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Chapter 2


Here I present to you Chapter 2

"What-" Slurp "-the hell-" Slurp "-is wrong with-" Slurp "-Sasuke-teme?" Naruto angrily spoke between mouthfuls of ramen.

Sakura gave the boy beside her a disgusted look, as she picked at her own bowl. To say the least she was also a bit put off by Sasuke's earlier behaviour, but he probably had a good reason for it.

"Forget about it Naruto." Sakura took a sip of her water

"But Sakura-chan, he could have seriously hurt you." Naruto spoke again with a mouthful of noodles, tiny bits flew out of his mouth.

Smacking him on the back of his head, Sakura growled as she wiped the tiny noodle chunks of her face.

"I can handle myself."

The sun was barely up when the team arrived at training ground 3. Sasuke - as usual - was the first the arrive, while Sakura and Naruto slowly filed in minutes later. Not glancing at his two arriving teammates, Sasuke merely closed his eyes and leaned against a nearby tree.

"Morning Teme." Naruto grumbled as he fell unceremoniously beside him. Sakura took the spot on the opposite side.


After that low grunt from the stoic Uchiha, silence descended on the team. After a few hours Naruto was snoring away on the grassy plane while Sakura was barely able to keep her own eyes open.

"Yo." A loud poof appeared before the trio.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Naruto who was now suddenly wide awake, screaming while pointed an accusing finger at their sensei.

Rubbing the back of his head, Kakashi chuckled. "Ah, I got lost on the path of life."

"Liar." Sakura mumbled, as she forced herself up.

Kakashi sweat dropped. "Well, lets get on to training."

The team followed after the silver haired jounin into the middle of the clearing. Turning around, Kakashi pulled out two bells from his ninja pack. Dangling it in front the team, he spoke. "I want you three are to get these bells from me. The person who fails to get one will not receive lunch."

"THAT'S TOO EASY SENSEI!" Naruto shouted as he launched himself at Kakashi, his fist extended in an effort to punch him.

Disappearing, Kakashi reappeared behind Naruto trapping one of his arms behind him. "Patience. I didn't even say start yet."

Naruto growled.

Releasing the blond, Kakashi took a step back. "Now…BEGIN" With that said the trio disappeared. Or rather Sasuke disappeared, while Sakura dragged a screaming Naruto with her as she also went into hiding.




Completely masking his chakra, Sasuke hid on top a nearby tree. Scanning the area, he searched for his other two teammates. Once his eyes fell upon a moving bush, he smirked. 'There' Making a few hand signs he disappeared.




"Sakura-chan I could totally take him on." Naruto whispered loudly.

"Naruto, shinobi rule number twenty four, never do a frontal assault." Sakura whispered back. "Look if we want the bells we have to work as a team, so lets find Sasuke-kun and formulate a plan together, okay?"

Not particularly wanting to work with Sasuke, Naruto nonetheless grumble in agreement.

A sudden poof sound came from behind the pair, whipping around they found a smirking Sasuke behind them.

"Teme, how did you find us?" Naruto gave the boy a quizzical stare. Ignoring the blond Sasuke turned his attention to Sakura.


Sakura nodded. "So, heres the plan…"

"ALRIGHT! YOU, ME FACE OFF RIGHT NOW." Naruto shouted as he jumped from his current hiding position. The jounin simply gave him an impassive look as he stuck a hand inside his ninja pouch to retrieve that familiar little green book.

Frowning, Naruto screamed again. "HEY, PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" Naruto sped towards his teacher. Delivering punches and kicks, Naruto let out a growl of frustration when none of his attacks found their mark.




While this was happening in the middle of the clearing, perched on top of a tall tree was Sakura and Sasuke.


With that, both ninja jumped out of the tree.

Gathering chakra to her feet, Sakura smashed down on the ground. The earth shattered beneath Naruto and Kakashi. Eyes widening Kakashi shut his book and jumped backwards to escape falling into the cracks. While Naruto simply fell into the cracks. Landing on one of the broken pieces of the earth, Sakura pulled the shocked Naruto out.


Whipping around Kakashi barely managed to escape the huge ball of fire hurling towards him. Sliding back a few feet Kakashi stared at his team in shock.

Sasuke landed beside Sakura, a smirk present on his face. Sharingan activated, Sasuke ran towards the jounin.

