Chapter 14

"There's something I have to tell you," he says, looking at me straight in the eye with his sea green colored ones. I know this isn't good. Whenever a guy tells you he has to tell you something, it usually means it's nothing good. But then again, I may be wrong; who am I kidding? I'm never right at anything anyway.

I bite my lip and my fingers stretch out, beginning to scratch the soft sheets, roughing them up a little. I feel the material and part of the sheets ripping through with my sharp nails, but I don't care. All I want to know is what Finnick has to tell me. And whether it's good or not, it's his feelings.

"What is it?" I simply ask, sounding extremely curious.

"I just don't know what to tell you—well, how to tell you," he responds, his forehead is covered with sweat and I can see a few droplets flowing down near his ears.

I let out a breath before I touch the top of his hand. "Finnick, you can tell me anything."

Looking around, I don't see Creek anywhere. The bathroom door isn't even closed, and the lights are off. He's not on the other side of the bed. He's not by the door. He can't be in the closet. He's not here. For some odd reason, it doesn't bother me at all. And weirdly, I just noticed, this is not the motel room. This, the bed that we're sitting on, is not mine and Creek's bed. The T.V. is not ours either, and the bathroom is supposed to be over there, and the closet is supposed to be on the other side of the room… This isn't the motel room.

"I-" he doesn't have time to explain before I interrupt him.

"Where are we?" I quickly get up, looking around everywhere. The walls aren't even this color!

"What are you talking about?" he questions, also standing up. "We're at my place."

His place? I don't even remember going to his place, and if we are at his place, did we leave Creek behind?! My heart rate increases, beating faster and faster by the second. My breathing exhilarates and I start to breathe harder and harder. I can feel Finnick getting closer to me; his warmth surrounds my whole body.

"Finnick, I have to go," I start to make my way for the door, but only to be stopped by him. He takes my hand and pulls me back.

"Wait," he turns me to where I can look at him. "Don't leave yet, please. I want to spend some time with you."

"We've been hanging out a lot lately. We've spent enough time together; I have to go," I can't even make another step, because he yanks and pulls me towards the bed again.

"What are you doing?" my voice is rising and fear begins to strike me. This isn't good. I'm not supposed to be scared of Finnick!

"Babe, I want to spend some time before you go," he says and it makes me realize that this is not Finnick. Whatever I'm talking to is not Finnick Odair. This thing that I'm with, that I'm speaking to, is not the love of my life. This thing is not the man who loves, who's willing to take care of me, who's willing to spend the rest of his life with me. This thing is not the man I love, this thing is my enemy, this thing is a demon; this thing is not my Finnick. My Finnick.

"Let go of me!" I manage to yank my arm off but only to be pushed by him and I land right on the bed hard. He looks like Finnick, but he's not Finnick. He's not Finnick. He's not him. This Finnick is terrifying; his eyes don't even look like his color no more. His hair is suddenly blond and shorter. His skin is no longer tan, but a little bit lighter. His eyes are now blue, and look dark, like's about to kill me. And I do not doubt that. His shoulders are broader, and his chest looks harder. He's even taller now… He stands right in front of me, breathing hard—I can feel his fury, his rage building up as he looks at me. God only know what's happening next. But that's when I know that this isn't Finnick who I'm looking at—mentally, emotionally, or physically. This is my husband who I am looking at right now.

"You fucking, no-good bitch!" he yells as his hand travels towards me, making its way for my throat but I have time to move and fall off the bed. I hit my knee hard and pain begins to travel throughout that whole portion. I quickly grab it and let out a groan but that's when I see that Gloss is getting near me. I try getting up but fall again, and it's no use as I begin to crawl, heading towards the door. That's when I realize that this is neither the motel room, nor Finnick's. I haven't even seen Finnick's place. But I know this isn't his, because this room, the one where we're in right now, is Gloss's room. I look back over my shoulder and Gloss is right behind me. My hair is suddenly in his hands, yanked, as it pulls my head back extremely hard that I let out a loud scream. I can tell that he's grinning right now, enjoying every single second of this. Me being in pain satisfies him, and I know that by looking at all the other times he has hurt me. It's like he was made by my parents.

