Hello readers!

I decided to take all my Star Wars snippets and put them under one story, different chapters, in chronological order. These stories have not truly been altered in any way, although I did read over them and fix errors, spelling, et cetera. If I add in any new snippets they will be posted here, so look for this story in the future. As you will notice, there are still Star Wars stories under my name and those are left out either because I wanted them too or they are AU and did not fit in with this collaboration of tales.

Here is the all-encompassing disclaimer:

The characters and universe used in the following snippets are not mine, but rather belong to George Lucas Co. They are used without permission and no money is being made on their usage. Any original characters own themselves.

All the stories will be rated PG even though some could easily pass for G, but this is safer. None go over this rating, however.

There will be titles listed as chapters and at the beginning of the story. Timeframe and genre will be also mentioned at the beginning of the fic.