Chapter 1-Into the Breach

Princess Leia was not someone you could usually intimidate or bring about fear to when you spoke to her in a threatening fashion. She was a woman of integrity, principles, and had a sense of justice that rivaled the size of the Galaxy itself. She believed in honor, in justice, and punishing evil that was allowed to grow. She had been raised as a daughter of the Royal Family of Alderann with her adopted Father Bail Organa ensuring only the best education came her way. She was a Master in the realm of politics for one so young and followed in her adopted Father's footsteps in being a prominent Senator representing her home planet in the Imperial Senate

Unfortunately, it seemed all the diplomacy in the Galaxy could not help her here in the Detention Center of the now completed Death Star. Her ship had been attacked, boarded by an Imperial Star Destroyer, the crew either killed, or captured with all those alive to be sent to different Imperial Prisons.

As for her...Princess Leia Organa was going to be "interrogated" by Darth Vader himself for information on the location of the plans for the massive battle station. They knew she had them at one point, knew that she had hidden them, and were not going to stop until the plans were safely back in their possession.

But that was not what was concerning her at the moment. Not entirely. She had other matters within her mind that were bother the woman and they all started when Leia was a little girl overhearing a conversation not meant for the ears of a little innocent girl.

(Flashback-12 Years Ago)

Princess Leia stumbled out of her room, the strange dream she had made the little girl's desire to be held by those that loved her an all consuming command to one so young, and sought out one if not both her parents. She walked through the halls to one of the many balcony areas where Leia knew they usually went to talk or hold each other in a loving manner. Leia never knew how she knew where they were at time when needing one of them, but being so young it never occurred to her to ask, and just followed the whispery voice in the back of her mind to trust her instincts to seek them out during these times.

And so she did.

However, this time when Leia saw them, the talking her Father, and Mother were having was not nice nor was it one of those caring tender moments. She could hear raised voices, an argument between them, which surprised the girl since Leia had never heard them like this, and wondered if she herself had done something to cause this argument. Leia could not recall a time in recent memory that would involve the two most important adults in her life to argue like this, but that didn't make the growing curiosity, and worry within her fade.

If anything, these sensations grew stronger, and the voice in her mind that usually helped in deciding on what to do was saying to spy on the two. To learn what it was they were arguing about at such a time in the middle of the night.

"You have to tell her eventually Bail. Sooner or later she will learn the truth! Such a secret kept from Leia does more harm then good for her future," was the voice of Breha Organa in a pleading fashion.

"No! She can't know the truth. If she did, it could undo all we've planned in taking down the Empire, and the corruption the Emperor is allowing to spread through the Galaxy," argued Bail Organa, as he was against Breha's idea from the start, and told her at times during these secret talks.

"Secrets like these hurt or kill people Bail. Look what it did to Leia's parents. They kept such a secret and the result...," replied Breha, but couldn't finish the sentence because of the memory it brought, and the pain within it.

"We are her parents now! We are the ones who have to keep her safe from him and the Emperor. Anakin Skywalker is dead and so is Padme. The Galaxy will only remember them through history holo vids in connection to the Clone Wars. We don't need Leia learning the truth about her Father being alive and became...him!" said Bail with Leia looking out through the corner of her spot and saw Breha shaking her head.

"And what will happen should Leia get into trouble should she join the secretly growing rebellion Bail? What if Vader gets his hands on her? He won't know she is his child. I don't believe he would hurt his only connection to Padme. Anakin worshiped Padme and always will no matter the form he takes in life!" argued Breha with Bail scowling at her.

"Its a risk we will just have to take Breha. Besides, Vader will make Leia his enemy no matter what with the actions he takes in killing, and hurting others all over the Galaxy in the name of his Master. If she knows her Father became Darth Vader, she won't have the strength to fight him, and we need that girl to grow up without regretting what needs to be done for the good of the Galaxy. For us to achieve victory over Darth Vader, we need to use his offspring against him, and Leia is key to the fall of the Sith," replied Bail with Breha looking away from him with tears running down her face.

"Padme would hate what you are doing. Turning one of her children against him like this. Its Sith like!" whispered Breha with Bail's eyes softening for a moment.

"Padme would understand if she were here. The Jedi know what they are doing when it comes to these things," said Bail before Breha turned and glared at him.

"Will she? I doubt it. Besides, the Jedi don't care about the twins Bail. Its bad enough we have to keep Leia in the dark about being her adopted parents, but Luke as well, and have Kenobi raise him away from her is even worse! You know that its wrong Bail. The Jedi see Luke and Leia as weapons to be used against their Father and then the Emperor without any regard to the emotional damage that it might inflict on them. They don't care if the twins succeed in destroying their Father without knowing he is their Father since blood ties mean nothing to them. These kind of secrets can hurt or kill people if exposed Bail and there is a considerable risk of this secret being exposed no matter how hard we try to hide it," said Breha with Bail not saying at that moment since he didn't know what else to say.

"Regardless, Leia must never know about her real Father, or about her twin brother Luke until the time is right. By the time we possible decide to tell them...they shouldn't care that we did what we did in planning to use them to killed their biological Father and understand why it was necessary in order to save the Galaxy," replied Bail with Breha not liking what she just heard.

Neither did Leia, as she quietly ran off back to her room, and hoped neither adult heard the girl they cherished was crying.

(End Flashback)

Leia never told her adopted parents that she knew the secret they kept from her since she was a child. She didn't want to know how they would react or if they would do anything to stop her from doing anything with this information. Maybe she would have if push came to shove with her adopted parents if they had a confrontation on the matter. Leia would admit, if only to herself, that she was tempted to confront Vader when reaching adulthood, and having been to Coruscant on several occasions could have gone to the Sith Lord's residents that was the Imperial Palace to see him. Sadly, each time she was on the planet, her biological Father was not, and Leia suspected Bail Organa had done this on purpose.

Now here she sat, in a cell, awaiting her interrogator, no doubt Darth Vader himself, and Leia wondered if she should tell the man about their blood connection. Breha seemed to believe in the Sith Lord in terms of him loving his lost wife and that being the daughter of the late Senator of Naboo would protect her from the darkness that the man had embraced for twenty years. She had heard the rumors of what Vader might look like beyond the suit and armor with each one ranging from possible truth to outrageous in their entirety. That he was a diseased or deformed man and the suit kept any such disease from spreading to anyone. Others said Vader wasn't human. His overall size shouldn't allow someone to move so fast when fighting or do what he did when fighting. As for some saying it was the Force, the same power the Jedi used, many disregarded the Force as some archaic religion used my mystic holy men, and it was no longer the power it once was ages ago. But Vader could use it. Bail Organa had seen it with the Jedi, had seen it with Vader, and so did those that served under the Sith Lord.

Only the ignorant and stupid didn't believe in the Force. There were times where she wanted to call on that power, but was hesitant to even consider the possibility of using the Force, and letting her presence be known to the Galaxy on that level. It would draw out not only her Father, but the Emperor as well, and Leia didn't want the latter to know for obvious reason..

'Should I tell him? Should I risk it? What if he rejects me? What if he doesn't care? What if he takes me to the Emperor? No! I have to risk it. If I don't...I may regret it for the rest of my life,' thought Leia, as she was snapped out of her line of thinking when the cell door opened, and Darth Vader himself walked into the room with his bulky dark form somehow making the lighting in the cell dim considerably.

It was a bit eerie.

