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i'll say this here cause i didn't in the summary - WARNING OF BAD LANGUAGE, LEMON, YAOI (obviously), RAPE, DRUGS AND A VERY POORLY TREATED ONODERA RITSU! - also OOC! (probably for most except maybe Takano)



Onodera Ritsu stared hard at dull green eyes, as much as the muscles on his face were forced into a smile, there was no light in his eyes. No life. He knew he was pathetic, he didn't need to be told on a daily basis. He thought back to the event that caused his life to turn upside down, ten years ago when he was 15 his senpai had agreed to be his boyfriend. As much as Onodera tried he couldn't remember the face of his ex-lover, the only memory he had was that laugh. That damned laugh that had ruined him.

He splashed cold water onto his face and slowly made his way out of the grungy bathroom that was in desperate need of cleaning, but he could never be bothered with it. The brunette surveyed the room he had lived in for the past five years and wondered when he had cleaned it last, he couldn't even remember. With a heavy sigh, he dragged himself over to the doorway and looked over his shoulder to see he still had thirty minutes before he would turn up so Onodera decided to slip his shoes on and take a brief walk in the fresh air.

Scuffing his old, battered trainers along the path, he looked up in vain hope of seeing the stars but the bright lights of Tokyo made it impossible to see anything other than a black sky. He found an empty bench to sit on and enjoy his last moments of freedom. He just sat in contented silence, letting all thought disappear and for once just be himself, no one to control him or give him disgusted looks.

A loud crack sounded in the small hallway as Onodera's head snapped back at the force of the first blow. "You little piece of shit." Tears sprang to the green eyes but he forced them back, crying and begging never helped him, it only made things worse. "How long did you plan on making me wait while you went off on your pointless little walk?"

The fuming man towered over Onodera and blue eyes blazed hatred and anger.

"I'm sorry."

A large hand roughly grabbed onto Onodera's shirt and pulled him out of the cramped apartment. "You've got a job tonight and I can't afford to let this client down. Understand? You better show him a fucking good time." Onodera nodded his head weakly and was shoved into an over-priced sports car before heading off to meet this 'client'.

The heady smell of sex filled the air as the brunette quickly showered to prepare himself. He sighed deeply and stepped out, wrapping a tattered towel around his slim waist. His heart throbbed in his chest as he thought of what he was going to do that night. It wasn't uncommon for him, not anymore, but he still hated it and hated that he let himself be controlled like this. A swift rap on the door brought him to his senses and he quickly pulled it open to find his blue-eyed captor stood there scowling. "Take your fucking time." A small bottle was shoved at Onodera and he held it in shaking hands. "Drink this and get on the bed. My client will be here soon."

Onodera quickly chucked back the putrid liquid and dropped the bottle into the sink before feeling his hair being yanked and pulled over to the king-size bed. The mattress was lumpy and hard, but at least it looked clean.

He felt a warmth start to spread in the lower half of his body and his breath started to come in short pants. The blue-eyed man smiled and ran his fingers softly down Onodera's cheek. "Make sure you don't fail me this time." The words were spoken gently but a threatening undertone let Onodera knew what was in store if he failed. "The client tonight has…unusual tastes. You'll comply with his wishes, won't you?"
The liquid he'd had was already taking full effect on his body and every touch sent sparks through his nerves. His eyes glazed over and he needed to be touched, the throbbing of his now erect member becoming painful. Onodera felt himself being pulled to the headboard of the bed and suddenly his wrists were tied above his head, his calves tied to his thighs. In his delirium he had no way of resisting as his body was tied and bound in uncomfortable positions. A moan escaped his lips as he saw another man enter the room. With his blurred vision he couldn't see anything clearly and as his own saliva trailed down his chin, he felt warm hands begin to caress his bound legs. The rest of what followed became a blur of pain and pleasure before he sank into blissful darkness.

He woke the next morning, his body feeling abused and sore. "You're such a slut, Onodera." He jumped at the sound of the voice and turned to see bright, sparkling blue eyes facing him. "That's the most enthusiastic I've seen you. Maybe I should invest in the drug I gave you, it seems to work brilliantly. Now hurry up, I need to get to work and you've got another client to please in about two hours." Hopelessness swelled in the brunette's chest as he followed the instructions given to him by his captor. "If you're that good with the next client, I may reward you." A hand gently ran through Onodera's matted and dirty hair. "I'll see you later." A soft, butterfly kiss was pressed to his forehead before the door shut and he was left alone.

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