'That speed.' Kakashi thought, as stepped left to dodge a punch from the Uchiha. Spinning around Sasuke preformed a series of hand signs. "Katon: Housenka no jutsu."

A flurry of fiery birds flew out of his mouth.

"Doton: Doryuheki" The earth before Kakashi rose up in front of him acting as a form of barrier shielding him from the flames. Taking this opportunity Sakura appeared behind the silver haired male. A bright blue chakra enveloped her hands. Taking into account the training she received from Neji just before the war. She pumped chakra to her feet as she smoothly glided across the field. Not foreseeing this attack, her chakra scalpels grazed against Kakashi's cheek.

Immediately upon impact, Kakashi felt a sharp pain stinging his right cheek as a thin trial of blood dripped from the new wound. Getting into a taijutsu stance he prepared himself to block her attacks.

In the midst of stopping her movements, Kakashi found himself entranced by the gracefulness of her movement. With her feet gliding across the field and her hands before her striking out attacks, it almost seemed as if she was dancing rather than fighting. Dropping to the ground he stuck out a leg and took a swipe, but Sakura simply leaped out of the way.

The sound of a thousand birds came from his left. 'Raikiri?' Twisting around he grabbed Sasuke's wrist in the nick of time and planted his chidori attack to the ground. The bells on his hips jingled. Taking this opportunity, Sasuke twisted his body around, so he could use his free hand to reach for the bells.

Realizing what he was attempting to do Kakashi immediately released his grip on Sasuke's arm and disappeared.

Growling in frustration, Sasuke pulled his hand free from the ground. Releasing the chakra surround her hand, Sakura sighed. There was no trace of Kakashi anywhere in the clearing.

"Let's get Naruto and regroup." Sakura said as she scanned the area for him.

"OI, GUYS LOOK." Both ninja turned towards the enthusiastic blond who was pointing at the ground where the two bells currently resided.

"NARUTO NO!" Sakura shout as she ran towards him. Not listening he took a step towards the bell, and instantly found himself dangling feet first from a tree.

Sakura smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand, while Sasuke glared at the dangling blond.

It was at this moment Kakashi reappeared. Picking up the bells, he gave Naruto a dead pan stare. "A ninja should not fall for simple traps like this."




As the mid day sun loomed in the cloudless sky. Naruto found himself tied to a post while Sakura and Sasuke sat dejectedly beside him.

"...falling for such a simply trick. Not ninja material." Kakashi gave the struggling blond a glare. "And you two…"

"We worked as a team." Sasuke stared up at Kakashi challengingly.

"You and Sakura worked as a team. But you completely forgot about Naruto." Kakashi glowered.

Sasuke fell silent.

"Think about what it means to be a team...and don't feed the idiot tied to the post or you'll all fail." With that said Kakashi disappeared.

Sakura stared at the brown bento box in front of her. 'Somethings never change.'

"Sakura-chan you were totally awesome, with that kick and that chakra thing on your hand." Naruto said as he turned his head to face Sakura.

Rolling her eyes, she replied. "Of course I'm awesome." Opening the lid of her bento, she broke the bamboo chopsticks. Stabbing at a tamagoyaki, she placed it in front of Naruto's face. "Eat."

A blush appeared on Naruto's face. "What...we'll fail if you..."

"Teammates don't let each other starve." Sasuke drawled out as he thrusted his bento in front of Naruto as well.

Sakura gave a derisive snort at the Uchiha's comment. One glare and one confused stared turned to her direction. Realizing what she had just done, she lowered her head in embarrassment. "Just eat." She stuffed the tamagoyaki into Naruto's mouth.


Sakura dropped her chopsticks in surprise, Sasuke remained impassive, and Naruto choked on his egg omelet.

"We weren't going to let him starve. He's our teammate." Sasuke replied in a bored tone.

Recovering from her initial shock, Sakura piled on. "Yeah, what Sasuke-kun said."

"In that case you all...PASS!" Kakashi smiled behind his mask. "Now, meet me at the Hokage office tomorrow at nine."

He disappeared again.

"Sasuke-kun can I talk to you for a minute, in private." Sakura turned to the Uchiha.

"Hn." Dusting off his white shorts he followed after his female teammate.

"OI, ISN'T ANYONE GOING TO HELP ME OUT OF THIS?" Naruto shouted after his two retreating teammate as he struggled against the ropes.