"Now your Highness, we discuss the location of the hidden Rebel Base," stated Vader, as he moved aside slightly for something else to appear behind him, and Leia saw what it was with wide eyes.

It was a standard Imperial Interrogation Droid. The kind used by the Empire to cause lots of pain and make the one suffering to break under their use. Leia knew this droid was just the prelude to Vader himself using his powers to cause pain, as the rumors of his methods in hurting people for information were just as legendary, and would use those powers on her unless she did something.


"Wait! Just wait a second! Please!" protested Leia with a raised hand and saw the droid stop when Vader gave the order.

"Princess Leia, your lack of resolve in the face of pain is disappointing. Your reputation for being strong willed in the face of danger has clearly been greatly exaggerated," said Vader though he was finding it odd that this woman would act this way considering how word of mouth told him otherwise.

Perhaps this woman before him was a decoy? It was possible. Such a thing had been done before with...her to avoid being capture or to prevent assassination attempts from being successful.

"I assure you my Lord, there is no exaggeration about my resolve. I just wish to speak with private," replied Leia, as she glanced at the droid, and one of the men in the room.

"Oh? For what purpose should I indulge you with this private conversation you wish to have with me?" asked Vader, as he was curious to what the Princess was thinking, or possibly planning with this strange request.

"What I have to tell you involves my family...and the secret connection to you," answered Leia and she could almost see the face behind the mask frowning with the temperature in the room went down significantly.

"I have no connection to the Alderann Royal Family whatsoever," said Vader with Leia looking down and not looking him in the eyes.

"I know. I wasn't referring to Alderann Royal Family. I was referring to the one Royal Family on Naboo," replied Leia with her now imaging the shock on the man's hidden face before the rage in his body rising and she felt the temperature dropping even further to the point where the woman thought she could her breath.

"Leave us and take the Interrogation Droid with you," commanded Vader to the shocked and clearly frightened Imperial behind him.

For a moment, the room was filled with silence, and only Vader's respirator system being the only thing heard between them.

"You have questions," stated Leia calmly, but deep down she was terrified, and for good reason since the man in front of her was not someone you crossed by going after a matter he secretly considered personal to him.

"Indeed. Who told you of that particular connection? asked Vader, his voice a deathly whisper, his restraint held back by a thin line of curiosity, and the Force telling him to listen to this woman speak if only for now before deciding her fate.

"No one did my Lord. I overheard it from my adopted Father Bail Organa when I was a child," answered Leia with the sound of Vader's leather gloved hands being stretched when the hands became fists.

"Clearly you know such information being told to me will result in his death. Why are you telling me this knowing what will happen to him?" asked Vader with Leia looking up at him with strangely compassionate eyes.

Eyes she once had from a time long ago.

"Because I'm hoping what I tell you next will make you reconsider such a move," replied Leia with Vader cocking his head to the right.

"And just what key piece of information could you possibly possess that would make me even consider sparing that man my wrath?" questioned Vader with a small hint of what Leia could hear in his voice as amusement.

"That I...I am your daughter my Lord. I am the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala," answer Leia with Vader saying nothing to her, just standing still like a statue, and she wondered if the shock had suddenly killed him.

"What did you just say?" asked Vader with his voice barely a whisper, the room seemed to shake slightly, and Leia knew she had to tread cautiously here.

"I am your daughter. I overheard Bail arguing with Breha one night when I was six years old about it. Bail wanted to keep my parentage a secret from me and Breha felt I should know the truth should we ever cross paths like this. She feared if I didn't know, the secret would cause me harm, and make us bitter enemies for life. Breha said you worshipped my Mother and would never harm your own child if you knew of my existence," replied Leia while the room shaking a bit more, the metal groaning slightly, but it soon stopped, and she saw Vader himself was shaking now.

As if he had absorbed the invisible storm from the cell right into his body.

"I need time to confirm this. While I sense you are not lying to me about what you have just revealed, a DNA sample will prove without a doubt that you are my daughter, and Padme's child," replied Vader, as he saw Leia nodding in understanding, and knew he would have his doubts despite the Force telling him to trust her.

"Before you go, there is one more thing you need to know," said Leia, as she saw him leave for the door, and stop to turn.

"More?" asked Vader in disbelief, as he clearly didn't believe there could be more, and had his full attention.

"I am not your only child. You also have a son. My twin. His name is Luke," answered Leia, as she saw him stand perfectly straight, and imagined the shock of this news was overwhelming him.

"A son? I have a son too? Where is he?" asked Vader, his mind racing with possibilities, and selecting his most loyal agents within the Empire to find his son when this was over.

"I don't know. I think we were separated at birth. I overheard my adopted parents mention General Kenobi once and that he was possibly watching over him. They didn't say where in terms of location," answered Leia and she saw him slightly pacing in the room like a hungry predator getting ready for a hunt.

"Kenobi! Of course he would take my son while leaving you with Bail Organa. Turning my son into a Jedi, to fight me on one front, and all the while turning you into a skilled politician like your Mother on a second. Making you ignorant of who you were truly fighting and no doubt would have kept it from both of you until after they reveled in their victory," said Vader angrily, as he cursed Obi-wan for not only maiming him all those years ago while burning to near death, but to turn his own children against him, and be pawns to be used by the Jedi in their spiteful attempts to destroy one of their former brothers of the fallen Order.

"I don't know if Obi-wan has done that with Luke. I'm sorry if I upset you. I...I don't want you to be angry with me," replied Leia with Vader stopping his pacing movement to look at her and did the one thing that surprised the woman.

He put a surprisingly gentle hand on her shoulder with an assuring grip.

"You have nothing to apologize for in telling me this information. I am not angry with you. I am angry at those around you, who would take my wife's children, and turn them into pawns to get to me," said Vader, as he felt the Force now in its surprising warmth, the Light Side he sensed nipping at him now despite the darkness that surrounded him.

"You aren't going to...torture me for information about the Rebel Base, are you? Because even if you ask me for the information...I can't and won't tell you," said Leia while seeing him jerk back like he had been hit.

"Do you really think I would do that to you? That I would hurt my own child? To raise a hand to daughter of the woman I loved?" asked Vader with Leia shaking her head no.

"I don't believe you would harm me. Not now. Not when you have learned the truth about me. I want to believe in the man you once were in life. Before becoming Darth Vader. I want to believe in the man that my Mother loved still exists in you," said Leia with Vader just looking at her for a moment and she wished to see what his expression was behind the mask.

"I will return shortly once I have confirmed what I already know about us. When I do, you must give me a name for a planet. Before you protest, I am not asking for the current Rebel Base's location, but rather asking for the name of a planet that could be the location of a Rebel Base. Even an old base with some distinct signs of being used by the Rebels would be enough to satisfy Tarkin to a point of stalling him from using this battle station for a short while," replied Vader, as he saw Leia nod in understanding, and began to think of a possible Rebel Base her comrades in the organization had abandoned recently that her Father could use without giving the main base away.

"I'll be waiting," answered Leia with a smile and sensed Vader smile slightly behind his mask.

"You look so much like your Mother. I can't believe I missed it," whispered Vader, as he saw Leia smile brighter at the mention of Padme, and it was clear she wanted to know about the woman that brought so much into his life when growing up.

"I would like to know more about her. The information I've read is only what's on record and I was afraid any further probing would have gotten unwelcome attention from some of the Emperor's agents," said Leia with Vader nodding since it was true such inquiries would have raised such red flags.

Vader would know since he personally created them around his old life and Padme's in terms of seeking information.

