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"Zack, stop fidgeting. Your acting like a child." Zack looked at his father, who had a big smile plastered to his face. He looked over at Cam and Spence, who also wore smiles. He turned back and sighed as he waited.

"Flight 22-3, non stop from London, England has landed. Passengers at gate 12," the woman over the loud speaker said with a peppy tone.

"That's her flight," Dan said, getting excited. After a mere two minutes, which seemed more like two hours to Zack, a girl with long, dark brown hair in ringlets stepped out of the terminal, her dark eyes alive with excitement. She scanned the crowd, waiting. "There she is," Dan said, walking over to her. Cam looked at Zack.

"THAT'S your cousin?" he asked, grinning. Zack shrugged.

"Yeah," he said, as dramatically as ever. Cam and Spence walked over to her, and Zack just sort of slowly slid his way over. Bennen smiled at the four of them all.

"Its so great to see you Benn. You've grown up so much," Dan said kindly. She smiled at him and gave him a hug.

"Thanks Uncle Dan," she said, through a thick British accent. "Zack!" she said, hugging Zack tightly. Zack was shocked, but hugged back anyway.

"Nice seeing you too Benn," he said slowly. "Um, this is Spence and Cam," he said, introducing the two of them.

"Hi," she said with a smile. They both smiled at her back.

"Well, come on, lets go get your things," Dan said, grabbing Bennen's carry- on that she set on the floor. They all walked over to the baggage claim area, Spence and Cam full of questions for Bennen, and Zack bringing up the rear.

They reached the luggage claim in no time. Zack waited by the gates, while the other three went over to help Bennen with her things. 'She's already started to take over my life,' Zack thought, as he watched both Cam and Spence fight over who got to carry the bigger bag. Benn was paying no attention to them though; her eyes were wandering around the airport. She had a look on her face as if she had never been to one in her life. Zack rolled his eyes and figured she was just trying to look cute. Her eyes landed upon him and she smiled, but Zack merely nodded.

After all of her bags were in the hand of someone, (the biggest one in Dan's, who broke the other two up,) the five of them walked to the Pet Center, to pick up Bennens dog. Bennen ran ahead, anxious to see him again.

"Awe, there you are Pulitzer," she said, looking over a counter to a black lab in a kennel. She reached into the pocket of her striped corduroy flares and pulled out a slip of paper, and handed it to the woman behind the counter. The woman smiled and brought the medium sized kennel out, setting it down beside Bennen. Bennen kneeled down and opened the latch, so that she could pet the dog.

"Pulitzer?" Zack said, grinning a bit. Bennen smiled at him and nodded.

"Yes, Pulitzer. It's short for William Randolph Pulitzer the 3rd. You know, the old New York newspaper owner? Created 'The World'? Was beaten by the Newsboys of New York in 1899?" she said, still smiling. Zack raised his eyebrows and nodded bluntly. Spence however, smiled brightly.

"You've seen Newsie?" Benned laughed and nodded.

"It's my favorite movie!" she said, and Spence, happy he had an edge on Cam, grinned wickedly at him. Cam rolled his eyes with a sigh. Dan walked over and picked up Pulitzers kennel with much effort and headed for the exit.

"We better get goin' then, I'm sure Benn want's a little rest from her flight."

"Acctually, I'm fine Uncle Dan. I was hoping Zack might show me around a bit," Bennen said, looking pleadingly at Zack. Zack opened his mouth to protest, but Dan cut him off.

"That is a great idea, isn't it boys? You can show Benn the school, the park, and, uh, all the other exciting things around here," he said, smiling broadly. Cam and Spence nodded, and Zack, looking sultry, shrugged.

They all piled into the mini van outside the airport, Bennen in the middle of Cam and Spence, bombarded by questions, and Zack in the front with his dad. Dan looked at Zack when he was sure the otehrs weren't listening.

"Zack, make and effort. Your cousin is in a very hard time in her life, she needs all the support she can get." Zack looked out the window.

"She doesn't want my support, she wants my life," he muttered under his breath. Dan sighed.

"The least you can do is try."


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