"Make way for the Bayside's Homecoming queen!" Jessie and Kelly announced as the held up their poms-poms making a curtain for Lisa to walk through.

"I'm not homecoming queen yet," Lisa told them. They put down their pom-poms and started to walk away. "Wait! I didn't mean to stop! I like being treated like royalty."

Kelly and Jessie rolled their eyes and giggled. They were all three in their cheerleading uniforms because the first homecoming rally was this afternoon.

"Lisa, I'm so excited for you. Homecoming queen is such a humbling experience!" Kelly told her as she leaned against her locker. "I can't wait to pass my crown off to you on Friday!" she smiled at her friend.

"Humbling?" Jessie laughed. "You think being called a queen is going to make our 'princess' feel humble?" Jessie looked at Kelly incredulously.

"You all are acting like I've already won!" Lisa told them. "I don't want to get the big head," she told them waving a finger.

"Yeah, then, your crown might not fit!" Kelly joked. Lisa gave her a friendly pat on the arm.

"Who is going to beat you?" Jessie asked her.

Just then, Ginger, a tall, pretty blond, walked through the hall as if she floated on air. All the boys in the hall froze to admire her.

Lisa looked at her. Her face dropped a little.

Kelly and Jessie went to work. "Lisa, don't worry! Jessie and I know how a thing or two about getting votes," Kelly assured her.

"As your campaign managers, we're on top of this. You are going to be Bayside's next homecoming queen!"

Slater approached the three girls tossing a football in the air. Jessie grabbed him by the arm and slammed him up against the locker causing him to drop the football. "Slater, vote for Lisa or else!" she threatened him, keeping her forearm pressed firmly across his throat.

"She's already got my vote!" Slater choked out the words.

Jessie released her grip and dusted her hands off proudly. "That's how it's done!" she smiled at Lisa.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Jessie, he was already voting for me! You didn't change his mind!" she shook her head.

"Geez, Jessie," Slater told her straightening up his uniform. "If you were on our team, there's no way we'd lose the game Saturday!"

Screech marched up to the lockers. "Hey, Mama! Looking good in that cheerleading uniform!" he pointed and winked.

"Don't make her mad Screech!" Slater warned. "She'll snap your neck like a twig!"

"Yikes!" Screech squeaked and protected his neck with his hands. "As Bayside's most valuable football player, I just came to get our cheerleaders and star quarterback for the rally it starts in five minutes!"

"Screech, you're not even on the football team! How can you be the most valuable player?" Kelly laughed.

Screech stood up straight and put his hands on his hips, "Why, yes, I am! I'm the water boy! They wouldn't last 'til half time without me!"

"Get out of here, Screech!" Slater turned him toward the Max and the girls followed behind giggling and shaking their heads.

At the Max, Zack was setting up his KKTY microphone to commentate at the rally. "Testing. Testing," he spoke into the microphone, then, he bent down behind the booth and flipped a switch. He tapped the microphone and smiled, "And we're live at the Max! This is the kick off for homecoming week! Today, we'll hear from our star quarter back, and we'll be introduced to our homecoming finalists!"

In what couldn't have been more perfect timing, Kelly, Jessie, and Slater walked into the Max. The students cheered. Slater waved and flashed his dimpled smile. Kelly and Jessie blew kisses with their pom-poms.

"Bayside's favorite football player has entered the building along with our head cheerleader and student body president! If you can't tell the crowd is going wild!" Zack informed.

Kelly and Jessie skipped over to their usual spot right below the Max steps.

"Let the festivities begin!" Zack announced to the students of the Max. He carried his microphone over to Kelly.

"Let's take a minute and hear from our head cheerleader! She's made us sit down, stand up, and fight, fight, fight for the last three years! She's also led her squad to win two regional championships! AND she's been Bayside's reigning queen for the last three years!"

He dropped his tone down to a more dramatic one. "Now, this year she has the honor of passing on her crown. Here she is! Kelly Kapowski!" Zack waited for the crazed crowd to become a little more quiet. Then, he put on his best interviewer face, "Kelly, what words of advice would you give to this year's candidates?" He pointed the microphone in her direction.

"Well," Kelly began tilting her head, "I would say to embrace the thrill of the moment, but don't get too caught up in yourself! Homecoming queen isn't about being perfect. It's about being a role model for the school! A good friend taught me that," she beamed.

"Sounds like a very bright, and most likely handsome, friend," Zack smirked.

"Can I say one more thing?" Kelly asked him.

"Sure," he replied pointing the microphone back in her direction.

"I would like to say that I am backing Lisa Turtle. A candidate who embodies not only beauty, but wit and talent! She is someone I look up to, and she would be a wonderful queen for Bayside!" she announced. The crowd went wild.

"Hear, hear!" Zack cheered.

"Where is our favorite candidate anyway?" Zack whispered and covering up his microphone.

"Mr. Belding is talking to the candidates outside," Kelly informed him. Zack nodded.

"Now let's hear from Bayside's quarter back who has given us a winning record for the last three years and three regional championships, and has broken football record after football record. We won't even get into all of his other sports because this is football season! Here he is—A.C. Slater!"