"And you shall. I promise you. I knew your Mother well and want to share what I know about her with you...and your brother," replied Vader despite the pain it would bring not only to go back to the past, but to tell it to his daughter, and son with the latter no doubt being poisoned by Jedi lies.

Without another word, Vader left the room, the moment of light, and understanding that had happened was gone. Almost like it never existed. The Security Holo Camera system would not record what was spoken in the room, his command over the Force in crushing them had seen to that, and a look at the personnel in charge of this area told them to keep their mouths shut on the matter. Tarkin would raise a fuss of course, demanding some kind of explanation, and no doubt would remind Vader of his "supreme authority" he possessed on the Death Star. Vader could deal with him though, the man just needed to be reminded that the Force, not the Death Star was the ultimate weapon in the Galaxy, and to not trifle with someone who could command it like Vader could when required.

But right now, the Sith Lord had more pressing matters to attend to, and they currently involved his daughter being confirmed without a doubt that she was indeed his child by blood. Padme's child. One of two! Twins! Padme had given birth to twins! She did not die by his hands like he thought. Like he had been told. That meant the Emperor lied to him on that fateful day when put in this horrible suit. She didn't die by his hands. Not directly at least. A small mercy if there ever was one, as he could at least say Padme did not die from his actions directly, and the Force Choke he regretted performing did not result in Padme's life being snuffed out.

While Vader did not know how Padme truly died, it was clear the vision he had of the event with her dying while giving birth had indeed transpired, and that Obi-wan had been there. Not just his old Jedi Master, but Bail Organa, and possibly an unknown number of other people too. Could the known Rebel Leaders know the truth? Did Bail or Obi-wan tell them? Was Luke even okay? Treated right? At least treated civilly? Or would the Rebels like Obi-wan use Luke to be their emotionless weapon to slay his sire that he had never met? Would they try stamping out any and all Skywalker traits his son might have inherited from him? The very idea of his son being turned into what they want rather then have what was the boy's true nature grow to its full potential filled Vader with a rage he had not felt since believing Padme had died by his hands.

Banishing such thoughts from his mind for the moment, Vader entered the nearest lab, his presence startling everyone in the room, and quickly commanded them to leave. No one argued, protested, or questioned him in regards to this action since no one aside from the Emperor had the right to do either of those three things. Walking toward the DNA testing system, Vader produced a strand of hair, Leia's hair to be more precise, as he had easily acquired it by using the Force to have it fall off her head, and into his hand when he put it on her shoulder. Deceptive perhaps, but he couldn't stand the idea of taking a sample of blood using calling in the Interrogation Droid, or suddenly ripping out a strand of hair in a way that would make his child wince in pain.

No. He would do in a subtle way. The painless way that would help him confirm what he knew deep down was the truth and would help ease the pain that had echoed within his very soul for twenty years.

Accessing the necessary records in the Death Star's Database, Vader scanned the hair he got from Leia, and crossed referenced it with Padme first. At this point, what mattered to him was confirming Leia was Padme's child first, and planned to check him second. He needed to know this child was brought into the world by Padme, to confirm it above all other things, and his battered heart swelled with joy at seeing the results that came up.

Leia was Padme's daughter. The Force practically sang with joy with him in this news at having this information brought to light.

Next, Vader crossed referenced the DNA from the strand of hair with himself, and had to proceed with caution from here on out. The file that had his DNA on record could only be accessed by Vader, and the Emperor himself. No other person could access his file and any that did without the specific access code put in the first time would result in the fool dumb enough to try being hunted down to be killed.

No excuses.

But Vader knew the access code by heart, he used it to scan his DNA, and compare it to the strand he got from Leia's hair. The system processing the scans of genetic material for comparison, the time ticking down until it could complete the analysis was almost too much for the Sith Lord, and would have lashed out had the results not come up seconds later.

A perfect match.

Leia was without a doubt...his biological daughter.

She lived! Padme had lived to give birth to their twins. She might have even named them before dying. IF she had died. There was no telling if Padme had died in childbirth if the children had been brought into the Galaxy. For all he knew, Padme was alive, and kept hidden from him like the twins by the Jedi. Was she unconscious? Perhaps in a coma? Was she being kept in a medical capsule while the Rebel Leaders kept her as some last resort to use in their war against him should the twins fail in succeeding in defeating him? So many possibilities. So many unknowns. He needed time to think. To process this new information and react accordingly. If the Emperor found out what he knew, the old man would order Vader to bring Leia before him, and hunt down his son to be terminated for embracing the Jedi way should Kenobi's poisonous ways take root.

Again, shaking away unpleasant thoughts, and unknown possibilities from his mind the Dark Lord of the Sith destroyed all evidence of him being in the system. All the material and data gathered was destroyed without a trace of who or what was being scanned into the system. No one, not even the Emperor would know of what he just learned, and left the lab area to head to his personal quarters to mediate before his emotions on this matter spiraled out of control.

"Lord Vader!" called out Grand Moff Tarkin with Vader stopping and turned to face the slimy looking man.

"What is it Tarkin? I am busy at the moment on important business," growled Vader with Tarkin's scowl not leaving his slightly skeletal face.

"More important business then getting the location of the Rebel Base from the Princess? Or finding the plans for the Death Star?" questioned Tarkin like he was addressing one of his lowly subordinates.

"I have already interrogated the Princess," countered Vader while ignoring the images of what he would have no doubt done to his own child had he not known.

"And?" asked Tarkin with his arms crossed while expecting an answer.

"And her resistance to the Interrogation Droid and the mind probe I unleashed on her was considerable. Impressive even," replied Vader while Tarkin scowled further.

"Spare me your praise of the woman's strength Vader. She's a Rebel and I won't tolerate her disrespect on MY battle station," scolded Tarkin and Vader now crossed his arms in front of him.

"Your battle station? This is the Emperor's battle station Tarkin. Do not forget that," said Vader while using the opening Tarkin provided to direct things away from Leia.

"I am quite aware of that Vader. I am also aware that while on this station, you answer to me, and I will not take your insubordination lightly," replied Tarkin before the man found Vader's hand on his throat and lifting the man easily off the ground.

"I don't answer to you Tarkin. You are merely in charge of this station and ensuring it is ready for when the Emperor one day arrives to take full command. As for my purpose on this station, the Emperor wishes to make sure you do not get any strange ideas of possibly usurping his rule, and using his battle station against him," said Vader, as he threw the man down the hallway, and enjoyed the sight of the man sliding until he had hit the wall behind him.

"You dare raise your hand against me?! I'll tell the Emperor about this Vader!" threatened Tarkin with Vader walking toward him until his towering form was upon the man.

"By all means do inform the Emperor of this Governor. I will enjoy hearing you explain how you were trying to command me around like you were the Emperor himself. How you believed this battle station was yours and yours alone to command. How you called it your battle station instead of calling it the Emperor's battle station," Vader threatened back and saw Tarkin's face go pale with fear knowing that would be brought up to make the Emperor question the Grand Moff's loyalty.

Satisfied with the man's humiliating experience was enough to get him to back off, Vader left the Grand Moff to stew in his position, and headed for his mediation chamber. When he got there, the Force suddenly seemed to become more alive, like an event was about to happen, and Vader wondered what the Force had planned for him.

"Its been a long time Anakin," came the voice of the man Vader had not heard since he was a boy.

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

"It can't be," whispered Vader, as he spun around to face the source of the voice, and saw the Force Ghost of the Jedi Master standing before him.

