A/N: Pokétalia is finally coming to fruition! I'm so excited that I can't write anything else right now! I've spent hours planning all the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion's team, moveset, and their dialogue! Then I got to writing out the plot! Which doesn't work for me because I can't really predict how my plot's gonna play out in body chapters... which is most of it.

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"Hi! My name is Professor Dimitri Cyprus. I am a Pokémon Professsor. I study creatures known as Pokémon. Pokémon have many powers, in case you didn't know. They can be big... or small, or wide, or thin. We can train them, too. We work together in harmony, and we often engage in Pokémon battles, which can strengthen-"

"What are you doing?"

Professor Cyprus glanced down at his younger brother, Az, who was standing beside the professor at his desk. He was grasping a small cup filled with water and was dressed in his pajamas, as it was late at night.

"Working on my speech."

"Speech for what?" Az's eyebrows were raised questioningly. "Is it an important speech? In that case, you should have informed me. You know of my talents for writing formal papers and speeches."

"It's not... well, it is important, and it's not at the same time, if that makes sense."

"It does not. Explain, please."

Professor Cyprus sighed softly. "Well, I decided that I would send out a trainer to study Pokémon by capturing and using Pokémon to battle their way to the Elite Four and the Champion. I believe this is the best way to study Pokémon, by working and battling with them."

"Essentially, you're saying that Pokémon and their trainers are such a harmonious existence that they are the best to observe the behaviors and different abilities and personalities of Pokémon."

"...essentially, yes. I'm writing my speech to give to whoever I pick to go on this journey. I need a respectable, kind, and willing Trainer to go on such a journey. They must persevere through tough times with their Pokémon, and must-"

"Get Kiku Honda, Dimitri. Save yourself the headache of looking for an unqualified person when really you should be sending out your intelligent and seasoned protegé."

Az turned from his brother and disappeared up the steps ten feet behind Cyprus' desk without saying another word. Cyprus sighed. His little brother was right. It would be much simpler to send Kiku Honda out into the field.

"Oh, and by the way, your speech is terrible."

Cyprus flipped around but didn't see his little brother at all. Blindly, he yelled at the stairs, "It is not!"


The metallic beeping of the alarm clock woke Alfred up. He groaned, rolling over onto his back and then shut the alarm off.

"Stupid clock," he murmured into his pillow," trying to make me get up early."

The young man was quickly asleep again. A loud snoring came from his bedroom, drowning out the knocks from his older brother.

"Alfred... Alfred..." whispered his older brother Matthew from across the door. "Come on, you have to get up."

For a moment, it sounded as if Alfred had awoken, and was getting out of bed. Matthew sighed with relief. He always hated waking Alfred up. It took much too long and the elder had a job that required he be there by 8:30. However, no steps around the room or to the door were heard, and he had to assume that Alfred had merely rolled over. Matthew sighed heavily, heading down the steps and to the fridge. He opened the freezer door and took out his Vanillite. Returning upstairs, he cracked Alfred's door and whispered, "Icy Wind. Now, Breyers."

A white gust of wind slid through the cracked door. Slowly, but surely, Alfred began to shift more in his bed. Alfred sat up in his bed, making Matthew smile in content. However, Alfred made his way towards his closet and took out an extra blanket. He quickly climbed back into bed and placed the extra blanket over his comforter.

"Alfred..." Matthew paused, thinking of something that might jolt his brother awake. "Hamburgers." No response. "Er... Ice cream." Again, no response. "...Professor Cyprus is going to give you your own Pokémon."

Before Matthew could understand what was going on, Alfred was at his door.

"He is?!" He grinned wildly at his older brother, who, in his surprise and slight fear, was holding onto his Vanillite.

"...No. I simply needed to get you up." Alfred's face fell. "I know, Alfred. I'm sorry. I just can't go to the Toronto City Gym with you still asleep. Last time I did you slept till five."

"That was one time." Alfred shook his head. "Whatever, you get ready for today's slew of battles and I'll... make a waffle."

