The campers all started to show up at the Mess-Hall for breakfast. The door was locked and the lights were off.

Sayaka: "Hm, that's weird, eh?"

Hagakure: "Has breakfast been cancelled?!"

Mr. Cluck: "Cluck cluck!"

Mondo: " What are we supposed to eat?"

Sayaka: "Well, theres the Monobear shop, right?"

Mondo smiled at Sayaka. "Good thinking. You got a good head on your shoulders there."

Sayaka: "Uh, thanks?"

(Cut to Mondo's Confessional)

Mondo scratched the back of his neck. "So, it finally sunk in that Chihiro is...well a dude. At first, I didn't really understand I guess...Just didn't make sense to me...and ya know, I'm a straight dude. Yeah, Chihiro is pretty and all, but I can't hit that knowing it's a offense to the homosexuals. So, I decided to put the moves on Sayaka."

(Cut back to Mess-Hall.)

Leon stood in between them. "Well, let's go get food at the Monobear shop, eh?"

Kirigiri: "..Wait. Shouldn't we question where Monobear is? It's kind of weird isn't it?"

Mukuro: " We should go and check his cabin."

Junko: "Or we cannot? He's not here so who cares? Let's just go back to our cabins and take the day off from his stupid challenges."

Mukuro: "..I-I guess we should do that…"

Togami:" Well, I'll be going then. No reason to be here."

Kirigiri: "Aren't you curious?"

Togami: "No, not particularly."

Ishimaru: "How are you not curious?! Our head counselor has dissappeared and there is no breakfast!"

Togami: " Oh wow, I'm not getting my Grade E quality eggs and bacon. I'm going to really suffer." Togami said sarcastically.


Mondo stepped in. "Well, since the stuffed bear seems to be gone, why don't we have a party at the cabin, tonight?"

Togami: "I don't party with lower class citizens."

Mondo: "Lower class?! You have something to fucking say, rich-boy?"

Mondo butted his head against Togami, his pompadour pushed above Togami's hair.

Togami: "Yes, you're breath smells."

Mondo raised his fist. "Ya know, someone really has to kick your ass-"

Sayaka grabbed his arm. "Mondo!"

Mondo: "Eh?"

Sayaka shook her head no. "Don't fight with's pointless."

Togami chuckled and backed away from Mondo. "I'll be returning to my room then."

Junko: "I second that." Junko walked off.

Kirigiri: "Well, Anyone who want's to find out what's going on can come with me…"

Mostly everyone walked off awkwardly to attend to whatever, leaving Kirigiri with Ishimaru and Mukuro.

Ishimaru gave a salute to Kirigiri. " Let's find out what's going on, shall we?!"

(Cut to Ishimaru's Confessional)

Ishimaru: "I will not rest until our Head Counselor is found!"

(Cut to Mukuro's Confessional)
Mukuro: "...I feel really out of place around here. Maybe it's because I'm more quiet around everybody...or I'm just too tense around everybody? I think I'm going to get along with Kirigiri and Ishimaru though, so I'm going to tag along…"

(Cut back to Camp.)

Hagakure was on his bed, looking into his Crystal ball.

Leon: "So, uh, I have to say, I haven't noticed you take a shower on the island yet."

Hagakure: "Huh? I can't get my dreads wet man."

Leon: "So, you haven't taken a shower since you got here?"

Hagakure: "No, no, man, I've showered...but I just didn't want you guys to see me in my shower cap is all."

Leon: " Hehe, a shower cap?"

Hagakure suddenly shot up from his bed. "Oh no! DOOM!"

Togami woke up to Hagakure's scream and looked down, angrily. " What is your problem?!"

Hagakure: " I'm seeing something very bad for all of us! Our futures are tainted with blood!"

Leon: "Uh...Kind of creepy, what do you mean?"

Hagakure: "I don't know man! My reading is cloudy right now! Mr. Cluck!"

Mr. Cluck was on the bed, and turned to attention, leaping up into Hagakure's hair.

Hagakure busted open the door. "I'll be back."

Leon: "How terminator of you."

(Cut to Hagakure's Confessional)

Hagakure: " Something is going to happen tonight! I know it!"

(Cut to Pathway to Monobear Shop.)

Mondo, Chihiro and Sayaka were walking towards the shop to pick up supplies for the party.