"Even after everything you have seen and experienced in life, my sudden presence here surprises you," said Qui-Gon with a hint of amusement while Vader stared at the spirit in shock though he did nod his head.

"How is this possible?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon smiling at him.

"Oh there are many forms of Immortality Anakin. Sadly, some of these forms can only be learned when you die ironically enough," replied Qui-Gon before walking past Vader to get a better look at the Sith Lord's quarters.

"Why are you here?" asked Vader cautiously while wondering why the once great Jedi Master was here.

"To help you Anakin. To help you become the man you once were before now. The man your daughter believes still exists. That I believe still exists," answered Qui-Gon with Vader looking away from him.

"How can you possibly have faith in me Qui-Gon? After everything I have done to the Galaxy How can you believe in me after all I've done in the name of the Sith?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon sighing and looking at him with sympathy.

"Because I see light in your heart Anakin. No matter how hard the Emperor tried, you kept a piece of Anakin Skywalker alive, and buried it deep within the darkness that was Darth Vader. I would have lost hope if you had tortured your daughter after learning of her biological connection to you. I would have lost hope if you did not care about your son. I would have lost hope if you had thoughts of turning either or both of them into Sith Lords. But you didn't. Not once did your thoughts stray to dark ideas or plans for them and you thought of only the things that make us embrace the light. You were worried for their safety, you wanted their love, and more importantly you thought of the woman that even now you love regardless of your Master trying to stamp her out of your heart," answered Qui-Gon with Vader looking away from him, taking several steps, and the Jedi Master knew the question the man wanted to ask now.

"Tell me Qui-Gon...did I kill Padme like the Emperor said I did? That in my anger over what happened...I killed her?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon remaining silent.

"What does your heart tell you?" asked Qui-Gon with Vader turning around to look at the spirit that would not answer him with a yes or no.

"I do not know what to believe. But you are a spirit of the Force now. You can tell me. I must know! Please Master Qui-Gon! Tell me the truth! Did I kill Padme?! Did I kill my wife?!" asked Vader his voice desperate sounding with Qui-Gon sighing.

"No. Not directly. Despite your actions on Mustafar, it was not what ended Padme's life," answered Qui-Gon with Vader sagging a bit in a form of slight relief and it was clear the Jedi's words had lifted the weight off the Sith Lord's shoulders.

"Then what did? What ended her life? Surely the medical technology at the hospital she was taken to was advanced enough to stop it?!" asked Vader with Qui-Gon shaking his head.

"It did Anakin, but you have to understand that Padme was very weak from giving birth to the twins, and the stress of what happened sent her health into a decline. Its rare, but not uncommon for that to happen when a woman gives birth, and not even the medical science at the disposal of the doctors treating Padme could have saved her in time. That is the truth Anakin," answered Qui-Gon with Vader feeling his heart was aching inside, yet it felt joy knowing her death was not his fault, and the weight left him.

"What is it like? On the other side?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon smiling at him now.

"Not as bad you would think. Your Mother and Padme are here. They miss you. They still love you despite everything," replied Qui-Gon and he sensed the man wince beneath his mask.

"I am not deserving of their love," whispered Vader while looking away from the Jedi Master with Qui-Gon shaking his head.

"You're wrong Anakin. You are worthy. The fact you didn't harm Leia proves it. The fact you want to protect your family as a whole from the Emperor and his Empire proves it," countered Qui-Gon with Vader no being so optimistic.

"How do I make this right? How do I protect what is left of my family?" asked Vader, as he began pacing around the room, his mind going in countless different direction with the names, places, agents, and planets with hundred of thousands of contacts throughout the Galaxy he created over the last twenty years.

"You can start by preventing the destruction of Alderann. I know you dislike Bail Organa for keeping Leia in the dark about you being her Father, but the entire planet should not suffer for his actions. Besides, Leia is loved by the people there, and to lose them in such a way would be devastating," answered Qui-Gon when he sensed Vader's dislike of the idea of saving the planet from annihilation and yet he could tell the Sith Lord was slowly leaning toward it.

If only for Leia's sake.

"I would need to tamper with the laser firing array and the command system given when the sequence begins. Child's play when you have access to the system and the authority to go places without question," Vader mumbled to himself while Qui-Gon nodded.

"Do it Anakin. After that is done, go see Leia, and act like nothing is amiss. Time is short in saving the planet and there is also the issue of your son coming here," said Qui-Gon with Vader stopping in his tracks and turned to look at the Force Ghost.

"My son is coming here? How?!" asked Vader since he would need to ensure that no harm befell Luke.

"Obi-wan is with him. They have the Death Star Plans and hired a smuggler to take them to Alderann. At the moment, Tarkin is sending the Death Star there to intimidate your daughter into giving him the location of the Rebel Base, and even if she did...he will still destroy the planet," said Qui-Gon with Vader's rage spiking at the idea of Tarkin hurting his daughter and destroying the planet she loves.

It was like Padme, Naboo, and the Trade Federation all over again.

"She would not consciously betray the Rebellion no matter the costs. She is too much like Padme. And you said Luke is heading for Alderann. If I don't stop Tarkin from firing on the planet, I risk losing Luke as well, and I will not allow that to happen!" said Vader, as he moved to the door, and missed Qui-Gon smiling at him.

"Don't worry Anakin. You won't. Follow the path of light that your children are shining before you and the way will be clear. I will check up on you from time to time when it matters most. Until then...may the Force be with you," said Qui-Gon with his spirit now fading away from sight.

'And you too...Master Qui-Gon,' thought Vader, as he slowed his pace considerably to prevent anyone suspecting him of acting unusual, and possibly reporting him to Tarkin.

The last thing Vader wanted was for Tarkin to contact the Emperor about his actions.

It was easy to gain access to the main firing laser array system given his status as the Emperor's right hand man. While Tarkin was in charge of this station, the Emperor did not trust the man completely just like he never did Vader himself, and yet trusted Vader with a special counter measure to the firing system in the event the Grand Moff wanted to use the Death Star on a planet the Emperor was currently on. It was a special command override code that only the Emperor and Vader himself could use, but it didn't register as a command code when processed into the system, and made it appear like there was an internal malfunction. Even if Imperial Technicians did system scans, checks, and even tinkered with some of the actual physical pieces of this insanely complex battle station before putting it together again the command code would prevent the Death Star from firing the laser. The only way to counter it was if the Emperor put in another command code only he possessed and was deep within the Sith's mind so no one else could use it.

Fortunately for Vader, the Emperor was still on Coruscant, and would not be scheduled to arrive for at least another Month.

Accessing the system, Vader put in the code, and set it to activate the moment the firing sequence was started. It would take less then five seconds to kick in, but the Death Star's Super Laser would take a full ten, and the code was expected to stop the sequence on the eighth second. Still, Vader was not one to leave such a plan to chance, and felt the best way to ensure this technological terror didn't succeed in its mission was to cause some form of physical damage so it would keep the Imperial Technicians from suspecting it was something internal that caused the firing sequence to stop.

Entering a Turbo Lift elevator, Darth Vader silently made his way to the large room where the various firing array lines channeling power all the way to the Super Laser was located. Reaching out with the Force, the Sith Lord stretched out his hand toward several minor arrays that alone would only causing a minor annoyance to the firing sequence, but crushing several of them would make the system stop the firing sequence in the event the command code did not. Turning his palm into a fist, Vader smiled underneath his mask, as he heard the sound of ten minor power arrays being destroyed, and turned to several firing lenses that also needed to be destroyed to further enforce a system shut down when the Super Laser was getting primed for firing.

