V.E.: Okay, I must be insane to be writing this! I have so many projects going on right now it isn't funny! But I've had this idea floating around my mind for a while that I just couldn't resist. This is my first time writing in the Star Ward universe, so please do not review me too harshly.

One thing I am not looking forward to is writing Yoda speak. This is the time travel portion of the story, covering Ashoka with the first trilogy. So definitely seeing some son and apprentice bonding.

Basically this happens after Ashoka leaves the order. It's just too much of a tempting idea to have her do time travel, as over done and cliche idea that is.

Disclaimer: I don't own this franchise. Disney does and I will never be rich enough to buy it or them crazy enough to sell it.

Even hours after her goodbyes with her master, Ahsoka still kept walking throughout the city planet of Coruscant, her thoughts were going around in circles even after night fell. Everything felt so surreal it was the only thing she felt she could do.

Everything she had ever been, everything she had ever known and trusted…..she had just walked away from it. Though she still carried her light sabers, her braid was gone and she no longer called herself a Padawan.

She felt herself grunt as she recalled the Council's 'apologies'.

It's not like I could stay. The Council didn't trust me, only Anakin tried to help me.

Then her find flashed to Bariss' confession.

Bariss….I don't understand why you framed me, but I think I'm starting to understand your words. The Jedi are not what they used to be.

Still, it begged the question of what she was going to do now. Growing up with the Jedi had certainly taken a lot of things away from her a normal person would have experienced and known.

If anything else, she suppose she could try and do what Ventress did; use whatever Force techniques she had and become a bounty hunter. At the very least, she wouldn't be the strangest person to do so.

Note to self: If I ever see Ventress again, apologize. After all, she did help Anakin clear my name.

As a matter of fact, those Force senses were still there and pretty alert as she felt a disturbing dark chill stop her, as if something was watching her.

She turned around sharply, realizing she was in a dark alley and a part of the City she hadn't been too familiar with. For some reason, she felt inclined to stay where she was.

"Who goes there?!"

Nothing was responding, but her instincts were telling her that she was still being watched. Igniting her sabers, she carefully crept around the alley.

I know something's here. Why don't I see it?

After a few moments, she felt her muscles relax even though her mind was still suspicious.


Which turned out to be a big mistake as she felt clubbed from the behind and she slipped into black unconsciousness, her body caught by unfamiliar toned arms.

Ahsoka felt her eyes flutter tentatively and then finally stay open as her jaw dropped while examining her surroundings.

She was standing in the middle of what must have been the blackest of space, the swirls of the galaxies around her. Millions of stars twinkled and passed through her, as if she was nothing more than an illusion. It felt like she was at the center of the whole universe, the Force present in this place more powerful than she had ever felt before.

She took a few tentative steps, somehow stepping on an invisible black floor. Glancing at her hands, it seemed as if her orange had turned light blue and transparent as a Force ghost.

She turned her head side to side, confusion the only thing she could feel at this moment.

"Where am I?"

A calm, wise, and powerful voice answered her. One she had heard before.

"You are at the far planes of the Force, Ahsoka Tano."

Ahsoka turned around to find the speaker. She was a beautiful human like woman, but the Togruta wouldn't have called her that. Her skin glowed white as her gold and white dress, her height towering over Ahsoka. Her green hair drew attention to her golden head piece.

Ashoka would have known her anywhere.

"Daughter! How are you…?"

Daughter held up her pale glowing hand, silencing the ex Padawan.

"I have always been with you Ahsoka. Ever since Mortis, when my power was transferred to save you, a portion of me remained within you. I have watched you fight and grow as you have proved to the Force again and again your strength and courage."

She should have felt at the woman's words, but all Ahsoka could feel was shame as her face lowered..

"But, I am no longer a Jedi. Why would the Force care about me now?"

Daughter noticed her doubt and came closer to the young girl, tilting her head back up.

"Ahsoka, surely you have learned that the Force works through other ways than the Jedi? All living beings are products of the Force, each action is a will. The Force watches, it observes. And it chooses to use the most unimaginable people to show its will."

She stared right into the goddess like being and saw only affection and understanding there, and she felt her sadness and doubt lessen.

Eventually, Daughter continued.

"And I tell you the truth, you would not be able to do what is to come if you were still the Chosen One's Padawan."

Ahsoka's eyes grew focused as Anakin was mentioned.

"What do you mean?"

Daughter removed her hand from Ahsoka's face as her face grew grave.

"The Force has a mission for you Ahsoka."

Ashoka's face narrowed in confusion.

"A mission? What kind of mission?"

Daughter's face seemed guarded before a few moments past before revealing the truth.

"Ashoka, the galaxy is in grave danger. You know of the Sith."

Ahsoka nodded her head.

"Dooku and his supposed master. But I don't understand what the Force wants me to do. I mean…"

Daughter's look stopped the Togruta's words.

"My death has given the Dark Side strength. If things keep going as they are, this war will be lost and the Sith will reign."

Ahsoka was still confused and responded.

"I know the Republic is not what it was, but surely it isn't that bad?"

Daughter's face was graver than ever.

"Oh Ahsoka, you have no idea how far it has fallen. Your trial is just one of many instances. It may be too late to save it and the Order."

The Togruta felt herself come breathless. How could it be? Everything she had ever known….Master Anakin, Master Yoda, Master Obi Wan, Master Plo Koon. However angry she was at the Order, she would never want it destroyed. It was her home for so long!


"I can't tell you. That is something you must discover for yourself."

Ahsoka took a deep breath before she steadied herself.

"What is this mission?"

"A last hope. The Force will send you to a place beyond this present. There is someone who needs you, a person you are meant to meet. You are to aid and teach this person while learning all you can in return. Where you will be sent is not a peaceful place and the Force cannot guarantee your return. Even then, you must face a difficult decision."

Ahsoka took this news all in, her mind reeling.

Daughter spoke again.

"But you can stay in this present, living the life you would have lived from this point on. You don't have to do this Ashoka."

For a few minutes or perhaps a few hours, Ahsoka simply stood there before she steeled herself.

"I will go."

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I may not be a Jedi, but if this is the Force's will I won't ignore it."

Daughter was still for some time before she smiled.

"So much of what we are Ahsoka Tano is what we choose to be and do. Good luck child. No matter what the Council may say of you, you are indeed a true Jedi."

The woman touched her hand to Ahsoka's forehead.

"This will be the last time we will speak for a long time. And when you meet this person….

Ahsoka's blue eyes met her green eyes, so full of knowledge and secrets that softened.

"Know that there is no such thing as a coincidence."

Just Ahsoka was about to question that sentence, everything went bright and she knew only darkness once more.