Slater jogged up the Max steps to take center stage. Zack stretched his cord over to meet him in the middle.

"This is my last homecoming game at Bayside, and it is bittersweet. Bitter because the season is coming to a close, but sweet because we are gonna cream those Bulldogs!" he pumped his fist in the air. The crowd yelled and wooed. "Together, this team has set a standard for Bayside football for years to come. We're gonna make sure we make Bayside proud again this Saturday, right guys?" Slater yelled to his teammates.

"Right!" they chanted in unison.

"Who knows? Maybe they'll even retire my jersey!" he joked.

"There you have it! A football legend and Bayside hero- a man who will be talked about and looked up to for years to come, my best friend—A.C. Slater!" The crowd went wild.

Jessie and Kelly huddled together, then, broke out into cheer:

"A.C. Slater he's the best! Football legend of the west!

Ten yards, Twenty yards, Thirty yards, farther!

Bayside's winning streak's never been longer!

Yaaaay, Slater!" Kelly and Jessie cheered. They jumped, waved their pom-poms and toe touched pumping the crowd up.

Slater put a hand on his chest gesturing how honored he was by the cheer. Then, he made his way over to Kelly and Jessie and draped an arm around each of them as they waited for the homecoming candidates to enter.

Mr. Belding entered the Max. The students whooped and hollered. "Wow," Mr. Belding leaned over to Zack, "The last time I got a reaction like this, I told my mother in law I couldn't make it for the weekend. What she didn't realize was I reacted the same when I found out I had a conflict of schedule."

"Sir," Zack motioned to the envelope in his hand, "the candidates," he smiled politely.

"Oh, right," Mr. Belding fumbled to open the envelope. Zack stepped down to the edge of the Max steps and held out the microphone to his principal.

"And now, my favorite part of Homecoming Week, the moment you've all been waiting for! Mr. Belding will announce your Senior Homecoming Candidates!" Students stood up, cheered, and applauded.

"Alright," Mr. Belding cleared his throat. "First, we have Muffin Sangria!" the audience applauded as Muffin walked in and took the stage left of Mr. Belding. "Our second finalist, is Ginger Rogers!" all the boys whistled and whooped as the giggling girl took her spot next Muffin. "And last, but certainly not least, our final finalist, Lisa Turtle!" Everyone cheered, clapped, and hollered.

Kelly and Jessie huddled again causing Slater to have to move to the side.

"Beautiful, talented, fashionista!

Bayside's new queen should be Lisa!" they cheered causing the crowd to yell even more.

"Ok, ok!" Mr. Belding told the crowd. "We'll be voting for your queen during first period on Thursday. That gives our candidates two days to campaign. Then, we'll announce our homecoming queen and crown her at the big rally on Friday! Saturday, she'll be the star of our homecoming parade! Then, of course, we'll have the big game where we're gonna destroy those Bulldogs! After that we'll have our victory dance!" Mr. Belding clenched his fist and cheered.

"You heard it, Bayside! We vote first period on Thursday, so no sleeping in if you want to choose our next queen! Hey, I know who's got my vote! Until next time, this has been Zack Morris for KKTY Bayside!" He turned off the microphone and shuffled his way through the crowd over to Kelly, Jessie, Slater, Screech and a beaming Lisa.

"Well, this was one successful pep rally!" Zack admitted putting his arm around Lisa. She held the hand that dangled over her shoulder..

"Yeah!" the gang agreed.

"It's a shame it'll be our last football rally," Screech began to cry wiping a tear from his eye.

"Don't bring out the water works, yet, Water Boy!" Slater bumped him with his elbow. "We have another rally on Friday!" he rolled his eyes.

"Oh, yeah!" Screech remembered.

"Besides, I need you to be thinking straight so you can help me plan the party after the rally!" Slater reminded him.

"Right! I can make balloon animals!" Screech informed him.

"No balloon animals, Screech, we want the party to be cool!" Slater told him. "By the way everyone's invited! It's going to be a blast! At least, it will be once we plan it! But hey, so far we have the time and the place!" he smiled sheepishly.

"I can't wait!" Kelly said with excitement. "We'll have so much to celebrate! A win, our senior year, our new queen!" she smiled at Lisa and tapped her with a pom-pom.

"Yeah," Zack smiled as he squeezed Lisa tighter.

"You'd better start planning that party soon, Slater. The game will be here before you know it!" Jessie warned him.

"Let's go, Lisa!" Jessie grabbed her friend by the arm out of Zack's grasp. "We've got a campaign to run!"

"Well, hey, can't it wait 'til tomorrow?" Lisa asked.

"Do you want to win or not?" Jessie asked her raising one eyebrow.

"Ok, but when I'm queen, I'm gonna be the one giving you orders!" Lisa conceded.

"Jessie, force is not the way to win!" Kelly told her disapprovingly with her hands on her hips. "I've got to go—if for no other reason to protect Lisa!" Kelly told Zack, Screech, and Slater as she ran after the other two girls.

"Take care of her for me!" Zack called out after her.

Then, he turned to Slater. "So, about this party!"