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It was quiet. He sat alone, reading and re-reading the postcard that was grasped in his strong hands. His eyes moves steadily over each word as he contemplated their meaning. "So old Ox is coming for a visit. And he's bringing his daughter with him as well. Sly dog, never told me anything about her. But she just might be perfect...alls I gotta do is wait." He laughed. Oh how perfect this would all be. But his sons, how would his sons take the news? 'Tech, like they have a say in the matter.' The saiyan chuckled and walked out of the room. This was sure to be interesting.


Living with an impatient father taught them one thing: move, and move fast. When Bardock reached the kitchen he was glad to find all three boys seated at the table. "Alright boys, I have some important news so listen up. A friend of mine is coming over in a little and coming with him is his daughter. One of you is to marry her, got it?" The oldest of the three, Radditz and Turles, nodded in agreement. They dared not question his father. Although the youngest of the three stood up with anger.

"What the hell are you talking about dad?! I ain't marring some girl I haven't met. No way in nine hells!" Kakarot stood with defiance, he would not go down like his brothers. Of course he feared his father, anyone would. A tall male saiyan, as strong as the elite of the saiyan warriors, Bardock was a man to fear. But now was not the time for fear. Kakarot had to object to his father's decision.

"You sit your ass down boy, don't make me hurt you." Softly, almost whispering, Bardock ordered his son to back down. Peering down at him were two onyx eyes, darker than night itself. Kakarot backed down, all confidence and bravery shot down with his father's one stare. (Oooh, Karrot is in trouble!) "Don't question my authority Kakarot. I am still your father," His eyes bore through his son. It was a skill every parent knew how to use against their children. Oh how Kakarot hated it. Hated how it sent chills down his spine, lumps in his throat and a pang in his stomach. Bardock turned to face his other two sons. "They will be arriving here momentarily. Any questions?"

"Hey dad, what does she look like? Is she cute? Is she older than use?" Radditz spoke up after a brief silence. The idea of marriage interested him, so long as the girl was pretty.

"And what about her fighting skills? She has got to be a decent fighter. I mean we are saiyans, dad." The young Turles questioned his father, although he doubted the woman could fight, lest not like a saiyan. 'It's always good to dream..and while I'm at it I wish I had come cocoa puffs.'

"Well actually-" There was a loud knock on the door, as if someone was trying to pound it open, "I guess you'll all find out soon enough." The head of the family walked to the door followed by the eager Raditz and Turles and finally a reluctant Kakarot.


The boy at the door entrance stood quietly, a solemn look plastered onto his young face. His hands were tucked away in the side pockets of his dark blue pants. A deep navy blue shirt rustled with every movement, a sure signal of the genuine school uniform. The optional school hat sat nicely atop his head, covering all hair except for a few bangs left untouched. 'Looks like a kid from m'boys' school. I wonder what he wants.' Bardock cleared his voice. "Can I help you?" The youth kept his gaze on the floor, obviously deep in thought. His voice was soft and squeaky...almost child-like.

"Uhm, yeah. Hi. I'm here to visit a friend of my father's. He sent you a post card, right?"

"You're Ox's kid? But where is his daughter? He was suppose to bring her."

"He doesn't have a daughter, it's just me." He responded, somewhat nervous.

'A girl? but wasn't there suppose to be a girl?' Turles and Radditz began to wonder if his father had mixed something up. Kakarot on the other hand was thrilled with what was going on. 'Oh Yeah!' Bardock was dumbstruck. Wasn't this kid suppose to be a girl? Yes, the postcard stated she would be a girl. But wait, where was Old Ox anyways? "Boy, where is your father?" He was going to get some answers. But wait...there was a strong ki rapidly approaching the house. it was unmistakable now. Ox was coming.


He reached the house later than expected. What he would do to his child once he found her. "Kami Chichi, You really did it this time. Tying me up in the middle of Japan and then leaving in boy clothes...Dang it all Chichi!" He scolded her, not realizing there where people around him.

"Chichi?! Who on earth is Chichi, you old fool?! And where the hell have you been? Things are getting complicated here." Ox turned from his daughter to the source of the voice only to find an angry looking Bardock staring down at him.

"Bardock? Is that you? HA! Of course it is. How are you? And as you can see, I have brought my daughter along to visit." a long finer was pointed at the young "male" in blue.

"What daughter, the only kid of yours I see here is that boy over there."

"Huh?" Ox looked at Bardock questioningly. 'What b-OH!' In a flash, Ox had removed Chichi's hat which brought a flood of black hair cascaded down to shoulder length.

"WHAT THE?!" All saiyan warriors exclaimed in unison.

"Hehe, hi..." was all Chichi could muster up to say.


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