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Makoto smiled sadly as he walked towards Haru's house. His parents had fought again last night and he had to help his younger siblings go back to sleep. Lately his father has had to work longer hours making him more irritable. Meanwhile, his mother had been laid off from her job at the craft shop.

" Meow," it was the kitten close to Haru's house.

" Hey there little guy," Makoto said as he petted him and then continued on his way.

When he got to Haru's house he got the key from under the mat and opened the door, " Hey Haru-chan I'm here !"

There was no reply with a sigh he walked towards the bathroom, " I'm coming in." Inside Haru was sitting in the bathtub again, " Good morning Haru," he extended his hand and helped the boy from the tub, " I brought some rice balls that you can have for breakfast before school I'll go warm them up while you get ready."

" Thank you," replied Haru.

Makoto walked in to the kitchen and took the food out of his bag and popped it into the microwave. When it beeped in entered Haru in his school clothes.

" Here you go," Makoto said as he handed him the food, " Ah, you'll have to eat on the way or were going to be late."

They walked out the door walking towards their school in quiet while Haru ate. When they arrived Nagisa was there to greet them with a smile.

" Hey Haru-chan, Mako-chan," he said in a raspy voice.

" You not feeling well Nagisa?" asked Makoto.

" It seems he has come down with strep throat," said Rei appearing beside them, " Finally some peace and quiet."

" So mean Rei-chan," said Nagisa with a pout.

Makoto and Haru smiled as the two started to argue. The day continued in peace, the boys going to all their classes and eventually meeting up for lunch than meeting up when the day ended.

" We don't have swimming practice today so do you guys want to hang out?" asked Nagisa.

" Sorry I got a Geometry test to study for," replied Rei as he walked away.

" Haru-chan?" but Haru was already gone headed for the pool since the weather had warmed up.

Nagisa sighed and looked up at Makoto with a puppy dog face, " What about you Mako-chan?"

" Sorry I have to go get my little sister and brother from school and walk them home today," replied Makoto.

" Then I'll come with you," said Nagisa.

" NO !," shouted Makoto, " I mean as soon as we get home we have this family thing were going to do."

" Ah, well then I'll see you tomorrow ?" he asked.

" Yes tomorrow, sorry Nagisa," and with that he walked away towards the middle school.

When he got there they were sitting on the bench in front of the school.

" Come on you two let's go home," he said.

" But what if there fighting again ?" asked his little brother.

" It's okay I'll protect you," Makoto answered with a small smile.

As they walked home both his siblings held on to his hands. He ended up buying them some candy at the sweet shop because 1) They looked so sad and scared and 2) it means they would get home later. As they walked through the door they were greeted with a yelling match between their parents in the living room.

" Lets be quiet and go to your room," Makoto whispered to them.

They swiftly but silently walked to the twins room and closed the door.

" So what do you two have for homework," said Makoto trying to brighten the mood.

For the next few hours they worked on their homework. During that time there was a door slam and the fighting had ceased. Then there was a knock on the door.

" Makoto are you in there ?" asked his mother. He opened the door to find her standing there.

" I'm going to go out for a bit I'll be back later ok," she said. He nodded and came in and hugged each of them and said that she loved them.

" Ok, I'll be back then," she said and then left the house.

" Nissan were hungry, " said his little sister.

" Ok I'll be back with some food," he said.

He walked out of the room and slowly shut the door. He walked to the kitchen and started making some supper for them. When he finished cooking he heard the front door slam. He walked into the living room to see his dad stumbling a bit and red in the face.

" Dad are you okay ?" asked Makoto even though he knew his father was drunk.

His dad then looked up finally taking notice to his son standing there and then rage flew over his face. He then ran forward and punched Makoto in the gut making him fall to the ground.

" This is all you fault," he yelled kicking him in the gut repeatedly, " If you weren't such a worthless son our lives would be easier, your mother was probably fired because you were so worthless !"

Makoto was gasping for his breath on the ground when he saw two figures in the hallway. His little brother and sister were standing there looking shocked at what their father had done. Makoto gave them a quick little hand motion to go back to the room. The next thing he knew he was pulled up by the scruff on his t-shit and punched in the face. When he turned back to look in the hallway, his siblings were gone and he let out a sigh of relief.

" You worthless piece of crap," said his father before kicking him one last time and walked back to his room slamming the door.

" Ugh," Makoto moaned as he picked himself off the floor. He then took the two dishes of rice with chicken in them back to the twins room.

" Hey it's me open up," he said, the door opened and he saw that they had tears streaming down their faces. He walked into the room and sat the dishes down and then hugged them closely.

" Hey, hey, shhh it's going to be ok, everything will be fine," he whispered to them.

When they finally calmed down he got them to eat and then put them to bed. When he exited the room Makoto left out a sigh. He put the dishes in the sink and then started cleaning the blood off the floor. He then went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up, he was pale and was starting to turn black and blue in some spots. Makoto then went into his room and fell into a restless sleep.

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