I realized something whilst writing this chapter, Pine trees are one of the iconic plants of Poseidon, so why did Zeus turn Thalia into a Pine tree instead of his own iconic tree, which is Oak? Unless it was Poseidon, and he decided that Thalia didn't deserve to be punished for eternity by Hades. CONSPIRACY!

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"Where is my huntress Boy? I am taking her back to my camp!"
Wolf raised his hand to stop her from continuing and then spoke in a calm, gentle voice, much like Hestia's, "Not yet you aren't, she is still unconscious at the moment because of the stress you put her through. She will be staying here until she wakes up naturally; I am then going to examine her mind to see if there is any lasting damage. If there is I will attempt to fix it, but then I need to talk to her about what she is going to do with her life."
"What do you mean? She is a huntress, she will be returning to the hunt with me."
"She has not yet sworn her oaths, and therefore is not tied to you at the moment, and I doubt she will be willing to swear her allegiance to the goddess that handed her over to a paranoid tyrant, who nearly ripped her mind apart." His head shot up suddenly and spun to stare at the tent next to him, "She is waking, you can either stay out here or return to your own camp ready for your hunters to wake and I will come and fetch you when I am done, either way one of my friend is patrolling your camp to keep it safe." Artemis looked up shocked to see that the sun had just started to make its way over the horizon. She looked back at the man in front of her, with a thoughtful look on her face, after a few seconds she finally spoke, "I will return to my hunters as I doubt your friend will be well received in my camp, I understand what you are saying about her future and will not interfere it she does not want to return to the hunt. Thank you for stopping Zeus though. No matter what her reply, I would like to talk to her when you are done, to apologize for what she had to go through." and then she disappeared in a flash of silver. Not giving him a chance to reply. Wolf got up as well and made his way back towards his tent, muttering about arrogant gods.

Wolf entered his tent and sat next to the roll mat which had the girl on it; he sat down and put his head in his hands. He stared through his fingers at the Jane, 'she's so young, and I brought her into this. She may have brain damage and it will be all my fault. I forgot to wipe her memory so now she will hate me, I took her away from her old family and brought her to a new one and they turned her away, and nearly killed her. I need to get out of this, I need this to stop.' These thought all ripped through his mind in a blur of pain and sadness. He had lied to Artemis, Jane hadn't been waking up, he just needed time to think about what he was going to do with this kid. He had ruined her last life, admittedly it wasn't a good one, but he had now dragged her into the world of myths and danger. If her past life was dangerous, this new one was as treacherous as a mine-field. A mine-field surrounded by a 10 foot wall, where all the mines are linked up to each other. This world is no place for a child. Children should be in a safe place with friends and toys, learning and playing, not running from creatures of their nightmares, not training to fight, to kill, not to see loved ones destroyed in front of them.
"Mmmnnoo" Jane muttered in her sleep and Wolf jolted upright, tears began to leak down his face and he sank back down again, and burying his face into the blanket covering the girl muttering apologies, over and over again. For five minutes he stayed like that, then he felt a small hand on the back of his hood, "W, w, wolf? Is, is, is that you?" She stammered.
"Yes, I'm so sorry for what happened!" He said, sobbing in-between his words, "I should have been more careful, I promised I would look after you, but I couldn't."
"It's not your fau..."
"Yes it is, I should have kept a closer eye on you, I should have known the memory wipe didn't work," Wolf interrupted, "I should have known what was going to happen. I should have stopped them."
"What do you mean memory wipe?" Jane said, still trying to get her head around what was happening, "What happened after I met the rest of the gods?"
"Wait, no questions yet, you may want to lie back down, this might feel a bit odd. I am going to examine your mind to see if there is any damage from what the gods did."
"What did the gods do to me?" she asked, fearful of the answer she was about to receive.
"They forced their way into your mind to try to find information about me, and to look at your memories from when we met. That is why it is my fault, if I had checked if the wipe had worked this would never have happened and you could be safe and happy with a new family. Now lie down and relax, just tell me if it starts to hurt at all, what I am doing shouldn't, but if the gods have caused any damage then it might cause a small amount of pain, and I want to fix that as soon as I can."
"OK." Jane laid back, closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. Wolf placed his hand on her forehead, a thumb on one temple, and a finger on the other, he started to murmur in a language Jane didn't understand, but immediately the tightness in her head, that had been there since she woke up, relaxed and unwound. Jane drifted off to sleep in peace as wolf continued to search her mind for any signs of damage. Wolf continued his search through her mind for about 5 minutes until a smile broke out on his face. He placed a hand on Jane's chest and passed some energy from himself to her, to wake her up as naturally as possible.
Her eyes slowly opened and she mumbled, "Huh, what happened?"
Wolf sat back and smiled, giving her room to sit up again, "the gods had placed a lock on your mind so that you wouldn't remember what they asked you, I removed that lock and opened up the part of the mind it was on. You should be able to remember what happened now."
She closed her eyes again and concentrated "oh, yes, I can. How did you do that? Who are you really? What's going to happen to me now?"
Wolf chuckled, 'huh, so many questions, oh well' he thought and then stood and said "Come with me, let's sit somewhere more comfortable and then you can ask your questions."

