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"It looks like it's going to rain."

Kagome glanced up from the chocolate taiyaki she had just purchased for them both, "The sky does look dark," She agreed, looking up at blackening clouds that were quickly blocking the azure sky from view, "Would you like to come back to Higure Shrine with me, Kiku-chan?"

Japan immediately flushed, not expecting one of his most favourite citizens to be so forward with him, "T-that's not necessary!" He cleared his throat and tried to sound a bit more calm than he really was, "We can continue this at another time." Secretly, he hoped she wouldn't actually listen to him...

"This is our date day! Your day off!" Kagome quickly retorted, throwing him a cute pout that had him flustering all over again, "We can still have our date back at my home." She smiled when Japan's white Shiba, Pochi, barked happily at the idea.

"I-if you insist, Kagome-sama," Japan nodded, willing his bright flush away as Kagome grabbed his hand and squeezed, "I will not deny such a request."

"You're just as cute as you were five-hundred years ago, Kiku-chan!" Kagome laughed, leaning into his side and not noticing as he stiffened quite noticeably, "I'm so happy that I found you in this era!"

"I, too, am happy," Japan felt his heart skip a beat at the warm feeling of Kagome up against his side. He was about to say something when he felt a drop of rain hit him on his nose, "It's raining."

"I have an umbrella in here, I think," Kagome dug through her battered yellow backpack, beaming when she pulled out a small umbrella, "Here." With a flick of her wrist, it was high over their heads and blocking out the lightly drizzling rain.

However, the umbrella itself was rather small and Japan had to shuffle even closer to be fully protected from the rain, "Kagome-sama," He swallowed, feeling his face heat up so much he feared it was permanent, "Do you... do you know–" He cut himself off out of embarrassment, 'Sharing an umbrella here means...'

It certainly implicated romantic ties and he wondered if she knew that.

"Here, Kiku-chan," Kagome handed him his taiyaki and picked up Pochi from the ground so he wouldn't get wet either, "And guess what?" She smiled prettily when he looked at her questioningly, "Kaa-san and Souta are visiting Jii-chan in the hospital, so we'll have the whole shrine to ourselves~!"

Japan choked, freezing in his spot as he glowed a bright red at the very idea and did the only thing he could do in such a situation.

He fainted.