulance was on the way and that was all she could do for her. She prayed the girl wouldn't die from her injuries. She wouldn't be able to handle such a thing, as it is she would have to lie to the authorities about what had happened because she couldn't have Ivan hauled off to jail. She couldn't do that to him, even if he was capable of hurting her, he was drunk. She couldn't hold it against him. She drew in a breath praying everything would be okay.

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