"How the fuck do you even try get away from me?" he leans his face towards the side of mine and I can feel his lips against my cheeks as he talks. "I hope this was all worth it, and you better hope and pray for that shit you've been fucking. I have something in plan for him."

I can't even speak. My whole body is frozen and all I'm doing is shaking. I can't even feel my hair anymore—I wouldn't be surprised if he ripped it off or anything like that. But I groan again when he pulls it harder and suddenly, my head hits the floor so hard that I can feel like my skull just cracked. That's when I shriek and can't move as Gloss begins to remove his shirt and his pants before he removes my pants and horrible flashbacks of the same act begin to flash through my mind.

"Ann! Ann!" I can feel myself drop on the floor once again. His hands shake me and I feel like my eyes are rolling to the back of my head repeatedly. My vision is choppy, but I can see his bronze hair, the sea green color of the four eyes I'm seeing, the two faces that are slowly coming together until they form Finnick. "Ann! Ann!"

My skin is filled with goose bumps, and I still can't feel my hair. But it's back in its place. The room is the motel room again. And Creek is next to Finnick, his eyes are in full fear, looking at me as if I'm some sort of demon, as if I'm going through some sort of seizure. Perhaps I am.

"Calm down," Finnick whispers and takes my face with his hands, pressing his forehead against mine. "Calm down. Calm down. Calm down."

His hands seem to be soothing me, calming me down as my breathing slows down once again. His forehead isn't sweaty, but smooth and soft. His nose is touching mine and our lips are only a few millimeters apart… God, please lean closer. Please. Please save me.

"I'm sorry," I softly say as I lean my head against Finnick's shoulder. We're both lying down on the bed—Creek is on the floor, one action figure in his hand, and the other free. He's watching the T.V. calm, quiet, and seems to be enjoying it.

"Don't be sorry," Finnick responds with also a soft tone. "I think you were just freaking out."

I stay quiet for a moment. "Yeah… I guess I was."

His hand is around me, and I make him take off his shoes for some peculiar reason. I guess I want to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

"Ugh, I shouldn't have done that. God, I'm such an idiot," I shake my head.

"You're not an idiot, Ann," he says, moving a part of my hair to the other side. "Don't call yourself that."

"I am, Finnick," I say, "There's nothing you can say that'll tell me otherwise. I just completely embarrassed myself in front of you. I can't do anything right. I can barely take care of myself. I have these breakdowns sometimes, and it's not healthy for… Hammil. Finnick, why are you still here anyway? Why haven't you left? You know, walked off on me?"

He licks his lips and looks the other way until he turns back to look at me right in the eyes. Goodness, I just love his beautiful eyes.

"Ann, I wouldn't walk away for the world. You've made my life better, and since we met a few days ago, I felt a connection between us. I feel like I've known you my whole life. And I'm glad we did meet… Don't you get it? Ann, we're meant to be. We belong together—you're mine and… I'm yours. I… I love you, Ann. I truly do." His words have just now begun to flow through my mind, racing everywhere. Every single word, every letter is sticking through my head, stapling, stamping, gluing on so it won't go away.

His hand meets mine and my fingers begin to curl and wrap around his as he does the same. It feels warm and surprisingly, I'm comfortable and don't care about anything else that's going on right now. I care less about everything when suddenly Finnick's soft lips plant a kiss on my cheek. A sensation goes through everywhere in my body and we look at each other for a moment, a deep, short moment…

"I love you too, Finnick." I promise him and he smiles before he kisses my cheek again. I haven't felt this secure in the longest while. I haven't felt so comfortable with someone right next to me—of course, with Gloss I did, but only when we were dating. Including that night when it happened. Creek continues to watch television as Finnick and I just lie here, enjoying each other's company.

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