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"Miss Potter you must-"

"Must?!" The petite seventeen year old glared blackly at the St Mungo's healer. "I must do nothing, Dr Bryant. There's, I ought to, I should and it might be better, but I can safely say that I've had quite enough of doing things simply because I must do them."

The middle aged wizard breathed in deeply and fiddled with one of the handles on his glasses nervously. "Miss Potter, please, I do not speak this way for my own amusement. Your health is precarious at best. The horcrux that was inside of you literally ripped your magical core to pieces when it was forcibly removed. It had seventeen years to burrow its way through every one of your established magical channels! That you're alive right now is, honestly...a miracle." He shrugged hopelessly.

The girl-who-lived turned away from the man to stare out her hospital window. There were crowds of people camped outside the hospital, the sheer number of well wishers ought to have filled Rei with warmth but all she could feel was this unyielding sense of panic and stress.

She rubbed her chest with a closed fist, "That's why I feel like this?" She whispered. "Like I've been torn in two, like I've lost something of myself that I'll never get back?" Rei turned to face the sympathetic wizard with a desperate air. "I feel like I'm drowning, Dr Bryant. Like I've lost whatever was keeping me afloat and I'm sinking. Do you know what that feels like?" She stepped forward. "The adrenaline won't stop racing through my body, it won't give me a moment's peace. It's like my entire body is wound like a coil on the precipice of something that never comes."

He gazed at her with sad grey eyes.

"I can't live like this," She whispered hoarsely, "It's only been three days and I feel like I'm going insane from feeling all of these conflicting emotions and instincts."

A soft knock at the door disturbed the tense silence in the room. Dr Bryant cleared his throat uncomfortably before striding to the door and poking his head outside.

"Your friends are wondering if you're up for a visit?" He asked gently.

She didn't need to ask who it was. They hadn't left the hospital floor for a single moment since she'd been admitted two days ago for tests.

She nodded silently.

Eyes on the crowd outside, Rei did nothing when a slim pair of arms suddenly wrapped tightly around her shoulders and squeezed.

"How is it today?" Hermione asked softly into her ear. "Is it any better?"

The hopeful tone from her female friend had Rei's emerald eyes fluttering closed in exhaustion. "...What do you want me to say, Mione?" She murmured.

She could literally feel the way Ron's worried frustration rose in reaction to her comment and Rei cringed in Hermione's arms.

"Ron!" The bushy haired witch reprimanded her boyfriend with a frantic undertone to her voice.

Ron was a very passionate person. He felt the full spectrum of emotions with every ounce of feeling he had, she'd always known that. But it wasn't until three days ago, when she'd woken up unable to stand being in the same house as her best friend that Rei appreciated exactly how much Ron's magic was affected by his emotions.

The horcrux's removal had destroyed her. Her magical core damaged beyond belief had gone through such a trauma that, as the healer had already said, she was truly lucky to still be alive. Her core was like one big raw nerve that felt everything, magnified a hundredfold and it felt it through pain.

They hadn't known what was wrong with her at first. Hadn't known what to do. Too lost in a migraine to even talk, Ginny had side-along apparated her to St Mungo's. All she remembered after that first feeling of displaced air is the pain. A burning, excruciating agony that had Rei Potter, the girl that suffered the Dark Lord's crucio in silence, screaming her throat raw as she sobbed against the hospital's tiled lobby.

"Sorry," Ron rubbed his forehead tiredly as he watched his best friend with practically palpable worry.

Rei drew in a deep breath forcing the pain away through sheer strength of mind. She turned to Dr Bryant. "Tell them; tell them what you told me. Tell them what my only option is." She ordered harshly.

Hermione and Ron immediately turned hopeful and expectant gazes on the healer.

He coughed once, caught in those intense gazes, before adopting a professional look. "As you know, Miss Potter can't be around any sort of magic without feeling debilitating pain. Obviously, the more magic the more pain she feels. When the crowds of people starting showing up outside and doing everyday magic Miss Potter felt the effects of that."

