Ok, this is my first fic, so bear with me.


Dan hung up the phone slowly, shocked by the news he had just received. He stared blank-faced at the wall, letting it all sink in. Zack walked out of the kitchen and looked at his father. "Whats wrong dad?" he said, his eyes moving from his fathers face to the phone, then back. His dad shook his head, shaking himself back into reality.

"Its your Aunt," he said, still a little shocked. Zack made a face.

"Which one?" he asked, recalling all of the aunts he had into his mind. Dan wet his lips.

"My sister, your aunt Laura," he said slowly. Zack grew impatient.

"Whats wrong with her?" he asked. Tears began to slowly well up in Dan's eyes. Zack held his breath.

"She. died. She was in a car accident." Zack gasped as he stared at his father, at a loss with words. Finally, something came to his mind.

"Dad, whats gonna happen to Bennen?" Zack asked, thinking of his cousin. Dan calmly looked at Zack. He inhaled deeply, and let it out in a long sigh.

"She's comin' to live with us," he said, smiling slightly through his pain. Zack's jaw dropped.

"Are you serious? We don't have enough room for her! I mean, I love her, but theres no room for a teenage girl here, in our appartment!" Dan tried to hush Zack.

"Zack, shes your cousin. She's got no where else to go, her father left Laura when Benn was born, and Grandma Leah doesn't have a stable home! We have no choice!" Try as Dan might, Zack wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"But we CANT take her dad! Lifes already strange enough as it is!" Dan started to get angry with his sons behavior.

"Zack, shes staying. That's all there is to it." With that, he turned and left, heading off to the store. Zack watched him leave, dumbfounded. When he was gone, he picked up the phone and dialed.

"Cam? Get Spence and come over here, I got a lot to tell you guys," he said to Cam. Cam hung up and called Spence. Zack sat down at the couch in the living room, and stared at the ceiling, waiting for his friends to arrive.

Not too long after, they did. The two walked into the apartment, Spence with his equipment, hoping this would be another 'Zack File', and Cam with his cell at hand. When they noticed the look on Zack's face as they sat down, they could tell he had nothing but 'dreaded' news.

"Whats up Zack man?" Cam asked, his usual award winning grin faded a little on his face. Spence nodded.

"My Aunt died," Zack said, his eyes not looking down from the ceiling. Cam and Spence looked at each other.

"Oh man. Zack, I'm sorry," Spence said comfortingly. Zack looked down at them.

"That's not even the worst part," he said, his eyes growing big. The two looked at him like he was crazy, but waited for what he was about to say. He inhaled and sighed, like his father had, before he went on. "My cousin Bennen is moving in with us. Here, with me, and my dad. In this apartment." The two looked at eachother again, then back to Zack, with confused looks.

"Wow man. I'm, really sorry." Cam said, shrugging his shoulders. Zack looked at them, his eyes bulging.

"Guys! Can you imagine a fourteen year old girl, who I DO NOT get along with very well, moving in with me and my dad?!" he practically screamed to the two. They both leaned back, shocked by Zack. Zack stood up and paced around the room, while continuing to rant. "Not to mention the DOG she has, who's most likely going to move in also, and girls take up so much room! And they hog the bathroom, and talk about stuff in their sleep!" he said, making him seem like a kindergarten boy, who thinks girls have cooties. Cam and Spence looked at eachother with raised eyebrows, both thinking that Zack was making too much of a big deal out of this. Zack looked at them for support, but was not fortunate enough to get it.

"Uh, Zack, maybe you need to have an opened mind about this. I mean, who knows? Maybe she possesses the same unique powers that you do. She is family you know," Spence said, always open for research. Cam grinned.

"Yeah, and maybe she'll be able to help you with your love life. Ya know, give you a, 'Womans View'," he said through a laugh. Zack glared at him.

"I don't think so," he said coldly. "In my opinion, all she is is a hassle. A hassle named Bennen."


Ok! Thats it for now, but theres more to come!