-The Hunters Camp-

When Artemis returned to her camp she was shocked by what she saw. The hunters were all standing, on guard in the middle of the camp, all with arrows nocked and pointing into the forest, "What happened here?" She called as she rushed over to see if there were any injuries.
"I woke about five minutes ago up and Jane was gone, I woke everyone else up and we are just getting ready to try to track her when some wolf appeared and told us she was with you telepathically, then it ran off and I thought I heard a monster." Phoebe explained all in one breath.
Artemis chuckled at her huntress being out of breath from an explanation, "Ok, ok. Now breathe." The other hunters started to snicker now as well. "Jane is safe, I think." The hunters all gave her a quizzical look; their mistress wouldn't normally leave a huntress somewhere unless she was sure they were safe. "Everyone, let's go and sit around the campfire and I will explain what happened last night." Artemis said and then walked over towards the table they used for breakfasts. She explained what happened at the start of the meeting and then she got on to the part where she brought Jane with her to Olympus. "When I got to Olympus with Jane, Zeus began to examine her mind for information on the boy from last night who I have found out is known as Wolf, but he was not being careful and it started to hurt the poor girl, she soon broke down and was lying in a foetal position on the floor. I was just about to get up and take the girl to safety when there was a flash of flames and she was gone, in her place there was a note." She recounted all that happened after that, leaving out nothing. To say her hunters were shocked to hear that the boy was Hestia's adopted son would be an understatement. Their reactions to the primordial goddess of night showing up where just as surprised. "After the meeting I asked Hestia where Jane was and she told me that Wolf was looking after her waiting for her to wake up naturally. I asked her to send me there and she contacted Wolf to see if he was alright, and I was teleported there. I had a talk with Wolf and he said he wanted to examine Jane's mind to see if there was any lasting damage from Zeus. He said he also wanted to talk to her about what she wanted to do, either come back to the hunt or something else."
"So she has left the hunt?" Atlanta asked with a tone of disgust.
"I do not know"
"Then why are you here without her Milady?"
"Wolf said he was going to come and talk to me when she makes her decision." Artemis looked down knowing what was coming next.
"What! You just left her with a male? He will fill her head with lies that we do not care for her and try to make her not join us!" Atlanta shrieked, she was the biggest man-hater in the hunt since Zoe.
"I mostly agree, which is why I took note of where the man's camp was and that is where we are going now, get ready."
All of the girls crowded around the goddess and prepared for the teleportation. They all closed their eyes and when they opened them again they were in the middle of a clearing with only a tent and a fire.

