A/N: Drabble written for APH Estonia Week on Tumblr. Prompts used were "Moon + Distance + Magical Boy/Girl AU"

Naturally whenever the Magical Girl/Boy prompt shows up, I gotta do my Hetalia Moon!AU. The fic is called The Dimensional Door and be found both here and on Ao3.

Summary: The time has come to cross to the other side.

Name Legend:
- Eduard: Estonia
- Õnnela: Nyo!Estonia
- Erik: 2P!Estonia

Disclaimer: Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi I don't own anything but the story itself.

A sense of danger lingers in the air while the increasing cloudiness slowly block the moon from showing her light. Eduard stood nervously on the roof of a high-rise building near the university he attended, clutching his brooch tightly against his chest. He slowly inched forward, looking downward. He nearly vomited what was left of his small meal that he ate earlier in the night as he felt his palms get a little sweaty and shaky. He was generally fine with heights but this was too high for his liking.

But he was here for a purpose. He needed to remind himself multiple times as he constantly questioned why he was doing this in the first place. Õnnela's words rang in mind on repeat.

You, me, Erik… we are all the same person but from different dimensions. Only our kind have this kind of power. But use it wisely. Any mistakes can cause a riff in time and space, similar to what we are experiencing now.

He didn't tell anyone he was coming here. He didn't want them getting caught in this mess. They were a team, yes, but he couldn't bare to see them get hurt. They had people waiting for them, he did not.

A lie of course. He loved his parents and he was sure they loved him but yet he feels he wouldn't be missed much if he was never heard from again. Perhaps the argument he had with his parents over his program choices still left a bitter taste in his mouth.

The moon was starting to reemerge from beyond the clouds. He had decided there was no going back.

He lifted his brooch up and said a phrase in Estonian. A warm and bright light formed around him and he transformed. In a blink of an eye, he was no longer Eduard Tamm but instead of the many so-called guardians that represented their homelands, Sailor Estonia. Sporting the colours of the Estonian flag, the most predominate feature was the large silver-coloured staff he held. On top of the staff laid a circular piece of Baltic amber surrounded by metal arches. In the center of the arches was the design of a small cornflower made of steel. Lifting it up, the amber turned blue and the winds suddenly turned fierce. He chanted a song in his native tongue. Though he has never done this before, the words feel so natural to him as if it were night or day. At the bottom of the building, a portal had begun to open. Eduard knew his time to go was now. Still his nerves remained ever present as he stood on the edge of the building.

But with a deep breath, he takes the plunge towards the portal below and gripped on tightly to his staff. The bows, shorts, and the collar of his sailor uniform all flapped heavily in the wind as gravity was quickly increasing his speed.

Yet for some reason, he feels a strong power near him. Multiple powers, he was certain of that.

And from the corner of his eye, he spots them. His team are falling with him from behind with the same determination as he felt.

His Nordic and Baltic companions



For once he had cracked a smile, he should have known better than to keep secrets from them. They would have come whether or not if he had told them. They had made a pact that in life or death, they would always be there for one another. No one ever fights alone. Their friendship and teamwork will always be stronger than any villain they will face.

Eduard doesn't know what's on the other end of the portal. But he no longer feels afraid anymore now that his friends are with him by his side.

How foolish to think he was going to do this alone.