And he did just that.

Nodding in satisfaction at his work, the Sith Lord left the area, his presence would not be seen, or detected by the security of this area presented. Both through his use of the Force and his access to the security he helped create for this area of the Death Star no one but the Force itself would know he was here.

And the Force was siding with him today.

(Death Star-Detention Center)

Leia looked up to see the cell door open and saw her Father enter with a few Imperial Stormtroopers right behind him. At first she thought he had betrayed her, but sensed a comforting presence, and deduced it was the Sith Lord himself. Commanding her to rise in his usual harsh tone, Leia complied while playing along as the reluctant prisoner, and just looked at him while the troopers cuffed her wrists before they were all escorted to what would be considered the bridge of the Death Star. Standing there, in his Grand Moff uniform, looking all prim, and proper in his Imperial outfit was none other then Governor Tarkin himself.

"Governor Tarkin. I thought you would be the one holding Vader's leash. I should have recognized your foul stench when I was brought on bored," stated Leia while mentally apologizing to her Father for jabbing him in the process.

Vader didn't mind since her target was indeed the slime they thought he was in life.

"Charming to the last. You have no idea how hard it was for me to sign the order to execute you," replied Tarkin with his face and voice sounding extremely oily.

"I'm surprised you had the courage to sign it yourself," countered Leia with fury in her voice while moving forward a little, which made Tarkin move slightly back before Vader grabbed the woman, and he hid the anger at being intimidated by the female before him.

Vader relished Tarkin's discomfort, as well as the pride he felt from seeing Leia stand up to the worm, and knew Padme would be proud of her too. The Sith Lord watched Tarkin talk with Leia about the might of the Death Star, how it would allow the Emperor to go unopposed, and cement the Empire's might throughout the Galaxy. Leia had countered with how the battle station would only rally more planets to the Rebellion and the tighter the hold the Emperor tried to create the more these planets would resist.

"Not when we test the might of this battle station on your home world of Alderann," said Tarkin with Leia looking at him in horror, as she looked at the planet on the screen, and then at him.

"No! You can't Alderann is peaceful! We have no weapons...," was all Leia could get out, as Tarkin now got in her face, and to the woman's credit did not back away.

"Would you prefer another target? A military target? Where is the system or planet of the Rebel Base located?! I won't ask again your Highness. Unlike Lord Vader, I will not be so merciful in giving you a small reprieve to make up your mind, and will ensure that the moment you witness Alderann is destroyed haunts your mind for years to come," said Tarkin, as he felt Vader's eyes on him, but ignored the Sith Lord, and kept his eyes the Princess fighting with her decision on the matter.

"Dantooine. They are on Dantooine," answered Leia at last while looking defeated.

"There! You see Lord Vader, she can be properly motivated when it counts. You may fire when ready," said Tarkin in triumph at besting the Princess where Vader did not.

"What?!" demanded Leia while being held firm by her Father.

"You're far too trusting. Dantooine is far too out of the way for a proper demonstration, but don't worry my dear, we will deal with your Rebel friends soon enough," said Tarkin with his arrogant smile growing with every second that went by.

"No!" protested Leia, but held firmly by her Father, and sensed his soothing presence while telling her to trust him.

"Commence firing sequence!" said one Imperial Officer, as they went through the firing procedures, and heard in the sounds of the Super Laser gathering energy to fire.

Only for the system to wail and whine in protest before the systems shut down with the Super Laser unable to fire the energy at the planet in front of it. Tarkin was furious, his face red with embarrassment mixed with anger, and commanded his men to find out what was wrong with the firing sequence.

"What exactly went wrong? I was told everything was fully operational moments ago!" demanded Tarkin while the Imperial Technicians were running diagnostics and scans of all systems connected to the Super Laser.

"We don't know sir. It was fully operational the last time we checked. We did a systems check twice to make sure everything was in order," replied one Imperial Technician.

"Clearly it wasn't done properly!" countered Tarkin before turning to face the smug face of the Princess seeing his humiliation.

"So much for the wonderful terror inspiring demonstration of Empire's might using this abomination Tarkin," remarked Leia, as she saw Tarkin's face get even redder, and he moved to strike her in the face.

Only for Vader to stop it.

"What are you doing?" demanded Tarkin while Vader's grip on the man's wrist tightened.

"Ensuring nothing happens to the Emperor's prisoner. He will want her brought to him alive and unharmed for the trial that will be held," answered Vader with Tarkin scoffing at him.

"What trial? We both know her sentence is death regardless if she gets one," remarked Tarkin and felt Vader's grip tighten to the point of his wrist being broken with additional pressure.

"Regardless, it is what the Emperor would want given the situation, and we both know going against the Emperor is not in our best interest Tarkin," remarked Vader with Tarkin glaring at him and then at Leia before the Sith Lord let go of the man's limb.

"Enjoy your little victory my dear for once we fix this minor problem, we are going to Dantooine, and remove the Rebels there," stated Tarkin before motioning for the two to leave his presence while he watched the crew trying to fix the firing array.

"How did you do that?" whispered Leia while she was escorted by Vader to her cell while he commanded the Stormtroopers to leave the process to him.

"I was always very skilled with mechanics, even when I was small boy, and there is no part of this battle station that I cannot sabotage," answered Vader in a whisper of his own.

"Could you cause it to blow up from the inside if you wanted to?" asked Leia curiously.

"Yes, but it would be too suspicious for the Emperor's liking if the Death Star suddenly blew up without a plausible explanation, and I was the only survivor. He would suspect I had a hand in its destruction and see to it that I was punished for my actions in usurping his rule over the Galaxy," replied Vader with Leia nodding in understanding.

"What if we could create a reason?" asked Leia with Vader stopping and turning to look at her.

"What do you mean?" asked Vader curiously.

"What if the Rebel Alliance attacked and blew up the station? Or made it was made to look like that?" answered Leia with Vader thinking it over.

"They would need to know of a weakness in the Death Star and attack it. I could bring such an event to the Emperor upon his explanation of how his prized battle station was destroyed by the Rebels," concluded Vader with Leia nodding.

"Yes! And while the Rebel Alliance is fighting the Death Star outside, you can cause an internal problem that will destroy it from within, and get out before the station explodes. Even if you can't destroy it from within, you could cripple it, and let the Rebel Alliance move in for the killing blow by attacking the weakness...if one even exists," added Leia with Vader nodding since that could work.

"Fortunately, there is such a weakness that I have seen, yet did not tell the Emperor about when I was looking over the plans myself prior to them being stolen," said Vader much to Leia's surprise.

"You found one? Where is it? Why didn't you report this to the Emperor?" asked Leia, as she was shocked her Father would keep something like this from the Emperor he served loyally for so many years, and didn't try to fix it.

"Because like you my daughter, I too despise this technological terror the Emperor has ordered to be constructed, and relish the thought of it being destroyed. The only regret I will have after our success is the fact the Emperor himself was not here on the Death Star when it is destroyed. As for the weakness, you must look along the trench area where the Thermal Exhaust Ports are located, and look for the one near the Main Port. The trench is long and narrow with the port itself being ray shielded so only Proton Torpedoes from a single snub fighter could get the job done. It won't be easy to navigate down the trench, as Turbo Laser Towers are in the trench, and Tie Fighters would eventually be deployed to take down any snub fighters your Rebellion may possess. If your Rebellion were to go for the killing stroke, it must be done swiftly, and be successful by the third run with someone who is a highly skilled pilot. Anything else will result in total failure with pilots dead and the planet they were on destroyed," answered Vader, as he had despised the Emperor's battle station, and wished to see it destroyed simply to prove to the Emperor that the weapon was not the supreme power in the Universe.

