Alright, so here is my first Twister fanfic. This is one of my all time favorite movies, I've seen it like over a thousand times.

This will be a Twister/Web Shows crossover with two different characters. For all you fans of Pewdiepie, he will be playing Bill Harding's role, only his name stays as Felix Kjellberg. In this story, Felix will be older, just imagine him being 36 years old. ;) And instead of being a famous YouTuber, because YouTube did not exist in 1996, he is a storm chaser with hopes of becoming a weather man.

For Jo's last name, it will be Kjellberg instead of Harding. She will be a year younger than Felix, making her 35.

For the role of Dr. Melissa Reeves, she will be replaced by Marzia Bisognin. (Did I spell her last name right?) She will be playing as a young reproductive therapist from Italy who is Felix's fiancée, but technically Jo and Felix are still married and are in the process of getting a divorce. Marzia will be younger than Felix at 26 years old. All other characters remain the same and maybe, Maya the pug might make an appearance. :)

*I do NOT own Twister, it is owned by director Jan de Bont and Warner Bros.*

With that being said, please enjoy! ^_^

June, 1969

The night was hot and a storm was approaching towards a small farmhouse in Norman, Oklahoma. Thunder roared and lightning tore across the night sky. It was late June and definitely tornado season.

Downstairs in the kitchen, the farmer, and the owner of the farmhouse was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee. The thundering and lightening continued and in the living room, he could hear the weather report on the small television set. The words TORNADO WARNING were written in bold lettering across the screen.

Walking out the kitchen, he took a sip of his coffee and turned his attention to the news report. The weather man was issuing a tornado warning for all counties.

-"Tornado warning continues now and has been extended officially right now. They've extended it for all Oklahoma counties. There calling for all of Oklahoma but right now-"

As a big strike of lightning tore through the night sky, the farmers attention was turned towards the window. His eyes grew wide in horror and he hurried upstairs to wake his wife up.

In another bedroom, a small girl of about five years old was fast asleep when all of a sudden, the loud roar of thunder woke her up. She looked out the window to see a flash of lightning light up the night.

"Jo," the mother said, opening the door to the bedroom. "Come on."

Jo looked over at her mother who hurried into the room. "What is it mommy?" she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Come on sweetie, let's get up, come on," the mother replied. She held out her arms and picked up Jo from the bed. "It's okay, honey, mama's got you."

At that moment, Jo's father ran into the bedroom with a panicked look on his face.

"We need to get down to the storm cellar right now!" he exclaimed.

"What's happening?" Jo cried out, feeling scared.

"Let's go, let's go!" the father said. "Come on honey, hurry!"

"Mommy, what is it?" Jo asked.

"Don't be scared Jo," the mother said, hugging her. "Mama's got you, mama's got you."

Together, the three of them hurried down the stairs, holding each other's hands.

"TV says it's big," the father said. "Might be an F5."

"Okay we're goin' to the storm cellar, Jo," the mother said.

Jo could feel the panic rise within her. "Toby!" she yelled out, calling for her dog who was still upstairs. "Toby, Toby, Toby!"

From upstairs, Toby could hear Jo calling his name. Jumping off the bed, he ran downstairs after his family and began to bark. Outside, the wind blew ferociously as the family hurried to the storm cellar that was across the yard.

"Hurry we gotta move!" the father yelled out over the howling wind. "Hand Jo to me!"

"Toby!" Jo screeched.

The father took his daughter in his arms and they ran as fast as they could across the yard. Out of nowhere, a lightning strike hit a tree just across the yard from them. The tree burst into flames, falling to the ground.

"Oh my Lord!" Jo's mother yelled.

"Come on!" the father yelled above the deafening roar of the wind.

"Ok, we're almost there, we're almost there!" the mother yelled, as they ran faster.

Reaching the cellar door, the father hurried to open it. "Here take Jo, I gotta get the door!" he shouted. He opened the heavy cellar down and Jo's mother pushed her daughter towards the stairs.

"Get in Jo!" the mother shouted

"Toby!" Jo screamed, as she hurried into the cellar. "Toby!"

"Hurry, it's coming!" the father yelled, struggling to hold the door open.

As all three of them got into the cellar, the father closed the door. At that moment, Toby ran up to the door and began to bark as loudly as he could.

"Daddy, daddy, Toby's still outside!" Jo whined.

Jo's father hurried to open the cellar door for the dog. "Hurry Toby, get in here, come on boy!" he yelled.

The small dog ran down the stairs of the cellar and over to Jo. "Oh it's okay, Toby," she said. Bending down, she held the dog close to her.

The father closed the door, locking it securely. The wind began to make a roaring sound.

"Grab Jo, honey," the father called from the doorway.

"Daddy!" Jo cried.

Jo's father walked away from the door and over to his wife and daughter. They sat on a small bench against the brick wall, listening to the sounds of the wind. As the wind got stronger, the cellar door began to shake and the dog barked and growled.

"Take Jo," the father said, heading for the door.

Grabbing the handle, he held the door so it wouldn't open and be ripped off it's hinges. He began to struggle as the wind from outside became more and more violent.

"Oh, God!" he exclaimed. "Ohhhh GOD!" He looked over at his wife and child. "I can't hold it! Oh! Jesus, oh God!"

From the bench, Jo's mother looked over in complete shock at her husband struggling with the door.

"I can't hold it anymore!" he yelled out above the roar of the wind of the approaching F5 tornado. "Oh God! I can't hold it anymoreeee! NO, NO!"

In one blinding second, the cellar door was ripped off the hinges while Jo's father still held on. His screams of terror echoed throughout the cellar as he was picked up and swept into the tornado, disappearing from sight.

"Nooooo!" the mother screamed out.

"Daddy, daddy!" Jo screamed, running for the door. "Daddy!"

"Jo!" the mother yelled. Grabbing her daughter, she held onto her tight. "Oh God, no! Stay with me Jo! Stay here!"

"No, daddy!" Jo screeched out.

The mother held onto Jo for dear life as the wind blew all around the cellar, and in horror, they watched the F5 tornado from outside. With tears streaming down her face, Jo continued to yell and scream for her father, but deep down, she knew he was gone forever...

Poor Jo. :'( The ending to that scene always gives me goosebumps.

Don't worry, Pewds will appear in the next chapter. :)