Matthew frowned and Alfred passed him him to go down the stairs. Alfred had not yet received his Pokemon, as he was considered to immature and rash to handle one, even for a nineteen year-old. While Matthew had become a trainer at age fifteen, Alfred remained without, at the advice of the respected Professor Cyprus. He slowly climbed the ranks and eventually became the Gym Leader of the Toronto City Gym, the next town over. All the other young adults living in this town known as Chikyuu Town- or Earth Town- also received Pokémon (whether they became Trainers or not didn't matter) while Alfred still remained too "immature and rash", that Cyprus has claimed. Matthew disagreed. Alfred was a little childish, and yes, he did rush, but nothing that would hinder his progress as a Trainer in any way.

Suddenly, Matthew remembered something Kiku Honda, one of their neighbors and the protegé of Professor Cyprus had told them.

"Alfred." His younger brother looked away from the freezer for a moment. "Kiku told me something yesterday that might interest you."

"...Oh yeah?"

Matthew smiled and nodded. "He told me that Professor Cyprus was looking for a new trainer to go on a Pokémon journey for him. They'd be given a Pokédex and a starting Pokémon and everything. Apparently Professor Cyprus feels that we can only understand Pokémon through battling one's way to the Champion and the Elite Four. I haven't spoken to Kiku yet this morning but I doubt Professor Cyprus has found anyone yet. Maybe you can persuade him to-"


Alfred was out the door before Matthew could say anymore, or do anything. He couldn't even remind Alfred he was still in his pajamas. Professor Cyprus's lab was just about one-hundred feet away from his home. Hopefully Kiku was on his way so he could grill him for anymore information he could possibly need. Alfred found Kiku just as he was approaching the laboratory.


"Alfred-san?" Kiku glanced over his shoulder before turning around completely to face Alfred. "What are you... Why are you in your pajamas?"

"What's this I hear about Cyprus giving a random trainer a Pokémon and Pokédex?"

"Did Matthew-san tell you about that?"

"Yes! I came here as fast I could! I think Cyprus should pick me as the trainer!"

Kiku blinked, slowly beginning to frown. "Oh... well, gomen. Cyprus-san has picked me to go."

"Oh. You?" Kiku nodded, shifting on his feet uncomfortably. "No way he picked you! Haven't you already raised a full Pokémon team?"

"Yes, but nonetheless Cyprus-san has chosen me because he believes me to be the most responsible." The sadness on Alfred's face made guilt form inside of Kiku. "I'm sorry, Alfred-san. If I could, I'd give you one of the other Pokémon that's left over once I pick mine."

"Left over Pokémon?"

"Well, yes, Cyprus-san has picked out three Pokémon for me to choose from. One grass, one water, one fire."

"What Pokémon are they?"

"I don't know, but I've heard they're very, very rare."

Alfred suddenly perked up. "Maybe if I could just... come in and take a look? I wanna see what Pokémon you get to pick from."

"Alfred-san, if you're thinking of taking one of the Pokémon, I do not recommend it."

"Take? No, I'm just gonna... look. And possibly persuade. Plus, maybe you could help me out...? You are my best friend and you are Cyprus' protegé. He'll listen to you."

Kiku thought for a moment or two, before saying, "We shall see. But you may come in and watch."

Alfred grinned and followed his friend into Cyprus' lab. Cyprus and his younger brother were standing behind a short table that had three regular Pokéballs on it. Cyprus frowned the moment he saw Alfred.

"Kiku, why...?"

"Alfred-san wanted to see what kind of Pokémon I was going to get. That's all."

"You won't even notice me, Professor," Alfred said, saluting the professor. Cyprus sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Very well. He may look, but he may not touch any of these balls. Understand?" Alfred nodded fiercely, while Kiku did a more subtle nod. "Would you care to see the Pokémon? Go on, pick one of the balls up."

