Physical Barriers

Chapter One

Season Two

Derek sat in the hospital chair "aren't going to talk to him?" a Nurse stopped at the door.

"Why he's asleep" he answered her.

"It is always best to talk to coma patients" she left.

Derek stood and walked up to the glass. Stiles was asleep in the hospital bed with plaster over his entire body and a band-aid on his cheek. A bandage wrapped around his head.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Did you go to see Stiles?" Jackson asked

Isaac poured the coffee "yeah I went at the weekend" he said "he has been out almost two months"

"I'm sure he'll be fine and back to his usual self" Scott smiled

"I know….do you know if Derek's been to see him," he asked.

"I do not know but Stiles Dad said that if he sees' Derek Hale anywhere near this hospital room he would arrest him" Isaac explained.

The door opened Derek walked in he walked and sat "morning" he kept his sunglasses on.

"Morning Derek" Scott stated.

"Can I get an all-day breakfast and black coffee" he ordered.

"Coming up" Isaac went; Scott and Jackson looked at him "what" he took the sunglasses of and tucked them into his pocket.

"Did you see Stiles?" he asked.

"No I'm not allowed to remember I don't feel like getting arrested," he said Jackson and Scott shared a look.

Isaac walked back over with fresh coffee and poured him a cup "Scott I'm going to the hospital to see Stiles do you want to come?" he asked.

"Sure when you've finished here," he asked "yeah thanks" Scott kissed him.

Derek made a face.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Dude I bought you the latest spider-man" Isaac placed it down "hurry up and wake up I don't really want to admit but I kind of miss ya" Isaac sat.

Scott stood by the doors arms folded leaning against the frame.

"Hey, I'm saving up for the white party….Scott's coming with….its soon you got to come you kept on about it to me" Isaac said.

"I'm sure we can all go even Derek," Scott said.

Isaac laughed "I can't believe that arsehole hasn't come to see you," Isaac said "really how you can befriend with him Scott" Scott walked over and put both hands on his shoulders.

"It's a very detailed story"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Markus clapped his hands Derek watched him Allison sat down "have you been to see him yet?" she asked

"No" he handed Markus his pacifier

"And why not," she asked.

"Why….Stiles is a part of us his a friend even I still don't understand why he cares about you but he does," she said.

"Look I came here to see Markus," Derek said.

"Fine" Allison said "so back to work then," he asked her.

Allison nodded "dads agreed to have him while I went back to work" "baaa baaa a" Markus babbled Allison stroked his hair down flat.

"I swear I heard him say mummy nearly," she said.

"His only 8 months give him enough time," Derek said Allison stuck her tongue out.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Melissa checked Stiles vitals she looked down at him "everyone's worried about you" she said "your dad says you grounded" There was a knock on the door she turned round "Isaac back again" she asked.

"Yeah I want to see him as much as possible" Isaac walked and sat down in the chair he folded his arms.

"Are you and Scott coming for dinner?" she asked.

"I think he mentioned something about Sunday".

"I'll do a roast and invite John too he needs cheering up," Melissa said to him "I will see you later grab me if anything changes," she asked "okay" Melissa left the room.

"The new Resident Evil came out this weekend…thought we could do what we usually do" Isaac said "Remember now we were waiting for it to be cheaper on 3DS…..now here bringing it out on PlayStation and Xbox…..I wish you would wake up I know how much you hate being in one place too long".

Isaac sighed as he sat back on the seat "I've been with Scott 2 months can you believe that…..Danny is still not back though" Isaac said.

"Just wake up Genim please"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek stood at the window "I knew you were coming to see Stiles" Derek suddenly stood up straight and turned his head.

Melissa held a clipboard to her chest "don't worry your secrets safe with me" she said.

"Do you know what would really help…..if he hears a different voice" she left, Derek turned back to the window.

"Nothing is going to work nothing" he shoved his hands into his jacket pocket and walked, he stopped.

Derek placed his hand on the handle and then opened the door he walked in and then walked to sit on the chair "I feel like a right twat sitting here talking to you…..what am I expected to say to you" Derek said

"I was awake when you turned up the apartment," Derek said "I wanted to push you away"

"I am not going to apologise to you for sleeping with other people we are not in a relationship…..but I will apologise for what happened to you because I shouldn't have" Derek stood up.

"I hate you" a scratchy voice came from behind him. Derek came to a stop opening his eyes and sighed.

"I hate the very ground you walk on," Stiles said. Derek turned around Stiles was watching him on "but yet I can't help not wanting you" he said to him.

"I'll get a nurse" Derek turned away from him again.

Stiles' head moved to the side.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Isaac hugged Stiles "watch it ow" Isaac sat down "why can't I remember anything?" Stiles cast arm lay on a pillow next to his body.

"Your head was really affected" Melissa patted his knee.

"Glad to have you back kid," John said.

Stiles smiled.

"We've been here for hours let's give Stiles come rest," Melissa said.

"Can I stay a bit longer?" asked Isaac.

"Of course" Melissa and John left.

"Melissa said Derek was here for hours," Isaac said.

"Yeah" Stiles smiled

"Did he have much to say for his self?"

"No as usual" Stiles looked at his hand "it feels weird" he flexed his fingers.

"It will, it has been in a cast for over 2 months and not moved," Isaac said.

Stiles sighed "so you and Scott McCall," he said.

Isaac nodded "I am. When you getting out of the hospital?" he asked.

