How the hell he appeared at her door so quickly, she'd never understand. Kayla had only just finished unpacking the small amount of clothing and housewares she had. But as she left her small abode for work, the less-than-friendly face of her employer greeted her. "Good morning Miss Silverfox."

"Stryker." She responded, smiling graciously in his direction. For all she cared, the man could fall off of a cliff, and she would care less. She had no positive feelings towards the man at all. The only reason she had gotten involved in his scheming was to free her sister. His plans were devilish, made her sick to her stomach, and Kayla refused to let her sister be a part of them any longer than she had to be.

"You look lovely as ever, Miss Silverfox." He sneered. She could have sworn she heard sarcasm on his voice. "But we have a bit of an… issue. We don't know if your powers of persuasion are going to work on Mr. Logan. So before the day is over, you're going to have to figure that out, and give us a buzz." He left no time for a retort, turning on his heels, he retreated to his car.

But she would do it. She had to. Emma's life depended on it, she refused to allow her sister to stay in that hell-hole she was in forever. No matter what Stryker said, she was not safe, she was not happy, and Kayla was her only chance at freedom.

She would make contact today; she had to. Emma's life depended on it. There was no telling the things that Stryker would do if his needs weren't met. And besides, she wasn't going to kill him, just see if her gift would work on him. God only knew that it would make this job a hell of a lot easier on her, but she refused to get her hopes up. The drive to the school didn't last nearly as long as she would have liked. How was she going to do this? How in the world would she find a situation where she could place a hand on his arm and command him to do something. She couldn't overstep her bounds but at the same time, Emma's safety was at stake.

Luckily for her, she was one of the first of the teachers to arrive. The lumberjacks were already there, and chopping away at the trees. She wasn't an expert at log cutting, but she definitely thought that it wouldn't take as long as it did. Dropping her bags onto the desk, Kayla fished around for a water bottle. It was the best idea that she had. Completely harmless. No one in his or her right mind would suspect anything other than perhaps casual flirting. And even then, she could claim innocence. She was simply a kind-hearted young woman that was new to town, and wanted to make some friends.

There wasn't much chatter between the men as they worked, nothing more than the sound of metal against wood, and the grunts of the men hauling the timber to the trucks. She stood around for a moment, pretending to be engrossed in the way that the school building had been made. Logan walked by, axe in tow. "Hi!" Kayla said happily, flitting over to where he was. She did her very best to look as innocent and matronly as possible. "I thought you might like a water bottle! Heaven only knows how hot you all get doing this manual work." She smiled, handing the water bottle in his direction.

She was not expecting what happened next.

Their eyes met, and she was taken aback. She could see the years in his eyes, the terror that he must have seen. His eyes were so old, so soft, and yet the rest of him was young and rugged. He was beautiful, everything about him screamed innocence. This couldn't possibly be the man that Stryker was looking for. His appearance did not match the horror stories that she had heard. "No thank you, Miss…?"

"Silverfox." She spluttered. "Kayla Silverfox."

"I don't think I've ever seen you around. New in town?"

"Mhmm." She said, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks. "Just moved in last week."

"Welcome to town then. But no thank you." Logan slung the axe over his shoulder, beginning to walk away from her.

"Wait!" She said, grabbing his arm. "Please, you'll need it more than I will. Just take it." Kayla smiled at him, regaining her ground

"I'll be alright, really." He said, turning his back and returning to work.

Embarrassed, flustered, worried, Kayla retreated back inside. Slumping down at her desk, she sighed.

What in the world am I supposed to do now?

((okay, so another short one, but idk. i rushed this one out because i just needed them to meet, so i can get to the good stuff. i haven't decided if i wanna go AU with this, or make it horribly painfully sad. suggestions?))