Kiku approached the table slowly, taking the ball on the far left. It opened up and revealed a Grass type Pokémon, a small, green creature with little buds on her neck and a large leaf on her head.

"This is Chikorita, the Leaf Pokémon. She is the Grass variation of the three Pokémon we have here. She is a little tougher to raise than others, but she is still a good option. Pick up another."

Kiku chose the middle ball. Inside was a blue and orange Water type Pokémon with a fin on its head and as its tail and orange spikes coming out of its cheeks.

"Ah, Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. He is your typical Water type. Quite a good option if you want something bulky. Now, pick up the last ball, please.

Kiku did so. Inside this last ball was a small, orange lizard-like creature with a small flame on its tail. This was obviously the Fire type.

"Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. A good Fire type, if I say so myself. His species is very popular in the Kanto Region, though they are rare. He's also good against the first Gym Leader in Toronto City. Of course, he won't be good for all Gyms so don't take that into too much consideration. Please pick the Pokémon you want for your journey."

Kiku tapped his chin, observing all the Pokémon. Alfred was staring only at one- the Charmander on the far right. That was the one he'd want to use to begin his team. Kiku would probably pick the Chikorita. He liked a challenge. The Mudkip, though, he was sure would not go home with either of the two.

"I pick... Charmander."


Alfred was so furious in that quick moment, but soon realized his outburst.

"Oh... hehe... did I say that out loud?"

"Al- Alfred-san, please. Charmander is the Pokémon I want as my companion on the trip. You may like Charmander, but maybe he wouldn't work out on your team. Maybe you end up wanting a Growlithe instead of your Charmander. The one you want may not be the one for you."

"Besides, Alfred, you're not getting a Pokémon," said Cyprus in a harsh tone he rarely ever used as he returned Charmander to his Pokéball and gave it to Kiku. "I apologize, but I can't trust you with one."

"Wait," said Az, lightly pulling at Cyprus' lab coat. "I do not believe that you are treating Alfred fairly. You are not even giving him a chance to prove himself. Yes, he may seem to do things without thinking and he isn't the most mature of people, but you have not even let him try. It is almost like telling someone they can't drive before they even take the test. Dimitri, sometimes you do not make the best choices when it comes to judging people, and I daresay you may be overlooking one who could become the new Champion of the Himaruyan Region."

Cyprus frowned, though this quickly turned an expression of pondering. Alfred became nervous.

"No. Until I can confirm that Alfred is at a satisfactory mental state, he is not getting a-"

"Wait!" A young woman, about twenty-three, in a blue dress with a white apron over it ran over to the group. She gently pushed back her long pigtails and straightened her glasses. "What's this about you looking for a trainer to travel through the Himaruyan Region on their very own Pokémon journey? I personally believe I should be the one who does this. You know I'm responsible, Professor Cyprus, I've owned Pokémon before, but I never-"

"Don't even try, Alice," grumbled Alfred. "Cyprus gave Kiku the job."

Surprise and annoyance crossed Alice's face. The young woman saw the Pokéball in Kiku's hand and sighed.

"Oh, I see. So dear, sweet Kiku has gotten the chance to raise another Pokémon team? I hardly think that's fair. It should be given to a novice trainer."


" That's exactly what I was saying," said Az, nodding his head. "I was saying that Dimitri should give Alfred one of the other Pokémon, but he refused."

"Of course he'd refuse Alfred," said Alice, waving her hand dismissively, "but what about me? Shoudn't I get my own Pokémon? I am rather responsible."

"About as responsible as your brothers are with alcohol," Alfred snapped.

"Oh, shut up."

"It's only the truth. Besides, shouldn't I get a Pokémon? My brother's a Gym Leader, after all."

Cyprus held up his hands before Alice could reply.

"I think I have a solution," he said finally. "Alfred, you may get a Pokémon, and Alice, you may get the other. As long as Alice is monitoring Alfred's progress he may be trusted with a Pokémon."

"Kiku can also monitor his progress every once in a while," added Az. "Right, Kiku?"

Kiku nodded. "Hai."