-Wolf's Camp-

"Right, first, do you want anything to eat or drink?" Wolf asked Jane as they sat on surprisingly comfortable logs that had been set out around a fire.
"Um, could I have some orange juice please?" Wolf clicked his fingers and a large glass of said juice appeared in front of her, Jane took a drink and immediately she wide awake and alert.
"Ok, ask your questions." He said but then cut her off as she was about to speak, "one at a time."
Jane paused to think "Who are you?" She asked finally.
"I am Wolf, I told you that when I picked you up to start with." He replied with a small grin.
"That's your name though, not who you are." Jane gave him a sly smile and then continued, "Tell me who you are."
"Oh, you want to know my story then?" Jane nodded, "Fine I'll tell you a bit but then I will need to ask you a question." He reached up to his hood and pulled it down, Jane involuntarily gasped at what she saw, Wolf had pure white hair that was braided to his head and tribal looking tattoos coming from his eyes circling round onto his forehead where the swirling patterns joined in an odd wavy pattern that seemed to change color as she stared at it. Then she noticed his eyes, and was even more shocked if that was in fact possible, they were such a dark green that they looked almost black, with a ring of light brown around the edge The most shocking thing about Wolf's appearance to Jane was that his face had a youthful face, like that of an eighteen year old, but it was wrinkled, like a man that had just past his prime. "For the last ten years I have been roaming Earth, but occasionally my journey gets put on hold by my mother or occasionally a Primordial god, when she finds someone worthy that needs help or support, she directs me towards them, I help them out and then resume my adventure."
"Where are you going when you are on your journey? You can teleport surely that means that you can get where you want to go instantly?"
"My destination is no fixed point, I have no idea when I will arrive or where I will be when I do. To me this does not matter, without the journey, arriving at a destination is pointless; I have traveled through the deepest parts of the amazon rain forest, the driest parts of the Sahara desert. From the furthest reaches of space to the darkest pits of Tartarus. I have learned over fifty different martial arts and fighting styles, from unarmed to spears to knives to godly powers to firearms. I am fluent in over four hundred languages, and, if I chose, I could sneak in to the Olympian throne room and steal all of their items of power without them noticing." Jane just sat there looking astonished, how could one man have learned all of that in ten years? Wolf smiled as he saw the disbelief in her eyes "I have been on earth for the past ten years but before that I was travelling from planet to planet learning their languages and fighting styles."
"How old are you then? Are you human? Why are you on earth?"
"On earth it has been eighty eight years since I was born, but I am actually closer to 1000 years old as time passes quicker away from earth, I am human, and I am back on earth because war is coming, with an enemy that only myself and about six others know of. But now onto my question to you, what are you going to do now?" Wolf raised an eyebrow as he asked this and the tattoos on his face shimmered and changed shape and color again.
"Er… I don't know. Can I stay with you? I want to learn about other planets and how to fight, and all that stuff." She asked.
"Why would you want to do that we only just met and I am an adult, I generally stay on my own, so there will be no other company for you?"
"You are the only person I know that I feel safe around now, I just started to feel safe at the hunt, but Artemis was supposed to be looking after me but she took me to those other people and didn't stop them from hurting me. I don't know anyone else." Her reply shocked Wolf, since when did I become a friendly person to be around?
Wolf felt a sudden spike of power from outside the tent that betrayed a godly presence teleporting in. He whipped his head around to look out of the entrance to the tent, he saw flashes of silver and realised the hunters had returned earlier than expected, I knew she would bring them back with her but I thought it would take a bit longer for her to explain things to the girls. Damn. "Right, Jane, we will talk more about this in a few minutes, I have goddess to deal with," He turned to look her in the eye before pulling his hood back up and standing, "you stay here I will come back, I won't let anyone take you away until we have talked some more and you have come to a decision." Jane nodded and he turned away and walked out of the tent.
"Well then Hunters, you have come here earlier than expected, I wasn't quite finished with her yet." Wolf raised his voice as he spoke so that he would get all of the girls' attention, immediately they had their bows drawn and pointing at him.
"Where is she, boy?" The huntress, Atlanta, said, spitting the last word as though it were poison. "We are taking her home!"
"About that, girl, she is going to be the one to decide where she wants to go, not me, not you, not your patron. She is still resting in my tent at the moment so there is definitely no way that I will allow you to enter, she will make her decision in her own time and without any influence from anyone." Wolf spoke in such a confident and venomous tone that the hunters flinched back, none of them expected him to be like this, they would normally put this down to male arrogance but in this case they did not doubt for a second that they would not be able to enter the tent, the only person that was in with even the smallest chance of succeeding in getting their new sister back was Artemis. "Goddess, it would do you well to not attempt to creep into my tent. That is generally classed as a breach of privacy, and would also be extremely painful for you."
"How -"
"An immortal's aura is too strong to be suppressed even with your hunting skills," Wolf smirked and turned to the goddess, "I would have hoped that you would have respected the idea of giving the young girl her own choice instead of trying to force her to come back to the hunt."
"What about you then. You will obviously be spreading your male lies about us, Boy." Atlanta sneered drawing her bow even further back.
"Well, girl, I happen to be an impartial party. I don't care where Jane goes." the hunters looked at him confused, "No, really. I don't care where she goes, as long as she is happy and it is her choice. So with all due respect please remove your presence from my campsite, or you may not like the consequences."
"No. She is coming with us. Move or we will make you." Artemis said as she walked back towards where her hunters were standing.
"You are very welcome to attempt to move me to move me out of the way, but I very much doubt that you would be able to without risking the safety of your Hunters. Or what if I were to ask my mother to come and collect Jane? Then there would be no way for you to be able to leave with her." Wolf shrugged.
"How about you prove that you are trustworthy to me be removing your hood and showing me your face?" Artemis said, challenging the man that was standing confidently.
"I shall reveal my face to you if you swear on the Styx to leave and not even attempt to contact Jane until she has made her decision." Wolf lifted his head and stared straight into Artemis' eyes.
She nodded, "I swear on the Styx, on behalf of the entire hunt, that we will leave and not bother you or Jane until she has made her decision, if you reveal your face to me."
"Ok, send your Hunters back to your camp." Wolf said in an emotionless voice.
"No, they are sworn to the oath as much as I am, so they get to see your face as well." Artemis argued.
"Fine but the consequences of this are your own to face." He reached up to his hood and pulled it down to his shoulders, the first thing that came into view was his shoulder length pure white hair, followed by his face.
"You?" Artemis gasped, "You're the one that destroyed the slavery market in Brazil, how did you survive the explosion?" The hunters stared at their Mistress in shock that she recognized a male, and did not try to kill him.
"I caused that explosion," He smirked, "I may have made it a bit bigger than necessary so as to use it as a smokescreen to make a clean getaway."
"Why did you attack Athena on Olympus? You nearly killed her." Artemis asked.
"She caused the death of a lot of people close to me. Now you need to leave, so I can go back to Jane, finish healing her and then talk about her reply." Wolf's reply was stoic and emotionless, until he mentioned Jane where some sympathy crept into his tone.
"Fine. Come on Hunters gather round, we're leaving." The hunters made a circle around Artemis, put their hands on her shoulders and, in a single bright flash, they were gone. Wolf sighed and turned to walk back into his tent.
"Jane, I need to go and speak to my mother quickly, it would be good if you were to rest, no-one but my mom and I will be able to enter this campsite. Sýssa, my wolfy friend, will stay here with you when he gets back from his hunt, he may speak into your mind, don't freak out if he does." Wolf said as he sat down on the edge of Jane's bed.
"Ok," She replied whilst yawning. "Please hurry back."
"Will-do, kiddo." Wolf said cheerfully as he walked out of the tent. "Get some sleep."