"No idea I hope it's soon I want to go home" he yawned "I need to have Physical therapy on my hand and elbow," he said.

"Your fine"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

The guy massaged Stiles arm "does that feel any better"

Stiles closed his eyes "it feels weird" he told him.

"I know it will do but you need to keep at it," he said to him "That's all, for now, Stiles" he stood up "yeah thanks," he said as the guy left.

Stiles leaned "tough huh" came a voice.

Stiles looked up a guy with blonde hair cut short sat at the chair "um…yeah" the guy smiled and held out his hand "I'm Liam".


"I am an artist just about to start West L.A College," Liam said to him.

"Wow I've applied there for a teaching course," said Stiles.

"So what accident was you in?" asked Liam.

"Car my jeep…I think I can't remember" he said "I am sorry," he said "it's fine really. What about you what happened to you" Stiles asked.

"A jealous ex-boyfriend," he said and smiled.


"Who's Derek?" Liam asked.

"Derek, Derek who's….your gay I'm surprised you don't know who he is," Stiles said to him "Well…Derek is a guy I'm friends with that's about it" Stiles said to him.

"Ah so it's complicated"

Stiles laughed "complicated that kind of doesn't cover it"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Scott kissed Isaac on the lips "Stiles should be here soon I'm buying him lunch" Isaac said

"Hey big spender" Scott kissed him.

"Are you going to let me go now I have to work" he raised an eyebrow "fine" Isaac got up and went.

"You sicken me" Derek looked over the newspaper.

Scott stuck his finger up at him "you been to see Stiles he's home now" Scott said.

"No I haven't remembered I'll get arrested if I turn up" Derek drunk his coffee.

The diner doors opened Stiles walked in with John "Isaac he's buying you lunch, not me".

"He loves you dad" he grinned and then stopped they walked to a table and sat Isaac walked up "hi….hey Mr Stilinski" Isaac smiled.

"Hi Isaac"

"What can I get you?" they ordered.

Derek ate a carrot stick from the small bowl on Scott's table "would you go to work or don't you work anymore?" he said.

"I work Scott…I am my own boss" he ate another.

"Just take them" he pushed the bowl towards him.

"Don't want any more" he said and drunk.

"Curly fries" Stiles squirted some ketchup.

John drunk some coffee "in a coma for 2 months and your appetite didn't change" he said to him.

"It should be the same cause I didn't eat for that long" Stiles stuffed them in his mouth.

Laura walked up "I am so glad to see you Stiles" she put her arm round him.

"Good to be back, Laura" smiled Stiles.

"Hey, Laura can I have a refill?" Derek asked from the stall.

"No Derek" Laura said "paying customer here" Derek stated "you own it" came his older sister's reply "my bad" he stood up from his seat.

Stiles looked down at his food John ate his food.

Derek left.

"Hale wait" John called.

Derek stopped and turned round John came to a stop "hi Mr Stilinski" Derek said to him "we are both adults here".

"Okay, John….what did you want to talk to me about?" Derek asked.

"About Stiles"

"Look I am staying away from him like you asked"

"I was mad…..I still am but my son has been unhappy lately since being released" John said "and Stiles is best when he's happy".

"So," he asked.

"You can see my son but if you break his heart, there will no trace of you ever on this earth" John Threatened with a finger pointing at his chest "you understand?"

Derek nodded.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Liam put the coffee cup down in front of Stiles "what's this?"

"I think its called coffee…..but I can't be sure" Stiles stuck his tongue out "Sugar" Liam put them down.

"Thanks but my ADHD gives me the sugar high"

Liam took the lid if his coffee "so have you had any more physio?"

Stiles nodded "don't need it for much more" he wiggled his fingers at him.

Liam chuckled "So last time I see you then," Liam said to him.

"Probably unless you ever visit jungle I might be there," he said and took a sip of his coffee.

"Maybe I will," Liam said and smiled.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

The letters came through the letter box Stiles walked down the stairs he picked the envelope up "dad it came" he called.

John walked out into the hall and handed it to him "come on and open it" he said handing the envelope.

"But first Derek" Stiles called taking the letter.

"Derek's here" John raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he climbed through the window" Derek walked down stairs.

"We have a door Derek," said John he had his uniform on.

"Sorry I'm used to it" he shrugged "anyway I'll see you later Stiles"

"Don't you want to know?" he waved the envelope, Derek came to a stop. Stiles opened it and took it out he read "I got accepted" he cheered raising one arm up

"I'm happy," John said hugging him back surprising Stiles as he smiled "I'll see you later or ill be late for shift" John left.

Stiles looked at Derek "now are you going to fuck me now?" he asked Derek pulled him towards him and they kissed Derek undone Stiles shirt and kissed his collarbone"

"Come on" Stiles pulled him up the stairs.

They entered the room Derek shut the door "okay shirt back off" Stiles did as he was told and threw it somewhere in the room "yes I have not missed this" he moved both hands down his chest.

"I think I'm getting a little flabby"

Stiles shook his head "never" he kissed him and pulled them onto the bed "Hm" they kissed and took the rest of their clothes off.

"Hm" Derek moved Stiles onto his stomach and kissed up his back then came to a stop "Derek" Derek moved his fingers over his neck.

"Its okay" Stiles turned "I'm alive" they looked at each other he moved Derek's hand over his heart.

"I'm alive that's all that matter" he kissed him.