"Yes. So, Alfred, take your pick."

Alice gasped, offended. "So I get the leftover Pokémon that no one wants? How rude! Hasn't anyone ever heard of ladies first?"

"You're not a lady," Alfred replied happily, studying the Mudkip and the Chikorita. Cyprus had mentioned that the Chikorita was a little more difficult to raise, but the Mudkip was bulky. Alfred liked bulky. Plus, since he couldn't have Charmander, he really didn't want Chikorita as his starter. "I want the Mudkip." Alfred lightly patted the Mudkip, who in turn cried out its name in a high-pitched voice.

"Very well." Cyprus returned Mudkip to its ball and somewhat reluctantly placed it in Alfred's hand. "Here you are. Alice, you take Chikorita, the Grass type." He returned her to her ball and placed in Alice's gloved hand. "Oh, yes, and would you like to give these Pokémon a name?"

The three nodded. All three then let out their Pokémon as they considered their names.

"I declare my Chikorita's name is Rosie," said Alice. "I've read about the evolutions of Chikorita, and the buds on her neck eventually become a flower once she's fully evolved. So Rosie."

"Well, my Mudkip's name is awesome, darling dudette," said Alfred, picking up his Mudkip and patting its head. "His name? It's Eyrie. You know, like the lake."

Alice rolled her eyes. "How original. Now, Kiku, what is your Charmander's name?"


"...Eh," was the general consensus between Alice and Alfred.

Kiku frowned at this response, but quickly shook it off. "So... Alfred-san, are you satisfied with your Mudkip?"

"Dude, I know I wanted that Charmander, but I'm happy with just about any Pokémon at this point. Heh, sorry for... freaking out on ya."

"It is no issue. I am glad you have finally gotten your Pokémon."

"How about to celebrate you guys battle me?"

Alice smirked. "Challenge accepted. prepare to be annihilated." Kiku merely nodded.

"Ah, not in the lab. Take it outside, please." Cyprus said quickly.

All three left the lab with their Pokémon out of their ball. Alfred pointed at Alice tensely.

"Alice, I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!"

Alice snickered, while Kiku managed a soft smile. It was clear that Alfred had been wanting to say that for a very long time. Alice set Rosie down on the ground.

"I accept your challenge, good sir."

"Remember, Alfred, since your Pokémon is so young it only knows moves like Tackle and Growl," said Kiku.

"I know. You don't have to be a Pokémon expert for that. Now! Eyrie! Use Tackle!"

Eyrie, of course, obeyed and tackled Rosie.

"Rosie, use Tackle."

Alice's calm voice was so unfitting for what Alfred was considering an epic battle between two powerful Pokémon.

"Come on, Alice! Be more in the spirit of things! Eyrie, Tackle!"

This battle of tackling went on for another minute or so before Rosie collapsed. Alfred grinned wide and unleashed all his joy. He was jumped up and down and eventually picked up Eyrie and hugged him.

"YES! This was as awesome as I always imagined!"

Alice returned Rosie to her Pokéball, slightly disappointed by the loss. She turned to Kiku, who was watching Alfred celebrate this victory.

"This is actually rather disturbing," he said to Alice, who had an odd look on her face.

"Indeed... but let him have this. He's been waiting for this a long time." Alice sat down on the bench on the side of the lab. Kiku joined her, as did Rizadon. "You think he can beat you? I mean, once you get another well-trained team with well-thought out move sets?"

"Perhaps. It is far too early for me to tell."

"...Do you think he even knows that you're the Champion?"

"No. Not at all."

A/N: YOU ALL JUST DIED FROM DIALOGUE. Then again, games tend to have a lot of dialogue, and this is a psuedo game script. Basically. And yeah, I know the three didn't get their Pokédexes. It'll be in the next chapter. So will Alfred's first wild Pokémon encounters, training, and his first taste of the outside world, starting with Toronto City! I'm excited for this project! I love this concept a lot and hope it shall succeed!

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