Mondo: "This party is gonna be bitching. Ever been to an Oowada party?"

Sayaka: "No, I haven't."

Mondo: "Oh yeah, you'd be at one of those high end parties, wouldn't ya?"

Sayaka: "...No...not all the time." Sayaka blushed.

Mondo chuckled. "It's okay to admit it!" Mondo put his arm around Sayaka and she looked uncomfortable.

(Cut to Leon, Looking out his cabin window and seeing them.)

Leon: " he didn't."

(Cut to Leon's Confessional)

Leon: "Who does he think he is?! Moving in on Sayaka?!"

(Cut back to Pathway.)

Sayaka pushed away, fake giggling. "Right...Well I'm sure you'll throw a great one tonight."

Mondo: "Huh? Chihiro, what's wrong?" Sayaka turned forward and saw Chihiro in front of the door of the Monobear Shop.

Chihiro looked down at the paper, which hadn't been taken inside yet.

Chihiro: "K-k-k….killer?!"

Mondo and Sayaka both moved to see the paper.

On the cover, it said Serial Killer Near Wawanakwa island escapes.

(Cut to Monobear's Confessional)

Monobear: "Upupupu! Well, now you know what this episode is about! Our campers are going to survive a fake serial killer attack! The last one standing will win the challenge for their team! Who's excited?! I know I am, Upupupu!"

(Cut to Woods.)

Kirigiri, Mukuro, and Ishimaru were walking through the woods.
Kirigiri: "I believe we're lost."

Ishimaru was leading the way. "There's no way! I'm an eagle scout, and I could never lead us on the wrong path!"

Kirigiri: "Well, it was supposed to be a half an hour walk to his cabin...You've made it an hour walk."

Ishimaru: " Timing can be off!"

Kirigiri: "...We've passed this tree twice already…"

Ishimaru: "O-okay..Maybe we're lost then!"

Mukuro: "...I noticed awhile ago...but I didn't want to discourage you."

Ishimaru turned to Mukuro. " If you noticed, you should have brought it to my attention! Do not be afraid to speak up, even if it would cause me painful embarrassment!"

Mukuro smiled. "O-..Okay."

The three of them all suddenly turned to a rustle in the bushes.

Mukuro:" What was that?!"

Ishimaru: "Do not be afraid!"

Kirigiri calmly walked over to the bush and picked a bunny up. " Of this?"

Ishimaru, who was obviously tense, calmed down. " Great work, Kirigiri! You really pulled through for the team!"

Kirigiri: "Thanks…"

(Cut to Screaming Gopher's Cabin.)

The newspaper was layed out on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around.

Sayaka: "This can't be serious…"

Chihiro had his head in his hands. "But what if it is? I mean...Monobear and Jin are nowhere to be found…"

Junko: "Oh please...That stupid bear is just trying to get to us. It's a fake."

Celes: "Are there even prisons on the mainland near the island?"

Sayaka: "Guys, haven't you seen horror movies? This is how they always start out…"

Mondo put a hand on her shoulder. "Well, if there really is a killer on the loose, then we'll all just hold up in the cabin tonight! It's almost night time anyhow, and we were going to have a party anyways."

Togami stood up. "Count me out. This is crap, so I'll be returning to my cabin."

Celes: "Well, if it's true, you'll be the first to die."

Togami opened the door and stepped out. "One can only hope."

Sayaka moved to avoid Mondo's hand, and Leon moved closer, glancing at Mondo.

Leon: " Uhm, we're missing Hagakure by the way…"

Sayaka: "Where did he go?"

Leon: "He left the cabin, claiming he saw blood in all of our future's."

Mondo: "We're also missing the 3 goody goodies who went searching for the bear."

Celes: "They left early this morning...they should have been back by noon…"

Chihiro: "No way...No no way…"

Mondo: "Hey, Don't worry! I'm sure they're fine. Ishimaru is a real strong dude, and he's my bro. He'd be fine."

Chihiro: "R-right...but what if something really bad happened?"

Mondo: " They're probably missing as part of Monobear's plan...don't worry about it kid. Now, who wants to party?"

Junko opened a soda. "Well, I guess we should have some fun while the bear's away."

Mondo: "See, thats the spirit!"

Leon and Sayaka looked to each other, worried.