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The ride to the hospital was quiet. Haru was worrying over his friend in silence while the police officer was driving their the fastest he could. Within 1 day Haru's life around, his best friend was beaten by his father and Haru himself had been held as a hostage. When they got to the hospital Haru went to thank the officer for the ride but was surprised to find him getting out of the car to. Haru gave him a confused look as they walked towards the hospital.

" Before you can see him I need to question him," he said not missing a beat as they walked inside.

" Oh," said Haru disappointed he wasn't going to get to see Makoto right away.

They asked the receptionist where his room was and then started walking towards room 313 on the 4th floor. When they reached the room a doctor had stepped out. He was tall with snow-white hair and wore a pair of black glasses and blue scrubs.

" Are you the family of Makoto Tachibana ?" the doctor asked.

" We are not the family but I am a police officer that has taken over his case and this is his friend," said the officer motioning to himself and Haru.

" Of course, well the boy is lucky, he has 2 cracked ribs, there is a crack in his skull which was caused by the head wound which need to be sewed shut with 10 stitches, and he has extensive bruising over his arms, legs, back, and torso. He also has a slight fever that were bringing down with an iv drip," he explained.

" But he'll be alright ?" asked Haru.

" He'll be alright," replied the doctor looking at Haru with a small smile.

" Is it ok if I question him ?" asked the officer.

" You may but maybe only for about an hour that's all the longer I can go without giving him pain mediation," said the doctor.

" Pain medication ?!" asked Haru slightly panicked.

" He is one big walking bruise son and I'm sure it doesn't feel to well," said the doctor, " and now if you'll excuse me I have other patience to attend to."

" I better go question him," said the officer, " while I do that why don't you call up other family or friends and wait in the waiting room across the hall," and with that he walked into the room.

Haru went and called Makoto's Aunt first telling her what happened and she replied she'd be right on her way. Next, he called Nagisa who coincidently had Rei spending the night. Haru asked them to pick the twins up from the police station and take them home so they can get some rest, he told them that Makoto's dad had hit him and that Makoto was in the hospital but was fine.

Haru stared at his phone before calling one more person.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

" What do you want Haru," asked Rin's monotonous but surprised voice.

" I need you to come to the hospital," said Haru," room 313, 4th floor," and then he hung up on Rin knowing the boy would move faster this way.

Just as he suspected Rin was running up to him 10 minutes later.

" What the heck is this about ? Why'd you hang up on me ? Why are we in a hospital ? " Rin asked yelling all his questions with an angry face and furious glare.

Haru's then looked to the floor with a depressed expression.

Rin's expression went from angry to concerned just as fast, " What's wrong ?" he asked his voice lower and calmer.

" It's Makoto," Haru said and Rin's face turned to shock.

" Wha-what happened to him is he alright ?" he asked.

Haru sat down in one of the empty chairs in the waiting room with Rin following his example.

" It all started about a week ago, Nagisa had come down with a sore throat so we didn't think anything of Makoto coming down with the flu. As each day went on it looked like he was getting paler and weaker. Of course he hadn't been participating in practice because of the cold, and then today he didn't come to school-," but he was cut off by Rin.

" You mean a cold put Makoto in here," he asked wondering why he would be called over a cold.

" I wish," said Haru, Rin nodded for him to continue.

" I decided I was going to visit him so I started walking towards his house and when I walked past the middle school there were his siblings sitting on the bench, I asked them what they were doing and they said Makoto was supposed to pick them up from school today, and I said what do you mean he wasn't at school today. And and they said..." but Haru but his head in his hands before he could finish.

" What did they say Haru," Rin asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

" Rin," Haru said looking up at him, " Makoto's dad did this to him."

And that through Rin for a spin (no pun intended) Makoto's dad did this to him ? Rin remembered a smiling man in place of Makoto's father, he put his own son in the hospital ?

As he tried to get over the shock the police officer walked into the waiting room.

" You told him what happened ?" he asked Haru only to be answered with a nod, " You can go see him now I finished the interview and the doc came in and gave him some pain meds, now he might be a little out of it because of the medication but you should be able to hold a conversation with him. "

" Thanks," Haru said as he and Rin walked towards Makoto's room.

When then entered they saw Makoto sitting on a bed with an iv hooked up to his arm. He was wearing a t-shirt and some sweatpants the hospital provided, there also was a white banged wrapped around his head. You could see the bruises on his arms and some on his chest from where the t-shirt road up. His eyes were red you could tell he had cried and his cheeks were flushed red from the fever.

" Haru, Rin," he said in a small voice.

" Makoto," said Haru as he went up and sat on one side of the bed while Rin sat next to him," You alright ?"

" I'll be fine, the twins? " he questioned.

" Nagisa and Rei took them home," replied Haru.

" Now I'm a little concerned," said Makoto which lead to them all laughing and then silence.

" It's really good to see you here Rin," said Makoto with a soft smile.

Rin then did the most unexpected thing. He stood up and hugged Makoto.

" It's good to be here buddy," said Rin


After a few days at the hospital Makoto would be finally allowed to go home. His father had been charged with child abuse on top of other charges and would spend 15 years in prison. The twins would then leave with their Aunt and live with her while Makoto would stay with Haru. Rin had got closer to the group and now hung out with them on a daily basis. While Makoto still had nightmares of his past knowing he has friends there to support him made him smile each and every day.

The End.