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Chapter 7
Felix's Confession

As the day went on, the sky got darker even though it was only two in the afternoon. The team followed Jo and Felix to the spot where they were sure that the tornado would eventually touch down.

Felix looked at the clouds. "We're going to have to get off of this road," he said quietly.

Jo looked over at Felix. "What?" she asked. "This is no time for guessing..."

"I'm not guessing, just make a right turn, trust me," he interrupted.

"Do you wanna drive?" Jo asked.

He sighed. "Just turn!" Felix demanded.

Jo rolled her eyes and obeyed Felix's command. She turned sharply down the next road with the rest of the crew following behind. On the other team, Eddie watched as Jo's team turned onto the next road.

"Do we follow?" Eddie asked.

Jonas looked out the window. "We do not," he replied.

Eddie and the rest of Jonas' crew continued driving down the road, past Jo's team.

In Sanders truck, Rabbit looked through all road maps, trying to find the name of the road that they were on.

Sanders chuckled. "What are you doing, man?" he asked, grinning.

Rabbit sighed and reached behind the seat for another map. "I don't know," he said. "I'm trying to find the name of this road. It's like 'Bob's Rd,'" he added sarcastically and Sanders laughed once more.

Over the radio, they heard Joey and Laurence.

"We've got a touchdown!" Joey announced.

"We got a touchdown, touchdown, tornado is on the ground!" Laurence radioed. "Looks like it's coming down route 33."

"Jo, we're on 33," Felix said.

"What's the path?" Jo asked Laurence.

"Uh, it's going about 35 miles an hour," Laurence replied.

A few cars back, Laurence and Rabbit looked around for the tornado but could not spot it's location.

"Do you see it?" Rabbit asked Sanders.

"I cannot see it," Sanders replied, looking around "Where is it? Hello?"

"Where are you guys looking?" Rabbit radioed.

Felix looked around. "Where, where, where?" he asked.

"Direction Rabbit," Jo radioed.

Rabbit looked at the map. "North, northeast!" he replied. "North, northeast, you copy!"

"Shit, it's coming right at us," Felix said.

"Uh, actually, she's gone vertical, gone vertical," Laurence announced. "This sucker is really starting to gain strength!"

Jo looked at the clouds which were now dark and ominous. "Do you see it?" she asked.

"No, I don't see it at all," Felix said. He grabbed the radio mic. "Beltzer, we don't have a visual, I repeat, we do not have a visual, help us out, here!" he said.

"Where is it?" Jo asked, looking around.

"Yeah, I got it Felix." Beltzer said. "It's the best motion I've ever seen! It's like the base of this fatty is over a half a mile wide!"

"Rabbit?" Felix radioed.

"If your going east on 7, it should be coming right over that hill in a matter of minutes!" he replied.

"This is the one, man," Sanders said. "I feel it..."

"It has to be around here somewhere," Felix said.

Jo leaned forward and looked at the darkened sky. "Maybe it stalled," she suggested.

Felix shook his head and looked at the hill ahead of them where the clouds were now black with a tint of dark green. "No, I think Rabbit is right," he said. "It's gonna show it's ugly face right over that hill." He looked over at Jo. "What do you think?" he asked her.

"Are you gonna go for it, Jo?" Dusty radioed.

"Jo?" Felix said. "It's now or never."

Jo picked up the radio mic. "Time for deployment guys, let's do it," she announced.

Continuing on down the road, Jo and the team crossed a small bridge just as the hail started to fall.

"Okay, we got hail," Felix said.

"Hail," Jo announced. "We got hail!"

The team slowed down as Felix and Jo went on ahead. They stopped on the side of the road to set up the camera's and other equipment.

"Upflow, Beltzer, we have upflow, copy!" Jo announced.

"Yeah, Jo, I'm checkin' it, I'm checkin' it, she's almost up!" he radioed back.

"Felix, right now, this is it!" Jo said.

"I'll get Dorothy ready," he said.

Climbing into the back seat, Felix slid open the back window and climbed out onto the truck bed. Hail began to hit his arms, hurting him.

"Ow, shit!" he cried out, grabbing his injured arm.

Back at the team's base camp, Dusty ran over to Beltzer as the hail continued.

"Do you see him?" Dusty asked. "Do you see him?!"

"What?" Beltzer asked.

"The red truck going right towards the core!" Dusty shouted.

"No!" Beltzer replied.

"He's not talking about Felix is he?!" Marzia demanded.

As Jo kept driving, the tornado touched down on the hill.

