I stand on the beach, the water of La Push washing up my ankles. I could hear my dog, Ollie, barking as he runs to meet the waves. He loves the sea, loves to battle the waves as they come to meet the shore. I've been bringing him down here to the beach since I first got him, two years ago; playing in the sea is a treat for him.

I turn around, wrapping my jacket around me with my free hand. I take careful steps as I slowly make my way to the road. I'm not entirely sure on the time, but I'm guessing its around six since I'm getting hungry. Mom's probably got dinner cooking.

"Ollie" I call, not stopping my walking. "Ollie, come on."

"Heads up!" I hear someone shout.

"Ollie!" I shout, stumbling backwards, my hands searching the space around me.

I hear him barking a warning, hear the pads of his feet soft against the sand. I also hear bigger thuds, running feet. By the sounds of it, someone tall and heavier than me. This only makes me more nervous as I frantically search around me again. Ollie's footsteps are closer but so are the other persons.

I hear the persons feet stop and also a grunt, they are jumping. Then someone is knocking into me and I'm falling. I scream from the shock, not knowing what's going on. A pair of arms lock around me and I feel myself being turned. I grunt as the air is knocked out of me as I land on someone's hard chest.

"Ouch" I say, quickly pushing myself off the person.

"Dude, seriously?! I said 'heads up'! Besides, how could you not see the ball, you were looking right at it" the person, a guy, says. I look up at the general area of where the voice is coming from. I hear him gasp, "Shit!"

"No, I didn't see you or the ball... I'm blind you idiot" I tell him, my non-working eyes stinging with tears. I feel Ollie next to me, his nose on my hand. I take hold of his lead, "come on Ollie, home."

"Wait, please, I'm sorry" he grabs my arm. "I didn't know."

"Get off me! Let me go!" I pull away, panicking. Ollie growls, taking a protective step in front of me. "Ollie, home."

After a final growl at the guy who I'll never be able to see, Ollie begins to lead me in the direction of home. That's what I love about Ollie; he's not just my guide dog, he's my best-friend and my protector. He's always been there for me over the past two years... I got him 3weeks after the accident.

"I'm really, really sorry" he calls after me. "Let me walk you home, please."

"I can walk home on my own" I tell him.

"Please" he begs. "I feel so bad for hurting you physically and emotionally. Please!"

"I said I can walk home on my own, I don't need anyone to help me; I have Ollie for that and he's done a good job these past few years" I say through gritted teeth.

"Pl-" he begins.

"Paul, she said no" another male says, his voice getting closer with each word.

"Jared!" Paul spits.

I quicken my steps as my feet meet the road, I'm so grateful that I decided to wear sandels instead of my normal boots. It would take me at least five minutes to get the sand off my feet and to put my boots on. Five minutes for that Paul guy to talk to me and harass me more. Paul... Paul, Paul, Paul... Paul Lahote! That ass-hole!

"Abbie, where have you been?" Mom asks as I walk in through the front door.

"Sorry, we were at the beach. Some guy ran into me and then tried to walk me home after finding out about...me" I reply, shaking my head as I lower it.

"What?! What happened, who was it?" I feel her hands land on my arms and I'm brought into a hug.

"A football, I think, was thrown and he was running to get it. He called out a warning but I didn't know... he bumped into me" I explain.

"Who was it, baby?" she pushes.

"Paul...It was Paul Lahote" I tell her. "But before you ask why Ollie didn't pull me away, I started walking back to the road without him; like usual."

"Oh, Abbie, you should be more careful!" she scolds. "You could have been really hurt!"

"I know, mom, I'm sorry" I sigh.

"Abigail!" my younger sister, Haley, shouts down.

"Go on, go see what she wants" mom pats my arm. "dinner will be ready soon."

"Okay" I nod. "Come on, Ollie, lets go find Haley."

Ollie and I walk down the hall, taking the second right into the bedroom. As soon as we are through the doorway, Haley grabs my hand and starts pulling me. If it was anyone else, I would be hesitant; very hesitant. Its Haley though and I trust her more than anyone. When I became blind, she ordered mom and dad around, telling them to move all my stuff into her room; we were to share. There's enough room for our own rooms but she wants to make sure I'm looked after and I'm grateful for that.

She gently pushes me down on her bed, which she knows I like to sit on when talk to her, and, I'm guessing, stand directly in front of me. She's tapping her foot and I can a little clicking noise, she must be texting. Since my accident, I've had to improve my senses; my hearing is amazing. I can now identify loads of different things by touch easily.

"What's up?" I question, stroking Ollie's head.

"Right, so, according to Stacy I've been really out of order. Mark started slagging you off and I wasn't having any of it, so I told him to shut up. Then we got into an argument. Anyway, I told him that we can't date any more or be friends even" she explains. "Supposing I overreacted because he has a right to his own opinion."

"I don't want you to fight because of me..." I mumble, taking everything off Ollie. "Go on, Ollie."

"He's just been really mean lately and... I don't like it" she sighs, sitting down beside me. "He's not the guy I fell in love with, ya know?"

"Then okay, you made the right decision to dump his ass" I smile. Ollie, who's decided to stay and lay down on my feet, growls at my swearing; he likes me to be nice. "Sorry, baby."

"I still think your relationship with him is amazing" Haley breathes.

"He's my baby" I chuckle. "and I love him to bits."

"Abbie..." she mumbles. "Can I have a hug?"

"Oh, honey, come here" I say softly, opening my arms.

Her head rests on my shoulder, her arms around my waist. I lay back on the bed, pulling her with me so she's half laying on me. I feel my shirt getting wet, hear her soft cries. I hate this. I stroke her brown hair, yes, I remember the color. I kiss her too, holding her close to my chest. Ollie whines, he even has a soft-spot for Haley because he knows how important she is to me.

"Its okay, honey, its okay" I assure her. "Things will get better for you, you have such a brilliant life ahead of you... Just... just make sure you take me out to Nandos once a month."

"Abbie" she moans with a laugh. "Its your turn to buy next time."

"I'm blind... you can't expect a blind girl to pay" I say, giving her a light slap. "That's all you do: take advantage. You always take advantage of me."

"Advantage?! I'm the one who works to take you out!" she argues.

"Well, I can't work" I argue back. I push her off me and stand up. "Ollie, lets go, Haley's being mean to me."

He growls at her, playfully this time, before I hear his footsteps move from the room. I know my house well enough not to need his help, which he know, but he likes to be near me in case. I follow him from the bedroom, down the hall and into the open plan living area. He gently take my hand in his mouth and leads me to the table.

"I do know where the table is, boy" I laugh. "But thank you though."

I climb into bed, pulling the covers around me and laying my head on the soft pillow. I clap my hands softly and, within two seconds, Ollie is laying on the end of my bed. The house is quiet, apart from my room. Haley was rushing around, getting our clothes ready for tomorrow. We're starting school. We became home-schooled for a while but we're going back now. Haley, bless her, is organizing the clothes we're going to wear tomorrow and the equipment we will need.

"Right" she sighs. I can envision her looking around her with her hands on her hips. "Sorted... Night Abs."

"Night Hay" I respond.

"I love you" she says as there's the click of the light going off and the sound of her getting into bed.

"I love you most" I tell her.

For some reason, as I lay there in bed, I can only think about Paul Lahote. His voice was like a slice of heaven. It was gentle when asking to walk me home. It also sounded if he was actually worried about me going back on my own. I don't want to be hooked up on him for that five minutes though...

Abigail Sinclair: Nina Dobrev

Haley Sinclair: Victoria Justice

Jess Sinclair (mom): Maria Canals-Barrera

Sam Sinclair (dad): Jensen Ackles