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I'd like to say Kadie has been a ranger since the beginning but this starts at the Ninja Encounter….

They were sitting in the park listening to music when Kimberly would pipe up. "This is definitely one of my favourite songs."
"It's awesome." Kadie agreed.

"Man what a way to spend a Saturday hanging out with your friends in the park."

On their little portable TV a news reporter was talking about the finals of the Ninja competition when one cocky male would take the mic and the rest of his greasy haired team would fall in behind him.

"We are the greatest ninjas in the world. No one can take us down because we can't be beat!" He shouted into the camera.

"Asshole." Kadie stated hands behind her head resting against the tree trunk.

"What obnoxious clods." Kim agreed.

"Obnoxious but undefeated." Tommy said.

"Have they met me yet?" Kadie asked and Tommy grinned.

"You've got some ego on you." He told her.

"Yeah, yeah whatever….who's competing against them?"
"Three guys from Stone Canyon High I read about it in the paper."

"Oh yeah the high school just outside the town? Well I really hope they teach those clods a lesson."

"Me too…" Kadie told her.

They laughed as Bulk and Skull attempted to swagger past them with their new scooters.

Attempted being the appropriate word.

They said their goodbyes to Zack, Jason and Trini a while later but before the four could leave a stroller zoomed past them followed by a panicked Father shouting the name Jacob and yelling stop that baby.

"Oh my god…." Kim stated.

"Let's go!"

They ran down the hill not knowing three others were doing the same…

Just as the baby was about to go over the cliff the seven arrived.

Billy and Tommy helped Kim flip while the two other unknown boys did the same for their girl in their group and Kadie slid spinning down into the splits right at the edge, her leg halting the baby carriage as the top over girls landed to hold it steady.

"Oh gotcha!" Kim grinned lifting Jacob out of the carriage then looked at the other girl. "Hi." She said as the girl rolled the stroller back a bit so Kadie could get up without falling down the hill.

"Hi." The girl smiled. "I'm so glad he's alright." She told them.

Kim doted over the baby. "We got you huh? Didn't we? We saved you huh?" She smiled as Kadie got up.

"You okay?" The girl asked Kadie.

"Yeah I'll be fine." She smiled and nodded.

The seven of them came together.

"Those were some awesome moves guys!" Tommy told them and Kimberly returned Jacob into his daddy's arms.

"How can I ever thank you?" He asked the rangers.

"We're just glad we got there on time." Kimberly told him smiling widely.

"Those were some pretty awesome moves you guys pulled."

"You guys were great on those skates." Tommy told them. "Oh my name is Tommy this is Kimberly, my friend Billy and Mrs Spin-O-Rooney over here is Kadie."

"Hi my name's Rocky."
"Hi. Aisha." The girl grinned.

"Adam." The last male smiled.

"Hi." Kadie said to them.

"I'm Hank Anderson and this little bundle of trouble is my son Jacob!"
Bulk and Skull came stumbling toward them collapsing on the picnic tables mumbling "The baby! The baby…"

The group laughed at them. "Those two…" Kadie muttered.

"Well I think Jacob and I have had enough excitement we'll see you all later!" Hank said before leaving them.

Kadie and Kim hopped onto the picnic table as the rest of them gathered around.

"So how do you know Mr Anderson?" Billy asked.

"He's our favourite teacher down in Stone Canyon High." Aisha explained. "He's the best."

"Stone Canyon? You guys here to see the Ninja Competition?" Tommy asked.

Adam chuckled. "Uh yes….you could say that.

"Great! So I guess we'll see you there." Kadie grinned at them.

"Alright!" Rocky grinned.

"That'll be awesome! See you later."
"Bye." Kadie grinned and Adam smiled.


They four rangers headed off.

"You two so had a moment!" Kim immediately started.

"Tommy kiss your girlfriend and shut her up." Was Kadie's reply.

She hated when Kim tried to play match-maker

Why couldn't she see that Kadie was perfectly okay with being single…?

Okay maybe perfectly was pushing it but as a ranger she didn't have time for a boyfriend….

That among other things….


