Although this story is rated PG-13, it may contain some disturbing situations which, most assuredly, will be warned beforehand. Poignant and sexual relations between people of the same gender, violence, foul language and a severe lack of 'fluff' are all incorporated into the story, and if you couldn't/can't bring yourself to even stomach the mere thought of boys doing incomprehensible things to each other, then this is not the place for you. As I mentioned above, there will be a warning notice before proceeding through any occasional sexual contents of a chapter, so you don't have to worry.

There'll also be PG-13 versions of explicit chapters that makes you uncomfortable, so you wouldn't miss out any significant measures.

You will also be warned of any foul language, although it may occur in very few situations.


Fan fictions are works that are subsequent from original works. No profits are gained from these types of stories, they are considered as fan works and a form of entertainment. That out of the way, I would like to acknowledge that characters mentioned in the story do not – and will not – ever belong to me, and I claim no rights to them, seeing that Kazuya Minekura owns these fine characters. The one thing I do claim exclusive rights to is the story itself. Please refrain from twisting, revise or alter it for some reason. This is my first story I've ever worked on. sobs If you ever do an MST on the story, I wanna read it!

A R-Rated version of this story could be found at some place which wouldn't let me post for some reason but this place begins with M though it's more of an author's whims than anything that could impact the plot.