The Force had that exclusive right.

"What happens now?" asked Leia with Vader pausing in thought.

"For now, you will be returned to your cell until I can procure a means of transport to get you off the Death Star, and somewhere safe where the Emperor cannot reach you. Not until you've had the necessary training in the Force can we confront him together and end his oppression," replied Vader knowing that it would not be long before the Emperor was made aware of things here with Leia being a threat to his rule and would send various assassins after her.

She would need to be prepared for the confrontation and time was barely on their side at the moment.

"In using the Force? Like a Jedi? Or Sith?" asked Leia, as she didn't want to be the latter, and while the former seemed more honorable...there also seemed to be semi-good reason her Father hated the Order like he did.

"You will never be a Sith Lord like I was Leia. I won't allow it. As much as it pains me to say must learn the ways of the Jedi and most of their beliefs," answered Vader, as he would ensure she learned most of what the Jedi followed, and tell her of the others he personally disliked considering how they clashed with his own.

Had Anakin followed the Jedi Code down to the last letter like the Council wanted, he would have never married Padme, and the twins would have never been conceived much less born.

"Why do you hate the Jedi so much? My adopted Father said the Jedi brought peace to the Galaxy when needed to prevent hostile wars," questioned Leia with the two of them entering the Detention Center and her cell soon after.

"At one point in time my daughter, the Jedi Order did just what Bail Organa said they did, but over course of the ages of the last one thousand years since the end of the Jedi Sith War, the Jedi Order had become arrogant, and believed they were beyond reproach. They believed Jedi should not have emotions, attachments to others, or have connections of any kind to their families. That you should not know of love, marriage, or the idea of being a parent while raising your offspring like one should. Force sensitive children were taken from their Mother's soon after birth and neither parent was allowed to have any contact with the child when growing up until they were a full grown adults. By that point, the child now adult would have no connection to their sires, and would be mere strangers to each other," answered Vader, as he never forgave the Jedi Order, or Obi-wan for that matter on preventing him from seeing his Mother sooner, and saving her from the death she suffered at the hands of the Sand People.

Even now that wound to his soul still hurt and festered within him.

"They did that? That's horrible! I had no idea the Jedi did that," said Leia, as she could not see herself letting go of her children, and being denied contact the entire time they were growing up.

Missing their first words. Their first steps. Not knowing their likes or dislikes.

"I did. When I went before the Jedi Order, I was only nine years old, and even when I stood before them I sensed their dislike of me. I was too old to be trained in their eyes and had an attachment to my Mother who I loved dearly. She was all I had growing up and they looked upon what I felt like it was an abomination. Personally, I think they only took me in because of the signs showing the Sith had returned, and didn't want to risk such a Sith taking me on as an apprentice at such a young impressionable age," replied Vader while finding the irony of how what they did, only to have it backfire so terribly, and violently in the end.

Fools. Almost all of them were damned emotionless fools.

"I don't think I could embrace that part of the Jedi Code. It discriminates and casts those that need such emotional support away," added Leia with Vader nodding.

"Which is why I do not wish you to embrace that part of the Jedi when the time comes to learning the ways of the Force," replied Vader with Leia getting a better feel for her Father in terms of why he resented the Jedi Order.

And also that there was more to it then the Jedi Code itself. Something much deeper and far more personal.

"I won't. I'll wait here until your return Father," said Leia with Vader smiling underneath his mask at hearing her call him that before leaving.

First things first, the Sith Lord had an angry Grand Moff to keep in check, and prevent from doing anything stupid.

(Death Star-Meeting Room)

"She lied to us! I can't believe the Princess stood there and lied to my face after I had just threatened to destroy Alderann if she didn't cooperate!" exclaimed Tarkin furiously in front of Vader after hearing the scouts had reported Dantooine was an abandoned Rebel Base that had not been used for some time.

"I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion. You underestimated the Princess in her resolve Tarkin," remarked Vader with a hint of pride in his voice though Tarkin himself missed it due to his own anger blinding him.

"Terminate her! Immediate! I want to make an example out of that woman and send a message to Bail Organa as well as to all of Alderann itself," commanded Tarkin before a beep on the Comm. system came before Vader could speak further on the matter.

"We've brought in a freighter entering the Alderann System. Its marking matches that of the one ship that successfully escaped Mos Eisley," came the voice of an Imperial Officer in charge of the Docking Bays.

"Rebels?" asked Tarkin though whether to Vader or the Imperial Officer was unknown.

"They must be here to rescue the Princess and have the stolen plans. She may yet be of some use to us," added Vader knowing that it would keep Tarkin from sighing the order to kill Leia if only for the moment.

"Send troops to that docking bay immediately. I want that ship scanned and checked from top to bottom," commanded Tarkin into the Comm. System before turning it off before he saw Vader was already walking off to inspect this matter himself.

When the Sith Lord did arrive, he was less then pleased to see this hunk of junk for a ship had entered the Death Star, and saw it had been patched up quite a few times over the years. A YT-1300 Freighter if he was not mistaken and modified beyond all legal means to keep her running in top form. Though it was clear this thing hadn't been in top form in years and the inside was probably just as bad if not worse.

"Lord Vader, we scanned the ship upon entering, and no life signs were on board. The crew possibly abandoned the ship soon after entering the Alderann System," said an Imperial Officer seeing the Sith Lord entering the docking bay while nearly a hundred Stromtroopers were in front of the ship.

"Did you find any droids?" asked Vader with the Imperial Officer shaking his head no.

"No sir. If they were also on board, they might also have jettisoned with the crew. Logs show several of the escape pods were ejected prior to getting within range of the Death Star. Perhaps its a decoy meant to divert us elsewhere?" said the Imperial Officer with Darth Vader being silent for a moment.

"Send in a scanning crew. I want every part of this ship checked. This is a smuggling ship Captain and smuggling ships have hidden compartments," commanded Vader since he had heard a few stories back on Tatooine growing up about how smuggling ships had to have hidden compartments to get their illegal cargo past customs at various Space Ports on different planets.

"Yes Lord Vader. I want a scanning crew here on the double. I want every part of this ship checked!" commanded the Imperial Officer to the nearest Stromtroopers to have them carry out the order.

"I sense something. Something I have sensed since...," whispered Vader before his eyes widened behind the mask and quickly left knowing what it was with his temper rising yet knew this was what he needed to get his daughter off the Death Star.

He just had to make sure certain people on this battle station were distracted when the time came to get Leia to safety.

(Inside the Millennium Falcon)

Obi-wan was hiding his fear well. Many years of experience fighting in the Clone Wars, as well as surviving battles with Sith Lords, Sith Assassins, droids, Grievous, and Clone Troopers that once served under his command did that to you. But this was different on so many levels and not just because this was a bit personal for him. Vader had clearly sensed him on this ship. Obi-wan had sensed that his old Jedi apprentice turned Sith Lord had sensed him despite the old Jedi masking his presence. So why didn't the Sith Lord walk onto the ship, locate his presence, and then finish him when he had the chance?