"Ladies and gentlemen you are about to witness the final competition for the Great Ninja Title!" The announcer well uh…announced.

"May I introduce the raining champions from Pastor Sea-Head? And on my let we have the challengers from Stone Canyon!"

The White clad ninjas from Stone Canyon bowed to their opponents who scoffed.

"Hope you made out a will." The captain of the other team said.

"Yeah you better say your prayers!" Another huffed.

"I repeat my previous statement." Kadie told Tommy, Billy and Kim taking a sip of her Oreo milkshake. "Assholes."
They chuckled and laughed under their breath looking at the auburn haired ranger.

"Let the games begin!"
The referee stepped forward and the match began.

The first two fighters stepped forward.

The champions Kadie had to admit had some serious skill but they did as she saw play dirty and pulled some things though not illegal in the match that Tommy nor Jason would never pull.

Would she pull them?


That remains to be said….

But the white ninja was well able to fight back.

The fight soon became an all out brawl.

"These guys fight dirty."

"But the challengers fight clean."
"Which is always the winning solution." Billy agreed.

"Uh huh…" Kadie agreed.

The bell went.

"The judges have made their decision….the match and title goes too….the challengers! From Stone Canyon!"

The ninjas removed their headwear.

"Oh wow! So that's why we didn't see them in the stands!" Kim said to the others.

Rocky, Adam and Aisha.

Who knew?

"Fantastic!" Billy agreed.

"Ew big words!" Kadie jokingly said as she stuck out her tongue at him before standing up to clap with Tommy.

"Way to go guys!"


They all met up around their cars and Kadie's motorbike.

It had been a sixteenth birthday present.

"We got to get together some time. Learn some of those moves you pulled in the competition!" Tommy said.

"I never though the words would come out of my mouth but….I agree with Tommy." Kadie stated.

"Oh ha-ha." He told her and she just flashed a smile.

"Suck it up. But seriously I'd like to learn some of that stuff…you guys are really talented." Kadie said.

"Absolutely! Let's do it soon!" Adam agreed.

"We'll keep in touch." Billy nodded.

"Well bye you guys! Bye Mr Anderson!" Kim waved to the teacher.

"Bye Kimberly. Bye guys and thanks again for the heroic rescue."

"It was nothing." Kadie told him. "Well bye you guys." She said the three from Stone Canyon as the four rangers headed off in one direction.

But Goldar and the Putties showed up.


"We've got to help them…" Kim said looking from one side to the other.

"I'll go back. You deal with the Putties." Kadie told them and they nodded.

"Be careful."

"Duh." She stated and headed toward Goldar who was using his evil gold beams to drag the three in.

He used a rogue one to slash at her abdomen causing her to fall.

"Asshole." She muttered as he ordered Putties to fight her.

She really didn't have time for freak show foot soldiers and none to nicely slammed fists, kicks and elbows into the Z's on their chests.

But it was too late…by the time she was finished….they had teleported away with Mr Anderson…

"Shit." She muttered as the other three arrived.

"We're too late…Goldar got them all…he had Putties waiting just in case we spilt up." Kadie stated.

"We better contact Zordon." Billy told them and Tommy was straight on it.


"Tommy…rangers…Alpha and I are aware of the situation, teleport to the Command Centre immediately."

"We're on our way." Tommy told him.

"Are we clear?" Billy asked.

"Yeah….we're clear."

They teleported in.

"This is a very grave situation rangers. Lord Zedd has captured the champion ninjas and is trying to turn them into his own evil warriors."

"What about the baby Jacob?" Kim asked.

"Baby Jacob is fine Kimberly he's in the hands of some rather unusual baby sitters." Zordon said as they looked at the viewing globe.

"Bulk and Skull?"

"That even legal to leave someone under eighteen with Bulk and Skull?" Kadie asked really confused.

"He'll be same for the time being!" Alpha told them. "I think…."

"The baby's father and the ninja team are being held in Zedd's secret dimension…."
"We can't let Lord Zedd get his hands on them." Tommy stated.

Zordon agreed. "The results could be disastrous."

"We won't let that happen Zordon." Kadie said with determined eyes. "That I can promise you."

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