My muse and I have both agreed that I needed a short break from the more difficult fics that I'm currently writing. So this is going to more than likely be just a short and humorous fanfic.


Have you ever been in a situation before where you think you're the one making certain decisions for yourself, but then in the end as it turns out you never really had a true say in the matter?

Have you ever trusted someone, literally, with your whole life and being thinking that they actually gave a damn about you? But then it turned out it was just a charade all along.

Have you ever felt so betrayed that the only thing you can think of is getting revenge on the ones who wronged you? The ones who you thought were worth giving your human life up for. Yet the ones who actually turned out to be the least deserving of any part of your life all along.

If you have not, then you are lucky.

If you have and you're still grieving or still need to get over it somehow, then sit back and get ready to take notes. Or not, your choice.

'Cause this right here is my story. This is my story of how I got revenge on the people who wronged me and eventually was able to move on and put it all behind me.

Oh, but one major thing before we get started...if you do plan on taking notes and doing some of the things I do, just be sure to take into account that I'm getting revenge on vampires and you're more than likely getting revenge on humans. So think twice and maybe tweak the things I do a little bit.

After all, you know, humans are much easier to hurt than vampires.

And it'll also be easier for certain things to backfire on you if you try to do them completely the way I do.

I'm just saying.

So what do you think? Is it worth a shot?!