Something else was going on here, but the Force was keeping silent, not telling him what that something was, and that made things worse for Obi-wan on so many levels. When the Stormtroopers left their patrol of the internal workings of the ship, the old Jedi got out of the smuggling compartment to see Luke hope out with Han Solo, their hired help, and praising the smuggler for having these compartments.

"I use these things for smuggling though I never thought I would have to smuggle myself in one of them. This is ridiculous! Even if I could take off in time, I could never get us away from the tractor beam," replied Han while Obi-wan got out of his own compartment he shared with the large Wookiee.

"Leave that to me," said Obi-wan with Han scoffing.

"You old fool. I knew you would say that," commented Han with Obi-wan smirking.

"Who is more foolish? The fool? Or the fool who follows him?" asked Obi-wan with Han keeping his mouth shut.

(With Tarkin-Sometime Later)

"Obi-wan Kenobi? Are you sure?" questioned Tarkin with Vader sensed his presence.

"The last time I sensed such a feeling, it was in the presence of my old Master," replied Vader with Tarkin not believing him.

"Surely he must be dead by now," said Tarkin, as he had met the man once on a mission and had an immediate dislike of the Jedi.

"Don't underestimate the Force," warned Vader with Tarkin scoffing.

"The Jedi are extinct. Their light had burned out in the Galaxy. You my friend are all that remains of their religion," countered Tarkin before he was beeped again on the Comm. System.

"The Detention Center the Princess is being detained is under attack," came the voice of an Imperial Officer and Tarkin's face was once again livid with rage.

"Lock down the entire area. I want the Princess captured and her rescuers brought to me for questioning!" commanded Tarkin before seeing Vader standing there confidently.

"It is Obi-wan Kenobi. The Force is with him," stated Vader with certainty while Tarkin let out a curse.

"He must never escape from here," said Tarkin while Vader smirking behind his mask knowing his own plan in this was coming along nicely.

If Obi-wan was here, then so was Luke, and he had just rescued his twin in true reckless fashion. A Skywalker if there ever was one.

"Escape is not his plan. But to ensure this is his final mission, I must face him...alone!" stated Vader knowing Tarkin would not object to this since the Grand Moff was no match for the old Jedi regardless of the aging the Jedi Master had no doubt had gone through.

(With Leia)

The Princess of Alderann was not happy. Not happy one bit. At first, she was delighted to see her brother after he took off the Stormtrooper helmet to reveal himself to her, and that Obi-wan Kenobi was here. Even if her Father detested the old Jedi, she might be able to convince the former to tolerate the latter for a little bit to help ensure their escape. But the problem wasn't finding the two, but rather tolerating the smuggler acting brash, arrogant, and full of himself with his hairy Wookiee companion being as loud as the man's blaster. Add to the fact they went into a garbage shoot per her yelling at the two while being fired upon by Stormtroopers, endured a horrible smell from what was thrown into it, and then nearly being squashed didn't exactly make Leia's day.

She almost wished to be back in her cell. Almost.

Fortunately, they eventually escaped thanks to the Threepio, and Artoo stopping the trash compactor with just a few seconds to spare. After cleaning themselves off at a nearby refresher conveniently placed near the door to the compactor, the group had been on the run in different directions before they managed to meet up again.

Now they just needed to escape on the eyesore Han called a ship.

It looked like a piece of junk.

"We're almost there. Come on!" said Han, as he made his way toward the ship when the group of Stormtroopers were walking away, clearly distracted by something, and they took the opportunity to exploit the opening.

But when they got halfway to the hanger, Luke had stopped to see something no one had expected to see, and was shocked to see Obi-wan Kenobi was in a Lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. The Sith Lord was pressing the attack on the old man, clearly living up to his reputation as a Master of the weapon he used, and had slain countless Jedi with it. But there was more to it then that and Leia could sense the anger now coming from her Father currently directed at Kenobi.

Though why that was she didn't know.

(With Vader-Sometime Earlier)

Vader felt his old Jedi Master's Force signature easily enough, as it was no longer being kept suppressed by the man, and that meant Kenobi had done what he set out to do. No doubt the old man had gone to the main tractor beam system in the area where the ship he had been on, and turned it off to ensure the ship could escape from the Death Star. Not a bad plan for an old Jedi, but the Empire had long since developed a procedure where all captured ships have a tracking beacon placed on them so in the event they are released, the ship is monitored, and tracked to its intended location by the Captain of the ship.

A secret victory in the face of defeat.

"I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the Master," said Vader, as the red blade of his Lightsaber appeared, and saw Obi-wan had done the same with his blue one.

"Only a master of evil, Darth," countered Obi-wan, as the two began there fierce battle, and the Jedi Master was pushed back repeatedly by the Sith Lord.

"Your powers are weak old man," replied Vader in a taunting tone.

"You cannot win Darth. Strike me down, I shall become more powerful then you could possibly imagine," said Obi-wan cryptically, as they continued their battle throughout the Death Star, and found something about Vader.

"I have already won Kenobi. I know the truth about my wife. I know the truth about my daughter being alive! My son! I know Padme gave birth to twins and you separated them at birth!" accused Vader with Obi-wan looking at him in shock before his face sported a scowl.

"How did you discover this? Who told you?" demanded Obi-wan, as he could almost see the smirk behind Vader's mask, and wondered if the Sith Lord told his Master.

"Leia told me. My daughter overheard Bail Organa as a child arguing with his wife about keeping the truth from her. How she was to never know I was her Father. To never use it in the event I had her within my grasp like I did here on the Death Star," explained Vader in an almost smug and gloating manner.

"She knew? All this time?" asked Obi-wan with the darkness in Vader rising slightly.

"Yes. She knew the truth and no doubt kept the fact she knew from her adopted Father. She also overheard him mention her twin. My son!" replied Vader while seeing Obi-wan getting worried now.

"He is not your son. You have no right to him," countered Obi-wan firmly, which made Vader's anger rise to new levels, and barely dodged the strike aimed to cleave him in two.

The wall behind that had been behind him was not so fortunate.

"I have every right! He is my son! My blood! Same as Leia! It is YOU who had no right to take them. To split them apart from one another. To make sure they never knew about their sibling connection! Their very connection to me! To Padme! To the Force itself!" exclaimed Vader in anger, as he pressed the attack, and Obi-wan finding things were not going according to plan on his part.

"Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala died twenty years ago. They were their parents. Not you!" countered Obi-wan, as Vader ripped out something from the nearby wall with the Force, and threw it at the Jedi Master.

Barely dodging it though his robes were damaged this time.

"And what does my son know of me? Of his Mother? Was he told anything at all? Or was he led to believe his parents left him in your care without any protest on the matter? That they did not love him like two parents should?" demanded Vader with Obi-wan trying his best to keep his distance from the pursuing Sith Lord.

"He's known nothing of you until recently. I couldn't tell him everything. His Aunt and Uncle were the ones who raised Luke while making sure they kept him in the dark about you," answered Obi-wan while sensing the Sith Lord's anger rising even higher.

"What do you mean 'until recently' Kenobi? What exactly did you tell my son?! What lie did you whisper into his ear?" demanded Vader, as he saw Obi-wan looking even more cautious now, and knew what would be said next could send the angry Sith Lord over the edge.

"That is not your concern Vader. What matters is Luke will never join you. He will never be your apprentice," said Obi-wan and he saw Vader's freeze in place as if trying to figure out what the Jedi was implying.

"You told him something. Something I did. Something that would make him hate me no matter what. Something that he would find to be unforgiveable even if he was told the truth about me being his Father. What did you tell him? Did you tell him I killed Padme? Did you tell him that?" demanded Vader, as he would not allow such a lie take root inside his only son's head, and certainly not by the hands of Obi-wan Kenobi.