-Wolf's Tent(4 Hours later)-

"I have spoken to mother and she has agreed to keep an eye on you wherever you chose to stay," Jane's eyes lit up as she comprehended what Wolf was saying, "but," they lost a bit of their gleam, "you cannot stay with me, where I will have to go soon is no place for a young girl, well, no place for a young anyone."
Jane hung her head, with a small frown on her face, "In that case I would like to go back to the hunt if that's alright."
"Yes, that's fine. I'll take you there as soon as I have given you my gifts." Wolf smiled at her to let her know that he was truly happy with her choice.
"Gifts?" Jane had an incredulous look on her face.
"Of course, you didn't think I would send off the first person I meet in my time back on earth that I like, apart from my mother of course, without anything to keep her safe did you?" Wolf grinned at her, and she felt warm and deeply cared for, for the first time in a long since her father died.
"Thank you, I'll always remember what you have done for me, and I will repay you someday." Jane said, her eyes beginning to water a bit.
"No need for that, but anyway onto the gifts." Wolf reached down to his belt and unclipped a small, but beautifully crafted leather pouch from it, "Here, this pouch will always have a small amount of ambrosia in it, it will heal all minor injuries and speed up the process for healing some larger wounds if need be," Jane's eyes widened but she gently took the pouch from him and eyed it in wonder, "I had some help from my mom with that one, I made the pouch a few years ago when I was learning leather craft from a tribe in northern Russia, and mom enchanted it the earlier to be directly refreshed from my stores when it is closed."
"But what happens if you need some and it's all gone because of me?" Jane started to worry until it was wiped from her mind with a small chuckle from Wolf.
"Don't worry, I won't run out. Remember, I can summon food, including ambrosia. Next gift," He reached over to his bag and pulled out a small knife along with a leather sheath and belt. "I made the belt and sheath earlier on today, from the finest flaxhorn leather in the galaxy, the hunting knife will always return to the sheath within 2 minutes if you drop it, and the blade is made from Olympian silver, the same as the other hunters, but I may have requested some patterns to be put on it."
Jane reached over and unsheathed the knife and gasped, "It's beautiful! How did you know Owls were my favorite animal?"
"When I searched your mind looking for any damage done by the gods, I saw a large amount of knowledge on owls so assumed you liked them," He lied hopefully. He had actually learned for certain that she was a daughter of Athena from Hestia whilst he was on Olympus.
"Oh, ok." She accepted the lie, "Why is the leather so light?"
"Like I said, it's flaxhorn leather, crafted from the cast of skins from the horned pixies of the planet Flax, the skins are so light and vacuous that it actually floats to the top of the atmosphere, every year there is a collection so that the light from the nearby suns can get light the planet, I just bought some from a market there, about 300 years ago. It keeps phenomenally, and when treated correctly can be extremely strong and light." Wolf said in a matter-of-fact tone.
"Oh, ok. A simple 'it's a different type of leather' would have done." She grumbled and pouted.
Wolf laughed loudly. "Get up, I put some hunting clothes over there, put them and the belt on, there is still one more gift but I will leave that until we are ready to leave." He got up and left the tent so that she could change in private.

