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Just Across the Hall: The Finale

Part I: The Nuptials

6 months later, mid-December, St. Mary's Church, Los Angeles, 6:43PM

"And do you, Dominic Nero Vincenzo Toretto, take Letty Ana-Lucia Ortiz to be your lawfully-wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health for all the days of your lives?"

"I guess. She's alright." Dom teased. The ten people that made up their audience (and witnesses) laughed lightly. "I do."

"Then by the power vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bri-."

Before he could finish his sentence, Letty had pulled Letty to him, careful of her seven-month belly and pressed his lips to her hers firmly. Father Ortega looked on and shook his head. This had to be one of the most unorthodox weddings he'd ever presided over.

A very pregnant Letty had outright refused to wear a dress. Instead, she'd opted for cream skinny jeans and a flowy, cream chiffon top with the sleeves rolled up and gold gladiator sandals on her feet. She'd allowed Mia to curl her hair, which she immediately pinned to one side. Likewise, Dom picked ivory slacks and ivory linen button up shirt.

Vibrant red rose petals were thrown at them as they kissed. Father Ortega cleared his throat, a warning that their kiss was becoming a little too passionate in the church. The couple reluctantly pulled apart.

"I love you, Letty."

"I love you, Dom."

Toretto compound, Echo Park, 7:30PM

The house was filled with friends and family congratulating Letty and Dom. Mia, holding Jack, found an irritated Letty sitting on the couch, one hand atop of her pregnant belly.

"Letty, what's wrong? You having fun?"

"What the hell is up with the touching thing? If one more person touches my goddamn stomach, I'm gonna-."

Mia laughed, cutting Letty off. She sat down next to her and reached over to rub Letty's belly.

"Do it and I swear to God I will chop your arm off."

Mia rubbed it anyway and smiled, sweetly. Letty just rolled her eyes. She hated when Mia called her bluffs.

"Listen, just relax and hold your nephew while I go put some more beers in the ice bucket." She handed her son to Letty and headed off.

Jack and Letty stared at each other for a little bit. And then Jack tapped his hand against Letty's potruding stomach. Letty rolled her eyes.

"I know I'm fat, Jack. Thanks for pointing it out." Letty chuckled.

"Hey, don't take it out on the kid." Dom interrupted their one-sided conversation.

"You're right. I should be taking it out on you." She told him as he leaned over to kiss her.

"Letty, feel free to take it out on me in the dirtiest, roughest way you can possibly think of."

The brunette gasped theatrically. "Not in front of the children. Either of them."

She hugged Jack closer to her and put her free hand on her belly. Dom laughed and pressed his lips against hers.

"I love you, Letty Ortiz-Toretto."

Letty tilted her head to the side and readjusted Jack in her arms. "I love you, Dominic Toretto."

Moving his lips to her ear, Letty shivered when he promised, "Another half hour and I'll get you out of here", before kissing her cheek.

She smiled, gratefully and nodded. A few moments later, Hector came past to give her his congratulations and he noticed how uncomfortable she looked.

"You want me to take him?" He asked.

"Oh, god yes. I didn't realize how heavy Jack is." She replied. Hector picked up Mia's son and began the 'rock and walk', talking to him quietly. Letty smiled. Despite what Hector thought of himself, he looked nice with a kid in his arms. At the rate he was going, he was bound to have one of his own soon.

The brunette's hands, instinctively, went to her stomach, one on the top and the other on the bottom. She

It's not that Letty wasn't enjoying the festivities, but she was pregnant. Her feet hurt, she had the worst backache and she had never been hornier than she was at that precise moment. Ironically enough, those were the biggest issues that Mia told her that she'd face when she had been pregnant with Jack. But Mia had been Mary-freakin'-Sunshine and hadn't complained once.

Letty, however, was the complete opposite. She'd complained nonstop for the first three months. She was surprised the man wanted to even still marry her the way she nagged and nagged. By the six month mark, however, Dominic somehow became telepathic and did things for her before she could even voice her annoyance. He'd massage her back, run her bubble baths, cook her meals and even make store runs for fudgesicles and mustard at three in the morning.

He was genuinely the perfect man for her. He could take her complaints, but also keep her shut her up every now and then. Not to mention, he was pretty amazing in the bed.

"Hey." Dom's voice pulled her from her thoughts. "You ready?"

"Yeah." She replied, thoughtfully. "You're a good man."

Dom squinted at her as he helped her off of the couch. "What do you want? Or what did you do?"

A sweet laugh escaped her lips. "Nothing. And nothing. I just wanted you to know that. You're a good man. No matter what happened in your past."

He kissed her for the umpteenth time that day and then helped her into her long, cream cardigan sweater. They said their goodbyes to the dwindling number of guests before Letty played the pregnancy card.

Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, 8:48PM

A boutique hotel, containing luxury facilities and full service accomodations, The Hotel Bel-Air was perfect for a 'stay-cation' honeymoon. Owned by the current Sultan of Brunei, it themed after an oasis. Guests cross over Swan Lake by a foot bridge to get to the hotel. Ficus, fig, palm trees and continuously-blooming flowers decorated the grounds of the hotel. For almost eight-hundred dollars a night, Dom had opted for the honeymoon suite. He didn't With Letty no longer able to fly anywhere, it seemed like a paradise hotel was the closest thing they'd get to actualy paradise for quite a while.

But neither of them minded. Because once they stepped inside of their luxurious suite, a relaxing energy suddenly fell over them. Dom had called earlier and was able to get a surprise set up for Letty.

The lights were dim. Candles were burning. And rose petals were sprinkled on the bed. Room service had already set up a bottle of red wine and a pitcher of water, both chilling on ice. It reminded Letty of Dom's romantic evening in his apartment. She slipped out of her gold gladiator sandals and allowed her feet to be swallowed up by the plush white carpet on her way to the bathroom. Inside, a hot bubble bath was waiting with red rose petals sprinkled over the bubbles as well.

"Babe, do you want red wine or water?" Dom called from the suite's sitting room.

"Water." She replied. Suddenly the urge to pee hit her. "Crap."

When she was done, Dom entered the bathroom as she washed her hands. He looked at her through the mirror and she made a silly face at him, sticking her tongue out of the side of her mouth and crossed her eyes. Dom smiled at her.

"What?" She smiled, turning around and drying her hands on a soft, white handtowel.

"Nothing. I just can't get over how lucky I am."

"I hear you saying something but I'm too distracted by the fact that you still have on clothes." Letty told him.

Shaking his head, he handed her a wine glass filled half-way with ice water before taking off his shirt. The warmly lit bathroom gave his tanned skin a golden glow.

"I'll never get used to that." She admitted.

"What?" Dom asked.

"You looking like a Calvin Klein model."

"It's a gift." Dom flexed his right arm and nodded. "Go ahead. You can touch it."

Letty rolled her eyes and started out of the bathroom. "When I get back, you'd better be naked and in the bath."

"Yes, ma'am."

Ten minutes later, the newlyweds were soaking in a nice, hot bath together, Letty's back to Dom's front. The Italian rubbed her back firmly, massaging out any knots he could find. Letty usually carried most of the tension in her shoulders, but he knew that her lower back had begun to give her problems lately. So, he focused most of his attention there. And the small whimpers of appreciation that Letty rewarded him with were payment enough.

She was carrying his child and he just wanted her to be as comfortable as she possibly could be.

Kissing the back of her neck and shoulders every once in awhile, Dom couldn't help the smug grin on his face whenever he felt a shiver run down Letty's spine.

"That feels really good." She told him.

"Good," he replied. "I'm glad."

Dom took the peaceful, comfortable silence that followed as a time to reflect on how they'd come to this moment. It had been a long, strenuous journey, but he'd finally made Letty his wife. He always knew he would. Though the two years that they weren't together had worried him, Dom knew in his heart that Letty would always be his. She had always been his; from the time she was ten years old and Dom wanted nothing to do with her, to the week after she turned sixteen and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. And when she was nineteen years old and she gave herself to him, completely, he knew he'd never love anyone as much as he loved her.

Sure, there had been the girls that he used to try and erase all thoughts of Letty Ortiz, but it hadn't work. And deep down, he knew that it wouldn't. But being without Letty was its own brand of torture. Something Dom vowed never to live through again. He'd keep her close and safe and protect the family that they were starting together.

"So, how does it feel to be married?" Letty's voice cut through his reflection.

"Letty, it feels like... a new adventure, a fresh start and a happy ending all rolled up into a small, ring." He threaded their left hands together and lifted the from the water. They looked at their rings for a few heartbeats before Letty turned her head slightly so that she could kiss him.

"I feel the same way." She told him. And she meant it. "I love you with every part of me, Dom. Since I was ten years old. You never ceased to amaze me. Always fighting for your right to be you. To do what you wanted. I've always admired that about you."

"You're the same way. All fire and brimstone. And a little sugar and spice, too. That's how I like you. Twenty percent angel. Eighty percent devil."

Letty laughed. "That sounds exactly like me."

"That's 'cause it is." He kissed the crown of her head and pulled her closer to him, his hands resting her on her large stomach. "Now, come on so you dry off. I'll lotion you down and sex you up after I rub your feet."

"You really are the perfect man." Letty commented, a hint of laughter in her voice.

Dom chuckled. "I do what I can, baby. I do what I can."

Up Next: The Newcomer.

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