"We know all of this," Ron growled, frustrated.

Rei rubbed her temples tiredly.

Dr Bryant straightened, "Very well...if Miss Potter is to have any chance of a pain free life, of ever being able to cast magic again herself, of ever even being able to tolerate being around other witches and wizards she needs to go into isolation and re-teach her magic how to channel itself again."

Hermione frowned deeply, "Isolation...from magic you mean?"

"Yes," He nodded curtly.

"Brilliant!" Ron grinned widely. "Rei, did you hear that! There's a solution! You're going to be fine!"

"Ask him for how long." Rei deadpanned.


She raised bloodshot eyes to glare at the healer, "Ask him how long I have to be isolated from all types of magic, everything except owls post that is, until I can be like a normal person again!"

Three pairs of expectant eyes landed on Dr Byrant.

"It depends on how long it takes her to re-train her magic," He pulled the collar of his white shirt away from his throat, betraying his anxiety. "She'll have to start small, no wand work..."

"Go on," Rei said darkly.

"She'll need to learn wandless magic before even starting to think of casting with a wand again," He said in a rush.

"But-"Hermione looked quickly between Rei and the healer, "But that could take her years!" She exclaimed.

"Nope, now way." Ron shook his head furiously. "There's no way that that is the only solution, I refuse to believe it."

"It is the only way," The healer now looked directly at Rei, his eyes solemn. "We've been under the misapprehension that Miss Potter's health has been relatively stable apart from when magic gets too close to her." He paused but she nodded her permission to tell them the results of her latest tests. "We've discovered that even the magic of St Mungo's wards and the latent magical core of wizards and witches are acting as poison to Miss Potter. She's not getting better; we knew that, what we didn't know was that even with precautions, she's still getting worse."

"What are you saying?" Hermione demanded hotly, denial in her eyes.

"Miss Potter needs to leave England, Europe. And she needs to leave as soon as possible, because her body won't last the week." He explained as gently as he could.

Rei drew in a shaky breath and looked out the window, "I'll go to America," She informed her distraught friends hollowly. "There's hardly a magical community to speak of their besides the small village in Boston. I'll go south, to a small town and work on my magic there."

"But-" Ron interrupted his face flushing hotly as his temper at the situation got the best of him.

Rei winced; the red head noticed immediately but couldn't get a hold on his anger and had to leave the room.

"I don't want you to go," Hermione whispered with teary eyes.

Rei choked on a laugh, "You think I do?" She tried to find the energy to smile but she couldn't. "I'm a wreak Mione. Feeling like this all the time is killing me and I hate it." She looked her best friend in the eye, "It wasn't supposed to be like this," She cried silent tears. "The hard part was supposed to be finding a way to beat him and then actually doing it! Not this! If we survived everything, everything that the war threw at us, we were meant to be happy...I wanted to be happy." She finally broke down and Hermione was quick to sweep her into her arms.

"I don't want to go," She cried softly into her friend's ear, her body shaking with the effort of trying to repress her sobs. "I don't want to go."


"And you have the authority to do this?" The Goblin asked her with a disbelieving smirk.

Hermione bristled. "Yes, my friend wasn't able to get here today but she gave me her key and a letter of authority to do whatever I saw fit with her vaults."

They didn't want Rei's plans to get out. There were still people out there, those who supported the other side, that were unhappy with how everything had turned out. Learning that Rei Potter couldn't do magic, couldn't be around magic and wouldn't be able to do either for the foreseeable future would be more than tempting.

Her friend's state right now petrified her, she hadn't slept in days and Ron was an absolute mess but this, this she could do for Rei.

"Fine, where is the property located?" The Goblin asked with a bored drawl.

Hermione glanced around the bank and cast a quick privacy ward that would ensure they weren't overheard. "Mystic Falls, Virginia."


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