After about 5 minutes Jane came out of the tent wearing a typical hunter outfit, to see Wolf sitting on the ground in front of the fire, with his eyes closed and legs crossed in a stereotypical meditation position. He raised his hands above his head and some of the fire split from the campfire, it began to circle his head forming rings and strange patterns. Jane was mesmerized, staring at the fire with wide eyes. Suddenly, after a minute of circling, the fire all shot to one of his hands and pooled there where it flashed and disappeared, causing Jane to flinch and step back. "Here you go, Jane. This is my final gift to you." He held out his hand, in it was a beautiful silver chain, with an equally beautiful wolf charm dangling from it. "When you are in grave danger it will notify me and I will come to you as soon as I can." She slowly reached out and took the necklace from him, expecting it to be hot seeing as it had been covered in flames a few seconds ago, but instead it was just pleasantly warm. "It also has the blessing of Hestia, my mother; it will provide warmth to you and those around you. If you ever need a fire, just rub the charm and pray to Hestia for a fire and one will appear in a suitable location nearby to you."
Jane just stared at the necklace in her hand before she dove forwards and threw her arms around his neck, "Thank you Wolf!"
"No problem, now let's get to the hunt I need a word with Artemis." Wolf said, holding out his hand to Jane, she took it and they disappeared in a flash of flames.

They reappeared in the middle of the Hunters camp, startling a good proportion of the hunters that were there, and in an instant there were a dozen arrows pointing in their direction, "I need to speak to Artemis, your sister is returning." Wolf spoke so calmly you would think he just teleported into the middle of a group of girl scouts that were currently roasting marshmallows.
"No, you leave her there and leave, you cannot speak to Milady she is currently busy." Phoebe stepped forward, putting her bow away and pulled a retractable spear from behind her back.
"Nah, I need to speak with her and I am going to speak to her. I know for a fact that she is in her tent, so move out of the way or I will do it for you."
"You don't scare me Boy.I will not allow a boy to enter our camp." Phoebe spat the word 'Boy' as if it was poison. Quick as a flash, Wolf had reached forwards and snatched the spear from her hands, he snapped it over his knee and a knife appeared from seemingly nowhere into his hand. Before anyone could react, the knife was at her throat and Wolf behind her.
There was a swish of cloth and Artemis emerged from her tent with a scowl plastered on her face. "Don't fight with my hunters dammit or I will end you."
Wolf released Phoebe and grinned at her, "We need to talk in private Artemis, your tent or mine?"
"Come with me." She turned and walked back into her tent, Wolf following closely behind. Once they entered the tent Artemis turned and stared into Wolf's hood.
"I'm giving you this one chance. Jane is special, very special; you will not hurt her again." His voice went dangerously low, was so calm yet furiously angry at the same time. "If you hurt her one more time, I will hunt you down and make you feel pain, pain like you've never even dreamed of before." His aura was so strong that it made Artemis cower in fear.
"I never..." She choked, "I never meant for her to get hurt in the first place. It was Zeus, my father, I couldn't stop it. There was no way for me to help her, there was nothing I could do."
"Maybe you couldn't stop what was happening," He paused, "but it was because of you that it happened to start with. It was because of you that this whole fiasco started. If you had done as my friend Sýssa asked you too then we could have avoided these threats and un-pleasantries. Instead you pulled the prideful Olympian stunt of thinking you know best and nothing should be better than a god or goddess. You were the cause of the events, it matters not of your ability to stop the events after you set them rolling. Anyway I am not interested in what you have done, just what you are going to do, I need to know if I can trust you to do the right thing and act without pride or shame." He lowered his hood, and stared straight into the eyes of the childlike goddess in front of him, "I need to know that I can trust you to keep an eye on Jane, keep her safe, treat her like true family."
"You can trust me, she is part of the hunt now, I shall not make the same mistake again." Artemis said in a steady voice, now that Wolf's aura had lessened she had begun to gain her confidence again.
"Good, remember I will be always watching her, keeping an eye on what is happening." He turned and left the tent. The Hunters turned and glared at him, he just walked past them to Jane. He grabbed her shoulders knelt down in front of her, "I need to leave now, train well and learn as much as you can. Make me proud and never give in!" He pulled her into a tight hug before releasing her and disappearing in a flash of flames.
"Well then hunters," Artemis said as she exited her tent. "We need to welcome our new sister now; we shall make sure that she is comfortable and safe."