"Are you okay?!" Jo asked.

Felix leaned in through the back window. "I'm alright, just keep going!" he replied.

Flipping some switches, Dorothy turned on and the sirens began to go off on the weather device.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team had turned on the camera's and they started to film the tornado from a distance.

"Hey, Beltzer, we got a view!" Dusty shouted.

"Yeah I can see it!" Beltzer replied. "Alright, I got it! That's no moon, it's a space station, whoo!"

Farther down the radio, Jo drove faster as stuff began to fly through the air.

"Debris, we have debris!" she announced.

In the back of the truck, Felix began to struggle with the straps attached to Dorothy. "Damn it, kom igen, kom igen!" he exclaimed, shouting in Swedish. He turned on the last of the switches. "Okay, all set!" he shouted.

The tornado touched down several times in the same spot as Dusty stood there, filming it in pure awe.

"They're in the bear cage!" Dusty shouted with excitement. "Oh my God, oh my God!" He turned around and grabbed Marzia, pushing her towards the camera. "Marzia, look at this!" he exclaimed. "Take a peek!"

"No, I don't want to!" Marzia shouted.

"You can really feel it with a telephoto lens!" Dusty told her.

Soaked with the rain, Marzia looked at him in disbelief. "No!" she argued.

"Oh come on what's the matter?!" Dusty asked. "What's wrong, Marzia?!"

"You people are all crazy do you know that?!" Marzia shouted. "This, all of this, is just insane!"

"What?!" Dusty asked in disbelief.

"Dusty, are you set up yet!" Jo radioed. "We're not leaving until we get this!"

"And she's the craziest one of them all!" Marzia shouted, referring to Jo. "She's putting Felix's life in danger with this goddamn bullshit!"

Running over to Beltzer's van, Dusty watched in disbelief as Marzia grabbed the radio mic in a frenzy, and she began to yell and shout at Jo. Beltzer and Rabbit stared at her, thinking that the young Italian woman was beginning to lose her mind.

"Tutto questo, è tutto stronzate cosa stai facendo!" she screamed into the radio in Italian over the deafening roar of the wind. "Il tuo tutti pazzi!"

Back on the hill, Felix continued to get Dorothy ready to be deployed and inside the truck, he could faintly hear Jo yelling about something over the radio. He began to struggle to get back to the window as a tree branch flew by, hitting him on his arm.

"Okay, she's almost ready!" Felix shouted to Jo.

"Hold on!" she called back. "We're almost there, we're almost there!"

Out of nowhere, a fishing boat flew through the air, narrowly missing the truck as Jo continued on down the road.

"Whoa!" Felix exclaimed, as he watched the boat fly through the air. Turning around, he looked down the road and noticed that Jo was driving dangerously close to the top of the hill where the tornado was. "Stop, this is fine!" he yelled.

"It could shift, we gotta get a little closer, just a little more closer!" Jo called back.

"Stop, Jo!" Felix cried out.

Just as a tricycle crashed against the windshield, Jo slammed on the brakes. "Alright that's close enough." she said.

From the back of the truck, Felix was thrown forward, and he smashed his head against the window.

Felix jumped off the back of the truck. "Okay hurry!" he shouted, as Jo hurried out of the vehicle. "Get the tailgate!"

"You got it?!" she asked.

"Yeah, she's all set, help me get her down!" Felix replied. "Hurry!"

Opening the tailgate, Jo and Felix struggled to get Dorothy onto the road as the tornado loomed overhead on the hill.

"Let's go!" Jo shouted.

Trying to unhook the straps on Dorothy, they watched as the tornado created a giant fire ball at the base of the funnel which created an explosion.

"Oh my God, Felix, we gotta hurry!" Jo screamed out above the deafening roar of the wind.

"Damn!" Felix exclaimed. "We gotta go now!"

"We can do this!" Jo yelled to him. "Come on, come on!"

"Shit, it's stuck!" Felix shouted, as he tried to unhook the straps.

Up on the hill, the tornado turned towards the line of telephone wires. The poles began to shake and spark, and the one right above Jo and Felix sparked and began to fall.

"Felix!" Jo shouted, as he grabbed her.

"Get down, look out!" he shouted, pulling her away from the truck. "Come on, hurry!"

Jo screamed as the telephone pole fell onto the truck, knocking Dorothy onto the road, and the sensors spilled all over ground.

Suddenly, the tornado subsided and the wind and rain stopped. All that remained was an eerie silence as Jo and Felix looked around.

"Where did it go?" Felix asked. "Where is it?"