"No. I couldn't tell him about her. He didn't need to know," answered Obi-wan before being thrown against a wall by Vader using the Force, and saw the Sith Lord marching toward him with a purpose.

"You will tell what you told him Obi-wan. You will tell me what lie you told my son to make him denounce me as his Father or by the Force I will ensure your last remaining years of life are the most painful in recorded history. Tell me!" demanded Vader, as he was almost upon Obi-wan, but the Jedi Master used the Force in a rare moment of action, and was able to roll away from the Sith Lord with the speed of a man twice as young.

"And have it correct by your own so called truth? I think not," stated Obi-wan, as the two resumed their Lightsaber battle with Vader pressing the advantage, and the Sith Lord saw the Jedi Master's strength giving out from the relentless assault.

The two soon battled their way back to the docking bay area where the currently captured freighter, the Millennium Falcon was docked, and its pilot plus company were preparing to board. Only for the group to stop when seeing the duel between the two warriors and Obi-wan looked away from Vader to see Luke staring him before turning to look back at Vader with a small smile on his lips like a silent victory was about to be ensured.

Just as Vader moved to swing, Obi-wan saluted in a final act rather then guard the blow, and was prepared to become one with the Force.

"Anakin no! Stay your hand!" came the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn, which both Vader, and Obi-wan heard to the shock of both of them.

Vader at the last moment changed the arch of his swing so instead of killing Obi-wan, it knocked the blade out of the Jedi's hands, and used the Force to throw the old man into the group of Stormtroopers before he skidded at Luke's feet. Calling his old Master's Lightsaber to his hand, Vader turned to see Luke, his son staring at him, and then at Obi-wan before one of the most horrifying things could have happened to the Sith Lord at the moment.

His own son fired a blaster at him. Luke was firing at him with anger and hatred deep in his eyes for a crime Vader himself did not know he committed against the boy. It was actually fortunate for the Dark Lord of the Sith that Luke's shots were off from his anger or else one of them would have killed Vader since the shock had kept his defenses down the entire time.

"Luke! Come on!" exclaimed Leia, as she tried to pull him away with Obi-wan limping beside him, and was glancing back at Vader.

"Blast the door kid! Stop them from getting in here so we can take off!" added Han, as he fired at the Stormtroopers coming in, and saw Vader just standing there unmoving.

Like he was in his own little Galaxy.

It took a moment for Vader to come to his senses, as he heard the blasting, and the yelling that echoed around him. Turning his head to look past Luke to see Leia, his daughter was clearly in pain emotionally of being separated from her Father, and yet wanted to protect her brother from Imperial cruelty. Using the Force, Vader crushed the control panel for the heavy door moments before the blaster shot from his son hit the panel, and cut them off from each other.

If Vader had been a weaker man, he would have screamed out in rage at what happened, and crushed something in his path. But he was not a weaker man. He was strong. He had fought in wars, survived countless battles, battles some most didn't walk away from, had his body broken, and repaired crudely by droids.

Now Vader had learned that he had children. Twins! One that wanted to believe in him the way Padme believed in him. And the other...the other hated him! His own son hated him! Padme's son hated him! For something he didn't know he had done. What did Obi-wan tell him? What lie could his old Master told his son that would make the boy want to attack with such anger?

Too stunned by what had happened, Vader's body went on autopilot, and found himself in his quarters. He didn't care if Tarkin barged in at any moment, the man would die by his hands if he did, and Vader would not care if the Emperor found out. It was easy to convince his Master that Tarkin was not trust worthy and could no doubt create evidence of the Grand Moff planning to usurp the Emperor's rule.

"You did well Anakin," replied Qui-Gon appearing before the Sith Lord.

"The last time someone said that to me...someone had just lost both their hands...and their head," whispered Vader while looking away form Qui-Gon.

"I know. But unlike then, you did the right thing in sparing Obi-wan, as the opposite act would have made your son hate you further, and done almost irreversible damage to his mind," replied Qui-Gon with Vader not so sure.

"He still hates me. My son hates me! What could Obi-wan have said to Luke that would make him look at me with such hatred?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon sighing.

"There are times I questioned Obi-wan's actions when watching over Luke. First, it was letting Owen Lars hide Shimi's grave. The second was letting Owen tell him a lie about you being a Spice Freighter Captain during the Clone Wars. The third time was most recently and one I find the most disturbing considering its more of a Sith tactic. He told your son that Anakin Skywalker was dead and that the killer of the man that was Luke's Father was Darth Vader. You," answered Qui-Gon with Vader looking at him in shock that could be sensed through the Force.

"Obi-wan told Luke that I killed...myself?" questioned Vader with Qui-Gon nodding.

"He told your son a partial truth, wrapped in a lie that would make him believe you were an unforgiving monster, and would ensure you could never recruit Luke the moment it was discovered he was Force sensitive," answered Qui-Gon with Vader not believe this was true.

He didn't want to believe it.

"What was Obi-was thinking? When did he tell him this...heresy?!" demanded Vader with Qui-Gon sighing at first.

"I don't know what Obi-wan was thinking at the time Anakin. I honestly don't know. As to when it was told to was done only recently before they left Tatooine so it has yet to fully take root within the boy's mind. The only way to fully counter this lie is with the undisputed truth, which means you must face your son, and convince him that what Obi-wan told your son was a lie," replied Qui-Gon with Vader's fists tightening in rage.

"That is impossible now. Now that I have spared Obi-wan, he will continue to train Luke, and the boy will see to it that I am dead," whispered Vader with Qui-Gon shaking his head.

"There is still hope Anakin. Leia can reach him," said Qui-Gon with Vader walking a few steps away from him.

"I will not use my daughter as a pawn in this family affair Qui-Gon. Even if it means I can't save my son from doing something he will forever regret doing," said Vader with Qui-Gon now smiling at him.

"Then let me help you by speaking to him," offered Qui-Gon with Vader spinning around to face him.

"Are you sure?" asked Vader with Qui-Gon nodding.

"What the time is right, I will make myself known to Luke, and tell him to seek you out for answers about the real truth regarding his Father. Preferably without Obi-wan being near and without his potential interference. The man may have been my student, but he did not believe in all I taught him, and was too loyal to the Jedi Council along with the way they did things," replied Qui-Gon with Vader nodding.

"Thank you Master Qui-Gon. I know after all that has happened I...I deserve nothing of this. Nothing of your mercy or your forgiveness for all I have done. But make no mistake, I will right the wrongs I have committed, and bring peace to the Galaxy. I promise you now on my love for my family, I will move planets, and stars to make things right," said Vader with Qui-Gon letting out a chuckle.

"While I do admire your passion to fix things Anakin, I don't think you will have to go that far, and just let me guide you when I can to fulfilling your destiny," said Qui-Gon with Vader nodding in agreement.

"My daughter and son are no doubt in possession of the Death Star plans at this point. They will head to the Rebel Base to look for a weakness to exploit on the Death Star. I must make it seem like the attack they will launch succeeded while making the real cause of the destruction get set into motion," said Vader with Qui-Gon nodding.

"Do what you must Anakin. I am with you," replied Qui-Gon while seeing Vader nod and then leave his quarters.

There was work to be done and it was time for the skills of the Chosen One to come out to be used against the Empire he made and the Emperor he served.

The fall of the Empire had begun.

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