-Olympus (That Evening)-
Artemis had spent the day welcoming Jane and teaching her the Hunters schedule, then at dusk an Olympian meeting was called. She teleported to Olympus at the same time as her brother, they both appeared in a flash of their respective colors they look at each other. Apollo flashed a brilliant smile in his twins direction but when he noticed the frown on her face he asked, "'Sup lil' Sis?"
"I'm older! But nothings the matter."
"C'mon sis, I'm the god of truth, I know when someone is lying, and that was one of the biggest lies I've heard for a decade!" Apollo smirked at her look of annoyance.
"Fine. I only tell you this because you are my brother, and I will kill you if you tell anyone else." She said in such a cold voice that Apollo shivered." My Hunter, Jane, has returned to the Hunt after what we did to her. She was willing to come back to me after everything we did. She is giving me another chance and I feel guilty that I let her down to start with. I also don't want to let her down, I'm scared of what would happen if I do."
"Why, she is a mortal, what could she possibly do?" Apollo had a confused look on his face, he had never understood Artemis and her love for her hunters, they were only mortal, there was another 7 billion humans on the planet, just under half of them were female. How could one of them affect her so much?
"It is not what she would do that I am worried about, it is what wolf would. He promised pain, unimaginable pain, if she was to get killed or even hurt." Apollo went to interrupt but was cut off when Artemis continued, "His aura when he said it was so angry, so sincere. It was the most frightened I've ever been."
Apollo just stood there dumbfounded, his seemingly fearless sister, was scared. She had faced down Typhon without even a hesitation, she had fought head on against the Gration with no doubt of her success, but now she was almost shivering from a threat made by some mortal. "Where is he?" He was in one of his rare serious moods, that only came when Artemis was in danger or one of his older demigod children had just died.
"Why, why do you want to know?"
"Nobody threatens my little sister." His eyes were lighting up in anger.
Artemis' expression hardened and her resolve solidified, "I have two problems with that, well, more than two but those are the main ones. One, I can take care of myself, two, I'M OLDER DAMMIT"
Apollo smirked, "Well at least you're not scared anymore."
The anger in Artemis' face faltered, only to be replaced by confusion, "That's why you said it?"
"Yeah, there's no way to distract you quite like making you angry." His smirk had turned into full on grin.
"Thank you brother, that was halfway intelligent, and exactly what I needed." She smiled and pulled him into a small hug. Apollo stiffened, obviously surprised by the show of affection from his sister, this small movement brought Artemis back to the reality of what she was doing and flinched backwards out of the embrace before it could escalate. "If you tell anyone about that, at all, I will make sure there will be no mini sun-shines running around anytime soon, you get me?"
Apollo nodded vehemently, "You need anything, just let me know." and he disappeared in a flash of golden light. Artemis carried on her route to the throne room, thinking about how her brother was deceptively intelligent, and rather helpful in his own annoyingly brotherly way. She reached the throne room doors and barged them open in the overly dramatic way Gods were renowned for. All the other Olympians were present already, and their heads turned to look at her. "You're late Artemis." Came a gravely, almost bored voice from the head of the council.
"I apologize father I was settling in a new hunter." Artemis replied sincerely.
"Hurry up and take a seat, we will be having a visit from Lord Chaos in a few moments so please go and sit down." Zeus said as all of the faces turned back to their previous positions and resumed their conversations. Artemis walked and took her seat on her throne.

Just as she was sitting down there was a flash of dark light, somehow, and a stunningly beautiful woman appeared in the middle of the throne room, she made Aphrodite look like Hephaestus. Zeus was immediately on his feet, "Who dares interrupt a council meeting?"
The woman just stared back at him nonchalantly, "Me, I come before you to discuss some important matters."
"And who might you be? Make this quick we are expecting a visit from the creator himself."
"Oooh, whoops." She gave a small laugh and then there was another flash, in the woman's place was a man, strikingly handsome, Aphrodite started to drool immediately. "Wrong form."

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