Back at Beltzer's truck, he began to push all the keys on the computer as the information on the radar disappeared.

"What's goin' on?" he asked in disbelief. "Oh, I don't believe this! What the hell?"

"What does the Doppler say?" Rabbit called out.

Preacher looked up into the sky. "It's the cone of silence..." he said, as a look of horror crossed over his face.

"Jo, Felix, it's over!" Beltzer radioed. "The thing was stable, and-and-and then-then it's... it's gone!"

From the hill, they heard a rumble of thunder followed by a low roar of the wind which meant that the tornado would appear out of nowhere any minute.

"It's back building!" Jo exclaimed.

"It's not through yet," Felix replied. Turning, he looked back at the clouds which had began to swirl. "Your right, it's back building! We have a jumper here!"

Jo ran towards the truck and grabbed the radio mic. "Beltzer, it's back building, you gotta track it!" she shouted.

"Yeah, Jo, we know!" Beltzer replied. "The data is incomplete and I think you better hurry and get outta there, you copy?!"

Bending down, Jo began to grab all the sensors scattered on the road.

"Felix, help," she said. "Felix, help me pick these up!"

"Jo, we need to leave!" he shouted.

"No, no, no!" Jo argued. "Help me, HELP ME!"

Felix grabbed Jo by the arm quickly began to drag her towards the truck. "Forget the censors!" he shouted, as fear overtook his voice.

"No!" Jo shouted.

"We gotta get out of here now, it's gonna jump!" Felix yelled.

"Beltzer will see it, and if it drops anywhere near us, he'll tell us!" Jo yelled back.

Felix pushed her into the truck. "It's not gonna drop anywhere near us, it's gonna drop right on top of us!" he exclaimed in fear.

Quickly getting into the truck, the tornado touched down right in front of them but disappeared once more.

"We can still do this!" Jo shouted, but Felix ignored her as he backed away. "Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no, go back! Go back, Felix!"

"Forget it, Jo!" Felix exclaimed. "Forget it!"

"Go back, it's not too late!" Jo pleaded.

As the rain started again, they backed away from the spot where Dorothy was. Felix began to turn the truck around so they could head back towards the rest of the group.

"Go back!" Jo shouted.

"Just forget it, it's too late," Felix said.

Jo opened her door and jumped out, running for the sensors. "Help me!" she cried. "Help me!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Felix asked, running towards her. "Jo, the pack is wasted now, it's all over!"

"What's wrong with you, we can still do this!" she argued.

"Jesus Christ, listen to yourself, you're obsessed!" Felix yelled.

"You've never seen what that thing can do, so don't even talk to me about..." she began, yelling in Felix's face.

"Jag såg precis det!" Felix screamed at her in Swedish.

Jo pushed him away in. "...And you've never seen it!" she screamed back. "You've never seen it miss this house, and miss that house, and come after you!"

Felix looked at her in disbelief. "My God, Jo, is that what you think it did?!" he asked.

Jo turned and began to walk away. "I don't know," she muttered.

"Goddammit Jo, why can't you just forget it?!" Felix demanded, as he walked towards her.

"You don't understand, okay, and you'll never know," Jo called back.

"When's it gonna be enough, huh?!" he asked. "How close do you have to get?" Felix ran towards Jo and grabbed her by her arms. "Josephine Elizabeth Kjellberg, talk to me!" he demanded, angrily. "Jo, things go wrong! You can't explain it and you can't predict it! Killing yourself will not bring your father back. Look, I'm sorry that he died, but it was a long time ago. You have to move on. Stop living in the past and look at what you've got right in front of you!"

"What are you saying?" Jo asked in confusion.

"Me, Jo..." Felix said, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Upset, Felix walked away towards the truck as the rain continued, leaving Jo to stand there and eventually she followed behind him.

Unaware that there CB radio was on the whole time during the fight, Marzia heard everything between them, and immediately, she could feel sadness overcome herself for Jo. As she stood there in the rain underneath the umbrella with Dusty, a few tears slid down her cheeks. She looked around as the rest of the team remained silent, and they waited for Jo and Felix to return.

Jo and Felix waited a while before going back to meet up with the others. Together, they sat there in the truck in silence, staring out the window and listening to the sounds of the rain.

Starting the truck back up, Felix sighed and drove off as Jo sat in the passenger seat, avoiding eye contact. Remembering the tragic death of her father on that one horrible night, silent tears slid down her cheeks as they headed back to meet up with the rest of the crew, and deep down, Jo knew that Felix still loved her...

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