Without looking back, Sasuke tossed a Kunai to the post. A dull 'thunk' was heard.

Naruto stared down at the ropes that were loosening around him. Unceremoniously he fell to the ground. When he stared back up, his two teammates were no where in sight. Shrugging he ran off to ichiraku.

Once Sakura made sure she and Sasuke were alone she turned towards him.

"Why did you attack me yesterday?"

Sasuke stared at the girl. "Testing a theory...and it turns out I was right."

"So I take it you are also from the future?" The words sounded so weird coming out from her mouth.


"It seems like we have all our skills, so why are you in Konoha? Shouldn't you be out their finding your brother." Her tone was bitter even in her own ears.

"There's things I need to do in Konoha."

Sakura's eyes narrowed in confusion. "What things?"

"None that concerns you."

Sakura growled, her hands clenched by her sides. "Look Sasuke I don't know what happened but somehow we got send back in time. We were given a second chance to make things end differently. So for once in your life confide in me…please."

Sasuke stared at the girl in front of him.

Seeing his lack of response, Sakura continued. "Sasuke-kun I stand by what I said on the battle field. I do forgive you for everything, and I did love you, but after seeing how easily you made the decision to let Naruto die, my heart broke-" Words were now pouring out of her mouth like vomit, unable to stop herself she continued. "- my trust in you completely shattered and I was finally done. However, being given this second chance I want things to end differently. As hard as it is, I want to be able to trust you like how I did before." Tears now blurred her sight. "But, how am I suppose to do that if you keep everything to yourself."

"I didn't ask you to trust me."

A glare formed in her eyes, as she reached out her hand to slap him, but was only stopped by his quick reflexes.

"After everything that had happened haven't you learnt anything? You couldn't do everything by yourself. You couldn't find Itachi by yourself, and you weren't able to defeat Obito by yourself. So what make you think you can do whatever you're planning on doing by yourself?" She was half yelling and half crying by now. "I would walk through fire for you, and you still don't trust me."

Releasing her wrist he stared at the sobbing girl in front of him. Something close to guilt wormed through him.

"When you left I spent years training with Tsunade, so that I could some day be as strong as you were. I wanted you to bring you back. I wanted you to see me not as that annoying little girl who would always depend on you, but as a strong independent woman who you could depend on-" She gave a small hiccup. This was pathetic. She vowed to never cry in front of him again, and here she is sobbing like a three year old. "-but in the end you still kept to yourself, you never gave me or Naruto a chance. We've got stronger so you could lean on us, yet…" She trailed off, her eyes down casted. "Even with this golden opportunity of rewriting the future, you still don't understand the concept of having teammates. It isn't just about working together during battles but also about sharing problems and working together to overcome them."


Giving a mirthless laugh, Sakura wiped her eyes. "Whatever Sasuke, do what you want. I said what needed to be said it's your decision now. If you want to keep everything to yourself and only depend on yourself then fine. I spend eighteen years before trying and get you to depend on me, I'm not spending another. Especially if the ending is all the same."

Turning on her heels she walked away from the silent Uchiha, who stared after her with an unrecognizable expression. As much as he wants to deny it, her words held an uncomfortable truth behind them. Nothing ever went the way he wanted when he only depended on himself.

After he had watched Naruto crumble to the ground with blood pouring out of the gapping whole in his chest, many thoughts had flooded his head. One however stood out, and that thought popped into his head once more while he was watching Sakura die in front of him from her own self inflicted wound, and he himself slowly falling into darkness. He thought about how different it would be if he had saved Naruto. Would they have won the war? Probably. He probably would have also been able to return to Konoha along side with Naruto and Sakura. Then just maybe after Naruto became Hokage they could have worked together to find an agreeable way to reorganize the shinobi system. But, they were all ifs and buts. At that time it was already to late for him.

Could he trust Sakura with the important matters concerning his clan? Sasuke ran a hand through his hair. Closing his eyes he thought back on the times she had risked her life for him. She saved his life countless amounts of times on missions, and she had shown him genuine concern and love when he was wounded or when he had gotten the curse mark. But, could he trust her with his clan's matter? Could working with someone bring the ending he wanted?

He sighed again and he stared at the cloudless sky. He watched as two birds flew by.

Closing his eyes he made his decision.

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