It was just a job, she told herself. Just reconnaissance. She shouldn't feel guilty, or dirty about what she was doing. Observe the mutant. Those are the words Stryker had told her, blunt as they were. Observe the mutant, and your sister walks free. It was an easy deal; she just had to keep tabs on this one particular man until he returned to Stryker's commands.

And now that he had finally been located, it was going to be an easy job. Nothing more than watching his movements, staying out of sight, and reporting back to Stryker when the time came.

Kayla Silverfox sat behind a small, wooden teacher's desk. It was her alias for her time in the small Rockies community. A good one, at that. She had to hand it to him; Stryker didn't leave anything up to chance. A young girl, a fresh face to the workplace, she definitely wouldn't stand out here. And with such a small town, there was no need for her to get to know the man she was required to watch, just keep Stryker updated, let him know if he moved.

While she would never claim that Stryker was the one to have caused the damage, it was very convenient that three trees had fallen on the school's small playground the day before she began "working". With this man, Logan, working as a lumberjack in the town, it seemed much too coincidental for her. A knock rattled her door, startling the young woman out of her daze.

"Miss Silverfox?" an older woman asked, smiling gently

"Kayla, please." She responded, returning the woman's smile.

"Alright, Kayla. The workers for the lumberyard are here, and the principal would like everyone to recognize their faces, so that there aren't any strangers on the perimeter.

She nodded, following the woman outside. The trees had mauled the playground, and it was quite a devastation to see. It wasn't just a little sprout that fell; the trees were large. The lumbermen were hauling their tools and trucks as close to the trees as they could get. All of them men, and all of them had the same look about them. But there was one man, one man that caught her attention. His shoulders were a little broader, his arms a little thicker, and dog tags resting on his neck. "Who's that?" She asked the woman standing next to her, pointing at the man.

"Oh darling, don't go there. He's never been seen outside of his job. He doesn't speak to anyone but the men he works with. Never been late a day in his life, but he's not one for talking."

Her brow furrowed, she needed to know if this was the man. His posture and frame seemed the same, but she couldn't see his face. Casually, carefully, she put her hand on the woman's arm. "But really, what's his name?"

"Logan." She answered with a smile, turning her back and returning to the school building. So there he was, the infamous member of Team X, the one she was supposed to watch. And he was just a few feet away from her. She had to have a plan. Apparently, he didn't do anything but work, so she'd have to find a way on her drive to the school that passed by the lumberyard, just to keep her tabs on him. She wasn't risking losing her sister, not for something so trivial. She would stay out of his life, out of his way.

Kayla had no intentions of intervening with Logan's life at all – she would just be a new face in the crowd, a new wanderer. But never anything more than that.

But fate had a different plan for her.

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