Author's Notes: neither of the characters are named, but they still aren't mine. Archive if you like, although I do believe an older version of this is archived under "Poem, untitled". You know me and titles... ;)

Winter Knight

by Eve

I first loved you, half in shadows

while you outshone the moonlight

pale, and cold

the kiss of snow on my cheeks and lips

like your touch

so gentle

so chill

your look all the warmth I needed

in that winter night

I barely even noticed

that your breath did not frost the windowpane

or melt the snowflakes

as they floated down

we are all

so insubstantial

so mortal

but you alone remain

in all your gilded guilt

and glory

your beauty

preserved in ageless amber

seeing you, I understand

Lucifer, golden among angels

before he