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Glancing at the clock on the wall, a soft sigh escaped me; my evening shift at the coffee shop had finally ended. Murmuring a quick goodbye to my co-workers, I clocked out and headed back to my dorm room. It was time to collect my books and walk over to the library. I could never concentrate when my roommate Alice was around. She had a bubbly personality and loved to converse, which became overwhelming to me most days. I didn't like to nor did I have the time to talk; I needed to work hard and focus on my studies.

I knocked on the door first and took my time finding my key, giving her a moment in case she had someone over. I heard some noisy shuffling and giggling alerting me to the fact that she wasn't alone. Placing my key in the door, I slowly turned it and pushed it open.

"Oh, Bella… Do you remember Jasper?" Alice asked from her sitting position on her futon before giggling and trying to push Jasper away from her neck.

"Yeah... Hi," I mumbled.

Jasper looked up and smiled, murmuring, "Hey, Bella," before returning to Alice's neck.

With my head down, I quickly made my way over to my desk. Grabbing my books and my laptop, I tucked them into my bag, making sure I had everything I needed.

I slipped back out the door without being noticed. Making my way across campus, the chilly autumn air whipped harshly, cutting a sharp edge through my body. I pulled my jacket closer and picked up my pace. Within minutes, I was inside the library doors, the heated air a warm welcome as I quickly smoothed down my wind-blown hair.

"Hi," I said to Angela, the librarian who worked evenings.

"Hey, Bella," she responded with a warm smile.

I nodded and smiled slightly before heading towards my spot in the corner. I always chose the same seat facing the wall so I wouldn't be distracted by other students. The campus library was huge, so there was never a problem finding a seat, and people are creatures of habit so my spot was almost always vacant.

Absently dropping my backpack on the table, I slipped my jacket off and hung it on the back of my chair. I pulled out my books and laptop from my bag before settling into my seat. After shoving my ear buds in my ears, I reached to open my book when my eyes caught sight of something on the desk. It was handwriting of some sort. Curiously, I pushed my book back, revealing a string of words written directly on the desktop…

Her beauty scorches my skin, dusting salt on my bleary eyes, feasting painfully on my raw, bloody flesh.

The words were written in pencil in a lovely, looping pattern, which I admired, but it was the words themselves that left me gasping. I had never read anything quite like them before. The poetry held beauty and pain and had an almost frightening edge to it, yet I still felt deeply moved by it somehow.

Tugging my ear buds off, I leaned closer, reading the words again… slower this time. Swallowing hard, I turned in my seat, my eyes darting around to all of the students in the room. Each person was involved in his or her own world: studying, listening to music or quietly talking to the person next to them. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary and that no one seemed to be watching me, I turned back and stared down at the words again. Reaching my hand up, I let my fingers slowly trace over them, the smooth coolness of the desk feeling like icy silk under my fingertips.

Taking in a deep breath, I finally pulled my book back down over the words, covering them up, and opened my textbook. I started reading and tried to focus, but I could not stop thinking about those words just lying there, so close to me, almost touching me...

Sighing, I pushed the book back and read them again, dissecting them and trying to decipher their meaning. I couldn't help but wonder about the person who penned them. Did he write those words, or was he quoting someone, possibly a famous poet?

Pulling my laptop towards me, I quickly brought up Google and typed the words into the search engine. But it revealed nothing. I determined that more than likely the person who penned those words also wrote them, but who did he write them for? Was it for a poetry class?

For the rest of my study session, I kept the words exposed, my eyes being drawn to them frequently. Just before I left around midnight, I pulled out a notebook and copied them down to keep them, even though I knew I had already committed them to memory.

When I got back to the dorm, Alice was gone; I assumed she was out with Jasper. I slipped into my night clothes and just as I was about to switch the light off, I noticed something dark on the tip of my index finger. Holding it up to the light, I frowned as I stared down at it. It was a small smudge of pencil lead. I felt an odd sensation run through me when the thought that I had somehow transferred those poetic words to my skin pierced my consciousness.

I switched the light off and crawled under the covers…

…and left the smoky-colored smudge on my fingertip.

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